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Beauty News: Goodal, new natural ingredients skin care brand from Korea is now in Malaysia

Goodal, a combination of ‘Good’ and ‘All’ is a Korea skin care brand that promises to provide it’s consumer with only all the good things for human being was officially launched more than a week ago and it will be exclusively available at Watsons stores nationwide as well as online. Goodal range of skincare products are made with natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin type.

Goodal 1

What is so interesting about Goodal is the fact that it is the first skincare with oil ingredients that are extracted from seven types of natural seeds through a new and advance patented seed fermentation process so the products will provide much better results in deep moisturizing, firming as well as brightening.

Goodal range of products is divided into two main range with four lines of products. It might be a little confusing so bear with me :D


PHYTO Line – Phyto Power or Energy (energy from wild plants)

The Phyto Line is mainly a basic skin care line that uses wild plants in its production utilising all natural ingredients without any chemicals. This line is in a lighter texture therefore it is suitable for daily use on all skin types as it doesn’t give irritation to the skin.

Goodal 2


Phytowash™ Cleansing Range

  • Goodal Phytowash Yerba mate Cleansing Foam 150ml – RM43.90
  • Goodal Phytowash Yerba mate Bubble Peeling 50ml – RM65.90

Goodal 4

Goodal 3
The Phyto Line is divided into two range:

Phytotrain™ Moisture Care Range

  • Phytorain Murumuru seed Hydra Toner 130ml – RM59.90
  • Phytorain Murumuru seed Hydra Emulsion 130ml – RM59.90
  • Phytorain Murumuru seed Hydra Serum 45ml – RM65.90
  • Phytorain Murumuru seed Hydra Gel Cream 50ml – RM69.90

Goodal 6


Phytoshine™ Brightening Care Range

  • Phytoshine Acaiberry Brightening Toner 130ml – RM65.90
  • Phytoshine Acaiberry Brightening Emulsion 130ml – RM65.90
  • Phytoshine Acaiberry Brightening Cream 50ml – RM75.90

Goodal 5


Fermented Phyto Line (intensive nutrition from natural fermented oils)

The Fermented Phyto line is mainly a functional skin care line that act as a booster or treatment on top of the basic skin care line. It is a skin care range that is developed from a new fermenting technology that extracts the fermented oils from seven types of natural seeds. This method makes the oil water soluble therefore the penetration rate to the skin is highly effective. Since it is water soluble consistency, the product is non-greasy and leaves the skin feeling clean, moisturised and fresh.

Goodal 7


Plus Line Super Seed Range

  • Super seed oil plus Skin Mist 148ml – RM79.90
  • Silky plus Soothing Gel cream 50ml – RM129.90

Goodal 8

Goodal 9

Goodal 10


Mask Pack Line

Mask Pack Line is divided into two range – Mask and Sleeping Mask.

  • Wash up Deep Clean pore Glacial Clay 100ml – RM59.90
  • Goodbye Yesterday Peel-off pack 80ml – RM55.90
  • Want night Sleep Moisture Cream Pack 80ml – RM65.90
  • Want night Sleep Moisture Cream Pack Mini 10ml – RM8.90
  • Want night Sleep Brightening Cream Pack 80ml – RM65.90
  • Want night Sleep Brightening Cream Pack Mini 10ml – RM8.90
  • Want night Sleep Anti-wrinkle Cream Pack 80ml – RM65.90
  • Want night Sleep Anti-wrinkle Cream Pack Mini 10ml – RM8.90

Goodal 11

Goodal 12

Goodal Malaysia launch officiated by Director of In2face Sdn Bhd – Ms Jace Tan, Korean Makeup Artist also Chief Instructor of Clio Cosmetic – Ms Song Yeon-bi and General Manager-Trading, Watson’s Personal Care Stores – Ms Caryn Loh

Goodal 13

Product introduction and demo by Korean Makeup Artist also Chief Instructor of Clio Cosmetic – Ms Song Yeon-bi


Goodal is exclusively available at 80 Watsons stores nationwide and on
Online Store:
Please visit Goodal Malaysia Facebook page for more info as well.


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  1. Yay! Another brand to try and easily available from our drugstore. By the way I love Miss Jace’s hair curls. Lovely and so diva lol. Watsons has been doing us good. They have brought various brands like Naruko and Bourjouis. Thanks for sharing. We are indeed lucky and pampered with lotsa goodness this year with all the drugstores goodies. I’m even more motivated now to quickly finish up my stash to try other brands and products!

    • The Oil Plus Skin Mist is interesting. It is a Toner + Serum + Oil in one :) . Good for us the consumer that our drugstore now is getting better and better. I like that different store company carry different brand.

  2. Goodal? Sounds good to me. Pricing is fair too.

    I’ll look out for it at Watsons. I am in love with Korean/ Japanese products.

    • Must try their Goodal Phytowash Yerba mate Bubble Peeling :D . If you’re into beauty oil then you would love Super seed oil plus Skin Mist. It comes in a spray form. Too bad I only get the deluxe sample with no mist nozzle :(

  3. I cannot resist Korean skin care that is affordable and easy to get =). I will try your recommendation product.

  4. I’ve been suffering from pigmentation for the past two plus years now. Been doing my own research and looking out for products. It is during my research that I realized that the darkening of my face was due to dryness and that caused pigmentation. Tried a few products these past one plus years without much results and my face seem to be getting darker and fairer with uneven skin tone. Though desperate for a solution, I didn’t want to go extreme in creams in fear of chemicals n their effects.

    During my Christmas break in Ipoh, I came across Goodal products at the Watson’s cashier counter which caught my attention. I told myself, I’m gonna give it a try since it is made of natural ingredients. It’s been three weeks now since I’ve been using, Goodal Phytoshine Brighten Complexion. I notice some changes on my face pigmentation. I’m definitely going to continue the product and gonna buy the other two products to go with it. I’m glad it will help me get back my normal skin tone back and am goin to recommend it to my brother who also having the same problem as me. I am glad of the availability of this product in watsons, that makes our life easier to purchase. Thank you for the product.

    • Hi Kelly,

      You are right. The formation of pigmentation on the face is due to dryness. Another reason behind this is that the pigmentation has already form a few layers underneath the skin so slowly bit by bit the pigmentation surface out. I’m so happy to hear that Goodal products helps you with your uneven skin tone and pigmentation. It is also affordable and easy to access :D

      Thank you for sharing with us your experience! Wishing you beautiful, healthy skin ahead!

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