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Shiseido Professional Launched All-NEW Spiky Booster into Stage Works Range for 2014 Spring/Summer COLOR ME KNOT

For 2014 Spring/Summer seasonal trends, Shiseido Professional Malaysia recently presented their latest fashion styles, hairstyles and makeup designs as well as the NEW Shiseido Professional Stage Works Spiky Booster into their styling range. From this season, you can see the trend for both men’s and women’s fashion are characterised by happy moods as well as botanical tropical print motifs.

Shiseido Professional Color Me Knot 1
Most magazine in Japan are featuring “white” fashion and Shiseido Professional notice that, gathers all the trend information and came up with hair style trend for 2014 Spring/Summer. Head-to-toe white-based color coordination is emphasized and incorporated white into various styles.

COLOR ME KNOT is a nuance of accentuating the colors of hair and fashion styles in contrast with blank canvas of white. White is always present but it is also a color that is often overlooked. The color White represent a soft images of pure, natural and romantic. But for 2014 Spring/Summer, White will be powerful, futuristic, sharp and mysterious. For this season, Shiseido Professional came up with a few different hair styles – Wet & Dry, Natural & Strong and Tight & Flared. All these hair style is enhanced with it’s Stage Works range.

Shiseido Professional Spiky Booster and Powder Shake 1

NEW Stage Works Spiky Booster (RM60)

Spiky Booster is for creating hair styles without compromising the lightweight finishing. It takes advantage of technologies and ingredients available from Stage Works styling line to ensure high satisfactory level among the consumers. It has achieved the highest degree of hair-setting capability. The attraction of this product is it’s outstanding wearability that makes it possible to keep created hair style up all day long. Spiky Booster is mainly targeting to male users.

Stage Works Powder Shake (RM88)

Powder Shake is a revolutionary product stems from Shiseido’s advanced powder-based technology. It is developed with a special “volume-making powder” or silica, an ultra-fine powder that each particle has uneven surface that makes individual hair strands latch together. Hair is then airy, non-sticky and non-heavy.


Yoshiyuki Takahashi, Beauty Creative Team all the way from Japan was also present during the 2014 Spring/Summer hair style presentation. He shared with us the latest trend from Tokyo Japan, how Shiseido Professional came up with the latest hair style trend and hands-on demonstration dual-textured hair styles on three models.

Shiseido Professional Color Me Knot 2


Wet & Dry

Shiseido Professional Color Me Knot 3


Natural & Strong

Shiseido Professional Color Me Knot 4


Tight & Flared

Shiseido Professional Color Me Knot 5

Shiseido Professional Color Me Knot 6
Wednesday, I will share with you Shiseido Professional COLOR ME KNOT 2014 Spring/Summer Season Hair trend. This will be a more in-depth insight on the season’s main hair style trends.


Shiseido Professional Stage Works is available at all Shiseido Professional authorized salons.

+ Spiky Booster – RM60
+ Powder Shake – RM88

Shiseido Professional Malaysia Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/spf.malaysia


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