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BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Eau de Parfum: Exceptional carefully balanced ingredients of Cactus Blossom for Strength, Pink Floral Bouquet for Beauty and Cedar Wood for Life

It felt like ages since my last fragrance review isn’t it. I was told that reviewing fragrance is one of the toughest because we all have different body chemistry and different scent preference. In another word, what I like may not be what you will like and vice versa 😀 . Tell you a secret. I kinda enjoy reviewing fragrances. I mean, I am afterall just telling you what I think about the fragrance ON ME 🙂 . As simple as that.

Usually press releases came into my email inbox even before the fragrance does. As you already know, I would be more than happy to post these info up. This time around I’ve gotten my hands on the soon-to-be (I got this in August) launch BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Eau de Parfum even before the press release reaches my email inbox. I am a fan of HUGO BOSS Pour Femme line and I was expecting to love this new one too.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme 1
How do you like my interpretation of HUGO BOSS initial? The idea came while I was sleeping lol

Having to already own a bottle of BOSS NUIT Pour Femme a few months ago, I can already prepare myself for what to come – elegant, womenly, inspiration and confidence scent. Knowing that Gwyneth Paltrow, the ambassador for BOSS JOUR and BOSS NUIT is once again elected to be the ambassador for BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme confirmed my suspicious that the scent is going to be as good as the rest in the line. BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme completes the trio and reveals a new dimension to the BOSS woman.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme 2
Now let’s go through briefly on the bottle. What I like about the Pour Femme line is that all three fragrance uses the same elegant flacon design and packaging, with the exception of color coordination to differentiate each fragrance from one another. The new MA VIE Pour Femme comes in my most favourite color of the universe – pink! If I would be more specific on the pink shade, then it’s not barbie pink or just any other pink, it’s soft mellow pink. You know, the kind of pink that could easily melt any girl’s heart? That is unless you’re not a fan of pink like I do. HUGO BOSS decided to go mellow with the new fragrance as a contrast to the elegant black of BOSS NUIT Pour Femme and the simple yet light design of BOSS JOUR Pour Femme in order to create a balance between the BOSS Parfums collection of fragrances for women. The precision cut of the crystal lid is a representing the attitude of BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme, while the gold band adds a modern element to the feminine flacon. These two Pour Femme identity is the same you see across the whole line.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme 3v2
The inspiration of BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme came from the independent spirit of a woman as she pauses to indulge in the simple moments in life, like a walk home at dawn, the sun shinning on the skin or even the touch of a flower. It is these simplest and yet pondering, treasuring life moments that the BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme woman is at her most captivating, exuding a glow of femininity and confidence. It is the fresh, indulgent and fulfilling scent composition that invites you to take time off, to treasure and savour each moment. That is what BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme fragrance is all about.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme 5
My preference towards fragrance is pretty straight forward. I prefer floral scent that is womenly, that gives me the confidence and joy throughout the whole day. I had a tolerable nose that is able to accept any kind of fragrance even if it’s fruity, sweet or even musky. And yet I’m always leaning towards floral scent more. Because my nose is so used to perfume, I can’t really smell them on myself. So I tend to mist onto myself more. Yes. I’m one of ‘that’ people that tend to over-spray themselves with perfume. Sorry if we met, hugged and I drowned you in my perfume lol. After I’ve unboxed MA VIE Pour Femme, I didn’t want to mist it on myself directly. The reason is I wanted to test out the new fragrance differently this time and also because I get dizzy at certain perfume now which I never did before. The smell of MA VIE Pour Femme lingering in my room air space was quite adoring that I couldn’t hesitate getting some onto myself. One hour later I find myself getting overwhelmed with the scent. You see, MA VIE Pour Femme is nothing like every other fragrance. The perfume landed onto my skin smelling all floral-y with Cactus Blossom, soon followed by Pink Floral Bouquet with Rose Bud. What I didn’t expect is that the scent gets heavier and heavier as the day goes. Most of the time perfume would end up lighter and lighter but having Cedar Wood as it’s base note obviously turned things around for me. I’ve learnt that the good ol’ several mist is not the way to go with this fragrance. One or two mist is all I need.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme 4


Scent Description

Top – Modernity: Cactus Blossom
Top notes of cactus blossom accord capture the invigorating green freshness of the uncompromising desert plant, providing a unique and modern element to the fragrance. Known to demonstrate unconditional love of life in any condition, the essence evokes a lively and uplifting brightness, igniting the BOSS woman to fully live her life and take pleasure in the moment.

Heart – Femininity: Pink Floral Bouquet with Rose Bud
A blooming bouquet at the heart of BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme unifies the key florals of BOSS NUIT Pour Femme and BOSS JOUR Pour Femme, with a tender and soft pink feminine twist. Suave pink freesia and jasmine petals were blended with delicate rose bud, creating a natural floralcy. Often perceived as tender and delicate, rose buds carry the concentrated strengths of the densely layered, pure core of an immaculate rose, providing an elegant sensation of softness with strong femininity.

Base – Confidence: Cedar wood
The intense warmth of sheer woods and cedar wood forms the base of the fragrance. Known to encourage an attitude of confidence and ease, it inspires the BOSS woman to take a moment to herself, grounding her with a heightened awareness of her feelings and surroundings.

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme 6
As I’m drafting this review to be up for tomorrow morning posting, I am misting both Pour Femme away on top of my head. If you ask me what’s the different with both and which is my favourite? It won’t be fair to compare the two from the same brand and same line but if I have to choose, it would still be BOSS NUIT Pour Femme mainly because it tones down to a pleasant scent that gives me the confident and makes me a happy camper. However I like how MA VIE Pour Femme opens up to a full bloom floral scent. Maybe I should combine both fragrance together 😀

What do I think about MA VIE Pour Femme scent? To me it’s more of a mature, feminine and classy scent.


BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Eau de Parfum is available at all major department stores and perfumeries nationwide.

BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 30ml – RM168
BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 50ml – RM236
BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Eau de Parfum 75ml – RM305
BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Shower Gel 200ml – RM103
BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme Body Lotion 200ml – RM113

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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Fragrance reviews are some of the most difficult for me. It’s like looking at wine and they way they change with each individual’s chemistry is quite complex.

    Is this the most feminine I’ve ever seen from Hugo Boss. I like the dusty pink bottle and gold accents on Ma Vie but and the reason I mention the packaging is because…well, sometimes I just buy a perfume because of the bottle 😉

    • Ma Vie will be a standout on the vanity table. I have all the pretty ones out. Soon I’ll place all fragrance on my table. It makes me happy by just looking at it. One thing about Pour Femme range is the opaque bottle. I’m someone that like to see how much I’ve used up. I guess I’ll have to shake it if I wanted to know lol

  • I like the HB initial done using Hugo Boss perfume bottles and boxes^^ Majority perfume bottle is all clear. This is something different. We know how much you love pink^^ 😀

    • Ahhhh thanks! Finally someone like my HB interpretation hahahaha! You are right. Majority perfume bottle is indeed in a clear bottle. Which you prefer? This opaque type or clear bottle?

  • This.. is one of the most beautiful women’s scents ever. I usually have a hard time finding a nice perfume for myself – usually, the ones which are raved about everywhere just smell too sweet/too spicy/too heady etc. on me. I can be pretty fussy with fragrances. But when I was sent a sample of this, I fell in love.

    • Beautiful and sexy! I have been quite lucky with perfume so far. I like all the perfumes I own 🙂 . So far there is only one that smells like pee on me after an hour. But the rest are all good 😀


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