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Beauty News: Dr. Brandt introduces two new anti-aging range (Part 1) – Do Not Age, universal range to correct, reshape, lift and firm

If I can name one brand that always came up with the most intriguing name for their new product range, that would be Dr. Brandt. You’ll about to find out why in two separate post 🙂

Just two days ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and being introduced to two new anti-aging range. In today’s Part One Beauty News, I’m going to walk you through Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt, an universal anti-aging range to correct, reshape, lift and firm aging skin. Raise your hands up if you DO NOT want to AGE 😀 . P/S: Did you notice that it also stands for DNA?

Dr. Brandt. Do Not Age Range
Let’s start with an introduction of who exactly is Dr. Brandt. Dr. Fredric Brandt is world renowned celebrity dermatologist that has designed and formulated innovation skin care products based on his experience with his celebrity clients. To see him for a consultation, you will need to make an appointment which could lead up to months of waiting. So he wanted to bring the extension of what he had created for his clients to consumers who didn’t have the opportunity to meet him. These skin care range that Dr. Brandt had come up with so far are all high-performance, targeted treatments without the need for a prescription. He developed all his technologically advanced line of professional products at his prominent research institute and it is the result of a combination of years of scientific knowledge and clinical expertise with active botanicals for exceptional skin care that helps to maintain radiant, healthy, age-less looking skin.

For Do Not Age range, Dr. Brandt offers an impressive 30 years of skin-changing science to create the antidote by cracking the code of skin aging. The range uses patented DuoPearl™ technology that works by unlocking a powerful Juvenessence®+ Complex. This ingredient restrains the domino effect of cellular skin aging but giving back youth and harmony to the face.


Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt Transforming Pearl Serum (RM499 / 40ml)

I was lucky to be the first to finish the mini crossword puzzle game at the event and I won myself a bottle of this! Now, I’m not usually a sport when it comes to games participation at event because I never have any luck with it but don’t know why the words just popped out right in front of my eyes. Mucho gracias to the organizer!

According to Madonna, she said “I love how tight my face feels after applying more than I probably should”. Yeap. She’s a fan and loyal client of Dr. Brandt. Transforming Pearl Serum is formulated to jump-start the skin’s metabolism and to restore strength as well as vitality. As most anti-aging product, this serum also promote and maintain younger looking skin but the focus point of Do Not Age range is, it prolonged it.

Dr. Brandt. Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum
The serum features Dr. Brandt’s exclusive Juvenessence®+ Complex that is encapsulated in DuoPearl technology. This technology is the result after taking five years of research and it is now with six patents. It’s a tedious and complex process as the pearls are produced one by one, combining lipo + hydrophases for maximum ingredient efficacy as well as preservation. These are the ingredients to unlock Juvenessence®+ Complex to reserve domino effect of cellular skin aging.

Just in case you’re wondering, the pearls doesn’t dispense out pearl by pearl despite suspending in a clear gel which are the active ingredients. In fact the pearl burst with each application. You will get an even dose of ingredients each pump.

Here’s the Before and After.

In a nutshell, Transforming Pearl Serum optimizes cell respiration, jump starts skin metabolism, erases the signs of skin aging and minimizes roughness and wrinkles.

Dr. Brandt. Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum Before and After


Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt Time Reversing Cream (RM339 / 50g)

As the name suggest, Time Reversing Cream is able to reset the clock and recover skin’s youth by it’s nourishing, sculpting and firming cream. The cream is infused with energetic blend of essential oils, formulated with Juvenessence®+ Complex to help restore skin’s architecture while addressing and reversing sagging skin, loss of volume, elasticity, density and wrinkles. Babassu Oil is one of the hydrating ingredient in the cream that provide ultimate sensorial experience, probably due to it’s aromatic scent…a therapeutic aromatherapy scent which I absolutely love. The cream is able to melts at skin temperature to deeply moisturize while delivering the power of Juvenessence®+ Complex.

Dr. Brandt. Do Not Age Time Reversing Cream
In a nutshell, Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt Time Reversing Cream fuels your skin daily with vital energy, jump starts skin’s metabolism, help to restore skin’s architecture, water reserves, elasticity and density as well as to correct and reduces skin sagging and loss of volume and wrinkles.

At the event, I learnt that most people bought a particular skin care products due to the claim but finds it not as efficacy as what was claimed. The reason is wrong application method. Dr. Brandt came up with an exclusive application method for all the product in this range. The below diagram is how you should apply your cream product.

Dr. Brandt. Do Not Age Time Reversing Cream Application Method2
Here is the Before and After using both Transforming Pearl Serum + Time Reversing Cream.

Dr. Brandt. Do Not Age Time Reversing Cream Before and After2


Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt Triple Peptide Eye Cream (RM339 / 15g)

This Dr. Brandt’s exclusive triple peptide complex is an ultra-rich formula cream that glides on the eye area with a mission to rejuvenate, illuminate and reverse signs of time. It helps to repair damaged skin, restore and replenish the loss of moisture thus diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing puffiness and fading dark circles. So yes, this is one product with triple benefits. Instead of buying just one eye cream specifically for one concern, you can now have one cream for three concerns! As a result, eye looked recharged and well-rested.

Dr. Brandt. Do Not Age Triple Peptide Eye Cream
Here’s the exclusive application method diagram for Triple Peptide Eye Cream.

Dr. Brandt. Do Not Age Triple Peptide Eye Cream Application Method


Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt Firming Neck Cream (RM250 / 50g)

Do you agree that there is hardly any neck cream available to choose from? As far as I know I’ve only bought and tried one brand. Dr. Brandt believes that one shouldn’t just stop at the face but continues to the neck and décolleté as well. This universal anti-aging neck cream is powered by advanced delivery system – the platinum peptide technology, which works like the skin’s own GPS. Yes, you heard me right. The GPS! How? By directly delivering potent active ingredients to targeted problem areas in order to repair and restore skin’s structure.

Dr. Brandt. Do Not Age Firming Neck Cream
In a nutshell, Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt Firming Neck Cream provides and sustain superior hydration, helps to firm and tighten, regain elasticity and density as well as to provide a smoother, silkier and more lifted appearance of the neck and décolleté area.

Here’s the correct way of applying Firming Neck Cream using Dr. Brandt’s exclusive application method.

Dr. Brandt. Do Not Age Firming Neck Cream Application Method


Overall, Dr. Brandt skin care range does not contain artificial fragrance therefore most of the products smells natural and organic to me. As for this range, only Time Reversing Cream contain Babassu Oil that gives a sensorial, therapeutic aromatherapy experience. I like that the range is simple, with only four targeted products within the range. I was particularly attracted to three out of four products – Transforming Pearl Serum because of the suspending pearls in the bottle, Time Reversing Cream that’s of course comes with an intriguing name that one at my age couldn’t resist and let’s not forgetting the Firming Neck Cream, which is a rare find.

Of all four products in Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt range, which one would you want to try the most? I need to finish my current neck cream and get this one 😀


Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt is available at the following locations:-
– Dr. Brandt The Gardens
– KENS Bangsar Shopping Centre
– KENS Apothecary One Utama Shopping Centre
– KENS Apothecary Bangsar Village II
– All Sephora store nationwide

+ Transforming Pearl Serum 40ml – RM499
+ Time Reversing Cream 50g – RM429
+ Triple Peptide Eye Cream 15g – RM339
+ Firming Neck Cream 50g – RM250

Visit http://www.drbrandtskincare.com / http://www.kensapothecary.com.my for more information.


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  • Hope you can review the serum^^. I’m eyeing on neck cream too. I couldn’t find any neck cream at all. I just use my normal face cream as neck cream.

    • I’ll try. Still figuring out which part of my face to benchmark LOL. Maybe laugh line? But I like laugh line! Hehe.
      You can use normal anti-aging cream as neck cream but a proper neck cream is the best as it’s specially designed to work with the skin texture of our neck 😀 . I have deep lines on my neck from looking down onto computers during my younger days.

  • Wow! No need surgery at all after this! But you need a lot of commitment to use this products everyday and follow the instruction of using it.

    • Hehe no la my dear. Those steps are just recommended only. Feel free to use your own application method 😀


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