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Baccarat November 2014 X L’Occitane Divine Skincare Gift Set

Last month, I’ve shared with you on Facebook that Malaysia Tatler October 2014 + Weddings 2014 issue are giving away L’Occitane Divine Skincare Gift Set worth RM250 and that I didn’t get any as I wasn’t feeling excited about paying RM30 for one heck of a heavy magazine that comes with a deluxe size L’Occitane set. Lucky for me because last Wednesday I went to KLCC for SK-II event and I found out that Baccarat November 2014 is also giving away the same L’Occitane Divine Skincare Gift Set worth RM250. And it only cost RM15. Now, that’s more like it.

Baccarat November 2014 comes with L'Occitane Divine Skincare Gift Set
I didn’t plan on blogging about this but there isn’t much action going on with magazine GWP for the past few months so I thought I could spice up my magazine GWP entry for the blog a bit otherwise there will be spider web forming lol.

I’m not sure if I’m into the box more or L’Occitane content more. I sure am more excited looking at the cute box though haha. Oh and each box is wrapped with a plastic bag.

Baccarat November 2014 comes with L'Occitane Divine Skincare Gift Set Box
Let’s see what is the content for the L’Occitane Divine Skincare Gift Set that is worth RM250. It contain three deluxe size product from Divine collection namely Divine Cream 8ml worth RM75.05, Divine Youth Oil 4ml worth RM62.55 and Divine Extract 4ml worth RM61.05. Total value for the product is only RM198.65. I guess the balance RM51.35 is for the box.

Baccarat November 2014 comes with L'Occitane Divine Skincare Gift Set Upclose
As for me, I wouldn’t even think of getting it if it’s RM30. I’m glad I didn’t. I only bought it because coincidentally I was at Kinokuniya and it’s RM15 per magazine. If you’re a L’Occitane fan, you may want to get this. If not and KLCC is too far for you, you have to judge yourself if it’s worth it and if you really have good use of it. You don’t need to buy if you have drawers and drawers full of over stashed skin care. Save the RM15 for other magazine GWP. There bound to be more good stuff coming up.

I was surprised that there are still GWP left even on the 5th. Usually GWP like this would be sold out in no time. I normally enter from the English magazine section so that I could see the poster from the front. This time round I enter from the craft book section so I’m not sure if there is any poster facing the front of the entrance. If the poster is there, I’m surprised it’s not sold out haha!


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  • Walaou…. Some more break down the price. *clap hands* You’re such a motivated blogger. Must be more like you.

    • Haha!! Just in case everyone rush over and disappointed with the size and value 😛

  • I actually like the box until I saw the price! RM 51 for that box?? So expensive!

  • I don’t use Loccitane and I’m not near to Kinokuniya hehehe^^

    • Oh yeah. You’re in JB 😛


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