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Review: Burberry Brit Rhythm – You’d Want Your Man Smelling Like The Man He Want To Be

You see me talking about fragrances a lot. Women fragrances of course :D. Let’s talk about something different today. Not straying too far away from “fragrance” topic but I’m going to share with you my thoughts on a new fragrance for men – Burberry Brit Rhythm. Yes. It’s a men fragrance. “How is she going to do that?” you ask. Well, I’m going to talk about a woman’s perspective on the new Burberry Brit Rhythm without the help from any man. Hah! A challenge for me but who am I kidding! I love challenges!

Okay, enough of rambling. Let me let you drool on the gorgeous Burberry Brit Rhythm.

Burberry Brit Rhythm1

“Sexy and provocative, Brit Rhythm is inspired by the exhilaration and adrenaline of live music and the electric energy of the crowd.”

Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

Drool yet? No? Well you will later on 🙂

A few weeks ago, when my friend at Burberry fragrance told me they did a sampling exercise at Suria KLCC on the girls and it is widely acceptable even “on” the girls, I was literally wow-ed. When I was told to review it, I imagine this fragrance to be more of a unisex scent. Boy I was so wrong! Honey, this is really a manly man fragrance. I’ll tell you why.

Fun Fact: Burberry Brit Rhythm is an extension to Brit for Men which was launched back in 2004. 


The Bottle

What do you first think of when it comes to Burberry? For me it’s the iconic distinctive tartan pattern. The bottle is in a simple shape, which is quite manly I say. Then comes the black smoked glass with tartan pattern texture on both front and back sides. Absolutely breath-taking. Err wait, I can’t quite said it like that for a men fragrance lol. For me the overall design is very up-to-date and according to current metrosexual men trend.

Burberry Brit Rhythm2
It has smooth sides for easier grip and the tartan pattern texture on the front and back gives the hand a kind of studded feeling. Just so you are curious, the texture is not rough at all. The studded surface is smoothen out. When it comes to luxury, Burberry Brit Rhythm definitely have it.

Burberry Brit Rhythm3


The Cap

I guess by now you would have already notice that the overall shape of the bottle is square. Even the cap.

Burberry Brit Rhythm4
What I like about this cap is the fact that it’s transparent. Which means you can literally see the silver spray nozzle clearly. The cap is quite well made. Big enough to complement to the overall bottle size but definitely not huge until it’s bulky and clumsy looking.

Burberry Brit Rhythm5


The Spray Nozzle

Everything about Burberry Brit Rhythm is in black. Not the same case for the spray nozzle on the other hand. The fragrance is prefix with a shiny silver spray nozzle top that bears the embossed fragrance’s name on it. Kinda cool that way 😀

Burberry Brit Rhythm6
The bottle that I have with me is a 50ml bottle which fits nicely on my small palm. It will be just nice on a guy’s palm. I find that the bottle doesn’t slip off my hand easily. Probably due to the dual surface texture of the bottle itself – smooth sides with tartan pattern texture on front and back.

Burberry Brit Rhythm7

Fun Fact: Burberry Brit Rhythm was launched globally in September 2013.


The Outer Box Packaging & Ingredients

Burberry Brit Rhythm8
Click to enlarge for ingredients


The Scent Description

Burberry Brit Rhythm was a development of three perfumers all in one – Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo and Olivier Polge. Each note represent a different meaning.

Top Notes – Fresh Basil Verveina, Spicy Cardamom, Shot of Juniper Berries

Heart Notes – Black Leather, Heady Patchouli, Styrax Resin

Base Notes – Cedarwood, Incese, Warm Tonka Bean


Have you ever wonder how a men fragrance will smell on you or have you ever sneakily wanting to mist your man’s fragrance on just for fun? I have always wanted to do that but wouldn’t want to risk smelling like a hunky man so I have not tried before. But this time round I WENT AHEAD AND DO IT. The first time when I used this Burberry Brit Rhythm is on a Sunday. I wanted to test out the perfume before wearing it to work the next day. It was alright. On first sniff after the perfume is misted on, it is quite heavy for my nose to take. This is quite usual for any fragrance so I waited for the top note to disburse away. When it does, my nose detected a manly scent. Surprisingly it’s quite nice! Even on me! A girl! Right there and then I can already imagine what would the scent be like on a man.

I once dated a guy who are into collecting and an avid user of men fragrance. You know the kind of scent on your clothing after a hug and you could smell the fragrance the whole day? That scent brings me this unexplainable secure and comfort. It feels like he is close to me but actually it’s just the fragrance transfer. That’s what I think of Burberry Brit Rhythm. This scent takes me back to the past memory and Burberry Brit Rhythm smells kind of familiar to me. Whenever I had the fragrance on me I immediately felt comfort. Unlike women fragrances which is usually fruity and floral, this one is modern, sexy, sophisticated and young. Trust me. You would want your man to smell like this and your man would want to be smelling like Burberry Brit Rhythm.

I wore to work several time just to test out my colleagues and also because the scent somehow relaxes me and no one notice I had men fragrance on until I told my colleague :D. When I asked “do I smell like a man today”, my male colleague said no but of course he was shocked to hear what I asked 😉

Burberry Brit Rhythm9
I can already assume how well this Burberry Brit Rhythm will goes on the metrosexual men. Burberry Brit Rhythm is all about MUSIC, ADRENALINE, ENERGEY and THE CROWD.

Christopher Bailey used Roo Panes as the face of the brand. He has also invited Tom Odell to soundtrack his catwalk show.

Burberry Brit Rhythm Campaign Ad


Burberry Brit Rhythm is available at all shopping mall nationwide.
– RM235 for 50ml
– RM320 for 90ml


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


Comments (10)

  • I totally agree that certain scents evoke fond memories!
    to date, whnever my hubby sprays his “expired” Dunhill EDT on the bedsheets after changing them, i still get that 1st feeling whn he gv me a toy dog with that scent…
    I used to sniff at the dog whn he’s not around, just to feel him close…
    those were the days…

    • Wow. You spray perfume on bedsheet? Nice one!
      I can totally understand the toy dog feeling. It gives you this comfort feeling because the scent is familiar :). Those were the days eh?

      • Not me, he sprays it when he’s changed the sheets… LOL…
        but nowadays, I forbid him from doing so, bcz little fellow is co-sleeping with us.
        People hv advised me against using perfumes on myslf or anywhere.
        So now, I smell “eau naturale”…

        • Why would people advised you to go against using perfumes? So weird. Using perfume is totally individual preferences dear. Not on bedsheet where little fella is co-sleeping…that I can understand.

          • They said if im carrying him or breastfeeding, it’s best not to use perfume cz he might be sensitive. I stopped after I gave birth… And nowadays, i only use it on and off…

          • Ohhh. Noted noted. Maybe hold the bottle further away before misting 😀

  • interesting post Fiona! haha… so far i havent had a boyfriend who uses perfume so this doesnt link to me that much haha. but i do have a housemate who wears cologne. i think ultimately, a scent somewhat become personal and everytime u smell the smell, u recognise the person =)
    according to my sister, i have a natural cosmetic smell.. she said it is a compliment, but i dont quite like the word. LOL

    • Awww I personally think boyfie should use perfume. It does makes a difference :P. I agree with you. I guess when you keep smelling the same scent again and again, it become norm and so on. You have a natural cosmetic smell? What does that smells like? LOL

      • i have no idea how it is supposed to smell like coz i cant smell it haha…
        haha, ok, next time when i have a bf i will buy him perfume and make him wear it wakakaka~~~ but boy i havent been in a relationship for quite a while

        • Slowly my dear. Relationship requires fate. I always believe in that. Can’t really force the guy to wear perfume but if he’s open to the idea…why not right? 😉


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