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Third time’s a charm? Unfortunately not for MySale

Fiona, Fiona. You never learn from experience isn’t it? After my awful 2nd online shopping experience with MySale several months ago, I vowed not to spend a single dime at MySale anymore. Here’s the story. I have RM30 voucher which will be expiring pretty soon and I just want to let the voucher burn. Until I saw Christmas candle in the Home & Living section. I’m obsessing over candles for the past few months. All the YouTubers (my main influencers) are talking about Christmas candle or Pumpkin Spice and I desperately wanted a few. I couldn’t find any Christmas scent candle in KL and MySale had it. That was before I found out about Yankee Candle availability in Malaysia so you can save the nagging 😛 . And please no Diptique candle talk because it’s too expensive for me to burn my money with. I burn candle like no tomorrow so oh God no.

MySale Copenhagen Candle
As you can see from above photo, I only ordered two candle – Christmas Spice and Christmas Tree. Both is very Christmas-y, very huge and they came with three wick, which is always good for a big candle like this.

I’m so lazy to talk about delivery but since there has been some changes with the courier company, I thought I should update you too. MySale FINALLY ditched ABX and go with GDex. I was thrilled to learnt that it’s GDex that is delivery the parcel but then I remembered my brother’s experience with GDex. Apparently the branch near me was a lazy one. They would hold the parcel for days even to a week and then simply state in the system “No One At Home”. Here’s the thing. Both my parents are at home on weekday. On weekend we make sure at least one person is at home because your home girl has been online shopping every single day so there’s at least a parcel per day. Yeah I know. I’ve been naughty. So my parcel has been stuck in GDex since 8th December. The system state “Out for Delivery” and I would go home to no parcel awaiting for me. I finally gave GDex a call yesterday (Friday) at 9.30am and they said they will send it on the same day. Within 15 minutes or so, I checked the tracking system and it was stated “No One At Home”. Wtf? So my guess is the delivery guy is too lazy to deliver and the clerk just helped him by entering that into the system. The best part is, I received a sms half an hour later requesting me to collect the parcel personally from their office. Since I’m also expecting Zalora parcel from GDex, I was lazy to argue and drove there.

I went to collect both my parcel this morning. While waiting for the girl to retrieve my parcel, I could already hear the broken glass sound while she was walking a few metres away. I knew I’d blow up big time if I were to open my parcel there and then so I decided to check my parcels in the car. I started off with Zalora parcel and it was in tip top condition. Can’t say the same with MySale parcel since I already knew it was broken. To be frank I was a little surprised to find out that one candle is not broken. So I walk back in ‘calmly’ to GDex office and showed then the broken item. I refused to let them have the item to claim because I need to submit a refund claim to MySale as well. So she took some photo and I went home with a broken candle, a new candle and my Zalora haul.

MySale Copenhagen Candle Broken
Christmas Tree scent is my most anticipated scent for Christmas 🙁

On another note (too lazy to start a new post), I once again had a good experience with Zalora. Not sure if you remember this but Zalora used to get a lot of bashing for their shitty service, delivery time, delivery, wrong item sent etc. Contrary to other people, I have had good ones with Zalora. I knew about the 12.12 Online Fever campaign a few days earlier and I happened to saw some items that never goes on sale are on sale on the 10th December. 12.12 Online Fever was scheduled to go live on the midnight actually. I placed my order on the 10th December and my parcel was shipped out the next day.

I like that Zalora used a huge box for small item and padded it with air bubble packaging to keep things in place. Zalora also include a return Poslaju slip just in case.

Zalora Return Slip
I bought a Make Up For Ever HD Powder which was on 25% OFF from the original price of RM150. I used a secret code for extra 20% and paid just RM90.40 for this. Initially I also wanted to bag HD Foundation (which was also on 25% discount) but I couldn’t remember my MUFE shade so I didn’t buy it. Also check out with a neclace from Something Borrowed.

Zalora Order
There you go. My rant on MySale again (what’s new) and another satisfied Zalora purchase. Did you spot the special discount on Sephora section in Zalora? Do share with me your haul from 12.12 Online Fever sale 😀


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  • Fiona, if your looking for candles… Bath & body works is opening soon in Nu Sentral! 🙂 I’m pretty much excited for that one.

    • Yes, I knew a few months ago that BBW is opening in Malaysia as I saw their job ads in Jobstreet 🙂 . I bought these a few months ago in preparation for Christmas as there’s no exact date on BBW opening and MySale will take a few months to arrive. I’m heading to Yankee Candle as they are more stronger scented hehe

  • Eh Fiona, I think you really damn suey with MySale leh. I received all my purchases from MySale all intact (nothing to say about their delivery time coz everybody already knows how THAT is like). >_< Best is still Zalora, they ship very fast and the packaging is very good. 🙂

    • I totally agree! I seriously don’t have luck with MySale at all. If I can choose, I can tolerate with the delivery time BUT stolen items and broken item is too much. Asking for refund is a tedious thing to do and I hate trouble. And Luxola too! I don’t shop that much at Zalora. Now that they have some beauty brands that Sephora carries, I’m gonna buy from there next time with my secret code lol

  • Gdex is worst ever, my dad received a parcel for me. Guess what… flyer was torn and half of the content went missing. The delivery guy try to hide something as he ask my father sign on the consignment note 1st before he get the parcel from the truck.

    • Try ABX and Airpak. Both equally worse too. GDex used to be quite good. They arrive my house by 9.30am sharp. That was last time. I think I’ve read your post in Facebook. I tell you what. Go to GDex website, search for the GDex branch details responsible for your area. There’s a branch manager and mobile number. Spam that guy. Now… go crazy!

  • Yea I kinda love Zalora now and I had bought lots of cheap bargain from there!!
    Never ever buy from Mysale! haha

    • Hehe yeah. Zalora is getting more interesting 🙂 . MySale…oh gosh. I thought it would be better after they changed to GDex. Turns out GDex is getting worse now. I used to have good experience dealing with GDex. Now that I’ve learned that Zalora is also using GDex, I’m a bit reluctant to shop there.

  • So sorry to read about the mishap…
    I must salute you for holding your cool and being calm, Fiona (Y)
    If me, i’d surely blow my top and those bozos are gonna get it there and then from me!

    • I tried so hard not to scream to everyone in GDex office for simply putting into the system that no one at home. And I tried not to throw the candle back at them. But MySale have yet to respond to my email so I guess I might need to storm into their office again.


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