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Beauty News: Talika Light DUO+, Maximizing Light Therapy revolution to combat signs of aging with the new 2014 “High-Tech Home Treatment” device

I wasn’t a blogger back in the days where the past Talika Light Duo existed. So something as high tech as this Talika Light DUO+ home treatment device is new to me.

Talika Light DUO+ is the first complete rejuvenation program that was inspired by aerospace technology. Now, it does sound a bit scientific with all the aerospace talk and using light as a therapy in beauty. When I first talk about transforming light energy into cellular energy last year during the launch Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy skin care range, many of you raised your eyebrow. I’m not going into deep with how Talika revolutionised this technology. You can read all about it at Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy skin care launch article.

Talika Light DUO+ 1
Skin aging not only is about the sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone. But it also causes other symptoms like redness, skin discomfort and inflammatory at times. Talika recognized the need to fight all the multifactorial phenomenona so they developed a multi-action skincare technology – LIGHT DUO+®. This third generation multi-program light device is a especially created to act on deep wrinkles and dark spots while soothing the skin.


How Talika Light DUO+ works?

Light DUO+ works against aging skin by restoring the skin’s “self-defence” weapons. It sends messages to the cell, which help to reactivate its original “intelligence”. The cell is therefore fully recharged with life and energy.

Talika Light DUO+ 2
Talika Light DUO+ works in three ways with three different wavelength. Each wavelength is absorbed by the skin and reaches different layers of cells as well as blood capillaries. Light beam from Light DUO+ will then penetrates the skin in order to reach the cells found in the various layers of the epidermis. Light DUO+’s wavelengths will be regulating several epidermal and dermal cells.

Talika Light DUO+ 11

  • 525 nm Wavelength (Skin Lightener / Anti-dark Spots) – Targets the Epidermis of the skin to regulate melanin production by using Light DUO+ for 2-minutes a day. In 60 days of usage, dark spots will be reduced by 46%.
  • 590 nm Wavelength (Anti-Wrinkle) – Targets the Middle Dermis of the skin to reactivates collagen and elastin synthesis. Use for 45 seconds per day and in 28 days, wrinkles will be reduced by 32%.
  • 660nm Wavelength (Anti-Redness / Soothing) – Targets the Deep Dermis for reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokine production. It is recommended to use for 1-min per day. Users will see a 66% reduction in redness instantly!


I am surprised with how intelligent Light DUO+ is. The device is on stand by when it did not detect any contact with the skin. Once you touch it the “Talika” logo will light up. This device is equipped with avant-garde “zero-button” technology and a vibrating recognition system. Users can choose which treatment they want and the bottom color light will turn on. Press another button to start the treatment, placed directly on the skin after applying skin care and the timer will be activated. The device vibrates when the treatment started and stop when the time is up. So when you sense that the vibrating stops, simply just place the device onto another area of your face and the timer will start again.

Talika Light DUO+ 4

Talika Light DUO+ 3
Remember I said that I hope there’s one media coverage for Street Love for 2014? The opportunity came last month when Talika approached me to be a part of their user testimonial team for Light DUO+ consisting of three different background users. This golden opportunity will include testimonial sharing during the media event, magazine appearances and one or two more which I cannot remember. However I have to turn it down because to be honest I did not have any prominent anti-aging symptoms on my face except for fine lines under my eyes and laughing lines. So, it will be hard to be able to see results from using Light DUO+, on me that is. I have to thank my oily skin, really :)

Datin Reiss Tiara and Ms. Gwen Lee was present at the media launch to share with us their user experience after using Talika Light DUO+ for more than a month. Both ladies has been a Talika users for many years. Their skin looks amazing! 😀

Talika Light DUO+ 5

Talika Light DUO+ 6

Talika Light DUO+ 7
Let me share with you the ancestors of Light DUO+. This is also my first time seeing them in real.

So in 2008’s NASA discovered the healing properties of light. Later in 2009, Talika created light therapy and the first home treatment device using the technology is Light 590®.

Talika Light DUO+ 8
In 2010, the home treatment device gets a makeover and upgrade. Talika launched Light DUO®, which is a duo surface device. One side is for anti-wrinkle treatment and the other side is for brightening / anti-dark spots.

Besides Light DUO, there is also two other device – Light 590 Collagen Booster and Light 525 Skin Lightener. Both is a single function device with single surface.

Talika Light DUO+ 9
And now in 2014, Light DUO+ was born. It is one intelligent high-tech home treatment device to help smooth wrinkles even deep on the inside, replumps the skin, restore radiance to the skin while illuminates the complexion overall and helps to increase the penetration of active ingredients of any skin care applied on.

Talika Light DUO+ 10


Talika Light DUO+ will be available by 10th March 2014 at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Parkson One Utama, Parkson Gurney Plaza, Isetan KLCC, Isetan One Utama, Metrojaya Mid Valley and at all Sephora stores nationwide.

Price: RM1,390. One year warranty on the device.


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  1. Are you going to review this Fiona? I hope you will. I would love to hear form you on this device.

  2. Too bad that you turn down the offer to do user testimonial. Otherwise we will be seeing you in magazine!^^ . The latest Light Duo+ looks better than previous device. I see the function has improvised too^^

    • I have no choice. It will be unfair to Talika for me to accept as I will probably don’t see any result since I don’t suffer anything but oily skin with occasional breakout. On the other hand I was amazed with Datin Tiara and Gwen. They are way better than me in explaining the product hehe.

  3. hahaha! I would thank my oily skin as well…
    Is this even real? I don’t think we can prevent any wrinkle at all. Why people are so afraid of wrinkle when it is a sign that we have lived before.
    And who will hold the device and just shine it on the face? Yea maybe some famous artist who is too free will do it. But I think this is more of psychological effect.

    • You can prevent. I started using anti-aging a few years ago as prevention. I’m glad to say prevention works better than combating wrinkles when it’s already visible on the skin. It’s quite normal for a girl to freak out on lines on the face :)
      The user will need to hold it themself. Do it while watching tv or while you’re lying on the bed. It’s quite convenient. The Light Theraphy helps to trigger the cells in the skin.

  4. Please can you tell me where to buy the duo plus

  5. Please is it avilable in Saudi Arabia? i need talika Duo + ?

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