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Review: SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip – A Whipped-Ready Version of SENKA’s Star Product, Perfect Whip

The brand SENKA that I first got to know is probably because of the whole foam “whipping” phenomena using one of their star product – Perfect Whip. And of course you can use the cleanser without the whole whipping action but what’s the fun of it right? I still remember vividly that most of my friends are so into all the foam producing that they went all out with it. Some bought a foam net, which I think is the most easiest and brilliant way, while some use a mask bowl set to whip the cleanser into foam.

Okay, I find all this extremely time consuming and not to mention tedious. It’s fun to do it once but everyday? Nah. This lazy bump opted for an easy way. Introducing SENKA’s newest member in the Perfect series – the SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip.

SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip 1
Now that we are done with our happy dance, let me tell you more about this new product from SENKA 🙂

You know how all of us nowadays are constantly busy with our life, our work and our lifestyle so more and more women will either ignore the most simple step in beauty, which is cleansing or they will go for the easy way like rinsing with just water. Don’t laugh. I’ve been told some people do that. SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip is especially created for busy beauty-conscious women as SENKA truly understand the need and the importance of providing a high quality and yet high efficacy product for daily skin pampering.

What can you expect from this new SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip? Let me see. Since this cleanser is a foam cleanser, you can expect a satisfying face massage from the thick and creamy foam, extremely time-saving as it’s already foam-ready and also environmental friendly as you waste lesser water during rinsing. How about that? 😀 .

SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip 2
The bottle is quite adorable too. It’s in blue, which is SENKA’s usual packaging color and it comes with a rather large pump top and dispensing hole for the foam. Usually it takes us roughly about 30 seconds maximum to create a good thick lather from the usual cream cleanser but with SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip, it’s literally zero second as a whipped-ready creamy and thick foam is dispense out by just a push of a pump! It takes an average of one minute or 12 litres of water for rinsing with normal cleanser. SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip water consumption is reduced by 6 litres so you are saving 4,380 litres of water annually 😉

SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip 3.2
Just like it’s sister cleanser – Perfect Whip, SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip’s foam is also solid and it doesn’t drip or fell off from my hand. That shows how creamy and thick the foam is.

Usually I would use one full pump for normal cleansing or two full pumps as the last step of double cleansing. The texture is like a soft cushion, easily spreaded all over the face effortlessly. Most people would just avoid foam cleanser because it is said to be drying on the face? Nope. Not this one. I even tried leaving it on my face for a minute just to test out if it dries up my skin after rinsing and I don’t feel any tightening at all. It also doesn’t strip all of the natural oil from my face. Instead I feel that it balance up my skin PH as my face is actually less oilier. I found out that SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip is formulated with silk extract as a moisturizing property so eventhough it removes excess oil and dirt, it retain all the necessary moisture on the face. This formulation explains why I don’t feel the tightening and my face is less oilier.

The scent is absolutely amazing. The first thing my nose detected is rose scent. It actually smells like my Victoria’s Secret Delicate Petal Body Mist, which is a rose scent that I hunted for like a mad woman as it was discontinued a few years ago. So when I first smell this SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip, I feel connected to the scent in a way. The scent went off immediately after rinsing. After all it’s a foam cleanser which means it’s quite light on the face 🙂

SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip 4.1
Here’s the Before and After. There is nothing to compare as this is a cleanser only after all but I feel like doing it just to see how different my skin looks like. The camera didn’t detect the fact that my face is less oilier in real.

SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip 5.1
Besides targeting the busy beauty-conscious women who are lack of time to pamper themself, this affordable SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip is also suitable for those in their 20s who is seeking for a product that are with distinct quality but with lesser amount paid. No doubt there are quite a number of foam cleanser in the market these days but finding something that doesn’t dries up your skin, smells good, affordable and easy access to is not plenty. Be a beauty and environmental-conscious user at the same time 😀

How many of you tried foam cleanser but your skin just can’t take it? So far I’ve tried a few and so far so good. My only complain is that the other foam cleanser’s foam bubble is quite large so it’s not as smooth as it should be.


SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip is available at selected Watson’s stores nationwide.

Price: RM34 for 150ml

Please visit SENKA Malaysia Facebook Page for more info, news, promotions and many more at https://www.facebook.com/SenkaMalaysia


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Lol I got the normal Perfect Whip for the foam effect too! But it takes forever to get thick ones…

    • Hahaha! See! I knew everyone bought it because of the foam creating haha. Really? Maybe use a foam net. It’s faster.

  • I love foam cleansers ever since they were released, haha! It’s fun and yes, uses less water to rinse off. Yay in times of inflation? XD

    • I think it’s the best thing ever happened to cleanser. Saved so much time with creating the foam prior and with cleansing 🙂 . Yay for in times of inflation! Save cleanser, save water lolol

  • just a shoutout to say i totally love that photo where u test the foam to not fall off! So SUPER CUTE!
    i am so gonna try this… but i have like 4cleansers to be used right now.. =(
    i use cleanser super slowly…

    • Hehe. I was feeling nervous about it. My first time doing it but I already knew their foam is that solid. I’m rotating between a few cleansers. I think it’s coming to 10 tubes already LOL

  • When they came out this?! I didn’t saw this when I bought their make up remover-Perfect Gel! I am so into this product now. Starting with Perfect Whip then Perfect Gel and now I think I should change to Speedy Perfect Whip instead of Perfect Whip. So convience! I don’t need keep adding water for this effect.

    • It’s out this month, January 2014. If you don’t see it this week, try next week. Sometimes there’s stock delayed due to all the year end public holiday. If you like Perfect Whip then Speedy Perfect Whip might interest you too. I nearly nearrrrrlllllyyy bought Perfect Whip but I’m so lazy to make foam haha. SENKA cleansing products on the overall is not bad at all. If only they have eye makeup remover 🙁

      • hahaha! I always use it during bath so it’s quite easy for me. But this is way more convenience! I should finished up my Perfect Whip before i try this. haha… They might come out with eye make up removal soon.

        • Yes, finish current Perfect Whip first 🙂 . I do hope they create eye make-up removal soon cause I don’t like to remove both eye and face all together 😉

  • Hi girl, Happy New Year!

    Ooh, a ready whipped cleanser! I am definitely one of those people who are too lazy to whip some up every single day. Previously bought the Aupres one and it’s still seating in it’s packaging. :/

    Why do you entice me to buy new things??!! Now I want this. 🙁

    • Happy New Year babe! Hope it have been a good 2014 start for you 😀

      ^5! You’re just like me. Cleanser is a must-have and it’s the first step in skin care. Don’t worry about stocking up 😀

  • Awesome! Love the thick foam! I think this is the instant foam cleanser whereas Senka Perfect Whip needs some effort and takes a while to foam up. Haha, even the name is called Speedy Perfect Whip. Somehow foam cleanser makes me very happy and this thick foam definitely will make me want to wash my face a few times a day!

    • Yes you are right. Perfect Whip will need to keep on adding water as you rub both your palms. I think it’s too thick of a cream. Unless you use a foam net or a beating bowl. I grab this more especially in the morning when I wake up. With both eyes closed I can still dispense the foam out and wash my face LOL. I know right. Foam cleanser makes me happy too. So fluffy 😀

      • Yep, agree. Fluffy stuffs make us happy like cotton candy, fluffy cake and bread, fluffy pillow and soft toy etc 🙂 Soft, gentle and kind. I wanna quickly finish up my cleanser stash to try so many other wonderful products out there! Maybe I can pass some to mum to help use 😛

        • Hahahaha I fully support passing mum to use. I shove everything to my mum too otherwise my stock is forever building up 😀

  • So fluffy! I haven’t found this yet. Let me go search again 🙂

    • That’s about 3-pumps heh! You don’t need a lot. Usually a pump will do. I think now the stock arrived Watsons already 😉

  • where can I get senka perfect whip? I did not find it at watson’s store. can you help me?

    • Hi Izzat, I’ve no idea. You’d just have to keep searching I guess. Try checking with Watsons through their Facebook page?


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