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SK-II Brand Ambassador Godfrey Gao Officiate the “Crystal Clear Skin. No Compromise” Event at Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC Centre Court was filled with fans from all ages two days ago as SK-II had flew in Godfrey Gao, SK-II Brand Ambassador & Asia’s 1st Male Supermodel for the first time ever! Godfrey Gao, the acclaimed Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model has been making a name from popular Taiwanese drama such as Momo Love in 2009, Volleyball Lover in 2010 and many more.

The SK-II Brand Ambassador Godfrey Gao urged millennial women from 22 years old to 35 years old that despite hectic and busy lifestyle, they should never compromise on taking good care of their skin. Where getting crystal clear skin is concerned, there is no compromise. Girls, he also shared with us that he is attracted to women that has good skin. So now you know.

SK-II Brand Ambassador Godfrey Gao unveil Crystal Clear Skin No Compromise Event 1
SK-II recently conducted a survey and it was found that more than 2 out of 3 (71.7%) of millennial women in Asia agree that most women often compromise on certain priorities due to hectic lifestyle and more than one-third (38.68&) feel the condition of their skin is compromised from their lifestyle. This also include long working hours, the lack of time and this work commitment is the cause for them to make compromises in life. The key here to a healthy skin is by starting young, to drink more water and to commit to a beauty regimen as well as the usage of sunblock.

According to Godfrey, he is in awe of the women of today who wear so many hats and lead such hectic lifestyle, from pursuing a career to being a wife and a mother. He also added that he wasn’t surprised when he learnt from an SK-II survey that because of these lifestyle choices, these millennial women are making compromises to their lives including compromises in their skin care. That is why Godfrey is standing there to tell these women that despite these challenges, there is no need to compromise where skincare is concerned because there’s SK-II!

SK-II Brand Ambassador Godfrey Gao unveil Crystal Clear Skin No Compromise Event 2
During the interview on stage, Godfrey shared with us that he was inspired to look after his skin by his mother. No matter how busy she was she had a skincare ritual that she follows faithfully. He said looking good is good for you as it builds your confidence.

Here’s Godrey’s take on SK-II skincare. He said growing up his mother always tell him to take care of his skin but he only use a bar of soap to wash his face!

Before I started on SK-II, good grooming was always part of my life because I knew the difference it made in my line of work. But after my experience with SK-II MEN, I found that my skin achieved a level of vibrancy and clarity that I had never seen before. SK-II has not only transformed my skin, it has also given me a new confidence at work and in my social and personal life.

SK-II Brand Ambassador Godfrey Gao unveil Crystal Clear Skin No Compromise Event 3
SK-II star product – the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is infused with over 90% of it’s miracle ingredient Pitera™ that promises to transform skin’s 5 Dimensions to crystal clear skin in 14 days. Although this product was introduced over 30 years ago, it is still a favourite choice of essence among millions of women around the world because it’s composition is similar to our skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) that cannot be replace or replicated synthetically or artificially.

SK-II Brand Ambassador Godfrey Gao unveil Crystal Clear Skin No Compromise Event 4
Nicholas de La Giroday, Country CEO of P&G Malaysia and Singapore said that he is proud to learn that Godfrey experienced crystal clear skin after using SK-II and that he also give advise to his friends whenever they ask him about his great look to take care of their skin and recommended SK-II to them.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence of the Miracle water received various international awards and a bottle continues to be sold every 23 seconds around the world with over 30 million bottles sold to date. It remains the only essence in the whole world that is with the powder to transform five dimension of the skin such as wrinkle resilience, texture refinement, spot control, radiance enhancement and firmness powder to crystal clear skin.


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  • @_@ Wow! He is definitely a lot better looking in real life than the SK-II leaflet that I was given! I was strolling in Parkson KLCC one day and was handed a leaflet and a rose by the male BA. It was just before Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, my team mates who did not observe carefully that there was a SK-II ribbon tied around the rose got very excited thinking that I received it from my admirer lol.

    I did not put much thoughts to Godfrey because in the leaflet, he looked quite young ala Korean/Japanese hip hop star…Wow, your photos are great! Ahh so you were in KLCC for the session? Aww….

    • Oh yeah. I agree. He is so good looking in real life. Awww you got a rose from SK-II. So nice of them to hand out roses for Valentine’s Day.
      Yes I was at KLCC on Friday for the unveiling event. Godfrey fans of all ages was there too. It was so crowded. I have to elbow with media and fans to get a shot hehe.

      • Good for you 🙂 Eye candy for sure! I am sure the event was a blast considering the media coverage and concourse event! So close yet so far, if I knew you were there on Friday I’d be sure to drop by to see you. But I think you’d be busy with the event 🙂 There is always another time 🙂

        • I was sitting at the back row but I could see Godfrey very clearly hehe. Last Friday was a busy day for me as I was rushing from venue to venue. KLCC is the last stop of the day. We will catch up don’t worry. Oh and I have another Street Love event this coming 15th March 🙂 . Hope you can be there.

          • Your shots are so clear and upclose that I would have imagined you were at the front row ^_^ Thanks for sharing the clear shots, it made me felt like I was there too. No worries dear, I can understand your packed schedule because you’re a busy girl and you will always plan your activities so that you can maximize your day! That’s the way to go you 🙂 Sure thing, I will keep my eyes posted on Street Love and fingers crossed that I can make it too 🙂 Thanks sharing this teaser and providing heads up! You’re the best!

          • At first I couldn’t get a clear nice shot of Godfrey. Then I just tap on the camera screen to focus on his face and voila! haha *stalker mode*

  • Godfrey is so good looking. He have clear skin too^^ Must be SK-II hehe!

    • For someone who use a bar of soap to wash face, yeah he does have clear and smooth skin!


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