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Beauty News: Dr. Brandt introduces two new anti-aging range (Part 2) – Xtend Your Youth, a dynamic shield for anti-aging, anti-oxidant and anti-stress

As I mentioned two days ago, I sat down with Dr. Brandt earlier this week on two new anti-aging skin care range namely Do Not Age (DNA) and Xtend Your Youth (XYY). All the info on Do Not Age range is at this link. Check that out if you’ve missed it. Today’s post would be on Xtend Your Youth, which is the last instalment of the two series of introduction.

Dr. Brandt Xtend Your Youth Range
Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt consists of four products within the range, which I thought was superb as I do like simplicity and how it’s easy to use. If you have the same thinking as I do, you will like Xtend Your Youth range as well as it consists of three products. Xtend Your Youth or in short XYY doesn’t just stands for the range’s name itself but the range is also designed for Generation-X and Generation-Y. That’s me and all of you sweet young girls LOL! Haven’t I told you Dr. Brandt always came up with intriguing name for their range of products? 😀

Xtend Your Youth range is a range targeted for the 3-big “anti” – anti-aging, anti-oxidant and anti-stress. What exposed skin to premature skin aging? The answer to that would be stress and environmental aggressors. What XYY range do is it “deploys” a dynamic shield, Dr. Brandt’s A3 power, boosted with antioxidant, moisturizing properties and anti-stress ingredients that will ensure active and long-lasting protection for the skin all day long.


Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water (RM139 / 200ml)

We all know how micellar water has taken the cleansing routine by storm recent years. Dual Fusion Water is an antioxidant-packed makeup remover as well as a cleansing water for eyes and face. It is scentless but works effectively in gently removing all impurities and makeup, including waterproof formulas by trapping oil and other residue in micelles (means tiny molecules). Dual Fusion Water formula is designed to stay away from disturbing the skin’s pH balance. Plus it protects the skin from inflammation caused by environmental stressors and inhibit bacterial reactions. That’s not all. You may also like to know that this will also support the skin’s natural defence system against free radicals and external aggressors.

Dr. Brandt Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water
It has passed Ophthalmologist tests and completely safe even on sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearer.

Dr. Brandt’s A3 power

Dr. Brandt Xtend Your Youth Range A3 Power Formula


Xtend Your Youth Face Cream (RM229 / 50g)

Face Cream on the other hand is an enriched anti-oxidant moisturizer to provide the skin with 12 hours of protection against all the harmful external aggressors and most importantly, free radicals. As a result, the skin’s healthy, luminous and youthful complexion is revealed. Just like Dual Fusion Water, Face Cream is also formulated with Dr. Brandt’s A3 power. If you’ve seen the formula diagram above, Dr. Brandt’s A3 power is a type of dynamic shield that are boosted with ingredients for anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-stress. After a persistent use, skin is rebooted with hydrated and a lot more smoother, softer and more resistant to signs of aging.

Dr. Brandt Xtend Your Youth Face Cream
In a nutshell, Xtend Your Youth Face Cream smoothes fine lines, repairs first signs of aging, soothes and protects skin from oxidative stress and inflammation as well as to provide prevention for premature skin aging due to stress and environmental aggressors.


Xtend Your Youth Eye Cream (RM159 / 15g)

This eye cream is an anti-oxidant eye cream to protect, hydrates and smoothes eye area by providing a 12 hours of protection agains free radicals. Besides protecting the eye area, Eye Cream also works best in smoothing all the fine lines by moisturizing the area. All these are made possible with Dr. Brandt’s A3 power formula, a dynamic shield that is pre-boosted with ingredients for anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-stress. Xtend Your Youth Eye Cream is paraben-free and fragrance-free. With consistent usage of Eye Cream, eye looked more fresher, well-rested and youthful. Eye area is definitely more resistant towards any signs of aging.

Dr. Brandt Xtend Your Youth Eye Cream
In a nutshell, Xtend Your Youth Eye Cream smoothes fine lines and wrinkles under eye area, prevent early signs of aging around eye contour area, protects against free radicals and from any external aggressors, hydrates, reinforced skin’s natural moisture barrier and properly moisturizes upper skin layers.


I learnt that you can use Face Cream as weekly treatment mask as well. The trick here is to apply an even but thick layer on the face and leave it on until it’s absorbed, then wipe off the excess. This SOS treatment mask method is especially useful when you need the last minute boost of hydration for the skin, for example right before going to an event or on a plane. Treat  XYY as your youth lifeguard.

What do you think about this range, Xtend Your Youth? Would you prefer Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt or this?


Dr. Brandt Xtend Your Youth is available at the following locations:-
– Dr. Brandt The Gardens
– KENS Bangsar Shopping Centre
– KENS Apothecary One Utama Shopping Centre
– KENS Apothecary Bangsar Village II
– All Sephora store nationwide

+ Dual Fusion Water 200ml – RM139
+ Face Cream 50g – RM229
+ Eye Cream 15g – RM159

Visit http://www.drbrandtskincare.com / http://www.kensapothecary.com.my for more information.


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  • You’re right^^. The name makes you want to buy it^^
    No serum? Or we can use other serum together with the Face Cream?

    • Nope, this range doesn’t come with a serum. You can use Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum with the Face Cream. I believe the result is even more superb.


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