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Review: Yadah Oh My Sun Block SPF35 PA++, Decent UV Ray Protection yet Light-Weight and Non-Greasy Finishing

I’m sure you are well aware of the brand Yadah by now. How can we miss it with the cute and catchy theme right? 🙂 Perhaps due to the cartoony character mascot, many are not aware that Yadah’s range of beauty products is actually for teens and young adults. That means you and I are the target user for Yadah.

So who exactly is the red hair girl that is always associated with the brand Yadah? Her name is none other than Yadah! Yadah was created as a brilliant girl, witty and optimistic, strong and loyal and she’s often seen with her pet alien Yom Yom. Yadah also have a birth date. Do look out for special promotion somewhere in the month of May because Yadah’s birthday falls on the 3rd of May 🙂 . Now the pet alien. Yom Yom is actually bigger than Yadah in size although he’s a pet. He’s an alien with super high IQ, extremely loves to eat (which pet doesn’t?), sticks to Yadah like a glue and he’s actually forced to land on earth due to space travel mishap LOL.

There you have it. A short but interesting story on Yadah and her pet alien Yom Yom. My first encounter with Yadah was last year when Yadah invited me over for an exclusive preview on Anti-Trouble Series, Lip Tint Balm and Lovely Lip Gloss, which you can read about it at this link. This year Yadah added a few new makeup products into their existing range but the most recent new product would be this Oh My Sun Block.

Yadah Oh My Sun Block 1
No price for guessing what does this product do. Based on the straightforward product name, you’ve guessed it right. It’s a sun block. Currently Yadah only have one sun block under their belt which is the Sun Cream SPF40 PA++. I’m not a fan of that because of the scent and also the stickiness thereafter so I’m quite glad when Yadah came out with Oh My Sun Block.

Yadah’s range of skin care products are all natural and formulated with plant extract such as essential oils, floral water, traditional herbs, fruits and flowers. These products are also 100% free from parabens, sulphate, mineral oils, artificial colourings and preservatives. Animal lovers will be glad to know that Yadah’s range of products does not contain any animal derived ingredients and nor it is tested on animals.

Yadah Oh My Sun Block 2
Yadah Oh My Sun Block comes in a simple flat, wide squeeze tube with a decent size of dispensing hole. I said decent because it is just the right size that doesn’t over dispense the product out and the tube makes it easier to squeeze so I can control the amount that I want on every usage.

Sun block usually comes in white color. This Yadah Oh My Sun Block is not exceptional either. I did mentioned earlier that I dislike the scent of their other sun block but this one is quite pleasant on the nose. My nose detected a fair scent of citrus, orange to be exact and it’s so light that you don’t smell it thereafter.

I do agree with the claim on it’s light-weight and non-greasy texture as well as formula. I suppose this is quite normal since the sun block is only with SPF35 PA++. All these while I only use sun block that is nothing lower than SPF40 and I especially love SPF50 ones but for the past few months I find that my skin under makeup oils up so much faster and badly. At first I suspect my serum, my face cream or even my foundation but I have never suspected it’s the sun block. I received this Yadah Oh My Sun Block a month ago and I’ve been using this since then and I do notice that the oil secretion on my face is reduced by at least half. I don’t go out much often now so SPF35 will be sufficient for me at the moment 😀

As for the waterproof claim, I can’t quite comment on that as I usually apply makeup after sun block. It doesn’t really matter to me anyway. However I like to tell you what I feel about the “matte” finishing claim. Okay, it’s rather unusual for a sunblock that doesn’t have oil absorbing powder in it to have a matte finishing but as this Yadah Oh My Sun Block is oil-free, my skin does become soft and smooth after the product is massage onto my face evenly. So yes, it is more matte comparing with other sun block in the market but there is still dewyness peeking through. It’s not matte all the way completely ya.

Yadah Oh My Sun Block 3
One thing about Korean product is all the Korean description on the box and on the back of the tube. Luckily there’s a small English description on one of the box side but I have to Google for the rest of the info before use 🙁

Yadah Oh My Sun Block 4
If you’ve been wondering why your face oils up faster than usual during the mid day, it could be your sun block. It took me quite some time to figure this out too after I ran through all my day time skin care products one by one. This Yadah Oh My Sun Block fits the bill for someone who isn’t a fan of greasy sun block and definitely for someone who are not into high SPF sun block. Most people I know told me they don’t wear anything more than SPF30, which is pretty much the opposite of me 😛 . I like that this sun block is oil-free and less greasier than any other sun block in the market so it definitely suit combination to oily skin users.


Yadah Oh My Sun Block SPF35 PA++ is available at selected Sasa stores (in most big stores), and
Price: RM49 for 50ml

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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I read a lot of good reviews about it but after reading yours, I’m sold. Gonna purchase this real soon 😉

    • Oh yeah, recently there’s a lot of blogger review on this sun block. I’m just sharing my own personal experience 🙂

  • I am using Clarins sunblock and I think it works well on me. As what you use, usually I feel oily during noon time if I apply it in the morning. I used Olay before and it is really oily so I stop using it. Most of the sunblock somehow cause oiliness no matter how good they claimed.

    • Clarins one works fine on me too. But don’t know why recently it cake up my makeup and give me super oily face sigh. I stopped using anything more than SPF35 at the moment. That is why lots of people refuse to use sunblock because the face will oil up no matter what. Lower SPF for me means slower in the oil department and lesser too.

      • hahaha… you might regret later if you don’t use sunblock now when pigmentation pop out from the face. Clarins sunblock somehow help me to put on foundation easier, like become smoother to apply. I always use is small amount of sunblock.

        • I think you misunderstand already my dear. What I meant was I’m switching my sunblock from SPF50 to SPF35 as my skin is acting up recently. I won’t stop using sunblock don’t worry 🙂

  • The name is cute and straight forward. I’m using Sun Cream. It’s not greasy on me as I have very dry skin. The most important is to apply sunblock that suits your skin condition.

    • I agree too. There’s a lot of sunblock out there. Just use whichever that suits your skin 🙂 . If I only wear sunblock I’ll choose higher SPF. Nowadays underneath makeup I’ll only use SPF35, which is this Yadah Oh My Sun Block.

  • I tried this sunblock too during a Yadah event with The Butterfly Project. At home I tried them again and so far I’m liking it so much ^_^ that non-greasy part is awesome!

    • Oh yes. I was told by Yadah there’s a new sunblock before that. I believe the Yadah event you went to showcased the sunblock to coincide with February release 🙂 . I think it’s the damn hot weather that my face oils up more than usual. Have to put aside all my higher SPF sunblock at the moment.


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