Clarins September 2013 Haul – Birthday Haul & The Last Haul For 2013

This haul post is for you that has been wondering why is there no more Clarins haul from me. Not that I don’t use or buy anymore. I do. I’m just saving it for September month because I can buy lesser since I am getting double points for the whole of my birthday month. Basically I just choose what product I want to redeem from October redemption catalogue, calculate the points and top up the balance with purchase.

This is what I came home with – my Clarins September 2013 haul which is also my pre-birthday haul and the last haul for 2013. I nearly didn’t make it to the mall as I was so busy lately. I met up with fellow blogger friend Jerine for a breakfast at Dome, rushed to Metrojaya Mid Valley and rushed back home to see my naughty boy.

Clarins September 2013 Haul1
As I needed to test out different skin care product all the time for blog review, I couldn’t buy much full size. However I did restocked some of my favorite.

One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser With Orange Extract – RM107/125ml
Pure and Radiant Mask With Pink Clay – RM124/50ml

I bought something new this time. I never bought Advanced Extra-Firming Neck Cream (RM257/50ml) in full size before but I was given a deluxe size GWP last time. Should take care of the lines on my neck from now on 😉

Clarins September 2013 Haul2
I was eyeing on their trial kit since a few months ago. Clarins never came out with trial kit before this. Maybe due to high demand they decided to create a few. I heard these are pretty much permanent. Not sure if it’s true as I couldn’t recall 😛

Trial kits would be the best alternative for me now as I couldn’t stay long on one product. Previously I would be calculating if the value of trial kit is worthy or not but this time round I just don’t have the time. I have absolute no idea if these are more worthy than full size lol.

Facial Cleansing: Your First Step to Beautiful-Looking Skin – RM89

  • One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser 50ml
  • Toning Lotion With Iris 100ml
  • Travel Beauty Bag

Clarins September 2013 Haul3
The last set available. I wanted this set for it’s Hydra-Matte Lotion as I’ve heard good rave on it and I haven’t tried it before. But of course I’m a huge fan of the other two product in the set as well.

Feel Good About Your Skin All Day Long – RM69

Clarins September 2013 Haul4
I couldn’t resist this set because of the iconic Hand and Nail Treatment Cream in it. Everything in this set is so cute 😀

Comfort Body Care Discovery Kit – RM59

  • Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate With Essential Oils 30ml
  • Moisture-Rich Body Lotion With Shea Butter (For Dry Skin) 30ml
  • Hand and Nail Treatment Cream 30ml

Clarins September 2013 Haul5
Now, here comes an array of GWPs.

Tier #1 5-piece GWP set for the purchase of RM380 and above.

  • One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser With Orange Extract 20ml
  • Instant Eye Make-up Remover 10ml
  • Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel 15ml
  • Day Screen High Protection #Beige 3ml
  • Double Serum 5-Sachet Set

Clarins September 2013 Haul6
I was given an Anti-Ageing Passport for the purchase of anti-aging / full size products. I managed to obtain 3-stamps so I was entitled for a mystery gift set. This is totally unexpected. Kinda happy with it too 🙂

  • Beauty Flash Balm 15ml
  • Shaping Facial Lift 10ml

Clarins September 2013 Haul7
First 20 customers with the purchase of RM580 and above will receive a full size lipstick or lip gloss. I was also given a deluxe size cleanser. My favorite too.

  • Rouge Prodige True-Hold Colour & Shine Lipstick #115 Rosy Coral
  • Gentle Foaming Cleanser With Cottonseed 20ml

Clarins September 2013 Haul8
I’m also aware that Clarins recently repackaged and relaunched both Extra-Firming Day Cream and Extra-Firming Night Cream. I asked for the sample and was given this sample pack which contain 3-sachet for each product. I tested the cream over the counter and liking the scent. Let’s see if my face can take the cream 🙂

Clarins September 2013 Haul9
I’m going back to Clarins this week as I have RM100 Metrojaya Voucher to spend before expiry. I was told Metrojaya changed the cash voucher system. Only RM40 can be used against Cosmetic & Fragrance department purchase while the balance will need to be spent at Metrojaya. What a bummer 🙁

It’s funny how some people assume that I stopped spending my own money after getting a few product sponsorship for review. I am still someone who like to buy my own beauty products very much and I will buy the products that I like instead of asking for free. Not all beauty blogger are free loaders you know 😀


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  • Yah! Metrojaya nowadays follow what’s Parkson doing..

    • Eewwww. I would hate that. I used to like Jusco and Metrojaya promo. Isetan is ok ok. Now…all mall’s promo sucks. Too many hidden T&C. I should buy lesser lol.

  • Wow, banyaknya beli! You must be a fan of Clarins 🙂 It’s good to know that a beauty blogger also buys her own personal favourites. I like your purchasing strategy too *thumbs up!*

    • Ni kira sikit Noni. Biasa lagi banyak lol. Yes I’m a hard core fan previously. Now I’m just a normal user that buys the usual favorite and essential.
      Now I can only buy trial kit cause I get bored if I use a particular product for too long. Temptation outside is too strong to resist! Ahahaha 😀

  • So many trial kit!! I’m going to check it out! Did they change the packaging for ‘one step gentle exfloliating cleanser’? Or it’s just because it is trial kits?

    • Just 3 trial kit only :). The packaging of One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser in the trial kit is the new packaging actually. Soon you will see all full size of this product is like this.

  • i use the same method as you, waiting for the birthday month to buy clarins…hehehe…lagi untung kannnn…

    • I used to buy in bulk every month. That time I’m still building my stash hehe. Now that it’s overwhelming at home, I cannot afford to stock up too much. Just a little bit will do so this year strategy is to buy on birthday month :). Furthermore recent Clarins promo is not that attractive. Susah wanna buy when the promo is not attracting me at all.

      • How was the promo back then? ?? Can describe a bit??
        I have gotten the 79 set before but sa let me swap hydra matte lotio to hyadraquench hehehe.. good service

  • somehow the haul is smalle than I tot it is haha that day in the one photo it seems huge lol.
    By thr way, that lipstick looks gorgeous… it is soooo pretty! is it nice? How much is clarins lipstick normally?

    • Because I arrange it differently. What you saw from Instagram photo is wider, this one I stash higher with the full size on top.

      Lipstick is okay. Not using soon. Clarins cosmetics are quite well-known for it’s superb quality and payoff. I think the price is usually RM90? Not so sure.


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