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A lot of people ask me why I choose to blog about beauty and not fashion. I’ve always been into beauty more than anything else. I may not be your neighborhood fashionista but I am a self-proclaimed beauty addict :D. One distinctive similarity between a fashionista and beauty addict is of course none other than shopping!

Imoney Fashionistas Infographic 3
Last year especially I am aware that I spend more and more on beauty products. I realized that I can get rebates and certain privilege benefits from credit card so I did a short check-up online on which is the best cash back credit card to sign on. You can read about my simple finding from this link.

Did you know that there are estimated more than 250 types of credit card available at this point of time in Malaysia alone? Thanks to, I now have a clearer picture on five different types of credit card that are tailored for different needs. The site also provide credit card comparison and online credit card application as well.

Below infographic will give you a clearer picture on finding the right credit card for your everyday needs 😀

Imoney Fashionistas Infographic 1
Judging from the Top 5 Fashionistas Must-Have Credit Card infographic that is brought to you by, UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card will be the best credit card for my beauty purchases because this card is have an unique privileges that are especially created for people that are into fashion and beauty treats as well as exclusive wellness programmes such as Jurlique Paris and Bizzy Body. UOD Lady’s Solitaire Card also offer this amazing 0% installment plan on selected designer bags, shoes, jewellery, watches and many more. But then being the wise shopper as I am, I think Hong Leong Wise Card (no pun intended) offers the best benefit that I think suit my needs. Why say so you may ask? Well. If I have a Hong Leong Wise Card I will get to enjoy 10% cash back all year round (for 2 out of 10 spending categories) and this will include departmental stores such as Isetan, Metrojaya, AEON, Parkson and many more. You get the drill. Literally stores that I go for my beauty needs :D. The 2 out of 10 spending categories also include entertainment outlets and I heard that phone bills are bonus category! I’m mainly attracted to departmental stores, petrol and phone bill category actually. Not so much on entertainment outlets though. Here’s a clearer picture on how Wise Card works.

Hong Leong Wise Card
So, I have found my ideal credit card. Which credit card are you?

Feel free to check out the comparison on all credit cards and you can also apply for a credit card online at

Top 5 Fashionistas Must-Have Credit Card for 2013 Infographic compilation is brought to you by


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  • This is good info^^ I am UOB VOX because I like to shop online 🙂

    • Worth it? Must spend minimum 1k each month though. I do shop online but still thousand miles away from 1k 😛


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