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Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring/Summer Season COLOR ME KNOT Hair Trends

It is quite rare for me to do a season trend look, what more a hair trend. Not that I don’t want to do but I didn’t have any information on hand nor am I the expert. Just last week I was at the launch of Shiseido Professional Stage Works Spiky Booster and I was handed the 2014 Spring/Summer hair trends book, which Shiseido Professional named as COLOR ME KNOT. I was so interested with the content and I thought why not share it with you girls too 😀

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 1
Just to recap what I said earlier in Shiseido Professional Stage Works Spiky Booster launch post. Mr. Yoshiyuki Takahashi shared the latest trend in Japan. He said that most magazine in Japan now features lots of white-based color coordination. So Shiseido Professional creative team back at Tokyo Japan studied the trend and came up with COLOR ME KNOT. It is a nuance of accentuating the colors of hair and fashion styles in contrast with blank canvas of white. But this White in 2014 Spring/Summer will be powerful, futuristic, sharp, mysterious and goes well with everything. However it will not be completely full white. So for this season, Shiseido Professional had came up with Wet & Dry, Natural & Strong and Tight & Flared hair styles that will complement the white well.

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 2

Spring/Summer 2014 Season Trends Main Style

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 3

Men’s Style: Deep Side Parts and Wet-Look To Express Male Sensuality

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 4



Men’s fashion will have a bold presence for this Spring/Summer 2014 but with a tinge of playfulness and relaxation.

As you can see, the hairstyles will be square and off-the face type, combined with deep side-parts that will emphasizes on masculinity, combined with rough, unruly sense of movement and a wet feel just like freshly towel-dried hair.

This slightly laid back hairstyles on male sensuality will goes well with the fashion trend of formal wear that is worn slightly dishevelled for a pop-like sensation.





Ladies’ Style: Nuanced Styling That Plays With Texture and Shape

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 5



The focus for the ladies on the other hand will be on “bold” white, together with powerful fashion styles while highlighting the contrast between light material textures and voluminous silhouettes. Just like the men’s style, this hair trend is also squarish.

This hairstyle add playfulness to the texture and shape, giving it a natural styling finish. While it may seems unworkable or natural, the most important key point is the clean appearance.

As for the makeup, the main trend is natural-looking makeup, focusing on the skin and add a bit of color accents around the eyes.




Spring/Summer 2014 Hairstyles Using Shiseido Professional Stage Works Spiky Booster and Powder Shake

Spicy Loose

Loose, casual-looking hair ends with random movement add a playful impression to the style.

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 6
After towel dry, apply Bouncing Primer to the middle part of the hair. Then blow dry and apply Spiky Booster to hair ends and lightly blend into the hair to give movement to the hair bundles.


Innocent Bob

Fresh impression by adding the delicate movement of the hair to the airylook.

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 7
Lift hair bundles, apply Powder Shake inwards and rub thoroughly into the hair. Then use fingers to add airy volume to the entire hair.


Dramatic Long

Beautiful flowing waves from the top section for the sophisticated femininity look.

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 8
Apply Smoothing Primer to hair ends and blow dry. As for the front part of the hair, blow dry into the opposite direction so that it’s easier to keep the roots lifted. Then apply Powder Shake to the roots, center and hair ends. Rub thoroughly into the hair.


Edgy Wave

The uniqueness and fashionable for this hair style is the contrast created by the tight side parts and soft wave at the ends of the lifted hair.

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 9
Apply Bouncing Primer to the entire hair and blow dry. Then apply Spiky Booster to the hair while slicking down both sides tightly and lift the top section of the hair.


Spiked Curl

Movement of the random hair strands lifted from the roots casually appeals to individuality with stylish look.

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 10
Apply Spiky Booster to hair ends, slick down one side of the hair tightly and run your fingers through the other side to set the hair flow for styling. Then casually separate the hair bundles for a natural sense of unity.


High-End Side Part

An authentic look twisted with playful mind derived from the fresh look of side part, lifted hair roots and atmospheric bundles.

Shiseido Professional 2014 Spring Summer Color Me Knot 11
Apply Smoothing Primer to the entire hair from the roots to the ends after drying the hair. Then dispense some Spiky Booster on the fingertips and blend into the entire hair along the dividing line.


There you have it! Hope you enjoyed reading about the latest trend in Japan and also learnt a thing or two from the latest 2014 Spring/Summer hair trends. Both men and women’s fashion are pretty much in happy mood, featuring botanical and tropical print motifs on head-to-toe white based color coordination. These are the trend that Shiseido Professional is focusing on 🙂


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  • I like the dramatic long! I always don’t know how to make my front part of hair to have volume like that. My hair always end up being flat.

    • I like Dramatic Long too! It’s a pretty, romantic look. Your hair length is just nice :). Actually to make the front part to have volume as per the model is simple. Just like the styling step provided. The trick is to blow dry to opposite direction since I know your hair is quite full and heavy due to the length. Then you’ll need to apply volumizing product. In this case it’s the Powder Shake 😀


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