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Hollywood’s backstage secret (Part 2) – Tap On GLAMGLOW Brightmud Eye Treatment, Wipe Off and you’re ready to go!

Welcome to the Part 2 of GLAMGLOW product review 😀

Three days ago I have reviewed two highly raved GLAMGLOW mud mask treatment namely GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment and GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment. As the review was quite lengthy, I’ve decided to separate out the bits on GLAMGLOW Brightmud Eye Treatment and review it standalone. So here’s my verdict on the product 🙂

GlamGlow Brightmud 1
GLAMGLOW Brightmud will be the world’s first “tap-on-wipe-off” eye treatment product. Basically this is a 3-minutes eye treatment to de-puff, reduce dark circles and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The whole concept is to apply on, wait 3-minutes, wipe it off with a tissue paper and off you go!

Unlike Youthmud and Supermud which comes in a jar, Brightmud comes in single-use pack which GLAMGLOW refer as chrome cell. Each box of Brightmud contains 12-chrome cells with two compartments – one for the left eye and one for the right eye. There are pros and cons with this chrome cells. The pros is definitely the convenient, the freshness of the product for each application and each eye will have the same amount of product on. The con is that the amount of product on each compartment is too much for the use of one eye. I will explain more later.

GlamGlow Brightmud 2
GLAMGLOW Brightmud is a not so much of a conventional mud. It is a non-drying mud and it is powered by four very important ingredient list and technology.

3-Min TapWipe™

Non-dry TapWipe™ is a bioactive mud consist of powerful actives. It contain natural high bioactivity materials and bentonites to absorb toxin, while delivering high nutrients and minerals.

14% Nitroffeine™

GLAMGLOW Brightmud contain 14% of Nitroffeine™, which is a powerful proprietary caffeine formula from around the world for under eye and orbital eye lymphatic stimulation, for amazing awakening and fatigue reduction. This ingredient also provides an immediate temporary “zing” sensation.

5% Juvelane™

5% Juvelane™ is a powerful new dimension of revolutionary Titan-Rings, designed to activate retinol-like activity without the disadvantages. This innovative molecular cyclic peptide design is for an instant and visible results in just 3-minutes.

TEAOXI™ Peppermint Leaf

TEAOXI™ Peppermint Technology in the mask will activate sensory TRPM8 Cold Compression to de-puff eyes. It comes with soothing mentone and menthyl ester fatty acids, botanical peppermint with Vitamin A and C that helps the skin to look noticeable smoother and brighter.

GlamGlow Brightmud 3
I mentioned that each chrome cell is meant for one usage / treatment. I must admit this type of separated compartment with the same amount of product for each eye is a fresh idea and not forgetting to mention the convenient, hygienic and the freshness of the product is well-maintained. I do however find that each compartment contain more than enough product for one eye. I’m not sure if we need to apply this particular amount on one eye area but I do believe there must be a reason behind it. I have been told that some user is using one compartment for both eye and reserve the other compartment for next usage. Personally, I don’t do that. It may be a little too much for just the under eye so I’m also putting Brightmud on the orbital eye area (eye lid) as well. It then makes a lot of sense to me on why the product is package in such way. The amount of product is just nice for under the eye and orbital eye 😀

GlamGlow Brightmud 4
I don’t use any tool to apply GLAMGLOW Brightmud. I just use my ring finger to gently tap on the mask on to my eye area. Do not rub in. It is not necessary to do so.

The mask feels cooling on my eyes but not tingling at all. I’m thinking it must be the Peppermint Leaf in it. In fact, it is the real peppermint leaf combined with TEAOXI™ Technology that activate a sensor in the body telling the skin to turn cold. So yes. The product trick the body into thinking that it’s cold but in fact the mud is not cold at all. At first I was a bit worried that my eyes will get irritated with the cooling sensation and with Peppermint Leaf all over my eye area. Actually I feel okay. The mud doesn’t get into my eyes. It stays on where I applied the mask on and there was no budging or seeping into my eyes. It does look a bit creepy. I had this on while signing a courier parcel in front of my house haha! Hope I don’t freak the courier guy 😉

GlamGlow 33
The recommended time to have Brightmud on is 3-minutes. I like to have it on for about 5-minutes as I do have dark circles and fine lines that I want to reduce. If you are thinking to do the same, just make sure the mask is not dry. The mask will need to be wipe off with a dry tissue for instant result. If it ever dries down, just gently wet the mask.

I notice that the cooling sensation continues on even after I wipe off the mask. According to GLAMGLOW, this happens because a micro layer of active ingredients continues to work for the next 20-minutes, infusing the skin with Juvelane™ to improve collagen synthesis and Nitroffeine™ to de-puff, eliminate dark circles and stimulate the lymphatic drainage. What this means is eventhough the mask has been removed after 3-minutes, the layer of active ingredients will continue to work on your eye area. This is what I learnt about not washing off the mask with water. If you do, there might not be any continuous work.

I’m sure you are as anxious as me with the result, even after just 3-minutes of having Brightmud on. This is the After. Do take note that the result below is my first usage of Brightmud. Even so I see the appearance of dark circle is reduced, under eye area is smoother, fine lines are soften and less obvious. I really cannot imagine the improvement if I were to use it once a week.

Another very obvious result is my eye lid area. The constant use of eye makeup sort of darken the lid area. I have seen how other GLAMGLOW Brightmud user managed to lighten the lid shade and this is the one thing that I have high hopes on. Well, voila! I managed to brighten my eye lid a bit and the dark hue is visibly lighten. It’s a definitely work in progress for me 🙂

GlamGlow 34
Once again I do feel that the price for Brightmud is a bit on the high side for 12-chrome cells, although I am well aware of the technology and ingredients in it as well as the visibly instant results that I personally experienced. Having said that, it does works as claimed so it really depends on how you think. On another hand I wouldn’t mind splurging on GLAMGLOW as a part of my weekend beauty regimen. I would highly recommend GLAMGLOW to anyone anytime especially Youthmud and Supermud. Some people I know do suffer from severe dark circles and these are the people that need Brightmud. This eye treatment may not be necessary for you if you just have a minor fine lines or minor dark circles. However I know how hard it is to resist curiosity and need for dark circle free days so you can still get this and perhaps try to prolong the life span by using just one compartment from one chrome cell each usage? So instead of getting 12 treatments you can prolonged it to 24 treatments 😀

GlamGlow Brightmud 5
What say you? Does GLAMGLOW Brightmud intrigue you to splurge and try?


GLAMGLOW® is now available at all Sephora outlets nationwide.

+ GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment – RM240 / 50g
+ GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment – RM240 / 34g
+ GLAMGLOW Brightmud Eye Treatment – RM240 / 12g



Disclaimer: Press sample. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • To be honest, maybe due to the lighting, I cannot see much difference to your eye area. I guess it is because you have only used one pack? But this product does intrigue me and I will definitely keep this in mind because I have been looking for an eye mask that helps with dark circles. Price factor can be a put-off though although I like the idea of stretching it to 24 times of usage. Thanks for the review 🙂

    • I think I need to clarify this. Well, that is because I reviewed the product based on one usage to test out the 3-minute immediate result claim. If I were to finish the whole box that would mean the review would be 3 months delayed and everyone will be chasing me for the review. I’ve already been chased by numerous people asking me when I’m putting up the review. And if I were to review the product based on the whole box usage, I would then be bombarded with the immediate result claim. The best way is to show everyone if the product REALLY produce result in just 3-minutes is by showing how it is after one usage. That’s my purpose.

      As for the result, yes there is difference but not much…afterall it’s just ONE usage. To me, for an eye product to give result as what I had experienced even for just one usage is already very good. Eye product as we all know doesn’t work that fast. I don’t expect miraculous complete eye bag and fine lines elimination. I believe no such topical product existed in this world that is able to do so. Especially if I still sleep very late at night with very little hour of sleep and the fact that I still rub my eyes a lot. So everyday lifestyle and diet also play a major role.

      I depends heavily on eye cream. To be frank I don’t use eye mask. This is like my first intense eye mask product. I can’t comment much on the price as we all have different spending will. I can splurge on expensive eye cream but not sure if I can afford to splurge on a 12-usage eye treatment product. So it’s really up to your need. My eyes are not that severe to make me spend 😛

  • Poor girl. Why is everyone rushing you for? The review is not going no where. I can understand how stressful it can be. Let me chip in what I think.
    I get your review and the reason behind posting the review after one use. I came across other blogger frustration on the lighting issue for which I believe you’ve encounter it too for sure. I won’t be saying this if I have not used BrightMud before. It does give immediate result BUT that is depending on how serious your problem is. As for you I can see that you only have a bit of dark circle issue and fine lines. That’s it. What I’ve seen from other people is way more disastrous than what you had. These people have had better result. Like I said, it depends on how serious your eye area is. The good news is you probably don’t have much to tackle. It’s a good thing.

    • Oh. Because they are thinking if it’s worth to buy so they want to hear what I think. I wasn’t really given enough time at all. It’s not easy to review three brand new product that comes with hefty price tag especially with numerous people chasing my tail. Personally I find the mud mask for the face is not that badly priced. The eye one give me a cringe.
      Hmmm you know what? You explain it better than me haha. Maybe my problem is not that serious to get major difference. I look at this differently. If each use can give me a bit of difference, then the product will definitely reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circle by the end of the cycle.


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