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Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash & Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser SPF15: A simple routine for the breakout prevention

I’m still not quite out of the whitening olympic yet and not quite changing course to anti-aging range yet but there is another range that is kinda new to me that I’ve been using on an off for the past one month. At the age I am now *cough* I’m indulging my skin more with whitening and anti-aging range. Anti-blemish range is probably the last on my mind. Having said that, I never say no to prevention. When it comes to anti-blemish, no one has the most experience in this matter than Oxy. Let me share with you one very simple anti-blemish range that I’m currently rotating – Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash & Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser SPF15. This new Double Acne Formula gives 2X the acne fighting powder and 2X the confidence.

Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash and Blemish Control Moisturiser_2


Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash (RM8.50 / 50g, RM13.90 / 100g)

Cleanser is the one daily essential that I finished up the fastest. I’m not particular about my cleanser though. As long as it does it’s job in removing sebum and dirt thoroughly, then I’m one happy camper. Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash claimed to fight pimple and deep clean the pores. It contain two main anti-pimple ingredients namely Salicylic Acid and Isopropyl Methylphenol or IPMP in short.

If you suffer from acne breakout and are looking for a product to use, do look for Salicylic Acid in the ingredient list. This pimple fighting essential ingredient has the ability to penetrate deeply into the pores and exfoliate deep within in order to reduce blemishes, whiteheads and blackheads. Same goes to Isopropyl Methylphenol, which has the similar function and it’s able to control sebum production too.

Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash 1_1
This cleansing wash is very thick and more solid comparing to other cleanser. Due to it’s thicker texture, one pea size cleanser is all I need to lather and wash the whole face. It doesn’t have any funky smell at all. In fact, it actually smells quite good. I like it as a cleanser but I don’t quite see the difference between this Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash with every other cleanser that I have used before. However I do notice that I have lesser breakout. And my face sebum is still the same.

In conclusion, this cleanser does not stop pimple from popping out completely. What it does is it reduces breakout and clear any pimple in a faster rate. It’s more like a controlling product whereas it control massive pimples from breaking out and treat any pimples that’s already out.

Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash 2_1


Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser SPF15 (RM14.90 / 45g)

Now, I’m more interested with this Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser among this duo. The fact that the bottle said “blemish control” just intrigued me. I have never use any moisturiser that has the benefit of controlling blemishes. Believe it or not this will be my very first time on the range.

This Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser comes with SPF15 is especially formulated for oily and acne prone skin. Most acne prone skin user is having the difficulty in searching for the right moisturiser for their skin type as any irritation could cause more acne breakout. This moisturiser is infused with two main anti-pimple ingredients such as Salicylic Acid and AC. NET. Salicylic Acid as I explained earlier is a pimple fighting essential ingredient has the ability to penetrate deeply into the pores and exfoliate deep within in order to reduce blemishes, whiteheads and blackheads. AC. NET on the other hand is to fight blemishes and penetrates into pores to control oil. Quite similar to Salicylic Acid.

Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser 1_1
This Blemish Control Moisturiser is oil-free, lightweight even on oily skin and absorbs quickly into the skin. I usually don’t use the whole one pump because this pump dispense a lot of product out. I can easily control the amount I need by pressing on the pump gently. Although it has a minimum SPF15, I don’t find it to be greasy. Unless I use more. The cream is quite airy, soft and water-like so it is absorbed into the skin almost immediately after application. It is also quite hydrating. Oily skin user may have an oily skin but they still need to keep their skin properly hydrated in order to control sebum production. This moisturiser I would say is just nice.

The scent is surprisingly pleasant. It has a hint of floral scent (I think) and the scent will go away after a few seconds. I was completely sold after using it for 2 days straight because for some reason all the pimples on my chin dries up. The only new product that I was using that time is this Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser. But it doesn’t work much when my pimple are the huge one. I do like it for it’s purpose but when I’m not having any breakout, it’s just a normal moisturiser for me.

I probably have lesser breakout now *touch wood* maybe because I’ve implemented this Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash & Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser into my skin care regimen. Probably eh? However, I’m not using it as often as I was before. I’m only using this moisturiser on alternate day. I wouldn’t mind to use it as prevention at all 😀

Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser 2_1

Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash & Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser SPF15 is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide.

+ Deep Cleansing Wash 50g – RM8.50
+ Deep Cleansing Wash 100g – RM13.90
+ Blemish Control Moisturiser SPF15 – RM14.90 for 45g

Website: http://www.oxy.com.my

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OxyMalaysia


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I want to buy this range! I’ve been searching for anti blemish skin care and I never thought that Oxy have it until I read this. The moisturiser is so cheap la Fiona. Must buy buy buy!

    • Go check out other Oxy range. There’s one range that I’m interested. I think it has something to do with oil control. Can’t remember the name of the range 🙂

  • Wow this is so affordable. Can normal skin use this range as well since you mentioned that you treat it as normal moisturiser when you don’t have breakout.

    • I know right? So affordable 🙂
      Yes, normal skin can use it. Usually for oily skin it’s more drying right? This range is not drying at all. It’s the opposite. It’s quite hydrating.

  • hi.. mentholatum company
    im wayne cecilio 20 from phillipines i have big problem in my faces b.coz i have acne
    im just askng f u have product here in a wher country pls reply to me :)))) i whant to solve my problem b.coz im trying a lot off prouduct but thers no effect

    • Hi Wayne. This is not Mentholatum Company’s blog. You should contact your country’s respective company directly instead of a beauty blogger’s blog reaching for a company.

  • when do you use the moisturizer btw? and can you teach me how to use it?

    • Hi Maizatul, all moisturizer regardless what brand, are to be used at the end of skincare step aka after serum. Always end with moisturizer / cream.

  • I have a combination skin and my skin is acne prone. Can this product helps to reduce my problem?

    • You can try this out Firdaus. Quite affordable so you lose nothing 😉

  • i have a skincare..when should i use it for blemish moisturizer? after toner and before apply a cream?or before apply toner?

    • Skincare sequence should always be Cleanser > Toner > Eye Cream > Serum > Moisturizer/Cream.


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