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Vanity Table Beauty Organizer: DIY Cosmetic Box

I get to know about this DIY Cosmetic Box from my friend’s Facebook. His wife posted a photo of him installing the cosmetic box for her and the moment I saw it, I WANT IT. I don’t need it but I thought it’s cute. Isn’t it a cutie?

DIY Cosmetic Box 1
There are three colors to choose from – Pink, Red and Multicolor. I ordered the color Pink but it turns out like the Red from the seller’s Facebook page. Seller told me that this is the pink and the red would be red hot chilli pepper type of red. Anyhow the color is quite nice so no complain here.

Upon taking a glance at the installation guide, I nearly fainted. It does look complicated and it’s in Chinese. I don’t mind the Chinese wording but the diagram freaks me out. I took a deep breath and start laying out all the pieces to check if there is any shortage. I do the same with Ikea furniture as well. I wouldn’t want to install half way only to find out something is missing. When everything is intact, I start to install one section by one section, just like how the instruction guide told me to.

DIY Cosmetic Box 2
This vanity table beauty organizer doesn’t really comes with a name. It came in a plain brown box. Seller named it as DIY Cosmetic Box 🙂 . What I like about this unit is that it is quite huge and it comes with different sizes and depth section within the box which I find useful. Not only that. It comes with two drawer unit. Top one is shorter due to the brush holder compartment at the back of the box, while the bottom drawer is longer up till the back of the organizer. I also like this organizer for it’s unique shape on the edges. The drawer pull-out is kinda cute and not forgetting the die-cut babies on the background of the main board.

DIY Cosmetic Box 3
Installation maybe a little bit confusing at first but nonetheless it is easy to install once you get the hang of it. It is a plug and play type of organizer, something like my rotating makeup organizer. The only difference is that the whole unit is secured with white rubber bands. That’s right. Rubber bands. The downside is rubber bands tend to melt over time. What I don’t fancy is that the rubber band part is protruding out instead of in. Its understandable though. I treat it as a part of the design 😀

DIY Cosmetic Box 5
My unit does comes with a few chips here and there. I was a bit disappointed at first but again, its understandable. Scratches, chips or dents is unavoidable. Nothing is perfect, even if you pay 400 bucks for a Ikea drawer unit. There will be minor scratches.

DIY Cosmetic Box 6

DIY Cosmetic Box 7

DIY Cosmetic Box 8
Just an example on what you can store in the DIY Cosmetic Box. Oh noooo. It looks like my rotating can tamer that holds all my daily skincare products has a competitor now lol!

DIY Cosmetic Box 4
For RM45 including Poslaju shipping to West Malaysia is a good deal to me. I took a peep at the consignment note and wow! Shipping fee cost RM10. I love my new vanity table beauty organizer. Now, I need to find a space for it 😀


You can buy DIY Cosmetic Box at Hakuna Matata Facebook page.

Price: RM45 including Poslaju to West Malaysia. RM49 to East Malaysia.

Note: Although there is a few seller on Facebook selling the same item with different price, however those are not inclusive of PosLaju and I saw one with bad comments i.e. delayed shipping, faulty items and many more. Hakuna Matata price is reasonable. She replied to all my sms queries promptly and in well-manner. Service is excellent with super fast shipping.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • the pink colour is so pretty! i really love how this organizer looks, it reminds me of my “kerja kayu” (pertukangan) during Kemahiran Hidup subject at high school. I wanted to do something like this back then but being young and no internet at the hostel, it turned out so basic and funny XD

    • Me too. I like the overall look of it. Mum said it won’t fit a lot but it does fit a lot 😀 . I sucks at pertukangan during Kemahiran Hidup. I’m more into sewing. I scored high in the class for every project lol.

  • argg feel like buying this too!! haha… i want blue 🙁

    • Get the Multicolor 😀 . The baby blue is nice. I’ve not seen the real unit yet for Multicolor. I wonder how does it look like.

  • Aww… this is so cute! nice colour too! (Y)

    • Very very cute. I was clapping happily as I install it lol. Need to redo my whole vanity table in order to fit this.

  • I love this colour Fiona! So girlish and cute!

    • Hehe I love pink a lot too 😀

      • Hi Five!

        • ^5!


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