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Bioderma is Now Available in Malaysia! + My Haul

This post is suppose to go up on Sunday but it will be too late if I scheduled it for Sunday. So I’ve decided to push it to Saturday instead.

A few days ago I received a copy of Isetan exclusive newsletter through the mail. It’s quite a surprise because usually I update myself with their latest newsletter by going to their official website. This time I don’t have to. If you did not receive the hard copy newsletter, fret not. I’ve uploaded the whole newsletter for you in the blog a few days ago. Click on Isetan Exclusive Beauty Treats (28th March to 30th March 2014) to see all the promotions available.

I was quite happy to see page 26 in the newsletter because Bioderma is here! So I note down on my calendar to remind myself to pay a visit to Isetan on the 28th March.

Bioderma 1
Yes girls. Bioderma is finally available for us Malaysians. Here’s how I found out. Initially I thought Bioderma is just having a promotional counter, just like Spanks previously so I speed up to second floor where the Event Hall is located. I couldn’t spot Bioderma so I make an enquiry at i-Club Counter. i-Club Counter personnel told me Bioderma is at cosmetic floor. I speed down to first floor and search through the whole floor and still couldn’t find them. I was getting quite anxious because I need to be the first 30 customers to be entitle for a promo which I’ll explain later. I went up to Burberry Beauty counter and ask the makeup artist there. He’s someone I know and he’s very much into all the imported beauty related so he should know. It turns out he didn’t know. What I do next was like amazing race. I search through floor by floor, section by section and I still fail to spot Bioderma. I took out the newsletter book and read again. See I told ya it’s like amazing race show lol.

Then I took notice of the small yellow blurb on the bottom left corner that said “New At Isetan KLCC”. This means they have a permanent counter/section. I could guess that Bioderma is under the same distributor with Phyto, Nuxe and Lierac and I make a wild guess that Phyto is somewhere near cosmeceutical section. I rush back down to first floor and voilà. I spot Bioderma and I was right 🙂

Bioderma have a very very small section in Isetan KLCC. The product selection is also very small. It’s no wonder I could overlooked.

Bioderma 2
Before I show you what I bought from Bioderma, here is the 3-Day Special promotion starting from 28th March to 30th March at Isetan KLCC. This is one of the reason why I went to Bioderma. The main reason is I wanted to check out what’s the hustle and bustle with Bioderma that got everyone raving about.

Bioderma 3
I bought a bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 500ml for RM100 and I got the same Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 100ml worth RM38 for free. If according to my calculation based on the price for 500ml, 100ml is only worth RM20. I’m not sure how RM38 value came about. Anyway this promotion is only valid for Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution. I’m not sure if you could squeeze the same promotion for other Micelle Solution range.

So far there is only two sizes available for purchase. 250ml is selling for RM70 while 500ml is selling for RM100. You should know which one is more worth it 🙂 . The cute 100ml is not available for purchase though. Too bad because it’s super cute!

Bioderma 4
Bioderma is also having an Early Bird Special for the first 30 customers. I thought there will be a crowd but seems like there’s none. Most of the customers there went to purchase Phyto instead. I was the first customer actually so I’m entitled for a 4-piece deluxe miniature gift set with any Bioderma purchase. The gift set is nothing related to Bioderma. In fact I was given products from Phyto, Lierac and Nuxe. Nonetheless I was pleased with it. The products I got is Lierac Coherence Day & Night Cream Anti-Wrinkle & Firming 15ml, Phyto Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm 15ml, Nuxe Hand and Nail Cream 15ml and Nuxe Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid 15ml. Not bad eh? All generous size.

Bioderma 5
That’s not all. I also get a chance to participate in Sure Win Lucky Dip for the purchase of RM100. I sure do love the sound of the lucky dip. It means everyone will get something 🙂 . Coincidently I won another Nuxe Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid 15ml. I’m already a happy girl.

Bioderma 6
After I paid and collected my purchase from Bioderma, I went to Isetan voucher redemption counter to redeem my cash voucher. I turned back and saw the Bioderma BA standing behind me, waiting for me. She ask me if I could fill in my details in a form and I could take home another set of samples. I was so shocked with her kindness and I told her how grateful I am with the gesture. So I fill in the form and she hand me a set of samples. She took time to explain to me what each of the sample is for and how to use. Two thumbs up for the nicest BA in Isetan!

Bioderma 7
The set of sample contain Phyto Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm 15ml, Nuxe Pore-Reducing Serum 2ml, Lierac Premium Extreme Regenerating Serum 2ml, Phyto Phytorhum Energizing Shampoo 12ml and Nuxe Eye and Lip Global Anti-Aging Cream 2ml.

Bioderma 8
Bioderma have always been in my wish list although I’m not so into cleansing water. It took me zero second to think if I should purchase it. I just did it without any consideration. I’ve been wanting to get this for so long 🙂

Just for your info, Bioderma only entered Isetan KLCC early March 2014. I ask the BA if it will be made available in SaSa and she said most probably it will. Until that is confirmed, do drop by Isetan KLCC to get your Bioderma fix. They are located at Isetan First Floor, at the cosmeceutical section where Talika is. When you spot Nuxe and Phyto, you will spot Bioderma as well.

This promotion is only available until this Sunday 30th March. After that there will not be any GWP available anymore.


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  • Good deal! But gonna missed the early bird special.. 🙁

    • At least get the free 100ml. I think not many people go buy Bioderma. Should be able to snag early bird special.

  • Oooo the 100ml is super cute! Good grabs and all. They are very generous too! KLCC is a little out of my way though it’s near and busy weekend!

    • 100ml is very cute 😀 . I’m going tomorrow again to collect magazine. I might grab another bottle if the early bird still available. KLCC is so near to where you stay 😛

  • What a good deal :). Wish can go there….hope available in SaSa soon….

    • Quite an introduction of the brand to the public. If it’s not because of this newsletter I wouldn’t know Bioderma is already here. Let’s keep an eye on SaSa 😀

  • Wow, sounds like you got home with quite a haul! 😀

    • Looks like a lot eh? Actually there’s more. The ironic thing is I only bought 1 stuff. The rest is free. There’s more sample I collected lol

  • This post full of temptation! I wish Bioderma is also available in Watson. I saw it is available in Watson Singapore but not in Malaysia. I think the price is quite reasonable la…

    • Most probably won’t be in Watsons here since the distributor in Malaysia have been supplying products to SaSa.
      Actually I think it’s expensive LOL. RM100 for cleansing water is insane!

      • But it’s 500ml. haha! I ask my friend bought for me last year when she was in Taiwan during sales. I think I get 2 bottle 500ml for RM 100. Damn cheap for this brand. But then when it came to Malaysia, there is always quite a big price difference.

        • 500ml is quite a small bottle only. I would prefer to splurge on a proper cleansing like cleansing oil, cleansing milk, cleansing balm. It’s more cleaner 😛
          Ehhhhhh?? 2 bottles of 500ml for just RM100 is CHEAP! That one I don’t mind haha! Nevermind the price first. As long as I can get Bioderma here then I’m happy already 🙂

  • Thanks for this post!! I have been wondering where to get Bioderma in KL. Finally they are here!!

    • You’re not too late. They just reached our shore.

  • You’re one lucky girl 🙂 Pity I did not know about this eventhough I am an Isetan member. I have been using Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution on and off over the last six months and I can tell you that it really makes a different to your skin. Your skin is brighter after usage and I think it is due to the exfoliating properties. I am only using it around 2 times a week to remove my makeup when I am using Olay Pro-X for cleansing. I think it is cheaper to use face cloth with cleansing balm to clean your face than cleansing water and the effect is as good as micellar water.

    Bioderma is quite cheap in Malaysia though compared with the same micellar water in Watson Singapore. After converting to RM, I pay around RM37 for 100 ml and RM82 for 250 ml. You can still get the 100 ml in Singapore although stock is quite limited. This small size bottle will be good for traveling 🙂

    This website used to have an offer of buy one 250 ml and free another 250 ml but the offer has since ended. I had placed my order last month and currently waiting for it to arrive. Perhaps you and your readers can check it out in future when there is the same offer because I only paid RM82 after conversion for 2 bottles of 250 ml:

    • Ahhh I think you lose nothing not knowing Bioderma in Isetan because you do get cheaper from online. My personal preference has always been on buying directly if it’s available here than ordering online regardless the price. There are some things that I can’t wait haha. This 500ml will last me very long. I have tons of makeup remover to finish up *sob**sob*, some new some just opened, some used half way. What concern me the most is the new stuff sitting in my drawer.
      You’re definitely right on this being cheaper than cleansing balm, for example Eve Lom one which is the one I absolutely adore. But it also depends on individual preference. I like to take time removing makeup. With cleansing water I feel a bit waste because I keep tossing away cotton pad. Even after 4 cotton pads I still can see foundation left on the cotton pad. What I like about Bioderma Micelle Solution is that I don’t need to cleanse again with a cleanser. It feels dry, it feels comfortable.

      • Yes, I find that I waste too many cotton pads as well but I always cleanse with cleanser since that would be my second cleanse. Just do not feel comfortable if I only use Bioderma as my cleanser.

        • I’ve read that most people just use Bioderma alone. I wonder how they do that because it’s not totally clean though. It can be totally clean but need to sacrifice more cotton pads lol

  • How can i buy the bioderma face cream for dry and sensitive skin?..i want ASAP..Its better if u give ur number to facilitate..

    • Lala, I’m not a seller or distributor or whatsoever.

  • I was strolling Isetan today as I have some vouchers to use up before they expire. I saw the little Bioderma corner and thought of you. Seriously, the items you got above was really worth the early bird rush 🙂 The small Bioderma version is so adorable and I am glad that the BA was so kind and generous in offering the deluxe samples to you! Kudos girl. Hope Bioderma is living up to its name. I am searching for your full review of it. Hehe.

    • I saw some online seller doing pre-order. 500ml is for RM150 before postage. That’s crazy. I can get 500ml at Isetan for RM100! And even RM100 also I hear a lot of people saying that it’s expensive comparing to Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong. But the thing is…I cannot fly to Paris or Hong Kong just to get this so RM100 for 500ml will do just fine for me.
      Ohhh review. Hmmm, let me see. I’m not a fan still LOL

  • Bioderma micellar water has been my staple for the past 4 years and I LOVE it. Though I still do double cleansing after Bioderma if I have makeup on but in general it takes away majority of it and it also acts as a toner as well if you do not want to travel with many bottles.

    In my opinion, Bioderma or any french pharmacy products are really pricey in Malaysia and Singapore (well of course have to factor in the import duty and other things). I am lucky that I have friends who works as air stewardess and also fortunate to make a few trips to Paris myself that enables me to have my supplies of Bioderma.

    In Paris, you can always find the promotion of 2 bottles of 500ml micellar water for 15-20 euros depending on which arrondissement that you are buying it from.

    If you like the product and would like to keep using it, you can always ask your friends to get it for you if they are going to France in the future. Much much cheaper.

    • Hello. I do think that double cleansing is still a must after using Bioderma as it removes makeup thoroughly but there are still residue left on the surface 🙂 . Oh yes, I’ve heard about the duo bottle promo in Paris. I’m not really a fan of micellar water and I only use it once in a while so it’s not crucial for me to get the promo. Anyway I don’t have friends travelling to France. In fact, this 500ml bottle I have since March 2014 is still 3/4 left lol! I’m trying so hard to use it but failed lol.

  • Hey! Love love love your blog! Came across it while googling about Bioderma! Keep posting 🙂

    • Hi Felicia! Thanks. I like your blog too! 😀


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