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First & Second Impression: Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Mattes, Cream Blush & Amazing Lipstick

As someone who is absolutely fanatic about discovering new makeup brands and new makeup products, I find myself looking for the best price and deal around town. I find it hilarious that my friends called me the best bargain hunter. They said I always make them spend 😛 . You’re missing out big time if you didn’t follow me on Instagram because that is where I shared the most about my daily discovery.

There’s a new makeup brand phenomena happening recently and a little birdy told me earlier that this brand is very affordable. If you still don’t know yet, Makeup Revolution is the brand that I’m talking about and they finally made it to Malaysia early December after massive promoting on the Instagram for the past few months. I was sent these to try and I’ve been using all of it diligently for nearly a month. I have mixed feeling about it so here’s what I can tell you based on my first impression as well as my second impression.


You must be wondering why is there a second impression. Well, I have to make what doesn’t work for me work thus the second impression. I don’t know about others but I don’t usually use once or twice times and do a review. I don’t jump into conclusion even for products that I don’t like. Yes that includes makeup products. Understandably, opinions on product changes. I want to make sure this is exactly what I feel before noting it down.


Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Mattes (RM32)

There are a total of ten 12 Shade Palette available and I have to say the Redemption Palette Essential Mattes is the one I like among the lot. You can clearly see why. It doesn’t only contain neutral shades but a blue and purples as well.

The plastic packaging is quite flimsy. Mine is slightly cracked on the opening but that’s alright. I’m not complaining with the price tag. I’ll flip if I’m paying big buck for it lol. If you’ve been following my current eye makeup routine, you’d know that I used seven shades on my lid at one go. I cannot live without ‘bone’ shades for the entire lid before I begin my eye makeup. Lots of bone shades to be exactly. This palette is a spot on. The first four shades is what I used the most. From the swatch below, you’d realized that the color difference is very small especially the third and forth shade. I’ve used the palette even before I swatch it on my hand so I can tell you that it doesn’t swatch easily comparing to application on the lid. I had a hard time swatching these shades especially the black. It’s as hard as a rock and every other shade is extremely powdery. But who cares on hand swatches anyway. The most important is how it goes on the lid 🙂


My favourite? The two purple shade on the second last and last. Not quite a matte shade. It appears a tiny bit satin than the rest.



Makeup Revolution Cream Blush #Caramel Shake (RM12)

One of the reason I was anticipating the arrival of Makeup Revolution parcel is because I was expecting to get I Heart Makeup Hearts Blusher, which is the dupe for the oh so expensive Too Faced blush and it turns out I didn’t get that but I get this cream blush instead. Now, I’m not quite the cream blush fan although I do use it once in a while. My blush preference is still powder but it’s okay, I vouched to make this work and I did.

The shade Caramel Shake is also not my first preference if I were to choose a blush. I’m into pinky blush and this one right here is more of a peachy brown shade on pan. For some reason pink blush on the pan makes me really happy. At first I thought it would look dark on my skin tone and hey, it turns out absolutely beautiful on the skin. Eventhough it is a cream blush, it spread out matte and dries down immediately. This has got to be the product that I’m less excited with and it changes my mind the minute I had it on.



Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick #Treat (RM8)

I received two lipstick in total. The other one is a bubble pink, a shade which I don’t wear at all and it doesn’t goes well on my skin tone so I’m not going to talk about that. Let’s talk about a peachy nude lipstick #Treat instead. Amazing Lipstick is even more affordable bearing the price tag of RM8 each.

I’m not excited with this one either because the cap is all wobbly and the top with the lipstick shade looks like it is going to fall off anytime soon lol. It’s weird that what I thought is the base is actually the cap 😛

Blame the camera. It’s not suppose to be pink like the photo above. In fact it’s a peachy nude shade. I don’t usually wear nude so I was skeptical. I never expected a full coverage lipstick with opaque coverage. It is amazing just like the name! The lipstick is so creamy but doesn’t crack on dry lipstick. It doesn’t settle into the fine lines and I don’t even need to apply lip balm before that. And if I had a really bad cracked lips for the day, this lipstick will create a layer on top and smooth everything out. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. It’s true for this lipstick 🙂



Take One

After a week of heavy rain and cloudy skies, I decided to just put makeup on and took some photos. On that particular day, I decided to skip eye lid primer and just dust a ‘bone’ shade (1st shade from left) from the Redemption Palette Essential Mattes all over my lid. I figure the powdery eyeshadow could act as a primer and I was so wrong. I had the most difficult time blending the dark purple on my lid. Then I figure since I’m on the palette, I will use the eyeshadow as eyeliner and line the lower lash with it. I have sensitive eyes and watery eyes to begin with. I knew that these eyeshadow is powdery but since I haven’t use it to line my eyes before, I did not expect the powder to irritate my eyes badly and make them watery. My eyes can’t stop watering up so it was a fail photo shoot. But nonetheless I want to show you what I’ve came up with. Nothing major. Nothing special. Just a look that I like to do.



Take Two

Yesterday my eyes was feeling much better so I decided to give the palette another try. But this time I decided on an everyday look. Nothing smokey or what so ever. And I learnt from mistake. I used a proper liquid eyeliner and eyeliner pencil to line my upper and lower lash line.

I used the lightest brown on the palette (5th from left) as my crease transition shade. I would prefer something more warm and since there was none in the palette, this shade is the best to use. I used the third shade from the left, which is a very light peach shade and pack onto the entire lid. If you would prefer something more intense, you could use a white cream shadow as base and pack the eyeshadow on. Then I used the light purple (1st from right) on the 3/4 of the upper crease. I didn’t use any dark color so I make sure I create a line on the crease with the purple. And I didn’t quite blend it out. I didn’t want a clean line. Lastly I used the 1st shade from the palette for the under brow bone.

I actually piled up quite heavy Cream Blush #Caramel Shake on both my cheeks and it seems to disappear with the bright light from the window 😛 . If you see me in real you’d think I’ve gone mad with two rows of peach cheekbone! I do like the cream blush now. I notice that no matter how many times or how hard I swirl my stippling brush on my face, the blush doesn’t move any of my foundation at all. It just blended in so well. And the lipstick. Oh gosh. It’s the p.e.r.f.e.c.t peachy nude shade for my skin tone. It does have a fruity scent to it but that doesn’t bothers me.

There you have it! It’s not a major review as I don’t have much to offer you but the most important thing is that I managed to make what doesn’t work for me, work. In a nutshell, Makeup Revolution is quite an interesting brand from the UK and the affordable price tag is definitely a plus point for everyone who is into makeup. Do check out their sister brand – I Heart Makeup. You must all be warned that you might faint from major cuteness.



Makeup Revolution and I Heart Makeup is available online at http://www.makeuprevolution.my/

+ Redemption Palette Essential Mattes – RM32
+ Cream Blush – RM12
+ Amazing Lipstick – RM8

For more information, please visit Makeup Revolution at http://www.makeuprevolution.my/ or Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/makeuprevolutionmalaysia


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Happy New Year Fiona. Don’t worry about the review being minor or major. You seems to put up quite a content dense-packed review all the time. I’m sorry to hear the powdery eyeshadow irritate your eyes. Perhaps skip it for area that is nearer to the eyes and use pencil eyeliner. For the eyes sake 😀

    My favorite would be the lipstick. It is so cheap! NYX is considered good and cheap. This is a whole new level. I just want to ask……does the fruity scent lasts the whole day? I’m not keen with lipstick with scent.

    • Happy New Year Khatijah 🙂 . I’ve already wrote shorter and lesser for this blog post. By the time I finished, I was shocked. It’s around 1.6k words lol. Oh boy. That is a good idea. I’m so afraid with powder irritating my eyes now. Pencil eyeliner seems to work well for me hehe.
      As for the lipstick, the scent doesn’t last long. It went away after some time don’t worry 🙂

  • i really love the lipstick colour you got! it’s good to know that the lipstick is awesome even on dry lips 🙂

    • I’ve check the website. This shade seems to be the most wearable and nicest haha 🙂

  • I agreed^^ The lipstick shade you got is pretty^^

    • Thanks Eve! Do check out the website ya.
      Oh and Merry belated Xmas and Happy New Year 😛

  • Hi Fiona,

    Besides Redemption Palette Essential Mattes what other palette would you recommend?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Happy new year girl! May it brings us more fun and bright times ahead 🙂 Lovely eye makeup product review as always 🙂 I am so smitten by your eyebrows and also the neutral eye makeup. Looks superb with the peachy nude lipstick. I saw some photos on IG and was intrigued by the number of neutral shades that they have offer within a palette. With the affordable price, I think this is a win to increase neutral shades collection. I will be sure to check them out soon 🙂

    • Happy New Year dear! <3 The neutral eye makeup is my lazy day makeup hehe. I like to define the crease higher and highlight the eyelid. They have a fairly good selection of neutral palettes. Some all matte, some a mixture of matte and shimmer / satin. I prefer this one more because others are too dark for my liking.


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