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Black Silica Salt: Ditching chemically produced products for 100% natural derived ingredient products for a healthier skin

I don’t have good skin all the time. I used to have a skin that can take every single skin care products but that changed after a few skin allergy episode in 2012. I still remember the first time I had a “good skin state” is early this year and it went hay wired after trying a new skin care. A month ago, my “good” skin returned and you know what that means…it’s time to test out some new skin care 😀

Today’s skin care review looks like any ordinary skin care products. Not quite for me because I call this Black Silica Salt a bizarre beauty. Why, what, how, who, when and where? This you have to find out below!

Black Silica Salt Range
Black Silica Salt is a skin care brand brought in all the way from Japan by a Malaysian company, Mihada in early 2014. Black Silica Salt was originally developed by Reimei Japan since 2005. The founder are very protective about having their homegrown brand and product out from Japan so it took Mihada quite some time persuading Reimei to let them spread the benefits of the product of out Japan and to Malaysia especially. I’m glad Mihada managed to brought this brand into Malaysia as there is no other place to purchase this product but from Japan directly.


What is Black Silica?

I bet you are as confuse as I am when I first heard about black silica, what more the products. This skin care range – Black Silica Salt is made from 100% natural derived ingredients and it contain two main ingredients that are so easy to recognize as it’s all in the name. You’ve guessed it right. The main ingredients are Black Silica and Salt.

Black Silica
The black block thingamajig you see above is Black Silica. Black Silica originates only in the mountains of Hiyama in the Kaminokuni region of Hokkaido, Japan. It is a precious and valuable discover because Black Silica was formed during the very beginnings of life hundreds of millions of years ago at the bottom of the ocean and is recognized as one of the world’s rare natural ores. It is often referred to in Japan through its nickname “phantom ore” due to its scarcity. Black Silica is acclaimed to contain many healing attributes that many in Japan feel that its characteristics can save the earth. Black Silica is the trump card for rebuilding the earth’s contaminated environment. Currently, there is only ONE US company that hold the North American and Caribbean exclusive rights for the distribution and sale of Black Silica rocks from the Kaminokuni region of Hokkaido, Japan. And Black Silica Salt uses Black Silica extracted by this company. It is the only skin care that uses Black Silica as ingredient.

Black Silica Mountain
Even Far Infrared Radiation that Black Silica naturally emits melts the snow

I was told that the Black Silica Salt range is a simple but yet powerful for those who want a healthier skin especially problematic skin. As simple as the key ingredients are, the key benefits are the same as well. Just two and these two is enough. You don’t need 100 promises for a healthier skin. So I was told!

  • Emit Natural Far Infrared.
    Far Infrared absorb by cell helps in improving blood circulation, speed up metabolism and help to eliminate unwanted wastes.
  • Emit Natural Negative Ion.
    Negative ions are a type of antioxidant that are present in nature. It reacts with and break down toxins in the bloodstream system.

The whole regimen is simple, just three simple steps with three products. Just so you wanna know, Black Silica Salt range only consists of three products at the moment 😀


Black Silica Salt Facial Soap (RM99 / 50g)

Of all three products, I had the toughest time with Facial Soap mainly because it carries more prominent Black Silica scent comparing to the other two. Bear in mind Black Silica Salt is a skin care range that is with 100% natural ingredients with no artificial fragrance in it. It is not a secret that I’m guilty of liking skin care that are properly scented. It’s unhealthy for my skin, I know 😛

Black Silica Salt Facial Soap
In fact, Black Silica Salt Soap natural ingredients was only developed after stringent selection. That is because of consumer’s perception of facial soap bar that will cause skin dryness therefore Black Silica Salt recognized this matter and only wanted to come up with a cleanser that will moisturise the skin and prevent skin dryness at the same time. The packaging is also kept simple to coincide with the brand’s concept. All Black Silica Salt products are completely made, packaged and imported from Japan itself.

Facial Soap contain a black color 50g bar of soap together with a foaming net. At the beginning I thought it is so troublesome to use a foaming net to produce foam as the soap itself is able to product sufficient foam on it’s own. After a few days of using without the foaming net in the middle of my trial, I realized that my soap became smaller in a faster rate. A lesson learnt. Use the foaming net included! 😀

Black Silica Salt Facial Soap and Foaming Net

Black Silica Salt Facial Soap in Foaming Net
Now comes the fun part. This is how you use Facial Soap together with it’s foaming net.

Black Silica Salt Facial Soap How To Produce Foam
(1) Place the soap into the net.
(2) Wet the soap with some water.
(3) Push the soap to the middle, grab both ends with both hands and start scrubbing.
(4) “Pull” the foam out from the net, add some water if necessary to make more foam or to make the foam more denser. I would usually just produce enough foam and apply directly.

You will notice that the foam is in grey due to the Black Silica ingredient in it. Rinsing is quite easy as it’s foam instead of a cream or gel. Normally if I leave any cleanser on my face for too long for photo shooting, my face will get drier and drier by second. That’s not the case with Black Silica Salt Facial Soap. It doesn’t dry my skin and doesn’t irritate or tingling on my skin. The only downside for me is the all natural scent lol. But most importantly, my face is surprisingly clean, bouncy and looks great!

Black Silica Salt Facial Soap How To Use
Important Note: Right after rinsing with water, DO NOT towel the face dry. That is because the water on the face is needed for the second step / product – Facial Esthe.


Black Silica Salt Facial Esthe (RM199 / 180g)

The second product from Black Silica Salt happens to be my top favourite of all and also the saltiest of all. Oh yeah you heard me right. It’s very salty. You will taste it on the lips when rinsing 😀 . Facial Esthe is an interesting product. It looks like a mild scrub but the gel-like texture said the otherwise.

Black Silica Salt Facial Esthe

Black Silica Salt Facial Esthe Security Seal

Black Silica Salt Facial Esthe Dispense Hole
What makes Facial Esthe one of it’s kind product is because it contain natural ingredients with unique penetration ability. The product is able to thoroughly improve skin pores and also promote skin metabolism as well as immunity. In fact, I can’t pinpoint exactly what this product is. You can say this is a mild scrub (minus the harsh beads) or you can say this is a product that deep cleanse and prep the skin for the next step. All I know is my skin feels extra smooth, soft and bouncy after using it. If you’ve read my review on Philosophy The Microdelivery Peel, Facial Esthe gave me the same result as that. I thought it looks familiar until I realized hey, this is so much like the Philosophy one!

Black Silica Salt Facial Esthe Hand Swatch
Using this Facial Esthe is simple and straight forward. Right after rinsing Facial Soap foam with water, do not wipe the face dry. Immediately dispense some Facial Esthe and apply all over the face. The water on the face earlier is needed for the face massage and to help melt the product down. This is also why I said it looks like a gel-like scrub but once I start to massage it all over my face, the gel texture broke down into a slippery substance and there is a slight warm on the face that promotes skin metabolism . I can feel fine beads at the beginning and that soon disappear when it melts. On my skin, this product stings a bit and gives slight warm feelings that helps promoting the metabolism of the skins. The feeling tingling is due to the reaction of suit towards the acne scar which will enhance skin immune system and help scars to regenerate faster. I thought I used too much or it’s too salty for me. I was wrong. Turns out my skin condition is bad so the product was “working” on my skin.

Black Silica Salt Facial Esthe How To Use


Black Silica Salt Natural Skin Water (RM199 / 150ml)

The last step in the regimen is none other than Natural Skin Water. I mistaken this for toner and it’s not quite. I call this the moisturizing water because this water is all you need to maintain the skin’s moisture.

Black Silica Salt Natural Skin Water
If there is one thing I have to comment, it will be this pump. My advise is to pump the product out onto the palm at the sink because this spurt everywhere! Other than that there’s no complain from me on the whole range 😀

Black Silica Salt Natural Skin Water Dispense Hole
Black Silica Salt believe that it is necessary to increase the osmotic component is miscible with sebum in order to promote skin metabolism. Natural Skin Water is made from slight acidic mineral Ion water, harvested from Mount Fuji. This type of water is the best to used when it comes to skin care. Together with Mount Fuji mineral Ion water, nano placenta is also added in. This concoction will improve metabolic function and amino acids that are constituents of the skin, mainly ceramide is a natural moisturizing factor. The texture feels just like water. It is absolutely lightweight and doesn’t put any burden on bare skin nor does it cover the pores.

Black Silica Salt Natural Skin Water Texture
I used this product just like I’m using a normal moisturizer. I don’t use any cotton pad as I prefer to pat the product into my skin directly. I usually pump two full pumps onto my palm like this 😀

Black Silica Salt Natural Skin Water Pump
And I like to warm the product with both palm together. You can skip warming up product if you’re not into it but for me, I’ve been doing this for so many years so it’s quite hard for me to change the habit.

Black Silica Salt Natural Skin Water Warm With Hands
Next is to gently pat the product onto the face. I like to start from the inner face and move towards the outer, follow by the forehead and jaw 😀 . I usually repeat the step at least 3-times to ensure that I had the product fully absorbed into the skin.

Black Silica Salt Natural Skin Water How To Use


My Experience + Before and After Photo

I’ve been using the whole Black Silica Salt range for more than a month and I’ve finished the whole range. It all went well with the exception of two incidents. I wasn’t told nor am I prepared for a breakout. Within the first week of using, I had a medium breakout incident. I thought it was just hormonal until the representative from the company called and ask on my progress. I met up with him and then only I found out that my skin was detoxifying. Now, this don’t happen to everyone. Majority users don’t get breakout and the handful of users who do get breakout, are getting a few pimples only. Mine was a medium size breakout that lasted for 2-3 weeks.

Black Silica Salt Breakout
My skin still looks good even while having breakout. Not bad eh?

According to Mihada, my skin was seriously congested on the inside due to all the chemical products I put on the face. Black Silica Salt product reacts to it and starts to decongest thus eliminating all the toxic out. Usually this detoxifying is through breakout. Luckily for me my breakout stopped and even the marks cleared in a super fast rate. I was actually quite impressed!

Another incident was when I wanted to skip a few days of using the regimen and use my own skin care. I wanted to see what and how my skin will react to “normal” skin care. Boy I regretted it because what I used to use is now too harsh for my skin. A few pimples popped out but that too soon disappeared after I went back to Black Silica Salt regimen. This makes me realized just how much chemical is in our skin care and that really scares me.

My skin was probably not so healthy on the inside because I started to see promising results towards the last league of the regimen. Right before I ran out of product to use, my skin was back to the good self. I didn’t know my skin’s improvement state until I put up the Before and After photo side by side. Before I started using Black Silica Salt, I did mentioned that my skin was at it’s best state. It was a tad bit dry and was reinstated with the use of Natural Skin Water 😀 . Notice the red patch on my inner right brow on the Before photo? That was tamed down too.

Black Silica Salt Before and After Full Face
The biggest improvement I say is on both side of my face. Somehow or somewhat, previous marks are lighten, complexion is more even toned and smoother.

Black Silica Salt Before and After Left VIew

Black Silica Salt Before and After Right VIew
I was kinda sad when I ran out of Facial Soap and Facial Esthe as my skin had just transformed to better. Honestly the last month was the happiest month for me as I don’t need to be stress about layering a few layers of skin care although I do enjoy layering but it’s good to not doing it and to have a good skin along the way. What I never expect is how moisturizing Natural Skin Water is. Don’t look down on the water because the water alone is enough to keep my combination oily skin hydrated and day by day, I can see that my skin is half less oily than before. The whole range is to be used day and night and it’s not heavy on the skin especially on day time, comparing to using a normal cream moisturizer.

I’ve seen the use of sugar or pepper in skin care and this is the first time I’ve tried product that uses salt as one of the key ingredient. Do you suffer for problematic skin? If your answer is yes, this is the answer to your problem. You can read more about other user’s testimonial at this link.

Black Silica Salt is now available at Mihada Asia online store only.

Store Link:

+ Facial Soap 50g – RM99
+ Facial Esthe 180g – RM199
+ Natural Skin Water 150ml – RM199

For more information, please visit Black Silica Salt Facebook page at or at


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Oh, boy… I. AM. SOLD,

    U know what, I have breakouts on my skin, enlarged pores and acne scars as well as uneven skin tone since Form 4… and after reading your review, I just wanna splurge on the products and ‘reclaim’ my skin!
    I prefer a regime that’s less hassle and less products and 3 products are enough for me (minus the eye gel) 😛
    but RM500 at one go… phew…. -_-”
    Maybe wait till i settle my car loan (yippee! I’m finally F R E E fr that loan!) after Dec… Hehehe… 😀

    • Their new website (the one I linked) is still under construction but once it is ready, you can redeem sample to try first before making a purchase 🙂 Then you can decide if it suits your ehehe.
      Wahhhh car loan settle in Dec! Congratz! 🙂 Mine just restart so it will be another 4 years to go haha. But time flies 🙂

      • thanks for the heads-up for the sample, Fiona 😀
        yes, would be great to try it out before investing in it

        LOL… susah for 5 years edi, cutting budget on many things
        Finally can start to save some extra moolah for retirement 😛

        • So true. Car instalment AND maintenance can be a burden.

          Keep an eye on Facebook. I’ll post up when the sample redemption page is ready 😉

          • Great! Thanks, girl 😀

  • Wow, this is epic! The “after” photo showed so much improvement, it reduces the redness on your skin and brought a subtle glow 🙂 I have seen the foaming net sold together with organic hand made soap. Looks so foamy and fun haha. Glad you benefited from it and I totally get what you mean by good skin day. Mine comes on and off but when there is huge stress at work, then my sleep will take a toll and play musical chair with skin with acne and eczema spots.

    • My face is not so red anymore. I’m usually lazy with foaming net but this bar of soap is best used with a net otherwise I can’t get the type of foam I want. Mine still on and off especially “during the month” lol. I only had eczema spots after I was on Hyperthyroidism medication. Before this I never had that. So weird.

  • I miss you review. Welcome back^^ The after is impressive. You face appear less red and more even toned^^

    • Sorry that my blogging schedule went hay wired last week hehe. I went back to work and the work is something different that what I’ve imagined it to be. Oh yeah. My face is less red and the blotchy patches on both my face is gone. Not bad right? 😀


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