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Review: Lavishing on Gucci Guilty EDT 24-Carat Gold Flacon of Oriental Floral Fragrance This Festive Season

Gucci Guilty 1
As Gwyneth Paltrow said it, it’s always nice to buy somebody a fragrance that he/she never try before or his/her favorite because perfume is a luxury gift, it’s personal and it’s nice time to try something new. It’s always nice to gift or receive one as a Christmas present 😀 . Although Gwyneth is not the brand ambassador for Gucci and I’m merely just quoting her, I have to agree with her on gifting someone with a fragrance.

This year, I happen to receive one fragrance that I never tried before. It really makes me happy to unwrap the present to find a bottle of Gucci Guilty EDT.

Gucci Guilty 2
My holiday season is more lavish thanks to this Gucci Guilty gold flacon perfume. I’m actually feeling quite guilty with this gift because the despatch reached my house in the evening, all soaked up in heavy rain. It sort of blends with the fragrance’s name eh? 🙂

Okay so. Why gold? Gold to Gucci is the color of celebration. It brings the holiday to life regardless if it’s the shinning stars, the lights, the baubles to the elegant gift wrapping. Gold also signify Gucci’s signature color.

Gucci Guilty 3
This elegant and sophisticated Gucci Guilty bottle is adorned with 24-carat of semi-sheer gold. Now, that makes the whole gift even more lavish. It’s gold flacon is deemed as industry’s first and it creates a magnificent, contemporary objet d’art.

Gucci Guilty 4
Besides the luxury of 24-carat gold bottle of the Gucci Guilty, I happen to like the see-through sides and the see-through house’s signature interlocking Gs on both front and back of the bottle. The fragrance color is also in gold but more towards the rose gold shade.

The one quarter golden cap is nicely secured onto the bottle with a “click”, quite a well-made I say. The whole bottle body doesn’t drop off when I’m holding by the cap itself. It’s Gucci, it’s luxury, it’s a 24-carat gold packaging and it is also made with superb quality. No doubt about that.

Gucci Guilty 5
Do expect nothing but feminine oriental floral scent for this Gucci Guilty. Floral scent is my fragrance preference any time and this one hit on all the right spot. As this version that I have is an EDT which also means the scent will not last the whole day but it does on me, provided I mist onto myself heavily say on four different spots? The real downside for me is when the top and middle note completely disburse away and left with the base note, all I can smell is powdery scent. There’s no floral scent thereafter, just powder scent. I wasn’t quite happy with how the fragrance end so I tried it on everyday without fail, even on different occasion and environment. The final result is still the powdery scent on me by the end of the day. On days where I have important meetings to attend to, I will need to bring the whole bottle with me to re-mist. Perhaps it’s my own body chemistry that resulted with how the base note is on me. It definitely will smell a whole lot different on other people.

Gucci Guilty 6


Gucci Guilty EDT is available at all major department stores and perfumeries.

+ Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette 30ml – RM225
+ Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette 50ml – RM275
+ Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette 75ml – RM368
+ Gucci Guilty Shower Gel 200ml – RM143
+ Gucci Guilty Body Lotion 200ml – RM167

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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me as Christmas gift with no review obligation. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


Comments (6)

  • A feminine oriental floral scent, wow I should give it a sniff test!

    • It’s pure floral scent. Which I like. I’m not a fan of fruity scent 🙂 . Just too bad this one turns into powdery scent 🙁

  • I dont use perfume but I think I should check it out since I’m into floral scent 🙂 by the way, what does powdery scent mean? Does it mean it smell like those baby powder instead of perfume scent?

    • Ahhh then floral scent would suits you. This one especially, since it’s not too strong 😀
      Powdery scent means like baby powder yes. It tones down a scent similar to that. It’s not surprising because some perfume tend to do the same.

      • I see I see, I learnt something new about perfume then. I only know whether they smell good or not and that’s it. I shall keep that in mind when I explore into perfumes 🙂

        • But of course smelling good or not is the most important 😀
          Everyone’s body chemistry work the perfume differently.


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