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2013 At It’s Best – Reflecting Back At The Past One Year

2013 At It's Best 1
Instead of naming this post at “Best of 2013” I’ve decided to named it as 2013 At It’s Best 😀 . I like to be slightly different from everybody else. Afterall, everyone else will be posting up their Best of 2013 and looking forward to entering 2014.

It took me quite a while trying to go back time and recall what is my best time, advise, decision, purchase, discovery, event and so on. The list below will be events that I would want to remember.


Best Event of 2013

I could think of a handful product launches event that I find well-planned but hands down, the best event in 2013 for me would be none other than my own A Purplish Affair with StriVectin. It’s my first brand collaboration event and I wouldn’t want to do it with just any beauty brand. I’ve stated my reason why I choose StriVectin in the post-event blog post so do read there if you’re curious 😀 . Although I face many challenges and obstacles while planning for the event but somehow it all went through well and smooth. I have nothing but a big thanks to Luxasia, Un Lu and all the StriVectin team member. BEST.TIME.EVER.


Best Family Moment of 2013

2013 At It's Best 5
My older brother and I were close when we were growing up till when both of us started working. We grow up with cousins staying next door and each of us is just one year apart. When everyone moved away, there’s just me and my brother. We have not talk to each other because of one small argument a few years ago. I only have one brother. I’ve always wanted to rekindle my relationship with him but this hot headed refuse to. Even though we don’t talk to each other, I still care very much about him. Whenever he’s away for oversea or he’s home late, I somehow feel the house is empty and quiet. 2013 can consider a bad turns good year for me and my brother. He just started his new job at P1 in January and he was involved in an accident. My heart literally dropped when he called home to mum saying he got into an accident involving 3-cars while on the way home and it’s quite bad. I helped with what I know best. Car knowledge and what to do. Although I’m not the expert but I have tons of friends that are. I really wanted to rush to the scene but his phone was a bit coo-coo and it was out of battery.

After that was settled, we now faced with another problem. My brother has no transport to work. He just started a new job so it’s impossible that he can take a long unpaid leave. I eventually offered to fetch him through mum. Initially he refused because he said it will trouble me very much. But think of it. His office is just near my office. The coincident is that I’ll be on a 2-weeks CNY leave so that one we need to figure out later. My brother is really weird. He start work at 9am but he usually go to work by 5.50am. Me on the other hand only left the house by 9am! It was a challenge for me to wake up at 4.45am everyday and I think he knew that. I think he felt guilty that I need to adjust my timing and calendar to suit him and whenever he saw me driving sleepily. When I’m on leave during CNY, I would need to wake up early and fetch him to Kajang KTM station and fetch him from Kajang KTM station in the evening back home. So yeah. That’s what a sister would do for her brother when he needed help the most.

My brother and I on the other hand started talking to each other. Not face to face because it’s awkward since we haven’t spoke to each other for years but we are mostly on Whatsapps. He started to tag along shopping trips, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which is very rare because he never want to eat with us (my parents and I). He’s also more patience with us and would join in any conversation and so on. Our relationship is an on-going process but we are way better than we are before.


Best Gift That I’ve Gifted Myself in 2013

What Is In My Bag 1
I don’t have the luxury of taking care of my bag due to my work. Sometimes I could be meeting clients where I have to put my bag down on the floor, sometimes on my lap where I could be squashing my bag or sometimes stuffing it at my back leaning towards the chair. I just can’t afford to spend time looking after my bag. For this year’s birthday, I finally bought myself a Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Medium Multi-Function Tote. I needed the space which is why I bought it. But sadly after just less than three months of using, the small leather ring below one of the buckle separated. Yes, one of the oddest place I can think of and it’s also a section on the bag where I have absolutely no contact with. This reminds me WHY I’m not into luxury bags!


Best Sales of 2013

2013 At It's Best 2
Nope, it’s not beauty related sales but it’s the FJ Benjamin warehouse sales! I was in need of some new shoes but couldn’t find any that I like everywhere. If I happen to saw something I like, they are out of my size. I only went there to check out GUESS heels. They are going cheap at RM150 for 3-pairs, RM140 for 2-pairs or RM120 for 1-pair. I managed to squeeze out three pairs and so far loving all of it 😀 . I went back the second day and bought two pairs of Banana Republic. The gold one is lower in height because I needed a spare shoe to change into whenever I’m too tired of high heels. Bought that for RM80. Went back out for a quick tea and went back into the sales one hour later only to find they’re throwing the price to RM80 for two pairs *facepalm*. Bought the black one just when the cashier counter is closing. I have to team up with a kind lady just so both of us can get the RM80 price lol. Banana Republic shoes are quite comfy to wear. They are made from leather inside out. Quite worth it 🙂


Best Emotional Moment of 2013

Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Used Car in Malaysia 11
2013 is also a year where I sold off my beloved Honda Jazz. I am in love with this car and so the decision doesn’t come easy. She’s entering her 10th year by 2014 and my friends told me the resale value (RV) will dropped by then. I too think it’s time to change to a newer car due to many aspect that I’m unable to elaborate much in this short paragraph i.e. RV, economy, new car market in Malaysia, used car market and many more. I knew the day is finally here. But finding a replacement car is not easy. I didn’t see any car I like at all. Finally I took a downgrade option and bought a Honda City because it comes with a RM9,000 rebate and free service for 100,000km. It’s a downgrade because my Honda Jazz is a luxury hatchback, CBU imported and it cost around RM110,000 at that time. Honda City is considered a city sedan with lower price, therefore it’s classified as a downgrade. I personally don’t fancy Honda City lol. It sure is a bitter sweet farewell for me.


Best Makeup Discovery of 2013

Aupres Dimensional Face Creator 9
Being an Asian, I am one of the million that do not contour my face. I thought it’s weird looking lol. But there’s a point of time where I was YouTube-ing a lot and I watched a lot of the Caucasian girls contour their face and heck, I finally get the importance of contouring. It brings out the dimension of the face making it looking more shapely and toned. It looks good in real and in photos. It sure do help when I have a palette at home not knowing what to do with it. Let’s just say the rest is history, I finished my contour powder that was on the palette and I bought more bronzing / contour powder to ease my satisfaction towards contouring 😀


Best Career Decision of 2013

2013 At It's Best 3
I finally put in my resignation letter on the 2nd of December. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, especially leaving a company where everyone tries to get into. I have not been resting for a a good five years now and this would be my first time leaving a job without a new job on hand lol. It’s a risk taking no doubt but it’s time for me to bid my farewell. I don’t see myself going anywhere in the company. I have big ambition and my hands is basically tied in the company. There’s so much I have planned and wanted to do for the company but when there’s no support given and when I have no control with what I do, I can’t grow and I can’t advance in my career path. It doesn’t help when you have a bunch of colleagues that like to mock everything you said, everything you do. First time it’s funny, second time I can still smile but continuously? Well, sorry. I don’t take bullies no more. There is absolutely no respect existed in the office culture. My boss once said he will not accept my resignation when I jokingly told him I’m resigning soon. They even offer me a new position but I just don’t feel the job on me. When I gave in my letter, I gave my reasoning and my boss understand why I needed to do it. I’m not angry at all that they didn’t counter offer me to stay because all of us knew there’s nothing that they can offer to me. The money is good don’t get me wrong. I think at my age now it’s all about job satisfaction. I’m sad to leave and a bit reluctant to “count the days” but what is done is done. I can only wish the best for everyone and the company. I will always thank both of my bosses for taking me into the company back in 2012.


Best Blogging Advice & Experience of 2013

2013 At It's Best 4
Where should I start? I’ve learnt a lot this year on blogging, on making a name in the beauty industry and on the complicated blogging world. Let me tell you. It’s a killing world out there. When I started, I just blog on topics I want to share out. I didn’t send out my profile (I have none!) to any of the brand but instead I wait. I wait for them to discover ME. You see, my philosophy is simple. If they need me or if they like my writing, they will sure come to me. They will find a way. I’m not worried about that. I’m a late bloomer in this beauty blogging. It took me a year before I get my first event invite. 2013 has been a very very blessed year for me. I’m thankful for all the event invite and sorry if I have to turn down most of it. Work comes first. I’m thankful for all the product sponsorship, which I don’t take for granted. I make sure I only accept product that I can or will or want to write and try. I don’t take for the sake of taking. I’m thankful for the few paid advertorials.

The best advise a good friend told me this year is “be like Paris B”. I was like huh? What do you mean by be like Paris B? She said sometimes it’s not a bad idea to stay cool and just mind your own business and not worrying much if you make friends with other blogger. It’s a selfish world and people are naturally born selfish.

I make friends and I make enemy this year. People who you thought are your friend turned their back against you. I usually don’t drag my time on all this sh!t. I just cut them off immediately and completely. I’m sorry. I don’t build Street Love using the easy way. Like I said, I’m a late bloomer because I waited instead of asking. This year I encounter a blognemy (blog enemy) who will just feed words into my mouth and she will just pretend to be the innocent one. Then only I found out every other blogger friend had the same with her too. I kind of pity her because she get lesser event invite than me as she said herself she don’t like blogging. So after we became blognemy I will purposely skip this one brand event so that she can go. I wouldn’t want her to lose the one and only beauty event she have lol.

What’s shocking is that recently I found out that a long-time famous blogger has been going around telling brand/sponsors that I lied to PR, that is why I get sponsor. Seriously. I mean really seriously. If you have been blogging for ages, knew all the brands, PR and so on, why would you still get intimidated with the 2-product sponsor that I got which you don’t?? You are already famous. You do not need to say all this to bring other blogger down. You should set a good example for the young ones. And what’s funny is that I only met her like less than 10 times (probably 6 times?) and chatted with her 3-times or could be 4-times. The amount of product and event she get is like EVERYTHING and I probably don’t even get 1/3 of hers. What’s up with the jealousy? The best part? This PR that she said I lied to happens to be someone that’s strong, fierce and not that type that are easily to be bullied. She’ll probably kill me when she read this but that’s the fact. How do I cheat her? Our conversation has always been straight forward. This makes me realise that even by sitting down quietly, not mingling much will get bombarded too.

I also learnt to relax myself more and it’s okay to take a rest from blogging whenever needed. I used to feel awful whenever I skipped a day of putting up a blog post. Then I found out most of the reader don’t read everyday because to them 7-post a week is too much to absorb. I learnt that if I went quiet for probably 3-days without any update, no one will probably realise it lol. So I don’t put pressure onto myself anymore. I’ll try to blog as much as I can but if other event in life that prevent me from doing so, I’ll just take a day off!

What I’m really grateful and thankful for is to have you girls that is always understanding, supportive, kind and humble. I’m lucky that I don’t get hate comments *touch wood* to date and I’ve made a few close friends from readers. I’ve virtually met a few new regular commentors too such as Ashley, Melissa Ting, Jude, Evelyn Lee, Linda Tee, Sarah S, Mieza, Kristin and many more. Thank you for all the wonderful comments. It never fail to make me happy replying your comments 🙂


Best Song / Video of 2013


Let’s end this post with a happy one. I’ve always been into hip hop and R&B music. I’m addicted to this song for the half of 2013. This song is from Ciara’s latest album Body Party and the song’s name is Body Party 😀 . Everything seems right with this song. The music, the beat, her voice, the move. Well, the music video is a bit sexy so turn away if you’re not 18 years old yet!! lol


What’s your New Year resolution for 2014? My resolution is NOT to have any resolution at all 😀 . Happy New Year 2014! Cheers to great years ahead!


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  • hello fiona dear, I am happy for you too that you have all your supporters here. And also I am glad that you know to relax and steady when facing all the -enemies- 😀 remember, our life have zero time to spend on them and it is totally not worth it 😀 lastly, although I have comment lesser here already, still I am your lovely fans here. hahaha 😀 Happy New Year to fiona dear and all the best in the new 2014!^_^take care ok =)

    • I do 🙂 . I met a lot of awesome readers back in 2012 and I’m happy to virtually meet more in 2013. I guess the advise given by that friend works. Ignoring is a bliss. Being cool is not arrogant but it’s a necessary in this barbarian world lol. No worries on the comments. I know you are busy with your new relocation to another state. Hope everything is went well for you and Happy New Year Aby dear! <3

  • Blogging is about passion, about your passions in life and I have been enjoying reading your posts, reviews and felt your growth and journey in your blogging career. The world will always have green eyed monsters lurking around, ignore them and take the high road. It’s not worth giving them even a nano second of your time, keep on blogging and doing what you love because I enjoy reading them, lots of love!

    • Awww thank you Jenny. Although I virtually met you back in 2012 and you’ve been such a good friend to me throughout 2013. I’m so glad that we met twice before you moved away from Malaysia. This year I took my friend’s advise and stay away from other bloggers. But yet I still “get it”. So amazed with the society nowadays. It definitely doesn’t even worth a nano second which is why I cut them away hehe 😀
      I hope I fell off the blogging bandwagon haha but I don’t see that coming because my passion is growing day by day 😉 *hugs*

      • Stay strong and I hope 2014 will bring you an abundance of happiness, joy, wealth and love! Happy New Year and lotsa hugs 🙂

        • I will, especially when I’m going to be jobless soon LOL. Need a lot of courage and EQ on that haha. Hope I don’t go cray cray 😀

          Happy New Year 2014 to you and your family Jenny!

          • You will find another job that is better suited for you, I believe in you 🙂

          • I hope I do. I nearly get one but I’m going to turn it down because I need a good long rest and stay at home being an auntie hahahaha

  • Can I say that this is among your best 2013 post? hehe! i really love reading opinions and real life stories apart from reviews. not all people can do it and make it sound like “this is real life, face it whether you like it or not”. But Fiona, you did it and that’s why I love your writings 🙂 I’d like to quote from your Best Blogging Advice, that “…even by sitting down quietly, not mingling much will get bombarded too”.coz I get that a lot =_=” It teaches me to be tough and develop the i-dont-give-a-sh!t attitude towards people who bully me. And you Best Career Decision is kinda shocking to me, it’s something that I need to ponder about as I’m gonna enter the career world soon. I wish you all the best for your future undertakings and I believe that you’re a lady who knows what’s best for you 🙂

    • But but…all my post has the life element in it. I always like to tell story in each of my post even on reviews 🙂 . I never wanted to separate my real life with who I am in my blog. I’m pretty much the same haha!
      As I aged I learnt to let loose and “don’t give a d*mn” because I tried to please everyone and it only makes everyone bully me more. So what the heck. I just need to be more arrogant and less friendly 😛
      My friend (the one who told me to be like Paris B) told me to stay away from other bloggers. At first I don’t really understand but now I do. I don’t stay away away but I keep a distance and draw a line. You’ll never know what people think.
      My boss will probably kill me too when he read my Best Career Decision 😛 but it’s the best holiday I’m going to give myself. Over the years I’m paranoid if I needed to resign and I couldn’t secure a new job on hand. I don’t agree with people using saving to survive all these while because saving are hard earned money. Saving is meant to be saving! I guess I have to use a bit of my saving now LOL.

  • It’s been a great year reading your blog, Fiona.

    I admire you for your decision to take a break from work without a new job waiting for you **applause**
    I don’t dare do it, and I think I never will have the gut to do it.
    And I really admire people who do **thumbs up**

    Besides that, I admire you for your honesty in product reviews.
    Not many bloggers can do that, many would apple Polish their sponsors. And some wld say “this is the best products, bla bla bla” ( and in their blog, all products are the “best”, there’s no comparison at all for ignorant readers like me).

    And… u have your principles. You wait for organizers to contact you, instead of asking or demanding them for invitations, or even tagging a particular brand in every product you review (and keep sharing posts fr the past) just to get their attention over and over, unlike some *self-glorifying narcissistic self-advertising* blogger I have seen.

    I really respect you for this *two thumbs up*

    • Keep the blogs coming whenever you feel like it, ignore those bitchy jealous & selfish bloggers out there, your readers love you for who you are! ♥

      Have a blessed 2014 and may it be better, sweeter and more satisfying than 2013. All the best!!! Yum-seng!!!! ♥♥♥

      • I will dear. I now have a ignorance wall 😀
        Have a Happy New Year to you and your family! <3

        P/S: I can't wait for CNY yoohoo!

    • Thank you Carrie 🙂 . Thanks for your support. Really appreciate it. Although you are not feeling well you still read my blog and commented.

      I have to go jobless because I don’t take long leave to go for holiday when I have a job. My job usually is quite tedious so it’s quite hard to find someone to take over. The only way I can really take a break is by leaving a job without a job 😀

      My reviews are more pros and cons. I will put in good points for product that don’t work on me and vice versa. So it’s always a balance because beauty products is quite individual. What might work for me may not work on you. Maybe also because of my age (wah I feel old saying this hahaha) and my buying power I can afford to buy my own stuff for review so polishing is not necessary for me. If I’m younger I might add some shoe wax and polish away hahahaha!!!!

      I have a very thin face so I don’t dare to ask for products 😛 . When I started I did post up my review in related page too. But now I’m just too lazy. I let the brand do it themself 🙂

      • I’m so glad to read that yr r/ship with yr bro has improved tremendously.
        U made many first steps, took d initiative, put in d effort and I’m sure he melted.
        Bravo, girl!! That’s d most heartwarming thingthis year, I’m sure!
        I’m so happy for u & hope things will continue to improve for d both of u. Good job! **double thumbs up!**

        • It has but still need to work on it more like talk more face to face lol. We talk but very seldom. Indeed the most heart warming thing this year as family means a lot to me 🙂

  • I remember all these 2013 ‘moments’ of yours and can relate to a few of them personally. I have to say I shed a tear when I traded in my car for an upgrade. It’s such a personal thing – mine even had a name!

    And wow, I did not think the blogging world was so …competitive… but I guess as with everything there are always some people out there who try to turn everything into a bloodsport LOL It’s really quite bizarre!

    Anyway, good for you in not letting anyone, blogger or otherwise, rain on your parade. Street-Love is where it is today because of you and the people who support you. All the best – here’s to many, many more blogging posts.

    Thank you for all your heads-up too. Since I found you, I always get news of good deals through this blog whether it’s sales, deals, steals and duds too. And of course, your giveaways but more importantly your no-holds-barred reviews and advice. Go, girl, go!

    *clinks glasses* To Fiona, may you have many more ‘Bests’!

    By the way, is that really your company’s group photo? It’s very cool. Most company photos are like school photos – all facing forward LOL

    • Girls do get emotional even when they are selling off their car. Guys are into cars but don’t shed a tear. I only the other hand sob like I never sob before in my room. I see the new owner off driving away my car, right until he turned the corner and until I couldn’t see him anymore. I told my mum I wanted to stay there standing because I want to see the owner drove off the highway. When I got back to my room, I cried in front of my laptop. Mum coincidentally walked into me sobbing and she wanted to cry too because she knew I love my car very much. I called mine “daughter” haha 🙂

      Blogging is not as glamourous as newbie think it is. Going to an event comes with a commitment, accepting a product review comes with a commitment. And the oldies will kill those that are climbing the stairs. I happened to be one of the victim. I can’t control what other people want to say about me. To me you’re just jealous if you are attacking me even without me doing anything to you. There’s always selfishness and jealousy in this community. It’s how you take these things in you.

      Thanks for the wonderful support dear Jude. It meant a lot to me 😀 . I’m glad to hear you like all the lengthy grandma story review hahahaha 😀 . Oh yea that’s my company group photo back in 2011 when I just joined not long ago. It’s meant to be Hari Raya card cover photo haha. The edited version is my boss wearing a Darth Vader helmet 🙂 . Happy New Year Jude!!

  • I truly can feel you. Im a very hardworking staff thus everyone taking advantages on me. Being the only lady makes it even harder. I love my job, but I am being used too much, not worth it with my underpaid salary and stress level. I’d better be an engineer if I know F&B (Foodcourt Operation) was this tough. Tought passion could lead me to develop but like you said, I was not in the right place to expand and grow. Now you really lift up my spirit to let loose and find other path. Thank you ad infinitum.

    Also,I truly truly trulyyyy adore you. Thank you for being apart of my life (I always read your posts regularly,you never fail to influence me hehe). Send you my thousand virtual hugs!

    • It’s hard. Hardworking is wrong, not hardworking is also wrong 🙁 . You just need to make a firm stand and draw the line. Say no when you needed to. Do not be afraid. I’ve done Operation before for Samsung Mobile so I totally understand how tough it is. I also think that you have passion in the line you chose rather be an engineer. Each individual’s job requirement is very different. When I’m younger I want to earn more money. Now that I have the money I want job satisfaction and to climb the corporate ladder. Find what you really want and pursue with it. If the job is not bringing you anywhere and grow is what you want, source for another job and leave. There should be a lot of new job opportunity after CNY *hint* *hint* 😀 . Cheer up girl!

      Thank you Jyuanneth for your kind words. Also thank you for coming out and telling me your work issue. At least I know I’m not the only one feeling this way 🙂 . I’m happy if I can inspire you hehe 😀 . I’ll try to arrange for another coffee session then we can all come out and talk. A word of reminder…we can be really loud and cray cray lol!

  • Hey Fiona! Happy New Year to you in advance!! Wish you have a great year and better year ahead.

    It is so touching that you share your very private matter like the problem of you and your brother. I have a younger brother and younger sister as well. We are very close as we grow up because I always remember 1 thing that my father always told us since we are small. He says: you only have a sister and a brother. If you don’t love them, who you should love. We use to fight when we were small as well but now, we are very close to each other and don’t fight anymore. They always like to share things with me and even some dirty little secret that my mom don’t even know. hahaha…

    Have a good rest then have a great start later. Any decision for your career yet?

    Even ‘blogging world’ also have enemies… That doesn’t really surprise me at all. I wonder why people want to be jealous of other people. I wish they take it as a motivation instead of a backstabbing chance. I really hate that type of people as I experience it in my life. Same as you, I will always cut the crap out, stay away with those people because they are really rotten. Just be who you are. And I believe in karma so same thing will go around and happened to them.

    I believe your review is honest that’s why I continue read your review. You are the blogger that I constantly follow. Keep it up!! WIsh to see more of your review, sharing your life and thoughts! WIsh you all the best! Thanks for mentioning me in your post. It is really an honor!

    • Happy New Year to you too Melissa dear! 😀 . Let’s have a great year ahead together aight?

      The story on my brother and I was a last input. I’ve forgotten to put it in actually lol. My mum say the same thing as your father too. It’s so right you know. I only have on brother. Who else to love but not him right?

      No decision yet. I’m about to move to a management role. Greater role comes with a great responsibilities but that’s how it is for advertising sales. If I can choose, I would want to grow in my current company but then there’s no such role and advancement for me. Sigh. 20 more days to go till my last day. I’m sad to leave 🙁

      That’s because you blog too so you can understand all this killing in the blogging world 🙂 . I usually take my jealousy as motivation. I don’t revenge on the people I jealous about. Don’t waste time mending friendship with these people. Human are hard to change.

      Ohh thank you 😀 . I will have more time for blogging after January. So more review will be up! No worries in the mention. Hehe cause I really do virtually meet you in 2013 🙂

  • Happy New Year Fiona^^ What a wonderful year with Street Love. You make me adore you more by revealing yourself more instead of a face behind a blog or computer. Kudos on that!

    • Happy New Year Evelyn dear! Oh! Don’ adore me. I’m just an auntie hahaha. But I’m glad you enjoy reading Street Love 😉

  • Thank you for sharing the story about your brother and I can totally relate with you on this matter as I have a younger sister whom has been barely on speaking terms with me over the last one year and who has not had a proper conversation with our older brother and our mother in years. It pains me a great deal to witness it but as my husband said, I have already done my part over the years and if she still wants to be angry with her family, there is nothing we can do about it. As Christians, we can only pray for people to change and to have a conversion of heart. I am glad to know that your relationship with your brother is improving and it gives me hope that the same could happen with my sister as well.

    I can also relate to quitting a job without having one because I have done that twice in my life – the first time because I was fed up with the line of work I was doing in the same company over the last 5 years and just needed a fresh break and the second time when I was working for a horrible lady boss for 6 months and made my life a living hell. LOL. I am confident with your talent and skills you will find a good job after this. I found a job after both times of quitting within a short space of time.

    As Paris B shared a few months back about the existence of jealousy in the blogging world, I am sorry to know that you had to go through the same thing too. I think the crux of the matter is that the women kind can be our own worst enemies. Jealousy, selfishness and competitiveness exist in many settings, even in the church group I used to belong too when I was still single and I always believe is due to unresolved insecurities of the instigator. Having witness it first hand and still looking at the effects on a dear friend over the last 2 years, it makes me real sad. But the most important point is to hold your head high and come out of this situation in a dignify manner. Over time, other people will see the coward for who she really is and will respect your decision to move on and not being bitter about what happened. I believe you have done that and kudos to you for not allowing such incident to eat you up 🙂

    I have enjoyed most of your postings on your blog and I would like to say keep up the good work as you are a talented blogger and I admire how you managed to balance your full time job and personal life with blogging. Wishing you a blessed new year and I hope that 2014 will bring you much joy, love and happiness 🙂

    • Hmmm must be something serious that had happened. I guess like your hubby said there’s nothing much you can do about it. It’s all to your sister whether she want to forgive and forget the anger within her with her family. It really do breaks one heart seeing family member not talking to each other. There is never a day I feel any good not on a speaking term with my brother. That’s what you ended up with when both is young and hot headed 🙂 . It’s all good now and moving towards a better future. I just ask him to join us for dim sum tomorrow as it’s my dad’s birthday! 😀

      Frankly speaking I never intend to find another job before quitting. I was so excited to be a temporay, incomeless “housewife” haha. So when I was ask to go in for a management role interview a few weeks ago and knowing I have the job at the tip of my finger, I was feeling paranoid. It’s a job that I always wanted and it’s a direction that I was aiming to move forward to but I wasn’t ready you know. We’ll see how 😉

      I still remember when Paris B shared about all this jealousy stuff and I can totally relate to that. I was nodding all the way while reading. It’s quite normal that we all had experience it at least once. Women and women are a competition by nature. Other bloggers have been saying behind my back that I’m one of the fast moving beauty blogger, on the fact that I’m so new and that I don’t deserve to be with SK-II. I got to ask…why not? I know some have been blogging for donkey years and I’m just a newbie but somehow or another the PR company choose me over them. There must be a reason. I never brag about all this goodness that came to me in 2013 but jealous people are just poking it to my face in a rude manner. I was told to ignore and be like Paris B hehe.

      Awww thanks Victoria. It was nice to virtually meet you too in the blog. Your comments are very informative 🙂 . Have a blessed new year ahead and Happy New Year!

  • Thanks Fiona for the wonderful 2013 in my journey to rediscover the beauty that I never thought I have. It has been a blessing to have our paths crossed…who knew from my constant googling from shoe box for traveling to beauty that eventually for a good reason, our stars are aligned and we met 🙂 I must say my impression of you since Day 1 remains until today, only difference is, it gets better and stronger as each day passes by. I recall reading bits and pieces about your family members including Lucas through various blog posts. One vivid post was where you shared your drug store purchases and that was a resultant of you leaving the house for a breather after a tiff with your brother. In some posts, we saw Mama Fiona’s photo showing great effect upon using the Avon serum. Of course, we also saw her precious plants – the beloved chinese Foo Kwai Fa.

    I enjoyed seeing the little sneak previews of your life, like Lucas, your car, your bedroom and the occassional hairband and pink Hello Kitty clips 🙂 2013 has been a great year for Street Love, from the logo design to the frequency of your blog posts. Though I don’t read on daily basis anymore because I am drained from work. I usually catch up on the weekends and I appreciate you taking effort to reply to my comments, no matter how long or how short, each and every time, without fail. To me, that is one of the greatest committments a blogger can offer her readers.

    Subsequently, I followed Street Love on Instagram and loved every bit of it as well. You can say I am your loyal fan 🙂 I find that our habits are similar in some ways and I thought that’s the best discovery because you confirmed I am not the only “nutty” or “special” one.

    Thanks for the recap of your 2013 and I am glad to be a part of it. I enjoyed the 2013 of Street Love and Fiona in every way possible and look forward to many more wonderful years of beauty and friendship.

    • 2012 is also one of the best year for me as I get to know you, Kamsiah, Gin and Jenny. All of us still remain friends and close contact with each other. It’s nice 🙂 . We just need to come out and meet more often haha!

      My beginning blogging days are quite amateur. It was so random because I wanted to shout out on everything! I think I’m going through the phase where I’m looking for the direction on how I want to bring Street Love to. Thank goodness you didn’t think I’m some crazy girl 😛 . Don’t worry about not reading everyday. It’s totally normal and understandable as not everyone read on daily basis, which is also why I cut down on the frequency from daily to alternate days 😉 . It makes me happy to see your comments on the weekend. Appreciate that you left me comments eventhough you are tired or busy helping your mum.

      Nah, you are not the special one. I find myself getting weirder and weirder. This must be the result of saying other people is weird too much lol.

      Cheers to a better year and cheers to our wonderful friendship!

      • Yes, 2013 was the year that I made a comeback after my depression and plunge in 2012. I think everything is written in our destiny and fate 🙂 That’s how we get to cross each other’s path. Who knew? For a makeup noob like me who is always very shy and afraid of public events, I actually sum up enough courage to sign up for the Lancome event and even date you there 🙂 I feel very blessed because through you, I get to meet Gin, Kamsiah, Angelina and Jenny among other beautiful ladies at the StriVectin tea party. I am glad that we met and it brought a lot of joy and confidence to my life. Thank you dear girl. I hope 2014 will bring us more fabulous things in life. May you land the dream job that will bring out the best in you and that employer is a lucky one to have you in their organization for sure.

        • You made a comeback and you made it big! I am so proud of you. Like you said, everything is written in our fate line. The weird Lancome event is my first time meeting blog reader too. And you actually raise your hand during one of the mini contest and won another mini lipstick haha! I don’t even dare to raise hand 😛

          I’m glad through beauty we can find our inner interest, new friends and new passion. I’ve got to figure out what job I want to do next hehe. You’ll know when I’m feeling depress at home jobless. Hope 2014 treats you better than 2013, less busy and more time for friends and family 😉

  • Luv luv your post here. How did I miss this.

    omG .. what happened to your new Michael Kors Tote? the small leather ring separated? u mean it came off? Ok, this is scary since this simple tote is kinda pricy, and only after 3mths?? I was salivating when u did a post on this tote but i ended up buying Kate Spade Harmony Tote coz it has a top zip. Yet, i am curious of Michael Kors Travel Messenger. How is their overall quality?

    • Hehe MJ. And I’m surprised you managed to find the post after 6 months! 🙂

      Sigh on the Michael Kors tote. The small leather ring separated yes. It came off front and back but it’s still there. Michael Kors do offer free repair as it’s very new at that time BUT they said the only wait to repair is was to remove stitching of the whole strap, took the ring out, glue it back together and stitch the strap back to the bag. I was not comfortable with them removing stitches for such a small thing so I took back my bag. I glued myself at home with just a Daiso RM5 glue LOL.
      This tote come with a zip version as well but the shape is a bit off. This one looks better so I bought it. Kate Spade is gorgeous! Too bad it doesn’t look good on me. Actually I chose this because this is made from Saffiano leather, which is what Prada is using for their bags. Overall quality is quite good 🙂

  • duno how i ended up here .. but i luv checking out your old post on beauty splurge purchases. umm …u may have encouraged me to buy BIG to get the many freebies and vouchers (tq TQ).

    about the tote, i won’t be comfortable too if they redo the whole stitching … wouldn’t know if the outcome would be a good one. hehe .. and the thought of leaving my new bag, I would miss it! Imagine if they take a month to fix it.
    wow, u glue it yourself? i don’t trust myself with glue, but i may re-stitch the leather ring.
    up till now, i still can’t believe the leather ring would be the first to deteriorate (thanks for the heads up!), i thought the buckle straps would be more vulnerable.

    i am loving saffiano leather now. u can just throw around your tote and not having to worry it will be scratched. at times, i felt like i had damaged my tote with my chunky bracelet (heart nearly broken), but upon closer inspection, there were no marks, tgod!

    • Hehe wait till I get back to work then I can start splurging again LOL 😀

      Exactly why I retrieved my tote back from MK. They had it for a week just to tell me they need to remove the whole stitching just one small teeny weeny item. I can bet the outcome would be more severe than what I had now. Actually I don’t trust myself with a glue and a branded bag as well! Haha! So I mimic Grey’s Anatomy. I get a piece of kitchen paper towel, cut a small hole and put it on top of the bag with the ring sticking out. The idea was if the glue somehow got onto the bag, it will be on the paper towel instead. But I apply the glue with toothpick so the tube of glue is nowhere near my bag 🙂

      I know right? Saffiano leather is awesome. That’s why I chose MK over LV. With the amount of stuff I have in my bag, I can be sure LV strap will definitely be broken on me hehe. The bag is so huge that I bump onto everything! Especially door lol.

      • yes, the only drawback of a large tote, bumping into things. i wore it during some sale and a lady literally attacked my bag! and i dislike using tiny washrooms for fear that my tote will …

        the sad thing about saffiano leather, some people thought its “plastic” material the moment they touch it. as much as i luv its anti-scratch feature, i do wanna test whether it really last if compared with normal leather bags.

        • Really? It looks like plastic? I thought it looked leather-y haha! The inside definitely had the leather look to it. I’m so rough and clumsy that I’m scared I make a hole on my bag. Oh dear haha.

          • i read online loads of “plastic” comments before i purchase the tote. but that didn’t stop me from buying when i saw the real thing.

            hehe… u don’t look at all “rough” in your pix

          • I only did research on which tote bag to buy LOL. I like Prada’s saffiano leather so I thought it would be cool to get one full leather bag. I’m sad that the leather smell is now gone.

            Hehe I am clumsy 😛

  • Hello Fiona,
    This post is rather early as it is not even December yet.
    But I am glad that i read this post.
    Nothing other than the part of you and your brother getting better hits me.
    That’s actually the reason pushing me to leave a comment here!
    You are so brave to talk about the family issue you face.
    I am really glad that you and your brother getting better.
    I am still anticipating the coming year full with your interesting and useful blog post!

    • Hello Hazel, oh this post is 2013 dear. Need to recap sooner (getting old) for December 2014 lol. Thank you for leaving me a comment 🙂 . I have issue with my only brother and that is something I always wanted to mend. I thought you girls would like to know more about me and having argument with family member is nothing to be ashamed about. I don’t mind saying it out loud because that’s who I am. Nothing hanky panky behind the screen haha. The blog also act as a diary for me so I can read back what I went through previously. The changes with our relationship is something that I wanted to note down 🙂
      I had a great 2014 albeit a boring one. It’s a year full with challenges 🙂 . Hope to see you around more. xoxo

      • Oops! I missed this post!
        I think I was busy paying my sleep debt the time you posted this.
        Ahh, anyway…everything went well!
        So when is your reflective post of 2014 coming?
        I kind a like how you allow us to know more about you other than the your cosmetic and skincare haul and reviews.
        2014 was not a boring one for us…We see you move from just skincare and makeup to decoration of vanity. It was a good change albeit it could be the outcome of boredom. Haha!
        Yes, I, too, wish to meet you if there is ever a chance. My life is getting busier and busier. Haha…we shall see if in the coming year you have another blogger and readers session?
        Good luck!

        • No worries 🙂 It was nearly a year ago. 2014 one would most probably be end of December?
          Boredom yes, random is most of it and I truly like to spend time decorating 😀
          I would definitely want a readers session. You will know if it happens 🙂


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