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Renée Clinic’s Sublime Skin Contouring Treatment: My thoughts and experience on the non-invasive face lifting, anti-ageing and general rejuvenation treatment

If you’ve been following me from the very beginning, you already are aware that I don’t hardly review facial treatment salon what more aesthetic treatment. The only one that I accepted before was a full body treatment and that also I’m reluctant to go because to me, massage is ticklish. You bet I ended up laughing throughout the whole treatment! Being a beauty blogger, I can’t run away from receiving countless facial salon and aesthetic treatment review invitation. None of them trigger my interest until I get to know Renée Clinic.

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 1

Why now? Why Renée Clinic?

Good question. Even Dr. Renée asked me the same thing 😀 . I don’t know about others but I run the blog based on what I want to be publish on the blog. It is going to be something that relates to me. Something that I feel comfortable with and something that I feel right. I’m not someone who accept everything that comes into my way. You’ve seen last minute randomness from me and this is something that “I feel the time is right” kinda post. The way I was approached is totally different. Instead of sending me an email, the representative from Renée Clinic took the time to read my blog and commented just like everyone else did. So when she did sent me the email, I didn’t feel invaded (in a way). I feel like I already know this lady and I feel comfortable with the word “aesthetic” for the first time. And of course I did some googling lol. So there you have it. The timing was right, I was in the good mood, I don’t feel obligated, I don’t feel invaded and the “feeling” is right. Everything just fall into place.


Who is behind Renée Clinic?

The brainchild behind the clinic is none other than Dr. Renee Law. She is the most cheerful and friendly doctor I’ve met. She is just like your next door neighbour, someone that is comfortable to be with and she make the whole process a piece of cake for me. It does help looking staring at her flawless face and skin because it make me 300% sure that I’m at the right clinic lol.

Renee Clinic Dr Renee Law
Read all about Dr. Renee’s medical background, experience and achievements at this link.

I also met with Dr. Cheok Jia Rhong, who is equally as friendly as Dr. Renee. Since toddler, I’m more afraid of male doctor because of their serious face and also that I’ve been in and out the clinic very frequently for the past three year. Dr. Cheok is of course serious about what he do but he’s actually quite funny. He was the one who suggested me to undergo Sublime Skin Contouring treatment 😀

Renee Clinic Dr Cheok
Read all about Dr. Cheok’s medical background, experience and achievements at this link.

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 2


Why do I need Sublime Skin Contouring Treatment?

A few years ago when I was younger and probably a bit hotter *lol*, I had a completely different look. If you’ve notice, everyone look differently in terms of the look or weight when they are in their 20s comparing to when they’re in the 30s and so on. I was not exceptional either, however in my case, it’s a complete different than how it’s suppose to be. I was “aging” normally until I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in 2008.

This was how I look like before Hyperthyroidism. Well, somewhat looking like this 🙂

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 23
Ignore the dim hotel bathroom lighting

Although I detected it when it’s on early stage, the levels are relatively higher above the line. A LOT HIGHER. I was put on eight tables of Propyl per day and two tables of medicines for heart disease. That’s right. Hyperthyroidism also gave me heart problem. Hyperthyroidism is when my metabolism is higher than normal so Propyl is to slow it down and because my body was not used to slower metabolism, I gained a lot of weight. Hyperthyroidism changed my life completely. I lost most of my friends because they are disgrace with my weight gain. No, I did not gain 200 pound. I gain probably 5kg at that time. They make fun of me, make fun of my disease and the balance of friends that I had told me they didn’t know who am I anymore. Yeap. All that because of me taking medication to cure a disease that I had.

Why didn’t I lose weight? Here’s the thing. Hyperthyroidism requires me to be on full medication for 2 years minimum. And because I was working in a high profile automotive magazine, the stress level that I was at make it worse. By the time I hit 3rd year, my doctor gave up because things are not getting any better. I couldn’t exercise because my normal heart beat is the same with someone jogging. Doctor said I will have a heart attack even if I cycle. Not only that. I couldn’t lose weight as I might get myself into Hypothyroidism. One of the side effect of Hyperthyroidism and medication was the change of face feature. I had protruding eyes, which is now back to normal although I was told it’s permanent and the face pockets on the lower face is somewhat larger. Last time no matter how much weight I gained I will only have rounder jawline, not squarish like now. This has been bothering me for years.


Sublime Skin Contouring Treatment Procedure

Sublime Skin Contouring is a”lunch time fix” type of treatment to help reversing any signs of aging and to help in achieving a more youthful appearance. I’m not sure if this type of treatment is new or it has been around for long but the elōs, the machine used for the treatment is the first and only technology that uses combined energies to effectively stimulate collagen production and to improve overall skin quality in areas that are most telling when it comes to age. In another word, the machine wake up all the sleeping collagen. This treatment can be done on the cheeks, neck, forehead, brow lines and eyes.

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 22
The treatment started off with beautician applying a thick layer of gel with a brush onto half of my face. The gel has a mild cooling sensation.

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 4
The technology used for Sublime Skin Contouring is a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and tight energies of elōs engineering to precisely heat the dermal tissue and then stimulating collagen production within targeted treatment areas. It is when collagen production is stimulated, fine line and wrinkle will be reduction, facial contour will be improved and overall skin quality are smoother and more even complexion.

Although there are far more better, faster and of course immediate result-proven face shaping procedure available at Renée Clinic, I opted for non-invasive treatment because I am a tiny bit afraid of pain and I am well aware that I could have a sharper face feature by losing weight 😛 . Sublime Skin Contouring on the other hand is pain-free. All I could feel on my face is the cooling gel, and slight warmth during the procedure.

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 5
Throughout the process, beautician will use a brush to smooth out the gel after each machine pass because the machine need the gel to move around and the gel does help to cool the treatment area down. I was told that the gel presence also help to brighten the complexion.

The treatment process will take about 20 minutes on each side. The whole treatment is around 45 minutes to one hour. Not too bad considering I can just take a quick nap 😀

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 6

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 7

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 8

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 9

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 10
The whole process was repeated on the other half of my face.

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 11

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 12
See those deep wrinkles on my neck? That’s for staring down at a monitor embedded under a table (like the bank) for a long time at one of my employment work place when I was in my early 20s. It is one of the dumbest table / computer placement idea. It was straining the back of my neck and when these wrinkles appear, I quit the job. I just couldn’t take the neck pain.

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 13
Sublime Skin Contouring are superb for the neck as well. Do take note that you will need to undergo a few treatment for wrinkles like mine in order to minimize it’s appearance. Ever since I undergo Sublime Skin Contouring, I am more diligent in applying neck cream as a part of post-treatment care at home.

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 14
The 3rd and last treatment is on my forehead. There is a slight warm ticklish on the forehead for me so the beautician lower the heat down. Treatment for this area was cut shorter as it’s a little bit uncomfortable for me. But no worries. The beautician managed to work on the wrinkles on my forehead before we stop 😀

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 15

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 16


The results after one treatment

Most people will see immediate result after treatment because of the collagen stimulation. However, this is a non-invasive procedure so the result will continue to improve over time and over several treatments. I was told the result gets better and better if I decided to do follow up procedure. Immediate result also varies on each individual. Some will see a drastic result, some will see slight improvement. I see a brighter skin, tighter skin and because of the tightening, my face is somewhat not as bulging as before. I still have the large face pockets on my jawline but that’s understandable. There’s nothing I can do with the pockets.

Do bear in mind this is just one treatment. The results may not be as noticeable on photos as in real life. You just have to look left right, left right a few times to see it.

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 17

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 18
Three generations of the women on my mother’s side are all with protruding apples of the cheeks. Right after the procedure, I notice my cheeks are flatter. It is still there, just not as round as before when I smile. Remember to look left right, left right a few times to see it.

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 19
What do you do with a firmer face contour and skin? You take weird photos like this of course! Not sure what I was doing here. I thought I would lean one side to see if my face feature will stay in place or will it drop to one side. That’s not sagging skin on my left cheek, that’s just my odd dimple making an appearance when I smile.

Overall, I am over the moon with my facial contour now. My skin quality had also improved in terms of smoothness and appearance and it is especially noticeable when I had makeup on, which before this I see sagging skin, larger pores, wrinkles on my forehead and bumpy skin. The effect can last up to six months provided I take extremely good care with my skin. I definitely feel more relax now that my skin is somewhat “reset” and that I can implement a more natural skin care regime to help maintain and improve my skin condition.

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 20
What I like about Renée Clinic is that they are not just a aesthetic clinic but they also provide GP services as well. Strategically located at Ground Floor of Rivercity 3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh, anyone can just pop by in for a consultation and even for a “lunch time” fix procedure. Non-invasive treatment is a comfortable procedure with zero downtime. This means that you can just walk back to work after the treatment and no one will notice anything 😀

Renee Clinic Sublime Skin Contouring 21
Renee Clinic is established based on the core belief that “Everyone deserves to be beautiful”. Everyone is created differently and beautiful in their own way. Would you take extra step to help yourself to not look more beautiful but presentable? I’m glad I did.

Sublime Skin Contouring Treatment Normal Price: RM699 per session. Just mention my name / blog name to get a special price of RM399 per session. Offer valid till end of August 2014.

Renée Clinic is strategically located at:
No. 468-G-9, Ground Floor,
Block G, Rivercity
3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh,
51200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-4040 0778




Disclaimer: This review contain sponsored treatment. This doesn’t affect my experience and judgement in the review in any way.


Comments (15)

  • U look cute, both in your early twenties/late teens and now, dear!
    Forget about those “friends” who judge you by your looks / weight.
    It was the side effects of the medication you took. Why are they so mean?
    I had a friend who had hyperthyroidism too, and she was on medication for a few years.
    We were shocked when she seemed to gain a lot of weight out of the blue, but when we knew about her condition, we understood that it’s due to the side effects of the medication she was taking.
    Don’t judge a person by their weight, judge them by their attitude and character.

    BTW, pink lipstick looks good on you (Y)

    • Awww thanks Carrie 🙂 . No idea why my friends are so mean. It was all my close friends that discriminate my weight gain from the medication. None of them ask me about my condition. All they care is that I no longer look “hot” to them. If you remember, last year or so I still have “friends” complaining about my weight gain and I sort of blasted them online for being insensitive about my condition? 🙂
      Anyway, now the technology is so high tech. I can just go for non-invasive and invasive type of treatment to firm up the skin on my face 😀

      • Those are not “friends”. Those are leeches who stick to u when you are hot, but ditch u when you are not feeling well.
        I have had friends who seem to ‘disappear’ whn everything is well, but when they know i was hospitalized or sick, they’d suddenly ‘reappear’, and i like to think that it’s all “out of concern” and not “kepoh” 😛

        I had very very bad skin back then, my whole face erupted in acne and only my eyes were not affected. I thought i looked like a ninja… LOL! Acne-masked ninja… hahahahaha…
        Luckily, none of my ‘close friends’ ditched me… they’re still with me now. Im blessed in a way, I guess.
        Forget abt those ‘fake’ friends, they are not worth yr friendship, dear.

        • No worries. I’m in a much more better place. And I’m hotter than their gf, wife and them themself lol

  • Hi Fiona!
    How much is the complete treatment?

    • Hi Bernice, I can’t tell you how much because each individual requires different treatment. Reason being, you may or may not need Sublime Skin Contouring. Different expectation and even different condition may require you to combine with other treatment (thread lift or filler). It is best if you can drop by for a consultation 😀

  • Thanks for a detailed review on the treatment^^ I’ve never came across this before. Immediate result with no pain is always good isn’t it? My question is can you treat each area of the face longer than 20 minutes? Would the face get more smaller?^^

    • Maybe because not much people is talking about it. It’s not surgery so it’s not a taboo at all.
      That’s a good theory there 😀 . I written about 20 minutes on each side but it can go on from 20 mins to 30 minutes on each side. So the whole process would be 90 minutes. I think it’s not beneficial if we over stimulate the collagen though. Better not over doing it 🙂

  • Oh wow, good post!

    I would never have guessed you have a medical issue, Fiona! One thing I noticed when I first met you in real life was that you actually look even better than your photos on the blog and your skin looks very clear – must be that you take good care of your skin.
    I’m sorry to hear that the people in your life were so mean but some people think they can just get away with saying anything. Horrible and petty! Just forget about them.

    Anyway, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this contouring procedure and it looks interesting.

    I’m not that bad with pain myself but I’m scared of going to clinics that are not actually clinics but simply a salon run by beauticians. In fact, some places may not even be run by qualified beauticians.

    This problem can be commonplace in this country. It must be illegal for beauticians to do medical procedures but it’s hard to enforce without the right kind of surveillance and punishment. It even happens in a country like Singapore!

    I would only trust a genuine doctor so it’s reassuring to know that the services offered here at the Renee Clinic are performed by qualified medical doctors with experience in this field.

    That is the most important factor for me when it comes to cosmetic procedures of this nature.

    • Awww thanks Jude. Unfortunately I’m born with non-photogenic face. Furthermore with my odd one dimple, finding an angle for photos has been a tough challenge. That is why you don’t see much photo of my face in the blog. Literally just a handful a few years ago. I avoided the camera even more after having Hyperthyroidism.
      Throughout the 4 years of Hyperthyroidism, I’ve unfriend most of my close friends because they kept saying I’m ugly. I don’t think these people deserve to be my friend at all if none of them are supportive. Personally, I always said everyone is beautiful regardless, even if someone is over weight. She’s beautiful in her own way.

      I’m aware of facial contouring procedure, just not this non-invasive type. I thought all is plastic surgery lol. You are right on going to clinics that’s a salon run by beauticians. That is also one of the reason why I never go for any facial or aesthetic treatment. When I enter into Renee Clinic, there’s a wall full with various certification so that was an assurance there 🙂

      • *HUGS*
        Surround yourself with good people, dear. And no, you are a beautiful person inside and out. Even just knowing you from your blog makes me think that you’re genuine and fiercely loyal.

        True ugliness is when you set out to hurt others by what you say and do.
        Have a lovely weekend ahead, Fiona.

        • Yes, I’m trying to. Which is why I cut off all negative friends 😀 . I don’t discriminate other people’s flaw. I certainly hated if someone do that to me 🙂
          Have a great weekend ahead too. Next review for you would be on botox 😀

  • My mom suspected I prolly have the same disease because my face, my body, even my mood changed a lot. I am no longer had those V shaped face, my eyes looks droppy, my cheeks look like they want to explode haha. Totally diff. I was once an athlete and now I was nowhere looks like one. People often mocking my weight. Thank u for this,I’ll check it out and I guess its time to bang the doc’s door.

    • Hi Aina, I think your’s is Hypothyroidism. Because people who have Hyperthyroidism will lose weight before medication. If you are gaining weight with droopy eyes, that could mean you have the opposite aka Hypothyroidism. Droopy eyes because your metabolism is so slow that you are tired and sleepy thus the weight gain. People mock your weight because you look different and they cannot accept that although it’s the side effect of medication. It’s sad. I’ve been through all that.
      Sublime Skin Contouring is one of the fast way to firm the skin. You’ll ended up with not just firmer skin but beautiful skin as well 🙂

  • Hi there I’m so grateful I found your’e web site, I really found you by mistake, while I was searching on Askjeeve for something else, Anyhow I’m here now & would just like to say thanks a lot for a remarkable post & a all round enjoyable blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the minute but I have book-marked it & also added in your’e RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read much more, Please do keep up the awesome job.


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