Clarins Holiday Collection 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Clarins Holiday Gift Set

If you’ve been wanting to try out Clarins, now is the good time. Clarins skin care set is one of my most sought after as it is way more worthy to get than individual product. Let’s see if this year’s holiday gift set is as good as the one I bought three years ago shall we?

Clarins Holiday Gift Set 2014


Body Must-Haves – RM369 (worth RM540)

Clarins Body Must Haves
This set includes:

  • Stretch Mark Control 200ml
  • Tonic Body Treatment Oil 100ml
  • Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin 30ml
  • Energizing Emulsion For Tired Legs 125ml
  • SFL 3-Day Supply Kit
  • 4 Shades UV Sachet


Body Shaping Experts – RM370 (worth RM545)

Clarins Body Shaping Experts
This set includes:

  • Body Shaping Cream 200ml
  • Contour Body Treatment Oil 100ml
  • Body Lift Cellulite Control 30ml
  • Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate 30ml
  • SFL 3-Day Supply Kit
  • 4 Shades UV Sachet


Brightening Basics – RM360 (worth RM560)

Clarins Brightening Basic
This set includes:

  • WPTL Intensive Brightening Serum 30ml
  • WPTL Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser 125ml
  • WPTL Bright Pure Aqua Milk 50ml
  • WPTL Smoothing Brightening Night Cream 15ml
  • SFL 3-Day Supply Kit


Extra-Firming Duo – RM550 (worth RM735)

Clarins Extra Firming Duo
This set includes:

  • Extra-Firming Day Cream 50ml
  • Extra-Firming Night Cream 50ml
  • Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream 30ml
  • Extra-Firming Body Cream 30ml
  • Extra-Firming Eye Cream 3ml new!


Hydration-Gel Essentials – RM360 (worth RM535)

Clarins Hydration Gel Essentials
This set includes:

  • HydraQuench Intensive Bi-Serum 30ml
  • HydraQuench Cream-Gel 50ml
  • One Step Exfoliating Cleanser 30ml
  • Body Lift Cellulite Control 30ml
  • SFL 3-pc Sample
  • 4 Shades UV Sachet


No.1 Serums – RM485 (worth RM760)

Clarins No.1 Serums
This set includes:

  • Double Serum 30ml
  • Shaping Facial Lift 50ml
  • Extra-Firming Day Cream 15ml
  • Defining Eye Lift 8ml
  • 4 Shades UV Sachet


V Shape Essentials – RM520 (worth RM640)

Clarins V-Shape Essentials
This set includes:

  • Shaping Facial Lift 50ml
  • Defining Eye Lift 20ml
  • Shaping Facial Lift Wrap 75ml

Last year I didn’t buy any of the holiday set because I couldn’t find anything that I like but this year, one or two sets caught my attention. Besides all the sets that are stated above, there are more value buy sets available over the counter and skin spa. Usually skin spa carry slightly different sets and the rest is the same. What I used to do is to go both side for a peep. Skin spa have some exclusive sets which most of the time I find interesting.

The pouches for this year’s holiday sets are not my favourite of all. And besides the sachets, Clarins could do much better by putting in a sample size instead (UV Plus HP, BB Cream, Shaping Facial Lift). However do take note that not all product sample comes in tube. Some product only comes in sachet like the Double Serum. Overall, I still say Clarins Christmas sets are the most worthy to buy. Do check it out over the counter 😀


+ Body Must-Haves – RM369 (worth RM540)
+ Body Shaping Experts – RM370 (worth RM545)
+ Brightening Basics – RM360 (worth RM560)
+ Extra-Firming Duo – RM550 (worth RM735)
+ Hydration-Gel Essentials – RM360 (worth RM535)
+ No.1 Serums – RM485 (worth RM760)
+ V Shape Essentials – RM520 (worth RM640)

For more value buy sets, please visit this link –


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  • Just bought Clarins product few weeks ago. Since I work as BA in Clarins so I know how good it is. Just bought the hydraQuench la. Why I didn’t saw this that day? Should have wait for the hydration set!!

    • Oh noooo. Christmas set is so much worthy but nevermind. Maybe can get this one as spare. Hydration Set doesn’t come by all the time 😉


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