Metal mirrored vanity tray for the ever growing collection of fragrances

I was in the dilemma if I should talk about this now or I should put it in my September Favourites. As you already know my monthly favourites will not have any item that I’ve mentioned before in the blog. After a whirlwind search on the perfect tray for my perfume collection, I thought this tray deserve it’s own standalone shoutout 😀 .

The idea came when Paris B of MyWomenStuff posted a question on her Instagram asking if we store perfumes in boxes or display the pretty bottles. I’ve always been the one who keep all perfume in it’s original box because I wouldn’t want to display it out and clean the dust off all the time. I keep all the perfume behind my vanity table’s sliding mirror compartment and I will only take one bottle out to use on a weekly basis. This organisation has been working out fine for me. Well, that was before I reshuffled all the furniture in my room and now my bed frame is blocking the sliding mirror making it a challenge for me to take my perfume out.

Fragrance Tray 1
Initially what I pictured in my mind would be a cake platter/stand/tray or whatever you call it. In my mind I’ve always wanted a white flat top cake stand within the RM30 budget. If searching for the white one is near impossible, I can do floral on white surface and if that too is impossible to find, I can make peace with clear stand. You are seeing this means I wasn’t able to find any of those and then I had my heart on this metal mirrored vanity tray while on the hunt for what I initially wanted.

I drove all the way to SSF Bandar Sri Damansara (because SSF Facebook admin said that’s the largest showroom) a few days ago to look for a particular white flat top ceramic cake stand that I found on Google but sadly that unit was discontinued. There was a few more other cake stand that I like however I wouldn’t want to splurge on RM100 tray for my perfume to sit on. While I was browsing, I saw this exquisite all-metal tray with a tiny legs (is it called legs?) on the bottom. The best part is, it came with a mirrored surface. This particular tray is exactly what I’ve been seeing on Google lately whenever I search for perfume storage ideas. It turns out that every other girls at oversea store their array of fragrances in such tray. I never expect to find such tray here in Malaysia, although I think this tray is sold here mainly as “hantaran” tray used in Malay weddings. The price for this tray is way cheaper (RM45.90, member price RM39.90) comparing to every other tray I’ve seen in SSF. I joined their membership program and paid only RM32.13 after 30% birthday month discount 😀 . After spending two hours roaming around looking for the right tray, I finally settle with this tray instead. I couldn’t stop thinking about the mirrored surface. The funny thing is, every other tray has a name for it. This one is named “Tray” only lol. I guess the store have no idea what it is.

I have about 25 perfumes at the moment if I’m not mistaken. This tray is huge! I need to move every brush holder and glass container aside to accommodate this tray. I managed to squeeze it in with a bit of the side sticking out of the table edge and making sure that the tiny legs at the bottom is far from falling off. As huge as the tray can be, I didn’t manage to put in all of my perfume bottles. I have to leave five bottles out of the tray. But I’m happy with the way it is now.

Fragrance Tray 2
Fragrance to me is something exquisite and the tray holding it must be equally exquisite as well. I couldn’t just get any tray for it. That explains why it took me some time to find the right one. I’m attracted to this metal mirrored tray mainly for it’s detailing on the side and the mirror surface on the bottom. Don’t it makes everything look more elegant? 🙂

Fragrance Tray 3
How do you store your fragrances? Do you leave it out on the table or drawer or do you keep all of it in their boxes? There is no right way or wrong way when it comes to displaying your beauty products. If i can choose, I would still prefer to keep everything in it’s box so that I have lesser things to clean lol 😀


16 thoughts on “Metal mirrored vanity tray for the ever growing collection of fragrances

  1. Wow that’s a lovely looking tray to store your perfume collection! Looks exquisite with the carving, plus it’s metal and the reflective surface is eye catching too. Good one! You’re so creative and innovative. Recently a few products that you use to store makeup stuffs are related to food like the glass container, the multi purpose can rotator and this tray. Good for you girl 🙂

    1. Thanks Jenn 😀 . Metal will last longer and it’s unbreakable comparing to ceramic. Gotta love those reflective surface yo! I’m into decorating recently. I’ve been looking on household items can you believe it lol

    1. Hi Lyn! I saw your Instagram on your new lovely home. Congrats! Love the new space. It’s very spacious. A makeup room is a dream come true 😀 . Go to SSF for this tray. I saw from their website on member birthday discount and I’m not too late to apply so I applied and got this tray cheaper lol. Best part is I can go back for another 20% off this month 🙂

      1. Thanks, Fiona 🙂 A lot of hard work went into this new home. I must check out this SSF place. There’s one in Puchong, which is closest to me. Thanks for the recommendation.

        1. A lot of hard work but the sense of accomplishment is huge 😀 . SSF or Romantika would be the place to walk around for household or decor stuff. Ahh yes there’s one in Puchong. Wanted to go there a few weeks ago but distracted to warehouse sales lol

    1. I’ve heard that from my friend too. It could be you developed a scent allergic when you’re pregnant. You know how hormon can play around with everything else 😀 . And maybe you haven’t been using for a long time so you can’t stand perfume even after giving birth. I too have headache on a few of my favourite perfume. So weird.

  2. May I know which shop or outlet you bought that tray from. I live in subang jaya. So may I know which place you bought it from. Ive been searching for that one.

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