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Preview: Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact – Taking bronzing and contouring interest to another level

Ever since I discovered and got into the whole face contouring phenomena, I couldn’t just stop at one bronzer. I have since bought a few bronzer, which reminds me that I have not review them. But it’s okay. Because recently I bought myself another new bronzer. Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact is bronzer compact that I discovered from reading international beauty blogs, and it is also a bronzer that I just couldn’t get my hands on because it’s not available in Malaysia.

Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact 1
So where and how am I able to buy the Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact if it’s not available physically in Malaysia eh? The answer is through is different from iHerb. One will need to register in order to view the deals available. Each deal comes with a short duration for you to shop. What I like about MySale is that everything is listed in Ringgit Malaysia. If you’re new to MySale, you got to be very cautious with all the fine prints on the sale. Most people mislooked the part where MySale clearly stated each item “Estimated Delivery” on the item description page. Why is this important? Because MySale will take about one month (more or less) from the date of the sale ending for delivery of all orders. I ordered this Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact on the 3rd April 2014 and then MySale went quiet on the order up until 23rd April where the stock arrived their warehouse, packed on 28th April, dispatched out on 29th April and finally the parcel arrived my doorstep on 10th May 2014, which is within the estimated delivery stated of 6th May to 13th May 2014. One flaw with ordering from MySale is that the parcel is not trackable. There is a tracking page provided but all the page show is “No record is found”. So it’s kinda like living in the dark from the time I paid up until the day I received the parcel.

My Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact wasn’t bubble wrapped individually. The compact was just sent in a pre-bubble wrapped envelope. So the compact on the inside of the box was “dancing” most of the time causing scratches on the center front and back of the compact. I was literally ripping the envelope and packaging off to check if there is any crack with the powder pan on the inside. Thank goodness the powder is in superb condition otherwise this post may not even exist 😀

Just look at the beautiful inner embossed details underneath the amber plastic casing. That design is also the same design for the powder pan. The compact is larger than average compact powder, which is quite normal for a bronzer apparently.

Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact 2
Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact is designed to set the tone for glowing summer skin with “three sheer, sun-drenched powders in one chic compact”. When it comes to bronzing and contouring I would choose a matte bronzer as that’s the best to use to achieve a dimensional face shape. Shimmery bronzer won’t cut it for me especially that I am with oily skin. Eventhough so, the very center of the bronzer is with slight golden shimmery to add some look of sunshine to the skin. I believe the shimmer is very very subtle. So I’m not worried about that. When all three shades of softening brown and terracotta powder is swirled together, the innovative, dual-complex formula creates a flawless look of sun-kissed skin. As of now I have not swatch or use the bronzer yet so I can’t give you my first impression review on it. All I can say is, for some reason the bronzer smells good!

Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact 3
I’m not going to lie telling you I hunt for this solely because I want a bronzer from Clarins. I have never thought of getting a bronzer from Clarins. Clarins in Malaysia is not well-known for their makeup line, what more a bronzer. The very main reason why I bought this is mainly due to it’s unique design. I find the design to resemble some ancient wall drawing that leads to a secret wall on the underground to a massive treasure hunt place 😀 . Ahh well, the embossed design is actually South American inspired motif. Very close to what I thought it is.

Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact 4

Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact 5
I’m sorry that you might not be able to get this Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact anymore as it is Limited Edition, however you can try to hunt it down from other online store? I believe someone or somewhere will still have this bronzer for sale. Try Strawberry.NET or maybe if you must. Otherwise I would suggest you to get a bronzer from Guerlain instead. Guerlain too make absolutely gorgeous bronzer compact. If all fails, Physicians Formula bronzer received the most best reviews from countless international beauty blogs. iHerb is currently giving extra 20% discount during check out on the entire selection of Physicians Formula until next Wednesday 😀

Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact 6


Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact was bought from an online deal site. It is not available anymore at this point of time. The deal may or may not reappear again. Sometimes MySale do bring back certain deal.

Price: RM135, shipping fee of RM30 is charged separately.

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  • Stunning! How on earth are you going to use it? It is just too pretty to even swatch it.

    • I just have to I guess 😀 . But before that I’m gonna stare at it for a month LOL

  • You gave me the urge to hunt for this. The golden center wouldn’t make a huge difference i.e. give you a shiny face. Could you let me know if you happen to see this anywhere else?

    • I just found two online store located in Australia earlier Kristin!! 🙂 There’s a high chance you will be able to buy this like right now 😛
      Yea, I too think the shimmery center won’t make any difference.

  • I’m drooling over this!!! I won’t ask you for a swatch because I just saw Temptalia’s 😀
    Nonetheless I’m excited to read your review. I love how simple is your contouring method. It suits us Asian especially.

    • LOL. Thank you for googling first yay! 😉
      I think if I do real contouring here, people would stare at me hehe. So I simplified it 🙂

  • Pretty motif! I will look at it for a long long time and I guess after that long long time, I will still look at it only, wouldn’t bear to use it! Too stunning!

    • I know right? I called it a “to die for” bronzer haha!! Nowadays I just break into my new makeup stuff without any hesitation. This one? I’ll probably stare at it for some time first. I know the motif will be gone in no time.

      • Yes exactly! I’m very weak in front of pretty stuffs like this and I’m really glad that this is unavailable in Malaysia! Or else I might make another impulse buy haha.

        • Hahaha now this bronzer reappear back in MySale 😛
          Actually not many people will use bronzer and also not many people are into contouring their face. This is not necessity 😀

          • Agree with you. Not many Malaysians are doing contouring hehe~

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