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Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches: Temporary solution to reducing under eye fine lines and wrinkles

I’m in a state where I’m obsessed with a few beauty products at the moment. You will see the pattern in the next coming reviews but let me just start with one obsession today – under eye treatment.

Although I don’t have signs of aging on my face *touch wood*, I do have ONE that has been bothering me for years. That is the nasty long fine lines on my under eye. I just hate it when no eye cream can keep my under eye properly hydrated to minimize fine lines appearance and I absolutely hate it when my powder and concealer crease on the fine lines. So I thought of a solution to use under eye treatment mask every morning before makeup. I’m testing out a few different eye mask at the moment. My current favourite (as of today, can’t say about tomorrow) is Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches.

Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches
When it comes to under eye mask treatment, I am willing to go all the way. I don’t mind spending a bit as long as it works. I tried searching in Sephora but to no avail. One place I knew that would have under eye mask is Watsons. I was right. The varieties of under eye mask there is amazing. I settled with Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches in the end because (1) Purederm is one of my favourite brand, (2) it’s cheaper, (3) I haven’t heard of the rest before and (4) it has “best selling anti-wrinkle patch” printed on. Yeah I know…I fell for claims on the box LOL.

One box of Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches is retailing for RM19.90 for a box of 12 patches. That’s six treatments for a box. I got it for RM16.90 after 15% discount. Not bad for “best selling anti-wrinkle patch” eh? 😀 . Each treatment (2 patches) is packaged and sealed separately for hygiene purposes and to preserve the cooling effect that the mask has.

Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches Sachets
What I like about Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches is the gel patches. It’s not completely gel but I would say it’s a half gel patch. On the top part of the patch is something like a cotton and on the bottom part is the cooling gel. The left and right outer corner are the same size. So there is no such thing as left eye patch or right eye patch, which is what I like too. The size is considerably large with superb adhesive on the bottom.

Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches Patch Closeup
I prefer to have the gel patches on in the morning, while having coffee in front of my computer, right before putting on makeup. It is recommended to apply the patches on for 30 minutes for minimum three times a week for the first week and then once or twice a week from second week onwards. It is also suitable to apply the patches on overnight for at least six hours but I don’t do that. It’s just too uncomfortable.

I like to apply the patches very close to the rim of my under eyelash as my fine lines are more severe on the top and inner corner. Like I said before, the adhesive is superb that the gel patches stuck on without any budging. As it is part cotton part gel, do expect the patches to be thicker than other gel eye mask and because of this, it’s also stiffer and if you apply the patches as close to the eyes as I do, your eyes will feel extremely uncomfortable and it causes minor redness to my eyes for the first 10 minutes. I have to wait 30 minutes for the redness to subside for this photo.

When I remove the gel patches from it’s sealed packaging, I can already feel the cooling effect on my fingers. Once it’s on my under eye, it is so relaxing and cooling at the same time albeit the discomfort. The cooling lasted throughout the whole 30 minutes duration when I had the patches on 🙂

Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches on Face
Here is the Before and After. Do note the difference in natural sunlight as I have no control over the weather. The immediate result is absolutely amazing but it doesn’t last long. It is not permanent. The fine lines appearance were reduced if I had the treatment. The next day if I don’t, the fine lines is still there. I think because of the adhesive that the patches wasn’t moving on the skin, add that with the cooling effect and this is what you get. It is a bit red on the inner corner of my eyes because like I said earlier, it is uncomfortable having the patches so close to the eyes. Nonetheless I was pleased with the result.

Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches Before and After
Here is the ingredient lists.

Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches Ingredients
Overall, I do think this is one of the best anti-wrinkle gel patches I’ve ever used although the result is not long lasting. I have used numerous gel patches before and they are just not the same as Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches. Somehow or rather, the half cotton half gel works better than a full gel patches in terms of the adhesive on the skin, the long lasting cooling effect and the effectiveness. I would definitely repurchase this again on my next trip to Watsons. The company also carry other under eye patches too if you’re interested.


Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches is available at all Watsons outlet nationwide.

Price: RM19.90 for 12 patches (6 treatments).

For more information on Purederm, please visit http://www.adwin.co.kr/ or Purederm Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PuredermMy


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • So affordable! I like!
    I don’t usually try eye gel patches. Tried a few from previous beautybox. Since the price is so affordable, I might consider using it as I don’t apply eye cream.

    • Cause you don’t need hehe. I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes…a lot. I would be happy if eye cream can help. But sigh.

      • I see two fine lines disappear from your ‘after’ photo!!! I need it as well cause I have fine lines like yours too! haha

        • Hehe yes!! This is an unsung hero product. It’s quite good. Only need to keep using to prolong the effect.

  • Gosh. It does works! Those lines are gone. If only it’s long lasting result^^

    • Yes it works. It will be much better if used daily 😉


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