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Eliminating Forehead Wrinkles with BOTOX at Renée Clinic

I have been dying to tell you about this for the longest time. But I needed to wait for a full two weeks in order for the Botox to work. Botox is not a taboo. I have no problem telling people that I had botox on my forehead. For years I’ve been wanting to get Botox for my forehead wrinkles. I remember telling a friend a few years ago that I’ve been thinking to get Botox for the ugly wrinkles on my forehead and this friend of mine suggested that I tried facial or skin care to solve the issue. None of them works. It has been a few years now and the older I get, the slower the lines smooth out day by day.

Last week I posted up a review on Sublime Skin Contouring treatment at Renée Clinic. If you haven’t check it out, do click on the link earlier. But that’s not the main reason why I was there. I was at Renée Clinic to get Botox on my forehead. Yeap! I finally did it.

Renee Clinic Botox 1

Botulinum Toxin A Treatment

Botulinum Toxin A or BTA in short is a purified protein derived from Bacteria culture. This type of protein has a 60-year long history in aesthetic medicine. It is widely used to relax active muscles that causes wrinkles on the face (around the forehead, frown lines, crow feet lines, bunny lines, peri-orbital, peri-oral and platysma band. It can also be used to treat sweaty palms, smelly armpits, large and oily pores) as well as body. With more than 7 million people have used it to date, it is one of the most effective and rewarding treatment in reversing the sign of ageing. Although BTA is mainly used to relaxe muscles, it can also be used to achieve V-shape face, face-lift and brow-lift as well. The two internationally recognized and FDA approved Botulinum Toxin A (BTA) brands are BOTOX and DYSPORT. It has been proven to last 6 – 8 months per injection.


Why is forehead wrinkles bothering me?

I was blessed with oily skin. No doubt oily skin can be annoying at times as I look like oil slick half a day and spent half a day blotting the excess oil off. The pros of having an oily skin is that I don’t have fine lines and wrinkles or at least having lesser fine lines appearance comparing to dry skin. I do have fine lines on the under eyes due to a long time bad habit of rubbing my eyes. The skin on my forehead is somehow thicker and harder. Add that with the fact that I am someone with lots of facial expression, I can easily wrinkle up my forehead. It is also because I started doing makeup on daily basis, I needed to raise both my eyebrows whenever I’m doing eye makeup. A few years ago the wrinkles on my forehead will smoothen out in no time after I’m done with my makeup. Lately it has gone severely wrinkled that the lines are not smoothen out by itself even after half the day. I guess age is catching up and it does take a toll on my skin.

Renee Clinic Botox 2v2


Consultation and assessment

Many people thought that there will be a charges for walking in for a consultation. I’m not sure how other clinic operate but when I was at Renée Clinic waiting lounge, a guy walk-in for treatment enquiry, asking if there will be any charges for consultation. I overheard the Beautician telling him that there is no charges for consultation 😀

Dr. Renee did an assessment on my concern area and getting to know more on why I was thinking to have Botox on my forehead. One thing I notice about Dr. Renee is that she don’t simply jump into conclusion and advise me to get Botox immediately without conducting an assessment and offering advise on what I can do to prevent the wrinkles from deepening. I know very well that I can’t do my eye makeup without raising my brows. Dr. Renee told me that not everyone can take Botox on their forehead. I was fit to undergo the treatment so Dr. Renee took a consent form for me to sign while explaining to me the side effect (if any) and most importantly, after treatment care. Patient will be given a copy of the after care instruction to take home as well.


Mapping out injection spots

Before the procedure start, Dr. Renee map out areas that needed to be injected with Botox with a pencil. She ask me if I wanted to inject some onto my frown and I said why not 😀 . I was told to raise my brows and frown in order to identify which spot needed to be treated. I have never seen anyone that can wrinkled up a forehead as good as I do LOL.

Renee Clinic Botox 4
Here comes the injection!

I have no idea what is my pain tolerance level as it was my first time with Botox. So my forehead was numb by using ice pack, which I think is good enough for a few quick injection. I’m not going to lie. It was really painful although the needle used is the finest and I only found out a few seconds before the first injection haha 😀 . The fact is, it is the Botox that is painful not the needle. The most painful area for me is the gap between my eyebrows. Dr. Renee said that the flesh on that area is harder thus the pain. But no worries. Overall, the pain is not that bad. I would say it’s bearable. There’s a saying, no pain no gain right? 🙂

Renee Clinic Botox 5
After the injection, my forehead was applied with some antibiotic cream and then with some sunblock. The picture below is right after the procedure. It is red because my skin is sensitive and it gets baboon butt red very easily comparing with other people. The amount of Botox that I get is at the most minimal because the concern area is not that huge and I do have just two deep wrinkle lines that is bothering me. Oh and I have to photoshop away my acne scar as it’s looking like a nippy oppss.

Renee Clinic Botox 6
I was told to move my brows up and down 1 – 2 hours after the procedure in order to help working the Botox into the muscle better and evenly but I don’t have to overdoing it otherwise people will thought I’m crazy. I must not strain myself for the next four hours such as facial, sauna, exercising, gym and so on. The redness went away by the time I reach my house. There was no pain and swelling for me after the treatment. However I do feel like my forehead was bruised on the same night. It was nothing serious. In fact it was better than I thought. I woke up the next day with no side effect, pain, bruising or swelling.


Before and After

Before Botox, I can easily wrinkled up my forehead like an old woman 😀 . It must be the aftermath from laughing at my dad’s forehead wrinkles a lot that I had it now eh? Sorry dad, I know now that I shouldn’t laugh at your forehead wrinkles.

Renee Clinic Botox 7

Renee Clinic Botox 8
Botox doesn’t work immediately. In fact it will take 48 hours to 14 days in order for Botox to work it’s magic. It is only on Day 2 that I started to feel a bit of pulling on my forehead. On Day 3, I can feel the pulling even more and I can’t really raise my brows or frown properly anymore. I still can, just tougher and it takes a lot of effort to do it. It’s amazing to see and feel the progress from Day 1 to Day 3. I started to realized that it’s a big difference on what I can do with my facial expression and what not. Simply amusing.

Renee Clinic Botox 9

Renee Clinic Botox 10
This is when angry faces become funny faces 😀

Renee Clinic Botox 11
Finally, on Day 15. This is when Botox is on it’s full force. I’ve decided to show you how it looks like with makeup on because makeup does accentuate every.single.fine.lines on the face. I want to show you how much I love my forehead now.

Renee Clinic Botox 12
I still raise my eyebrows when I do my makeup. Old habit die hard. The only difference now is that my forehead stays still when I do so. Only my brows were raised and the rest of the face stays still. Botox help to keep my forehead skin in place.

Renee Clinic Botox 13
LOL. This is the angry facial expression. Nope. I can’t frown anymore. I can’t scold anyone with angry face for the next six months. Everytime I get angry, I laughed. It just crack me up looking at this angry face.

Renee Clinic Botox 14
What I like about Botox-ing the wrinkles on my forehead beside eliminating the wrinkles is that my skin is so much firmer and smooth now. I do have high forehead and ever since Botox, I feel that my forehead is even higher and somewhat ‘naked’. Probably because the skin is so much firmer now. I seriously can’t get enough of my forehead.

Renee Clinic Botox 15
I’m not quite done yet with the pros of Botox. My brows is so much lifted that I have problem drawing them! It used to be flat and I need to draw an arch on it. I was shocked that the shape is so archy now even before drawing them. I’m not used to draw on archy brow! So please do ignore all the wonky brow-do from now onwards until I figure out how to draw them hahaha!

That’s not all. My eyes is relatively larger and looking more awake thanks to the brow lifting. I don’t have an even eye lid crease on both eyes but I do now 😀

Renee Clinic Botox 16

Renee Clinic Botox 17
Most people told me the wrinkles on the forehead is nothing serious until Botox is needed. True in a way but I’m not getting any younger, skin care is not strong enough for that. As you age you skin will take a longer time to rejuvenate and repair itself. I can see that with my forehead. I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles on my face besides the under eye therefore the wrinkles on the forehead makes me look much more older. I have no regret with undergoing Botox treatment for my forehead. I can now do my makeup without any worry and walk out of the house feeling more confident.

What does it feels like after a month of having Botox? Well honestly I feel great! At first I wasn’t used to it. I keep reminding myself that I have a fragile forehead and that I have to be gentle. But that slowly went away and I don’t keep in mind that I had Botox anymore. My forehead does feel a bit dry and tight in air-conditioned room. It’s nothing that a moisturizer can’t solve though. By the time I hit the 3rd week, the tightness and dryness is gone. My forehead feels like normal. In the next six months, I need to try to do my makeup without raising my brows and I need to do lesser facial expression. That, of course will be tough since I’m enjoying the privilege of having no wrinkles and knowing I can always go back after six months 😀

Renee Clinic Botox 18


Now tell me. Will you go for Botox for either wrinkles or for V-shape face? What will be your tolerance level before opting for Botox? For me it was because there is no skin care that is able to smooth out these wrinkles.

For Botox treatment pricing, please visit Renée Clinic for free consultation as Botox is a customized type of treatment therefore prices may varies for each individual.

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Disclaimer: This review contain sponsored treatment. This doesn’t affect my experience and judgement in the review in any way.


Comments (14)

  • You are so brave to get a botox then tell the whole world. I salute you. Nobody should be ashamed with what they did. I can’t find wrinkles on your forehead now.
    For me, currently, I am neutral about it. For me, ageing is something constant, which will happened no matter what. Just like me doing braces, its something to make one look more beautiful and confidence. No harm doing it at all.

    • Hehe I go event also I tell people about my botox when we are on certain topic lol. I’m actually proud to do it 🙂 . I needed it because it’s getting a lot worse. I’m not bothered with signs of aging or acne marks etc because I’ve had it for so long. What’s on my forehead is not aging but made by bad habit. Skin care doesn’t help to smooth these wrinkles out, just like how uneven teeth will not be even out with oral care 😀

  • All I can say is thank you for this amazingly personal review, Fiona! Loved it! I always enjoy reading your no-holds-barred approach to beauty.

    The botox effect you’ve undergone is truly sensational.
    Contrary to what I expected, I do like the very quick results and I don’t think there is a wrinkle cream on Earth that has that kind of speed and efficacy.

    That said, I’m learning to live with some of my ‘warts and all’ and might bypass botox simply because I am comfortable with my wrinkles ( usually!) but I am not happy with problems like pigmentation and freckling so I would personally want to prioritise getting rid of these.

    The v-shape face is not something I want or need. I already have a long face and pointy chin and if I go any sharper, I might be able to stab people with it lol

    At this point, I don’t think I ever will go for full-blown plastic surgery unless I completely lost an ear or a nose but I would consider less invasive cosmeceutical procedures because sometimes pricey creams just can’t deliver the kind of instant and longer term results I am looking for.

    I would only get these procedures performed via a doctor so I’m glad to hear the team at Renee are truly qualified. I would NEVER get anything more than a facial or nails done at a beauty salon.

    By the way, I don’t think there’s any shame in getting Botox or other beauty procedures anymore. Certainly not nowadays. I’m grateful we now have a choice and I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit I’ve had anything done. In fact, I think people appreciate the personal feedback and open discussion.

    Thanks again for this post. It’s great!

    • Thanks Jude 😀 . Beauty has no boundaries 😉
      I’ve been searching for the strongest and most effective cream for the forehead wrinkles but none works. Recently it has been getting worse and the line just doesn’t smooth out a few hours after I’m done with my makeup. That set the panic mode on. I didn’t know that Botox will take 2-14 days to be effective. I thought it’s instant lol.
      You don’t have wrinkles 😀 . I’ve accepted my acne marks (used to be my most hated flaw) but I can’t accept squarish face from medication. Lucky you! I miss my sharp face feature. You can undergo pigmentation removal with Renee Clinic. They offer the service too! It’s non invasive with no down time 🙂

  • This is amazing and spectacular! Thanks for sharing your honest opinion and showing all the photos pre and post treatment. The effect was so amazing and good! The photos were like eye candy to me. I think it’s no longer a taboo to admit or disclose that we have sought aesthetics treatment. Maybe it’s like going for speed dating lol and end up finding a great spouse eh? There’s no shame in doing something to look good for ourselves. Some may choose to bare their body to show off of look good. Botox is certainly a legitimate beauty cause so long within boundaries. You’re a brave and rational girl. So it must be an important decision which you’ve thought through. I am glad the outcome was so good. Your forehead skin looks so smooth and I love the high arch eyebrows lol. Kudos girl!

    • Lol. Still getting used to the high arch eyebrow haha! Now I need to draw them straighter so that I don’t look so fierce muahahaha. Yeap it’s not taboo anymore. Botox is nothing new oversea but Malaysia is still quite conservative. I think most people can accept filler. I’m so happy with my forehead now. At least I don’t look like an old woman hehe. If you look at my Before photo, that was severely wrinkled up 🙁

      • Lol. I find it amusing that you try to show an angry face but you can’t frown. That got me rolling on the floor laughing hard. But hey it’s good. No frowns. Never mind that you’re actually boiling. Lol. Makes your skin so clear like HD! No joke. I only have my acne scars grief but guess I’m used to it. I have learnt that with age comes confidence or ignorance lol. Who knows? I might opt for aesthetics treatment one day. The laughing lines are showing my age! I can’t imagine not laughing though. Have a good long weekend ya. Lotsa sales going on. Happy swipe swipe.

        • Hehehehe it’s hilarious! Dr. Cheok ask me if I still want my angry face before the treatment because once I have botox into the frown area, I no longer can scold with angry face lol. Initially the botox was meant on the forehead. Dr. Renee suggested to get a teeny weeny bit into the frown line. And boom! The effect on me is so prominent! You can treat the acne scars with laser one day if you’re ready 😉 . I’ve come to the acceptance of my acne marks. Heck these things keep coming back. I just need a good concealer will do haha. I actually don’t mind laughing line. That shows that I always laugh 😉

          Sales is killing me babe. I just came back from One Utama. OH MY GOSH. Went to Aveda. Free gift is more than what we bought lol!!

  • Your forehead is oh so smooth now ^^ comparing to the ‘Before’. I agreed with everyone here. There is nothing wrong with getting help for imperfection. I would be bothered with those wrinkles too^^

    • If you have a lil bit of wrinkles then it’s fine. For some reason my forehead moves a lot. So it was folded easily. A lot of YouTubers that I’ve seen also did their makeup with raising their eyebrows. But their forehead didn’t move at all. It’s like they are born with Botox in their forehead lol

  • your forehead and your entire facial expression look so much better and happier after botox, i am amazed! Glad that you’re happy with the effects, if I were you i would be very proud and happy too ^_^ i cant do botox because it is categorized as not allowed in Islam, hehe! so, i have to always remember what you’ve said above. try not to raise my eyebrow too much while doing eye makeup and try not to frown too much. luckily i dont always do eye makeup but i have that frowning habit when i am concentrating. need to be extra careful then, i am not getting any younger too XDD

    • Oh yes. I suppose it’s because my eyes are larger now 😀 . I am indeed super happy with the result after Botox. At least I can stop worrying about my forehead wrinkles for the moment hehe. Oh no. I didn’t know Botox is not allowed in Islam. I only know about susuk lol. You shouldn’t worry too much now that your skin is still young and it’s not going to effect you if you don’t have as much facial movement/expression as I am. I frown lesser comparing to raising eyebrows. Maybe the mentality of having smaller eyes is also one of the reason for eyebrow raising haha!

      • oh then let me share what I know with you ^_^ Apart from botox, all kinds of plastic surgeries are not allowed in Islam if the reason is to look more beautiful because it is considered as ‘altering God’s creation’. However, if it is considered as kecacatan like sumbing, mata juling, kulit terbakar, all kinds of skin diseases, anything caused by accidents, then it is allowed 🙂 wearing braces is okay if our teeth is too hideous and needs to be corrected, it is not considered as berdosa. so Muslims are actually not allowed to inject botox, do plastic surgeries to alter their nose lips chin etc to look more beautiful or to look younger, not allowed to colour our hair except using original henna, not allowed to suka-suka shave/pluck our brows except if it is really messy till we look like ghost or kening bercantum, and lastly women are not allowed to cut our hair so short with sole intention to look like men. however certain things are allowed for women if the husband asks us to do so as long as it is not the opposite of Islamic teachings.

        • I see. I grew up with Malay girls but we never touch on this topic before because that time we were just 17 years old and plastic surgery is like a taboo or rather not known about haha. Thanks for enlightening me with all this Mieza 😀


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