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Top 5 Favourite Perfumes: My pick of the lot and why I love it

One of the question I get a lot is what is my favourite perfume. If you ask me out of the sudden right in front of my face, I would have problem answering you there and then. The reason is I have quite a number of perfume that I rotate on day to day basis so it is inevitably that I have a few personal favourites.

Top 5 Favourite Perfumes 1
There’s a lot happening on my vanity table at the moment but my absolute favourite area is none other than the perfume tray that I bought not long ago. It fits almost all of my perfume with the exception of maybe 2-3 bottles that I don’t reach out at all. This is my Top 5 Favourites Perfumes of all time 😀

Top 5 Favourite Perfumes 2
I did some deep thinking before posting this to make sure that these five scents are really really reaaallllyyy my favourite because after this it will be online and I can’t do anything about it lol. It’s really not that hard to gauge which is my favourite of the lot. These five scents are the one that I reach out the most. I used them quite generously, drowning everyone near me *sorry peeps!* 😛 . For some odd reason, my tolerance towards certain perfume scent has changed. Some of them gave me dizziness and headache, which they never did before. Have that ever happened to you? It’s really frustrating!

Top 5 Favourite Perfumes 3


Dior Addict Eau Fraîche EDT (RM240/50ml, RM340/100ml)

Ranking at #1 is the first perfume I received from Dior as a token of appreciation. Dior Addict Eau Fraîche has been my go-to perfume till to date. I tried not to get attach to it too much because it’s running out very fast but I failed. The scent is so addicting. If I can describe one scent that says it all about me, Dior Addict Eau Fraîche would be THE one. It’s scent is quite light so I usually mist 4 times all over me. I like how I smell with this scent on. I would repurchase this as soon as I’m on my last drop. Might get the whole set that comes with shower gel and stuff too if they have it 😀

Top 5 Favourite Perfumes 4


Estée Lauder Modern Muse EDP (RM200/30ml, RM290/50ml, RM420/100ml)

When I forbid myself from reaching out to my Dior, I find my hand moving towards the newly launched Estée Lauder Modern Muse. Despite having to just launched back in July 2014, heck I’ve already used up quite a lot. This perfume is infused with Jasmine accord in it and Jasmine is not my favourite flower or scent at all. I absolute hate it. Can you imagine how surprised I was to myself that I love the scent? It makes my knees weak everytime I wore the scent. Perhaps it’s due to the perfume’s dual-impression contrasting aspects, I couldn’t get enough of the scent when it tones down. This scent kinda reminds of me the Dior despite both are totally the opposite. I don’t know how to describe the feeling it gave me. It’s the womanly confident sensation that goes well with my body chemistry. If you’ve met me recently, most probably you’re sniffing a lot of this scent. I literally drowned myself with it okay? 😀

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina EDT (RM190/30ml, RM265/50ml, RM355/100ml)

Signorina is not just my favourite but it’s a favourite of everyone I know. It’s a feminine, romantic and young scent that is easily acceptable. The funny thing is I was so used to the scent that I couldn’t smell it on myself so I started to mist on MORE and people can smell me a few metres away! 😀 . This is one of the few scent that I recently started to have dizziness and mild headache despite only misting it once or twice. Somehow I’m no longer tolerate to it as much as I do previously. And it is also recently that I’ve been using it quite frequent and the dizziness stopped. What I like about this Signorina is the romantic feminine feeling I get whenever I’m wearing it. It lasted the whole day on me without any changes with the scent from the beginning. The price is also pretty affordable comparing with others.


Gucci Guilty EDT (RM225/30ml, RM275/50ml, RM368/75ml)

On days where I want stronger scent, I’d go for just two. One of it is Gucci Guilty. Gucci fragrance line in generally are strong character. Guilty on the other hand is strong too but it’s a feminine floral scent. Despite of it’s strong character, the scent surprisingly goes on light on me which is why I can take it. No headache or dizziness. This scent used to tone down into powdery scent on me but recently the scent is totally different. The only reason I could think of is that my body chemistry has changed. I like it more than before this so no complain on the change of body chemistry 😀

Top 5 Favourite Perfumes 6


Ivoire by Balmain EDP (RM260/50ml, RM375/100ml)

Ivoire by Balmain used to be my all day everyday perfume. I’m not someone into woody or musky scent and Ivoire falls under the woody category. The scent is exceptionally strong but unique for its kind. It’s strong personality scent is not for everyone especially if you’re into fruity or even floral scent. In fact a few people I know told me they don’t like this at all and I’m the odd one. I love it! I call this the ‘manly’ women fragrance. This is a perfume for me when I want people to take me seriously in a meeting or when I have formal events to attend to. It is only recently that I ran into a bit issue with the fragrance. I get a mild headache whenever I had this one. That doesn’t stop me from using it. Now I’m using Ivoire on moderate. The max I mist on is twice and that lasted the whole day. If you like a woody, strong personality and confident scent, try Ivoire!

Now it’s your turn to tell me what is your Top 5 Favourite Perfumes. Does your favourite changes all the time? As for me, I can take all kinds of perfume but my favourite usually remains the same unless a new launch came along and I couldn’t stop reaching for it 🙂


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  • I don’t have 5^^ I have 2. Davidoff Cool Water and Issey Miyake L’eau d’issey. On my wish list I have DKNY and Coach that I wanted to try for so long. I’d get DKNY first. I’m scared if I can’t finish it all^^

    • I have Davidoff Cool Water too! It was my first perfume purchase after recommendation from a guy friend. He said girl smells good with it haha! It’s finishing soon too.
      I know lots of girls adore L’eau d’issey. I’ve never smell it though. Kinda curious now on the smell. I nearly bought DKNY “apple” from Estee Lauder staff sale. I find it too sweet for me so I skip.

  • My favorite fragrance is Chanel No.5. My mom said it smells weird like an old woman :P. I don’t find the scent to be that bad. I actually like it very much. Expensive but yeah.

    • Haha yeah I heard about the old woman smell. Isn’t it a bit strong? Some bought it because it’s like the iconic perfume. Some bought it for display 😀

  • My fave is still Vera Wang Princess. Very ‘girly’ smell but I love it, haha! (But it’s so damn hard to find -__-) Second fave is Narciso Rodriguez (black bottle) which I always associate with LBDs and fancy ‘atas’ occasions lolol because it’s a very sexy kind of scent. XD I also have the Signorina and it’s a very nice scent, my go-to when I want a more subtle but feminine fragrance.

    • Better stock up before they discon it. I hope not. I’ve heard about Princess too. It seems like a “hot” scent. Narciso Rodriguez make good scent. I went for this perfume profiling event and I was matched to NR. It’s very florally. I’m finishing Signoria soon! 😀

  • I started off with Body Shop’s Fuzzy Peach perfume oil in high school.
    It all started with my friend ( a guy!) who often walked passed my classroom window (to go to the staircase) and he’d reek of that particular scent (he curi-ed fr his sister’s vanity table!) LOL…
    Then, it was Clinique’s Happy, and Avon’s First Love.
    My first ‘real’ fragrance was CK One. Till now, it remains one of my favourite, maybe because its scent brings back a lot of memories.
    And CK Eternity.
    DKNY’s Be Delicious is also a personal favourite too.
    I received an Estee Lauder Pure White Linen Light Breeze as a gift from someone far away, and it reminds me of the special times we spent together whenever I used it.
    I like light and fresh-smelling fragrances, not the sweet or floral or musky type though.
    But I’ve since ceased using EDT since the last quarter of 2011, since I got preggie.

    And yes, I feel dizzy and nauseous with some fragrances and used to get a headache whenever I pass by those fragrance counters… LOL…

    • Urrggghhh CK One is amazing. I never smell such a nice scent before for a unisex perfume. It’s one of my favourite scent too. I have the roller ball version of Eternity from Bag Of Love, which I bring with me everywhere. It’s perfect for the after-lunch and it smells refreshing. My other favourite is Euphoria. It’s very strong, very similar to Jimmy Choo scent. Dizziness and nauseous is normal unless you get your body to familiarize with it 🙂

  • Ahh I love Signorina and Dior Addict as well. It’s on my wishlist for a veryyy long while. Right now I’m loving See by Chloe, got it 50% off at Changi Airport. Such a steal! I use VS’ Love is Heavenly as an everyday perfume. Also got it at a discount cos it was gonna be discontinued. The others I like which I don’t own is Versace;s Bright Crystal, VS’ Bombshell and Roses de Chloe.

    • Get Dior Addict! It’s oh so good but Signorina is cheaper by price comparison. I first sniff Roses de Chloe sample spray at the distributor office when they’re about to bring the fragrance in. It’s really like a pure Rose scent which I like very much. Now I feel that the scent is so much different. Not as rosey as what I sampled before that.

  • I think I spot Davidoff Cool Water!! How was it? I smell it years ago when I was very young and I like it so much. But then it was very long ago. Then recently only I found out there is only EDT for the perfume.

    • Ahh yes! My very first perfume. It’s light and refreshing. Doesn’t last all day but the faint scent lingers on 🙂

  • My first perfume as well!! Given some leftover by my aunt like very very long time ago. But the scent never fade in me memory. It’s still the same old smell so I decide to buy it!

    • I saw your purchase! You bought from the same seller that I bought mine many years ago. What a coincident!


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