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JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover: A quick, easy and convenient way in removing eye makeup

In my quest of searching for the best, fastest and most convenient eye makeup remover, I often stumble upon YouTubers talking about eye makeup remover pads and how it worked so well on them. One particular brand that was highly talk about is Almay, which unfortunately none of the online store ship to Malaysia except for MySale.my. I don’t think I have the will in me to wait for one and a half month though.

iHerb is a place that I often turned to for my “international brand” fix. Although iHerb does not carry Almay products but I managed to find something equally good, if not better. There are two brands available in iHerb carrying eye makeup remover pads. I chose JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover because the other brand kept receiving comments about the pads being a bit dry.

Jason Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover
I received JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover not too long ago. It came without any box and worse, without any proper wrapping around it. I also couldn’t find any manufacturing date or expiry date printed on the jar. I must say, it is worrying to me not being able to tell if someone had open the jar before and if the product is still good to use. I believe they are but there wasn’t any hard evidence to back it up.

The reason why I wanted to get pre-moistened eye makeup remover pads is because sometimes I find myself too tired to do the whole routine of shaking the bi-phase eye makeup remover bottle, pour it in the form of a line, place it on my eyes and wait for one minute. Worse is when I needed to repeat the process 4-times. With pre-moistened eye makeup remover pads, all I need to do is to place it on my eyes and that’s it! *do the happy dance*. What I like about JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover is that the product is packaged in a jar, which will prevent the pads from drying out and it’s more convenient too. Each jar comes with 75 pre-moistened pads.

Jason Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover Pre-Moistened Pads
I was pleasantly surprised that the pads are not the usual cotton pads that we used at home. If I can be more precise, I think these are more like cloth than pads. The rounds are not huge and definitely not thick at all. It took me a good few usage to get myself used to the smaller size and the thickness. Although these pads are pre-moistened, do not expect the jar or the whole lot of pads to be soaking wet. It is not. The amount of remover solution on each pad is just nice without any dripping and greasiness to touch. Therefore rinsing is not required. It contain moisturizing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and refreshing Cucumber to condition and hydrate. Pretty cool concept I would say. What’s even more cool is that this is actually meant for the eyes and face. I just happen to think the pads are more suitable for the eyes than the face due to the size.

Jason Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover Pad v2
Like I said earlier, the pads are more like cloth so it is only able to stretch just a tiny bit. Just a note although I don’t find a need to stretch the pad at all. What I like about this type of material is that there is no shedding comparing to normal cotton pad. The only downside is you don’t feel the cushion-like sensation that normal cotton pad gives. I wouldn’t mind all that for the sake of convenient lol.

Jason Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover Stretch Test
I bought this with a sole intention of using it to remove my eye makeup so I’m only going to review it based on what I bought it for. I’ve tested JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover on some of my toughest and stubborn eye makeup and guess what? Nothing that the pre-moistened pads can’t remove. Everything came off on 2nd removal. I used one pad on each eye. I find that using one pad for both eyes is a bit unhygienic and inefficient. I remove my eye makeup by using the far corner from the top to bottom. Usually I like to repeat twice “place-wiggle-sweep” on each eye and use the rest of the pad for eyeshadow, eyebrow and removing any residue left from the mascara and eyeliner.

That’s the fun and easy part. Here comes the downside of JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover. After the first use, I find bits and pieces of my eyelash on the pad. It’s quite normal to lose one or two eyelash in the process but I notice my eyelashes was broken. The next day when I put on mascara, I can see that my right eyelash (which is already pathetically short and sparse) is somehow shorter on certain parts. That could only means it was broken during the removal process. I can only conclude that the remover solution is somewhat too strong for my fine lashes. Having said that, I still continue to use it because I do like that it’s super convenient for me but I make sure I’m extra gently and do not rush with the process. On a happy note, I don’t see any broken lashes anymore.

Jason Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover After Using
Here is the list of ingredients. It is fragrance-free but do take note that it contain a small amount of alcohol and benzyl alcohol. I must also warn you that this sting the eye just a little bit. I had the shock of my life on my first use and I eventually gotten used to it 😀 . It also contain a few certified organic ingredients. Its Paraben-free, SLS-free and Phthalates-free 😀

Jason Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover Ingredients
I really do wish I can find pre-moistened eye makeup remover pads here in Malaysia. I know Simple in the US had one that comes in a pack. Almay’s is definitely on my to-try list. Does anyone know any place here selling eye makeup remover pads? I could have missed it and I’d love to know!

What do you think about pre-moistened eye makeup remover pads? Are you willing to try or would you prefer to stick with the good ol’ remover?


JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover is available at iHerb.com
Online Store: http://www.iherb.com/
Price: USD$6.67


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • HI Fiona,

    Looks good, might try it when i buy from Iherb again. Anyway, simple make-up remover wipes is available here in packs of 25. Its about 15 /17 (can’t remember the price) here without discount. You can get it as low as 12-13 on discount which i normally do.

    • Hi Verona, yes it does it’s job well 🙂 . I’ve tried searching for Simple eye makeup remover pads but there was none here. Where did you see it?

  • The simple ones are not specific to eye makeup though. They call them makeup remover wipes. Can find them anywhere from guardian, watson and other pharmacies. Nivea has wipes too.

    • Yes I know what makeup remover wipes are and that it’s not specifically for the eyes. You must have thought I’ve gone cray cray saying there wasn’t Simple makeup remover wipes in Malaysia hehehe. I mentioned in the US they have one specifically for the eye i.e. Simple Kind To Eyes Makeup Remover Pads (http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod5110039). I’m looking for one that’s specifically for the eye makeup as my mascara is highly durable.

  • Pre-moistened eye makeup remover pads, I want them too!! I really wish we have them here, specifically for eyes. I have been using wipes all the time and also Bifesta cleansing water because I can handle these two not to sting my eyes. It would be very nice to try something new, hehe 😀 this one from Jason looks interesting.

    • It’s kinda organic in a way and best is it’s animal cruelty-free! I only use wipes on the face when I’m feeling lazy. I don’t do it too often though. I’ve gone through 5 bottles of Bifesta at least. It doesn’t remove my waterproof mascara completely. Sometimes I go Watsons and buy because I kept on forgetting that I’ve tried it LOL.
      This Jason’s one stings the eye a bit. I just don’t place it too near my eyes and it solved the problem. Next time I’m ordering from iHerb again I’ll let you know 😉

  • Hmm yawoh. I also use Simple wipes when I was extremely lazy. But I hardly makeup.
    hehe thanks for the post. If you managed to find a better eye wipes. Must blog ohh!
    all good things must be shared! lol.

    • Lol Maggie 😛
      I’m going to source for more eye makeup remover wipes. MySale.my shipping is too expensive for wipes aiiiii

      • Haha yawoh. unless u bought alot to average the postage. Or go for 2nd purchase with cheaper postage. That’s wat I normally do when I use Mysale.my.

        • The problem is…I don’t have so many brands to purchase. Like BH Cosmetics appeared last month and Almay is not LOL. Otherwise I can buy both. I don’t like the one hour window for 2nd purchase.

  • I have Almay’s and I can’t use them because they sting my eyes. The tub is almost full so you’re welcome to them! I think I’ve used 4 pads. The broken eyelashes on this is a bit freaky man. But like you, I go for convenience some nights as well!

    • I heard the oil-free version doesn’t sting comparing to the normal version. But I seriously do think these wipes still sting the eyes. Ohhh I want! Sell to me 😀
      It’s time for me to get The Face Shop eyelash serums for the broken lashes hehe.

      • Sell to you? You must be joking! It’s all yours! At least someone will use it and it won’t just lie there. I tried Talika (haven’t written the review yet), and it worked wonders! Definitely worth a shot.

        • Haha thanks babe! I’ve heard a lot about Talika. It’s something like MUFE Sens’Eyes 🙂

  • I’m putting this in my iHerb shopping cart ^^

    • Hope you’ll like it too! 😀


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