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Ollie Jewellery, Contemporary and Elegant Style 92.5% Pure Silver, Rhodium Plated and Nickel Free Jewellery

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You know. I hate weddings. I avoid weddings not because I’m stingy but because wedding makes me sad. For someone who dodge wedding several time due to cold feet, having to sit through the whole lengthy 8-course Chinese wedding dinner while watching all the happy wedding photos flashing on the gigantic flat screen bring tears to my eyes. The last time I shed a tear or two at a wedding dinner is when my good friend got married to a guy whom I helped to pull the string? Is that how you call it? No wait. I just got the right word. It’s match making!

Last week I attended a good friend’s wedding. I know I know. I hate wedding but this lady’s wedding is a wedding that I wouldn’t miss. Plus I have a girl friend there so how hard can it be right? The funny part is the bride said she hate wedding too lol. I know, we are weird this way. While at the table waiting for food to fill in our empty tummy, the bride brought out this jewellery box for me. It’s a gift for the bridesmaid. See! Cannot miss this girl’s wedding I tell ya 😀

Ollie Jewellery 2.1
Growing up, I was only obsessed with three things – heart symbol, butterflies and flower shape. The Ollie Jewellery that I get from the bride Cynthia is in the shape of a butterfly. After a quick browse at Ollie Jewellery online store, I found out that the pendant and chain are sold separately. One thing you need to know about Ollie Jewellery is that their jewellery are all made from .925 sterling silver, which a “925” stamp is stamped on to assure customers that their products are made of 92.5% pure silver. It is also rhodium plated to enhance the shine and durability. If there is stone on the jewellery, it is all “AAA” graded cubic zirconia stones 😀 . The pendant you see here below is one of their favourite piece, Beautiful Butterfly Pendant. It measures at 22mm length x 10mm width. To be honest it’s not very big at all. The size is quite decent and girlie girl.

Ollie Jewellery 3
There’s also a little card with care guide for reference. This is useful for those who have no idea how to care for silver. Silver as I know will get discolour if handle the wrong method.

Ollie Jewellery 4
There are two types of chain to choose from – Bead Chain and Cable Chain. Mine here is Bead Chain that are of course made from 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating and it is measuring at 18 inch. It’s very thin but durable and the clasp is really very tiny.

Ollie Jewellery 5
One of the care guide stated on the little card included is to store your jewellery in a dry and air-tight area such as zip-lock bag or jewellery box when it is not worn. Good news because all Ollie Jewellery come in a pretty jewellery box like this one here 🙂

Ollie Jewellery 6
The necklace is quite pretty and suits my style very much. I can wear this anytime, any occasion and with any type of dress at all. Thank you Cynthia for this gift 😀

Ollie Jewellery 7


Just in case you wanted to check out Ollie Jewellery, here’s the store details:

Online Store:

+ Beautiful Butterfly Pendant – RM50
+ Bead Chain – RM40

Facebook Page:


Disclaimer: Gift from friend.


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  • Hi Fiona,

    I bought the other butterfly design fr Ollie too after I saw your post. Love them much.

    Ms Nani provide me a personal delivery to my office when I purchase that time, cos the next day will be a Public holiday. They have such a great service.

    Me too has shared the necklace & earing set on my FB page. =)

    • Hi Eliz, oh wow. Glad that you like Ollie Jewellery! This was my first piece from them too 🙂 . Great service from Ms. Nani indeed.

  • It’s pretty! Really suits you! 🙂

    • Thanks Jojo 😀 . Suits the girly girl me 😛

  • Funny you should say this, Fiona, I really don’t enjoy weddings either. In fact, I’m a self-proclaimed Wedding Grinch. Ironically, I love looking at wedding magazines LOL.
    It’s such a production and not usually the most romantic day ever. Usually the bride and groom are too exhausted by the formalities to actually have fun with their friends and family. Food is usually so-so. Everyone gets a bit stressed.
    Personally, I’d recommend people spend money on a great honeymoon instead.
    It was sweet of your friend to give you a bridesmaid gift but I know what you mean about weddings making you sad. I understand that it can be a bit like losing a piece of the friend you knew as she moves into the next chapter of her life as a wife.

    • Oh hey…now I have someone that’s also a self-proclaimed Wedding Grinch! 😀
      I think as I get older I just hate weddings. When I’m small I wanted to look at the beautiful bride. But then I found out bride are prettier because of makeup lol.

  • Look to nice on you! The chain length is just nice! Not too long or too short. The pendent is just above the round neck shirt.

    • Yes, the length is just nice on me. Not sure how it will be for those with bigger neck. Hmmmm.

  • Hi, Fiona! That’s a very nice looking necklace/pendant. It does match your pretty smile 🙂 It glitters as well 🙂 God bless.

    • Awww thanks Susan! I like things that look simple. If the butterfly were to be complicated design, I’ll pass 😛

  • Oooh, the pendant is really pretty! 🙂 Now can finally see it up-close instead of from your instagram photo. XD

    • Oh yea. Instagram photo show from far 😀 . It’s a decent looking pendant. There’s a lot more design 😉

  • thank you so much for coming and make use of my photobooth!!
    this is a great piece if it doesn’t remind us of ‘something’ 😀 😀

    • Thank you for having me actually 😀 . The photobooth at the restaurant is a brilliant idea! Too bad I went out for photo and came back with cookie monster stealing my cookie box away hahaha.
      Ish. Yalah. This great piece reminds us of something. Something scandalous! 😛

  • So lovely and dainty 🙂 Love the delicate design which is girly and simple. Congrats to the bride, Cynthia! Haha, I am another wedding grinch too. It makes me sad though it seemed like a selfish thought because I should feel happy to be part of the couple’s marriage and new life chapter right? I know…but oh well. We are humans after all. The necklace looks lovely on you. Maybe one day we will overcome our “thing” for weddings? 🙂

    • Thanks Jen! Weddings are personal to each individual. A part of us is happy for the couple’s new chapter and yes we are just human after all. We get all sorts of mixed feelings at weddings 🙂

      If only all weddings gave out necklaces right haha!


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