Stolen Items from Mysale BH Cosmetics Parcel + Tips on what you can do if you’re in the same situation

If it’s not due to the extremely high international shipping fee for BH Cosmetics, I would have not bought anything from I told myself this would be the last time I buy from Mysale. Let’s face it. I’m not the type of person that can wait nearly two months for the parcel to arrive.

I placed my order on the 30th June 2014 and the estimated delivery is within 29th July to 5th August. I tried contacting Mysale FOUR TIMES to track my parcel but to no avail. The tracking provided in the member account is literally useless. I called Quantium only to be told that Quantium’s role in this is to act as a third party on all custom related matters. All Mysale parcel is under ABX responsibilities. Oh Lord. The nightmare begins. I’m not going into details on what went on with ABX. Let’s just say they are the first courier company that shout, yell and scolded me – the customer. To cut the story short, I received the parcel this morning, with lots of anger cursing written on the shipping label. I have to photoshop it out because it’s nasty. This is the condition of my parcel. Soiled. The supposed to be hard and sturdy padded envelope is as soft as a tofu.

Mysale BH Cosmetics 1
Then I found THIS. It is so obvious that my parcel was compromised. Based on my online buying and selling experience, the glue on padded envelope is quite secure, unless the content is huge and force into the envelope then yes, box tape is needed.

Mysale BH Cosmetics 2
I peeled off the tape and to my horror, I found that my parcel was forced open on the opposite end of the actual opening. It was done on purpose.

Mysale BH Cosmetics 15
For comparison sake, this is how the parcel of my first Mysale purchase looks like. When I bought just one small item, they can’t steal it wouldn’t they. That would be too obvious.

Mysale BH Cosmetics 4

Mysale BH Cosmetics 5
This was what’s left inside the parcel after the son of b!tch (sorry for my language) stole half the content of my actual haul.

Mysale BH Cosmetics 6
I didn’t really buy much. As you can see from the below invoice, I only bought two That’s Heart Eyeshadow & Blush Palette and a set of five Floral Blush Duo.

Mysale BH Cosmetics 7
So. I only saw ONE That’s Heart palette in my pathetically ripped parcel and THIS. One glance and I already know what is wrong with the packaging. The Floral Blush Duo comes in a set of five. I only received THREE. Can you spot what’s the problem by looking at the below photo? Did you see the barcode sticker? Again, it is so obvious that the son of b!tch (sorry but no sorry) ripped off the packaging, steal two blusher and simply stick back what’s left of the barcode sticker in such manner.

Mysale BH Cosmetics 8
I showed this to Mysale people (more story on that below) and they confirmed that the actual packaging with barcode sticker should be like the photo below. This was how it was sent out.

Mysale BH Cosmetics 9
My incomplete Floral Blush Duo collection thanks to YOU MOTHER %$^*@# SON OF B!TCH!

Mysale BH Cosmetics 10
This is not the end to my story yet. One thing I like about BH Cosmetics is that EVERY SINGLE ITEM IS SEALED. I told you that I received three out of five Floral Blush Duo right? Well, the thief was so kind to left me with one opened blusher. You see where he/she is heading to? I know I’ve been repeating the word “obviously” but IT IS SO FREAKING OBVIOUS that he/she was ripping the seal off to choose the blusher shade!! I even told this to Mysale people and he agreed too!

Mysale BH Cosmetics 11
So now the question is. Why would he/she left the opened blusher to me? Why? As I was driving home from Mysale office this afternoon, I realized that this particular blusher contain half shimmery gold shade. The mother &^$%& must have had the shock of his/her life that he/she have not a single blardy clue on how to use it. Typically a blusher is either pink or coral. Wouldn’t it shock the small pathetic brain of this thief that half of the blusher is in shimmery gold? HAH!!!

Mysale BH Cosmetics 12
After I reached home, I told mum what happened and then only I realized that this blusher was swatched. I wouldn’t have notice it if it’s not because my mum’s room was bright. I have totally missed it in my own room.

ABX…why don’t you just steal the whole parcel? Wouldn’t it be easier for you and me? Hah? Why? Just take the whole damn thing. Why leave me with this you jerk!

Mysale BH Cosmetics 13
I purposely took the photo slightly darker to show you the swatch area. If you can’t see, tilt your laptop screen down or you look up from the keyboard

I can almost tear someone apart when I can’t reach Mysale in a timely manner with regards to the stolen items from my parcel. If you haven’t deal with Mysale before, don’t ever buy from them. It is a pain in the a$$ to get someone to reply to your enquiry. Mysale website is designed in a way that there is no visible office address on the web, no contact number nor is there any customer service hotline to call to and there wasn’t any email address that you can email to. The only way members can contact Mysale is through the My Contact tab in the website. That also will take a few days for them to reply. And if they do ever reply you and you replied immediately, they won’t reply anything until the next day. It’s like these people are told to only check messages once a day. And when they replied, this is the stupid answer I get. A complete ZERO connection to my query.

Mysale BH Cosmetics 14


How to contact Mysale directly beside My Contact tab?

I do wonder if anyone ever feel the need to look for Mysale there and then to solve an important issue like stolen item, receiving fake goods etc. Yes I do read that some received fake goods. Why I ask? This is because when I was googling for information on whereabout is Mysale, I read a lot of rant on blogs but none of them took any action. Same goes to Facebook posting. You know what? The amount of complains that I read is phenomenal. It is unbelievable how such a good deal site is turning into a complete disaster. It is good for the company that they managed to reduce manpower and avoiding to deal with human directly. As a consumer, I would not return to the site anymore. Some people said it’s a scam site as there is no physical office number or office in Malaysia. I don’t think so Mysale is a scam site. They just need to fasten the seat belt and WORK FASTER.

So back to how to contact Mysale. If you really do Google you can find an email, office contact number and office address IN the website. Actually I was provided a number to call by Quantium but no one seems to be picking up phone calls. So I decided to drive 40km all the way to Mysale office to try my luck. My blood was boiling and I have to storm into Mysale office. I first saw the letter box next to the parking floor elevator. There is a sticker on one of the box that wrote “Ozsale Sdn Bhd moved to 1.03”. So I went up to 1st floor. It turns out that there is no unit 1.03. I went back to Ground floor, which is initially Mysale office floor. I managed to find unit G.03 with a sign on the main entrance saying it’s Mysale warehouse. I was so lost until a guy, who was walking towards my direction, asked if I would like to return something. I asked if he’s working at Mysale. He said he’s working in the main office which is just next door. This could explain why there was no one picking up the phone. They’ve shifted to next door and possibly with a new office number as well. I followed him and I find myself standing in Mysale office. Not a glamorous one. The bags, clothes etc display looked rather odd and cheap? I managed to spoke to a guy in the nicest possible. I did not yell or shout because it is not his fault anyway. I told him the issue, what was missing and he offered a refund for one That’s Heart palette and half of Floral Blush Duo. I agreed with the refund amount, gave him all my banking details and he immediately proceed to email their Finance department in Singapore. According to him, the refund will took maximum one week. I also note down his name and number just in case I needed to check on the refund after the one week refunding period.

In conclusion, if you find yourself in a similar situation or worse, just go to Mysale office. They are not shock to see me appearing at the front door which means I’m not the first to do so.

That’s on Mysale part. Now what can I do with ABX. The more I look at the way the parcel was ripped off, the more I want to take action. If contacting Mysale is hard, contacting ABX is even harder. I have to call ABX 10 times in order to get someone answering the phone. And that person kept telling me parcel resent back to “PS”. When I ask what the heck is PS, he said “Petaling Jaya”. Tell me you won’t get heart attack talking to these people.


Update: 14th August 2014

Mysale BH Cosmetics 16

Totally disappointed when I received an email from Mysale requesting for my bank details that was provided on the spot when I was at Mysale office. This proves that there is absolute ZERO communication with the people working in Mysale.


Update: 15th August 2014

Login to my bank account for fund transfer and I saw that Mysale had refunded RM58 into my account.


116 thoughts on “Stolen Items from Mysale BH Cosmetics Parcel + Tips on what you can do if you’re in the same situation

  1. Damn got to really hate people like that. Steal the items then swatch the remaining and put back. You have every right to make a report on this; these sort of people ought to be caught and taught a lesson.

    Hope they will do a replacement for your items soon babe. The shades do look quite lovely with the exception of the terrible service :S In the meantime, time to put a hold on buying stuff from MySale. Doesn’t seem to be reliable at all 🙁

    1. There won’t be any replacement because Mysale don’t keep any stock. Once you order only they will order from US. That is why the whole process will take one to two months. Actually this is my last purchase from Mysale. I don’t plan to get anything anymore. Who knew this is the shit I get.

      1. Dear Fiona,

        I was shocked to hear about your MySale ordeal. If I have read it earlier, I would not have ordered anything from them. I just ordered and paid for 2 dresses last week, 9th June 2015 and I am now in a dilemma as I can’t even log-in to check on my order status. System says email not in system. Send them 3 email but they keep sending you back and asking you to log in. REALLY STUPID!
        Can you please advise where is the MySale office so that I can drop by and ask them about it? Please help.

        1. Hi Shy,

          Alamak! Email not in system? You sure you did not enter the wrong email address dear? This is the first time I heard of this. Or it could be their system glitch.

          Their address is at the Privacy tab. I mentioned several times before in the comments 🙂

  2. sorry to hear that, i have had heart attack many times by the services provided in Malaysia. So, i can totally understand your feeling. I always discourage my foreign friend to live and consume services in Malaysia. Most of the time they will feel regret as we did if they don’t listen.

    1. Me too. Especially the courier company. They have been to my house so many times and yet still call me and ask for direction. Some will be standing at the main road for a two block of houses and want me to spoon feed them with direction from house to house. It’s insanely stupid.

  3. Hell hath no fury a woman scorned. Could literally feel your anger when reading your post. Have you tried contacting the Customer Service Exec or Marketing Manager of ABX? Bring this to the head. The legs will only kick you around.

    1. With all the cursing anyone would feel it. Customer Service is a piece of shit. Spoke to them last week and they lied to me covering another lie. Marketing Manager doesn’t deal with customers / complains / customer service related issue. That’s not the job of Marketing Manager. I managed to get the MD email. Emailed him before but nah. No reply.

  4. This is every shopper’s worst nightmare and heartache. I can’t even begin to imagine how you must have felt when you opened the parcel. Thank you for posting this up, I am now an informed shopper and will never, ever, ever buy from Mysale.

    1. Lost of parcel is one thing. Stolen items from the parcel is a whole new thing. It’s like a sandwich was eaten a quarter and put it back into the tray to serve. That’s what it feels like receiving what’s left from a stolen parcel.

  5. Hugs dear girl. I’m enraged reading your traumatic experience! The cheek these people have! I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for sharing your experience, sorry that it was so lousy.

  6. First of all, I am terribly sorry to hear this. They’re messing with the wrong person absolutely. I have only bought twice or thrice from Mysale and all were done through combined sale by blogger Nabilah. I usually received the items after a month, and nothing was missing/stolen from my order thank god. However, I think I am also done buying from them because I feel a lot of insecurities after seeing complaints about Mysale. I might be lucky all these while but I dont wanna bet my money on them anymore. Thanks for sharing the story Fiona, I hope the refund process will be as promised.

    1. Good for you. Like Mysale people told me, stolen parcel is once in a blue moon thing. So I’m the blue moon. I’m expecting drama with the refund process. Some people said in Facebook that their refund is still pending after so long.

  7. Dear, just complain to the various consumer associations in Malaysia about MySale and ABX since these bozos don’t give a damn about their customers.
    Also, u can lodge a police report on the stolen items (and attach it to an email to ABX and CC to ALL the consumer associations in Malaysia)
    that will certainly make these bozos reply IMMEDIATELY.
    I had a very bad experience with Cavenzi previously, as they delivered substandard furniture to me with cracks, holes and other problems, not ONCE but 3 times cz each time I rejected it. My calls to them was answered by some Bangla or dunno-what idiot manning their ‘customer service centre’. In the end, I managed to find one of the Manager’s number while browsing the local papers (how lucky!) and directly called him and complained about the quality of products and worse still, the quality of service! Then only on the 4th or 5th delivery, they got it right.

    1. Wah! Cavenzi. Expensive! I would do the same too.
      I just stumbled upon all the big shot’s email from Google. Dropped them an email. Will lodge a police report if no action is taken.
      Thanks for the advice. One of my reader just tag me in Instagram on the same case. Her wallpaper packaging was opened top and bottom. She found the wallpaper was individually rolled up not all rolled up together.

      1. Cavenzi cheap bedroom set, bought it bcz was smitten by the wardrobe size, but quality super uber bad…
        U are a very forgiving person, but not me…
        I will continue to pursue and won’t let the matter rest until I feel that I have done justice to myself. Hehe…

  8. Oh my god!! It was so terrible. When I saw your status, I went to visited their website and I found their doing a sale of NYX product. It is very cheap, I could say is so damn freaking cheap; very tempting to buy then i reminded your case and I also found the image was like a fake one, wondering of they tool the picture themself or steal from any website but it is looks fake in picture. Then I told myself better not spending any money at the website.

    Luckily they still offer to refund back your money altot not all but still better than never.

    Cheer up dear. Let it go and hope all will be even better.
    Always stand on your side to support you. 🙂

    1. I think they took the picture themself. I read that some people bought clothes / bags / shoes and they’re fake. I only dare to buy cosmetics, as long as they don’t cost a lot otherwise I’d die of heart attack. They usually offer refund because that’s the only thing they can do to make it up. They don’t pursue with the courier company or do they have a plan to change a courier company.
      Awww thanks babe 😀

  9. I will be so furious if I were you as well! Not only that the parcel take forever to reach to you. when you received it after months, you found out it was tempered. I will not tolerate this as well!
    Not only you have to get back your refund, you can also complaint to consumer association. It is important they take some action against Mysale. If not more people will get cheated.
    I know it is cheaper than usual price but this is not the way we should be treated for something cheaper.

        1. I did. I sent and email to MD, CEO, Country Manager, Operation Manager of Malaysia, Customer Care Manager of Malaysia, Operation Manager, Customer Care Manager and Customer Care Supervisor. Definitely one week can’t get.

  10. Sorry this happened to you, Fiona. I wonder where along the logistic line the theft managed to occur. It’s awfully bold to have the remainder of the goods sent to you at all and probably would have made better sense to take the whole parcel instead of leaving you with all the evidence of their greed.

    I have ordered a few times from mySale and it has been great with no issues (yet!) and I currently have a couple of orders due but I’m a bit nervous after reading your post ….*touches wood*

    They did have to cancel an order of mine once because they could not get the stock but wrote to me cordially and refunded me promptly with no issue.

    For the record, I have never received any fake goods from mySale – only original.

    1. I’m not sure too but ABX doesn’t seems a bit surprised that the parcel is in such manner. My friend received her wallpaper with top and bottom box opened and with wallpapers rolled up individually instead of the whole bunch. My guess is, if they took the whole parcel, they will need to bear the responsibilities towards Mysale. If they open up and take a few from the content and deliver the remaining, they can say they’ve delivered the parcel and nothing was lost.
      The reality is not everyone will get a bad experience with Mysale. My first was promptly delivered. Who would have thought a slightly bigger parcel would have this issue.

  11. So sorry to hear your package was opened and stuff was stolen from it!

    One thing I’ve learned about shopping online, particularly from eBay US and the US Postal System (worst and most expensive shipping I’ve ever used with different levels of tracking provided, which I wouldn’t have found out about if not for Pos Malaysia’s advice, but that’s another story) is that you need loads of patience to wait for your packages to arrive after a month. I’ve never had my packages ripped open and resealed though, let alone stolen from!

    I did, however, receive a badly torn ASOS package that Pos Malaysia very kindly rewrapped with a plastic sheet before sending it to me (they left an official note that it was rewrapped due to the package’s bad condition). A+ service!

    I’m glad that Mysale has agreed to refund you immediately so that’s a relief (although it involved quite a wild goose chase just to get to speak to someone). The fault here lies with ABX because they should not tamper with any package in any way! And to leave profanities on the package? I’d storm into their corporate office and demand and explanation.

    1. Totally agree with you on eBay US and USPS. I started to buy from eBay US when I was 20. I was into charm bracelet and the only place to get it back then was eBay. And it’s cheap too. I’ve lost a few First Class parcel, a normal parcel mail despite the “First Class” name for it. If it arrive, it arrived in a month. Then I Google and learnt more about Priority Mail, which is half trackable. Took about two weeks to arrive. Back then I believe the lost parcel could be from the custom…Malaysia custom.
      Pos Malaysia had improved so much over the years. I’ve had a parcel resealed by PosLaju and they too left a note.
      I would never ever wanted to deal with Mysale again. It’s a total waste of time. Refunding is one thing, the anger of having a stolen parcel is a total different story. ABX is pretty much still an old school courier company. I dare to say even PosLaju is 1,000 times better!

      1. Funnily enough, Priority Mail Flat Rate is only half-trackable (why does this service even exist?) while Priority Mail Non-Flat Rate is fully trackable (which Pos Malaysia told me about. I would never have known because USPS’ site stated that all Priority Mail packages are fully trackable up to our Malaysian doorsteps). Express Mail is fully trackable and items arrive in 3-5 business days but it’s too expensive, about RM200 now!

        I’ve given up on eBay US now ever since they’re charging import fees for customs when I’ve never been charged a single sen by Malaysian Customs.

        I haven’t purchased cosmetics online though, just because I don’t know how to authenticate them lol.

        1. Because flat rate is cheaper with no maximum charges thus half tracking lol. It really doesn’t make any sense at all seriously. I gave up on eBay US too. One thing I like about eBay and paying with Paypal is the buyer’s protection. Have you gotten your Zoeva brushes? 😀

  12. Haha u talk about my wallpaper parcel! Hmm honestly lately I bought alot from ..and mostly over rm200.. Like this wallpaper, cost me rm300+ but if I buy it directly from d main supplier at UK, d courier cost me a bomb. Then my moleskin notebook, so much cheaper than retails. Bad side, we really need to wait for ages. And their wrappings of the parcel really teruk, no double protection. Worst than Taobao.

    But urs case was really scary, and both mysale and abx dont bother to find d real culprit. Somemore abx dare to scold u for chasing the parcel. Eiiiii really crazy!

    1. Haha! Have to share otherwise people thought I’m crazy! It’s good to know that I’m not alone in this. Waiting is one thing but tearing other people’s parcel and steal what’s inside is really intolerable. They could have just take the whole parcel. At least I not so geram.

      1. So agree with u! But like u said, if d whole parcel gone missing, abx will be held accountable. I think someone sure kena fire!

        Last time I read a fb sharing post that d pos laju (or custom, not sure who d real culprit) replaced a branded bag that cost over thousand ringgit with few empty boxes! Since they dint declared d actual brand and value, so they couldn’t do anything. Post it from usa. Lagi geram!!

        1. Exactly why they stole half of what’s in the parcel. I read about the branded bag too. Not the first case though. It’s very confusing. If sender declare the bag as “LV Neverfull MM” for insurance or declaration purposes just in case it went missing, postman will stole it. If you don’t declare the exact thing, you fail to claim insurance. I once send a 1k worth Coach bag and I bought insurance. It’s not that expensive though.

  13. I am really sorry to hear about your experience Fiona and I can really feel you anger in this post. I would have been mad too if this incident had happened to me. Hope you can get it sorted out soon. Thanks for alerting your readers about Mysale as I am definitely not going to buy anything for this website ever.

    I made an order for the 500 ml Bioderma Micellar water on at the end of March this year because they were having a buy 1-free1 promotion and it only cost RM81 after conversion from UK pounds. This item had no tracking number although I did receive an email from them informing me that they have delivered my item at the end of March. I never received my items and suffice to say, had to write several emails to them for refund which they did and they also apologised for the missing items. So I had a happy ending to my story.

    1. I hope so too although it’s only RM58 but it’s the feeling of knowing the parcel was compromised and content was stolen that pissed me off. As for your Bioderma, most probably it’s confiscated as it’s liquid and bulky at the same time. I would rather the whole parcel went missing / stolen so that I don’t have to go through all the heart ache. Now I’m looking at my leftover BH Cosmetics and I have no interest with them.

  14. This is so scary Fiona! The thief is really daring!! Luckily you managed to get the refund. I believe that many people out there faced the same situations but most of them will just keep quiet…

  15. Oh my god, what a terrible story! I was searching for discount code since I am a first time buyer at and I came across ur site. They are having BH cosmetics sale right now and I really wanna buy it since you know the BH shipping cost is soooo expensive.

    Thanks for posting this, i am surely gonna clear out my cart. Not gonna take the risk. So scaryy.

    1. I don’t think so there’s any discount code for You can try to make a purchase as most people I’ve came across didn’t encounter the experience that I had. I’m purely just a victim in a bad luck case.

  16. I think buying from eBay is safer than I haven’t try MySale.My yet, i was planning to purchase something from them. Now, i got freaked out after reading your story. That’s really a horrible experience.

  17. Bloody mysale. Paid on 12 Aug, last day of stated estimated delivery 21 Sept, parcel only arrived 23 Oct. Pics on website had showed POTS but what I got were SAUCEPANS! From the pics, the “pots” looked deep like 5 inches but the saucepans are only 1.5 inches! Cheated by scam company. Apparently so many complaints about them. Never again!

  18. I had a very bad experience with Mysale too. It was the 1st time i try to purchase thing from Mysale and their service is terrible. I was buying a watch which cost me RM 500++ , and when i has done the payment via Maybank2u, something went wrong and the website shown Transaction failed and order not being received. Then again, when i checked back my bank account, the money has been deducted from my account.
    With this, i been trying to contact Mysale but i only manage to in touch with the team via my contact, they took ages to reply my message and keep replying the same answer which is “your refund is being process, will update you again once it is done”. Never able to give me a firm answer or reply. This is so irritating and i even try to leave a post at their FB page, they directed me back to my contacts in the website again. FYI, i did the transaction on end of August 2014, and till now i have yet to receive the refund from them.

    1. Hi Jess,

      There is a Mysale admin comment in the above. Look for his email and drop him an email on this. He will be able to help you facilitate the process faster.

      1. Hi Fiona,

        May i know how can i get the email address? I had tried to leave a message to their FB page, but the still direct me back to my contacts in the website. thanks

        1. Oh sorry. Just realized the email address is private. You can drop by to Mysale office for on the spot processing, like what I did.

          Here is the address:
          Lot G.03, Wisma Academy, 4A Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya Selangor

  19. I am sorry about your experience.. If i were u i must be smackdown the ABX courier 1st. Btw.. I just bought some items on mysale.. Now i am worried cause i read too much review about mysale and 98% all of them are bad. When i decided to bought, just saw the price n the picture so hypnotizing me…and i forgot to read the review 1st as i did before..
    Fiona,thank u for giving us tips n details how to deal with this situations..

    1. I already did smackdown ABX Dian. Not once but continuously everyday for two full months. The email was cc-ed to all the management level of personnel including MD, CEO and many more. The lady who handle customer service replied my email for the first few times before she too went diving underwater for a month. When I bug them again, she divert to her staff and he too pretend stupid and went diving with her and along with everyone in the company. They are just hopeless.

      You should have better luck than me. Most of my friend does. My first Mysale purchase was okay though. Maybe because I only bought one item comparing to numerous item for haul #2. Hope you parcel arrive safe and sound 🙂

    1. Hi Suu, I’m not on computer right now so I can’t give you. What you can do is, go to Mysale website using your desktop. Go to Privacy. You can find the address there.

  20. Hi Fiona,

    I am in a same kinda situation! My parcel is all not here and the estimated arrival date was suppose to be long ago!
    I will go their office and at the same time make a run to the consumer dept.

  21. Oh My god, reading your bad review making me feel so terrible! The first item that I has ordered from Mysale has arrived to me last year after waiting for almost 1month 2 weeks. I have ordered another items since 26.11.2014 and until now, today, 15.1.2015 i haven’t receive my shipment!
    They give me the tracking details but the answer when I track my item, NO RECORD is found!
    Maigadd, is this MYSALE are trusted online shopping actually? 🙁

    1. Now MySale take about 2 months+ for delivery. When it’s already past the delivery duration, you will be able to see the tracking record. My 2nd bad experience ( was delayed for 3 weeks and it came broken. Refund process is a pain. I’m going to stop buying there all together.
      MySale to my friends are okay – delivered, nothing stolen, nothing went missing, nothing broken. To me it’s all hell break loose.

  22. Dear Fiona & fellow bloggers,

    I am a representative for the MYSALE Group, and it is truly disappointing to see such issues with our customer’s purchases: be it with the orders themselves, or the service of our selected couriers.

    I would kindly like to extend an apology for any issues or inconveniences experienced with your shopping experience with MYSALE.

    We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to investigate each and every case raised by any of our valuable customers – however could I please request that you provide us with the details of your case here:

    Warm regards,
    MYSALE Member Relations

  23. Hello Fiona.
    I stumbled upon this today and feel unease after I purchase quite a number of Beauty Treats from Mysale earlier this month. So what do you think of the authenticity of the cosmetics? Is the product shipped directly from the US?
    I feel sorry for the trouble and hassle you ran into tho

    1. Hi Jesse, so far I’ve bought Clarins, BH Cosmetics and Copenhagen Candles. Not sure about the candles but the other two is authentic. I don’t think so there is fake for that. The brand Beauty Treats is not super expensive so I don’t think so MySale is selling fake. I’m also not sure if the products are really shipped directly from the US because the courier is local in the end. However they did use a 3rd party courier company before passing it to the local courier.

      1. I have purchased BH Cosmetics eyeshadow pallettes (a few as I combined for family and friends) with a couple of BH Cosmetics lipstick. Bought with some Australian brand lotions. All the stuff came in one big box packaged together about one month plus later.. Lucky the eyeshadow palletes were not broken and looked pretty original to me. I am planning on getting watches worth about RM 300 but the reviews are freaking me out.

  24. I experienced the same problem like you. Nilai kerugian saya lebih besar T^T. I just received the order a while ago. But when i opened the package, the only thing left is a box of watches and no watch inside. I’m very frustrated because i want to give the gift to my father as a birthday present. So, what should i do now? i don’t know how to go to the main office because don’t have their address. Plus, I live far from KL. Can you suggest me what should i do?

    1. Hi Abie,

      I wouldn’t suggest you to purchase expensive item from MySale seriously. It will take time for the customer service to reply you if you contact them through the account tab. The best way is to go to their office directly. You can find the address under Privacy tab. Good luck! Do update your progress here for other people’s reference k?

      1. I already got my refund after the ‘process of investigation’ and bla bla bla….It takes almost 2 months to settled. Hmm…sometimes i had to wrote bahasa kasar. I can’t control myself when they always gave me many reasons.

        1. Totally understand. Although I didn’t write to them in bahasa kasar but I was harsh to them too. I think they are kinda numb about it too haha.
          On the side note, I’m so glad you’ve gotten your refund Abie 😀

  25. Hi Fiona,

    I wish I came across your post sooner. I purchased a Montblanc watch from and up until today I have not received the parcel. I fear for the worse now.

    1. Oh Mont Blanc! How long has it been? Has it exceed the delivery time frame? If yes should contact MySale asap because MB is not cheap man. Make sure it’s authentic too ya.

      1. Hi Fiona,

        On Saturday (4.4.2015), it would have exceeded the delivery time frame. There definitely is something wrong already because I made 2 separate orders (the watch & the belt). The belt arrived safely and confirmed authentic but in respect of the watch, the “tracking” has not been updated. I fear that it has been “stolen”. I have contacted Mysale already and was informed the usual “5 days investigation” procedure (which I do not know if it’s real or not).

        1. That is odd. Usually by the delivery time frame the tracking number should be in place. I’m not aware of the 5 days investigation procedure because I was not put in such situation before. Probably mine wasn’t that expensive lol. Let’s see what Mysale say at the end of the investigation.

          1. I was informed by Mysale that the parcel is being held by Custom. Has anyone faced this similar response before? I’m getting quite skeptical especially after reading all the bad reviews, could be an automated reply and/or a reply to delay.

          2. Yes. For items sum insured above RM500.00, it will be held by Custom to be checked if there are any import taxes (now plus the GST). But I really don’t know if Mysale replies are the true or merely just to buy time/delay when the item is lost and/or actually stolen. Haha

          3. That’s very true on RM500 oversea purchase. I usually keep my purchase below that amount. I guess you just have to wait for them to release the parcel.

          4. What are the odds, I received my parcel yesterday, it really was detained by Customs. Confirmed authentic & new product as I went to an authorized Montblanc dealer to check its authenticity, was told that it was a good purchasing price through Mysale. Lol

          5. Well that’s good! Technically you won’t be charged anything because Mysale go through Quantium for customs. Your case could be just the detaining and Quantium settled it. It seems like a good buy 😉

  26. Hi fiona,
    I faced problem in requesting for refund.
    although they had asked for my details, no refund proceed until now (more than 3 months).
    I even pm them in facebook.
    Can you provide me their office address or their no?!!

    1. Hi Liyee,

      Please click on the Privacy link at the bottom of their website for the address. Don’t bother calling. They never pick up their phone. You can also take some time to read all the comments as I advised a lot of Mysale members previously, including how to contact Mysale 🙂
      Good luck

  27. You are such a brave lady. Good Job Fiona. Now i want to bang their door office. I bought watches amount a thousand over 3 months ago, until now didn’t receive it. I did request refund but the donkeys are blind and they ignore and snore. Mysale is such a M*7%$” F*#@e@ .

    As you mentioned earlier the mysale officer did a refund request to their base in singapore in front of you right? I will make sure they do this in front of me. I will bring police officer for my security purpose. Oh damn..

    1. Please do go bang their office door Lina especially when your purchase are that expensive. Yes. Mysale office did a refund request email to their base in Singapore in front of me. I also provide them with my bank details on the spot BUT Singapore will still email you asking for the same bank details over and over again. My second refund from other purchase was a pain in the a$$. I emailed over my bank details 7-8 times. Let’s just say I wasn’t in the mood to talk politely to them anymore after repeating myself for so many times.
      Wow. Police officer! Would they help in such matter?

  28. Hi Fiona,

    I’m facing a problem and I have to think it’s my bad for not Googling reviews on Mysale before buying. Their customers service is very poor. My order was stated, after 3 weeks, that it has been refunded. Then when I contacted them again, they said they have successfully processed my refunds. After that, I got an email from the Head of Member Relations claiming that it was due to error and they will still deliver the items that I ordered. And when I inquired about whether my order is refunded or will it be delivered, they suddenly say it will be delivered. I don’t know what to believe. I’m just going to wait until I get my item latest by 15th May, when I’m supposed to get it between 6-10 May. But hasn’t anyone reported them to SKMM already? Judging by a lot of complaints on the Internet. *sigh*

    1. Hi Farisha,

      When Mysale told you your refund was successfully processed, did you get the fund in the bank account? Now that you mentioned it, it’s funny that no one report them to any ministry. I complaint a few times on the Facebook and they deleted all my post. I seriously will not consider buying from Mysale anymore. Too much problem, too much headache.

      1. Well, no since the other day they told me they will deliver my orders, but some of them is out of stock I guess, so I should get a refund. Now, I’m supposed to get a refund of RM83.00 and the Mysale representative mentioned on 7th May that I have to wait 3 business days for my refund to be deposited to my account as they said the refund was successfully approved. It has been more than 3 days already and nothing comes in. I still haven’t received my order yet and when I wanted to track my delivery, there’s no results shown. Since you mentioned that they deleted negative feedbacks to their services on their Facebook page, I somehow have taken cautious steps to printscreen every conversation, emails I have with them. Just waiting for the right moment to use it, if my order did not come on time. But it’s as you said, dealing with them is a pain in the ass.

        1. The standard refund is actually 1 week. And sometimes they got it done in less than a week. Dealing with them is a pain. I would rather save my money for elsewhere and not tried to kill millions of cell from my body from dealing with them 🙂
          Hope you will get your order and refund soon dear.

  29. Dear Fiona,

    I was so excited at first to purchase perfumes from Mysale. It was rather cheap! But since the purchase will be around rm200+, I got myself to calm first and check the reliability of Mysale (thank god!). I’ve read a lottttt of complaints and I was shocked myself! Mysale seems like a well-known online shop. It was rather sad for you to encounter such purchase, but because of that, you get to share your experience, with incredible details, enough to make us consumers take a step back, and think again.

    So, thank you. Your lesson is indeed helpful 🙂

    Btw, on other side note, do you happen to know any beauty/makeup online store that is reliable and ship (if not free, cheap) to Malaysia? Hee. Thanks!

    1. Hello! Yes there are a lotttttt of complaints on Mysale throughout other regions as well, not just Malaysia. It is quite a well-known online ‘pre-order’ shop as the price is cheaper than physical store and online store. I have even tried making purchasing through a friend (combined order) and you know what? My item came broken AGAIN. It’s fated for me. I can never buy anything from Mysale, even through a 3rd party. All my friends however did not encounter such issue like me. I guess it really depends on your luck. You can try to make a purchase. Perhaps you are not as bad luck as I am 😀

      The other online makeup store which is cheaper is Luxola. But the price are getting more and more expensive. Another alternative is You can use my discount code RKZ742 to enjoy $10 off on your first order of $40 or more / $5 off on your first order of less than $40 😉

  30. Just googling for mysale contact and came across your blog. Have bought a few thing from them and normally pretty good. However, received a Michael Kors bag that has me convinced it is a fake. Deep scratches on the clasp and clear glue remnants on the strap. Have emailed/FB messaged/tweeted them but they still give me the crappy generic email asking me to send a request for returns. The catch is the return option is only available 21 days after dispatch. I only received the bag 29th dec so long after it was dispatch. No returns button available for the product. Now it is nearly impossible to get my money back and I’m fuming!!!

    1. I would be furious I am you Diane! I can feel you! What I understand from my friends who made purchases recently are that the refunds and returns policy are tighter now. Sucks. A few months ago me and my friend shared a purchase where she helped me to get a BH Cosmetics palette. The palette reached my friend completely shattered and Mysale refuse to give full refund. Even if she post the palette back to them, they reserve the rights to refuse a refund. That is why I never want to buy using Mysale. EVER.

  31. Well, I finally received a reply from them, after tweeting, messaging them on Facebook, inundating their Facebook posts with my issue. They manually made a RMA request code for me on Friday and I went to their warehouse in Wisma Academy to personally hand the bag in on the same afternoon. I brought the other Michael Kors bag I bought together with that defected bag, to show the difference in quality and everything else. So fingers crossed that I will get my money back. It is quite a big amount.
    I had never had any problem with them before and I have bought loads of stuff so I hope this is one incident in isolation for me.

    1. Lucky you! All my comments on their Facebook were deleted. In the end I just storm to their office in Wisma Academy. It’s faster and I always recommend this method instead of dealing over the account nonsense.
      I hope you get back the refund. Fingers crossed!

  32. dear sis fiona,

    would u mine to share me the mysale address in malaysia.. im in trouble also regarding parcel that not reached me nearly 2month. me n hubby wanted to go there to get back our money returned. your kind attention is appreciate. thanks so much.

    1. Here’s the address. Lot G.03, Wisma Academy, 4A Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya Selangor. It’s at Privacy link at the bottom of their website. Just do a little clicking and digging and you’ll find it. Good luck

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