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BareMinerals Customizable 6-Piece Get Started Kit: My current favourite mineral powder foundation

When it comes to Sephora, BareMinerals is the most generous with providing samples to the store. I remember many years ago when Sephora opened a store in KLCC and there was a BareMinerals READY Foundation and brush deluxe sample redemption. I redeemed mine successfully even at that time I wasn’t their White Card member. Fast forward to 2014, a few years after the first Sephora store here in KL, BareMinerals foundation and brush deluxe sample is the most given out GWP by far.

I never went back to purchase the highly raved BareMinerals powder foundation because the deluxe sample doesn’t work for me. The powder is sheer and the mini brush which is suppose to bear the same bristle as the retail size brush is so scratchy and flare out. At that time I couldn’t understand how or why everyone like it. How could anyone replace liquid foundation with mineral powder foundation that sheer? I soon learnt why.

BareMinerals Customizable 6-Piece Get Started Kit
It all started with me watching From Head To Toe YouTube video on how to apply BareMinerals foundation. That’s when I was sold. Of course I have some reservation as well because Jen’s skin is flawless compare to mine. I think it was about 2-3 months later I finally gave in and went to Sephora to purchase the Customizable 6-Piece Get Started Kit.

Previously the kit was a 7-piece kit with an extra concealer brush. They should really include the concealer brush back to the customizable kit because spot concealing is necessary when it comes to powder foundation. This Customizable 6-Piece Get Started Kit is not cheap. It cost me RM244, foundation being RM119 and the kit being RM125. What’s even shocking is that the MATTE Foundation still bears the manufacturing date of June 2012! I only check the code against Check Cosmetics after a few weeks so exchange is out of the question. My only advantage is that this is a powder so it won’t go bad fast.

BareMinerals Customizable 6-Piece Get Started Kit comes with the following. You get to choose what type of foundation you preferred. I had my eyes only on the MATTE Foundation. Another best option is the ORIGINAL Foundation.

  1. SPF 15 Foundation. I chose MATTE Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15.
  2. Mineral Veil® Finishing Powder.
  3. All-Over Face Color in Warmth (bronzer).
  4. Full Flawless Face Brush.
  5. Flawless Application Face Brush.
  6. Prime Time Foundation Primer.

BareMinerals Customizable 6-Piece Get Started Kit Content


Prime Time Foundation Primer

I was given a 4.5ml of this primer a few years ago and it is by far the best primer I’ve ever used. It’s 99% similar to MAKE UP FOR EVER All Mat Face Matifying Primer but this BareMinerals gives me a better mattifying result. You can use this primer to smooth away fine lines, enlarged pores, uneven texture, flaky dryness and remove excess oil on the face. So far I’ve not used any other primer to pair with BareMinerals foundation because I feel that their foundation works better with their own primer so why bother to change right?

BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer
I notice that when I pair this primer with BareMinerals powder foundation, not only my makeup lasted from 6.30am to 9pm, my face is not even oily and that I never blotted once. I can see a little shine peeking through but that only makes my skin dewy. The makeup remains flawless. I even walked under heavy rain once. I rushed to the washroom thinking my makeup melted but nil. Nothing budge at all. There are several occasion where I’ve forgotten to apply the primer and my face is so oily that I needed to blot several time throughout the whole day. If not, I don’t need to be worry about my face at all 🙂


MATTE Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15, All-Over Face Color & Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

There are three powder product in the kit. Only the powder foundation is full size whereas Mineral Veil is a miniature and the bronzer is a deluxe.

BareMinerals MATTE Foundation Mineral Veil All Over Face Color

BareMinerals MATTE Foundation Mineral Veil All Over Face Color 2
Despite the ORIGINAL Foundation being the best among the lot, I still prefer something matte. So I chose MATTE Foundation. The shade I chose is Fair, a shade for fairest porcelain skin with pink undertone. Now, I don’t have fair porcelain skin nor do I have pink undertone. Foundation oxidize on my skin no matter how much the brand claim that their foundation never oxidizes. It will on me eventually. So I always make sure I get the fairest foundation available. In fact, the second lightest shade Fairly Light, which is for neutral undertone suits my skin tone by description but Fair look so much better on my skin 🙂 . I love the Click, Lock, Go™ sifter but there is still a little powder escaping through the gap in the sifter.

BareMinerals MATTE Foundation Fair
The least excited in the kit for me is the All-Over Face Color in Warmth. It is said to be a complexion boosters that infuses radiant light into the skin but the dark chocolate shade on the jar freaks me out. After using it several time, I have to say this is a product that I will not skip whenever I’m using BareMinerals. The shade is quite forgiving on the skin and somehow everything blends together when my face starts to oil up a bit.

BareMinerals All-Over Face Color Warmth
Mineral Veil® Finishing Powder is also said to be one of the star product for BareMinerals. I got to know from a girl in YouTube who is working with BareMinerals at US saying that this powder is the key product that will hold and seal everything together. I agree with her. It’s not just a finishing powder. It’s like a glue that keep everything on all day long. There is a day where I’ve forgotten to apply Mineral Veil and my makeup is not as flawless as it’s suppose to be. It took me a while trying to figure out what went wrong. I foresee that I will be repurchasing this if I ever ran out.

BareMinerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

BareMinerals MATTE Foundation Mineral Veil All Over Face Color Hand Swatch
BareMinerals MATTE Foundation, All Over Face Color & Mineral Veil Hand Swatch


Full Flawless Face Brush & Flawless Application Face Brush

The kit also comes with two retail size brushes. This is what makes the kit so much worth it. As I know the brush is not cheap. It is recommended to use BareMinerals brush to apply the powder foundation. What I like about BareMinerals foundation is that I can choose the type of coverage I want. Full Flawless Face Brush is to obtain medium-to-full coverage while Flawless Application Face Brush is to obtain light-to-medium coverage. The smaller brush is also for the application of All-Over Face Color and Mineral Veil Finishing Powder.

BareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush Flawless Application Face Brush


Prepping the skin

This step is not necessary but it is necessary for me as I have out of this world large pores. After applying Prime Time Foundation Primer, I like to use Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream to fill in the pores on my forehead, nose and both cheeks. The downside of using BareMinerals MATTE Foundation is that it doesn’t cover or ‘fill in’ the pores nor does it minimize the appearance. I think it’s the flare out brush that causes it. The first few times I actually apply Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream over the powder and that works fine but I figure it would be better if I were to prep the skin prior.

BareMinerals MATTE Foundation Preparation
The reason why many people didn’t go back for the full size after trying the deluxe sample is due to the lack of knowledge on the application technique. This is not ordinary foundation. If you’re just using it as normal, it won’t work. I remember feeling nervous before using BareMinerals powder foundation as I’ve tried before and it doesn’t give me the needed coverage. So I search for tutorial video on YouTube and stumbled upon Shelbey Ashburn. Thanks to her in-depth explanation and step-by-step demonstration, I FINALLY got it to work on me. The key is the signature Swirl, Tap, Buff® application technique. It’s very simple. Just dispense some powder on the lid, Swirl the brush in the lid, Tap off the excess back to the lid and Buff onto the skin in circular motion.

BareMinerals Swirl, Tap, Buff Application Technique
Honestly I do find using BareMinerals powder foundation to be extremely time consuming. The use of this product require a lot of time and patience. This is why I don’t use it to work. I learnt that less is more with this product. The product is great and it’s the repeating application that bothers me the most. The most misconception of this product is to dispense a lot on the lid, apply and off you go. No you don’t. Application requires section by section. Each section I only used this much.

BareMinerals MATTE Foundation Amount To Use
As I have larger pores on the center of my face and the powder doesn’t fill in, I like to start with my nose and inner cheeks by using dabbing motion. This is the only section I don’t buff the powder in. Then I repeat the process on my forehead, left cheek, right cheek, chin by using the Swirl, Tap, Buff technique and using the same amount of powder for each section. For the whole face, I would repeat at least 4-5 times to get a near-full coverage. That’s a lot right? It is. It’s so time consuming that I feel like fainting. But at the same time it’s fun putting on makeup.

BareMinerals MATTE Foundation Application
Here’s the Before and After using MATTE Foundation, before spot concealing. It’s ahhh-mai-zinggg!

BareMinerals MATTE Foundation Before & After v2
I struggled with concealing dark spots at the beginning. I’ve tried applying concealer prior and it disappear with the buffing. I even tried applying concealer after the powder and it’s patchy. In the end, I follow what Jen (From Head To Toe) did. I use a small angled flat brush, dip into some MATTE Foundation and dab onto the spot that I want to conceal. At first it appears white-ish, after a while it was all fine. Concealing too take a few repeat application. Oh God.

BareMinerals MATTE Foundation Spot Concealing
All-Over Face Color is to be applied right after foundation with Flawless Application Face Brush. The shade is dark but easily sheer out using the same brush as well. I would apply on my cheek bones, bringing it up to the temples and hairline.

BareMinerals All-Over Face Color Warmth Application
Now, to seal everything in. Using the same Flawless Application Face Brush, I will then lightly dust Mineral Veil Finishing Powder all over the face. Buffing is not necessary. At this point, the powder will sheer out All-Over Face Color earlier. I don’t skip this powder unless I forgot. This powder helped to control sebum as well.

BareMinerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder Application
I learnt by experience that the powder doesn’t look as flawless as I expected it to be immediately after application. It is only when the face starts to oil up a little bit that the foundation fully set and blended with the skin. That is when it turns to be the most flawless and beautiful foundation of all. And somehow the foundation sets to full coverage too at this time. Just compare the photo on top and the closeup photo below. Below photo is when shine starts to peek through.

BareMinerals Customizable 6-Piece Get Started Kit Closeup Result
BareMinerals MATTE Foundation has quickly become my most favourite base makeup and it is obvious why. Having said that, it is not my preferred foundation to use on daily basis due to the time consuming application method. Beginner should get the Customizable 6-Piece Get Started Kit first and repurchase the foundation when needed. The foundation itself is not pricey as you only need to use a bit so a full size jar can last a long time. I’m not sure if you could purchase just the kit alone without the foundation though. It’s quite tempting with two retail size brushes in it.

Remember, if you fail to get coverage with the foundation, it’s not the product or the brush fault, it’s the application technique.

BareMinerals Customizable 6-Piece Get Started Kit Result
Tell me, are you willing to go the extra mile and spend a great amount of time with foundation?

BareMinerals Customizable 6-Piece Get Started Kit is available at all Sephora stores nationwide.

Price: The kit is RM125, your preferred SPF15 Foundation is RM119+-

For more information, please visit


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • No. I don’t spend a lot of time on foundation. Yikes! This one seems tedious to use^^
    The finishing is gorgeous and smooth. You are right^^ It’s nicer when your face is slightly oily^^

    Great review from you as usual =)

    • Thanks dear!
      It is no doubt the most tedious to use but I love the flawless finishing. It’s smooth because of the Mineral Veil. It kinda blurs away imperfection. Cool huh? 🙂

  • Hi Fiona,
    I saw from bareMinerals website that there’s a new kit. Do you know if we will have it as well? Thanks.

    • Hi Lindie, hmmm I’m not sure though because US used to have the 8-piece kit and we still have 6-piece lol. I’ve seen the kit. It’s not as attractive as this 6-piece. The one and only brush sure is a different one. I’d rather have 2 brushes hehe

  • OMG! I also wanting to try Bare Minerals for so long! Everytime I go to Sephora I will always stare at this and wondering should I buy it. Until now I still haven’t buy and try it. But after seeing your tutorial, the make up make your face look so flawless, and it is so nude like no make up at all. But as you say you need to spent some time on the make up which is a no-no for a lazy people like me… yet I will try it next time. No harm trying right…
    May I know where you get the flat brush? My face has a lot place that need to concealed! hahaha

    • Hi dear, it’s also great for acne-prone skin. If use for a long duration, the skin will improve day by day. Same here. I stare at bareMinerals foundation all the time but never buy any. I thought the kit is confusing. I can never make sense of the price listed on the shelf.
      Actually you can skip the bronzer and just use the foundation and finishing powder. My case is different whereas I need to ‘fill in’ my pores first lol.

      Good news! There’s a holiday set consisting of a ORIGINAL Foundation and a Flawless Application Face Brush at Sephora. This set is only available at Sephora KLCC and Starhill. It was RM180 and now RM90 after markdown. I will be getting this one. If you want let me know. I can grab one for you too 🙂

      Oh the brush is from Faceworks in Instagram. Remember the cheap brush duo I got from Instagram seller? That’s the one.

      • When are you going to get it?? Help me get it please if you haven’t buy it. I think I need to use it as my face is more acne prone now maybe due to stress and not enough sleep. haha… Any shade to choose for the original foundation?
        Yup I remember! Maybe I have to get the brush as well!!

  • Wah. I read from top to bottom and trying to digest how time-consuming it is just for the base makeup, lol! But honestly, it really does look amazing; surprisingly it looks best when your skin starts to oil up a little like you showed in your pics. I guess it would be worth the time and effort, especially for special occasions or when you have lots of time to make up. XD
    P/S: What lippie are you wearing in the pics? Love that colour!

    • It is! So insane that I cannot use in the morning to work. I so wanting to use it daily but I really don’t have time to do all the buffing 🙁 . You can skip the bronzer and just use the foundation and finishing powder. It’s amazing. I’m in love. Gonna buy one again. Not the kit but the holiday set which is on markdown 🙂
      It’s great for special occasion. It’s a no makeup makeup type of foundation.

      Oh the lippie is actually Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in Fuchsia 🙂

  • Interesting but kind of stressful that it requires so much time and effort to apply but I really like the result on you.
    I think it would work well on my tzone – I feel so oily here and it’s a pain but I can’t imagine when I can fit this into my daily face job.
    Nice to have you buck the usual and tread where the rest of us fear to go, Fiona. Another lovely post by you!

    • It was stressful trying to hurry the whole Swirl, Tap, Buff process especially when section by section is required and not to mention a total of 4-5 layers. Some people will need lesser layer i.e. 2-3 layers for girls with good skin. Use your Becca primer for T-zone hehe. I still remember how mattifying it is for you 🙂
      Fiona going where no one will want to go LOL. Like Star Trek movie eh?

  • Those lips and eyebrows! So cute and eye catching and so you! 🙂 Your photo really got me there and I scrolled back many times to ooh and ahh over your makeup hehehe. I really admire and salute your patience to get flawless finishing. Mineral make up products do take more effort than usual and techniques as well. I tried this a few years ago and it was also a deluxe sampling. I thought the brush was scratchy and the swirl, tap and buff method were beyond me since I was not exposed to any sort of make up before, let alone such “high tech” method lol. Good on you! I like the part where you share the product that you use for prepping before using the mineral products. I understand a jar can last forever and if with proper techniques, it is flawless and mineral products may benefit the skin for some with sensitive skin. I popped by Sephora at Robinson’s Gardens yesterday just to sneak peek though I know through your IG that it is available in IOI City Mall. Haha, speaking of which, I think it is the newest shopping hub! It’s a distant from my place, otherwise I would definitely trek there for Dorothy Perkins and Sephora. Lotsa eateries there as well I read 😛

    • Recently I can’t do the same even eyebrow. Now one is so straight and another one is so arch. I mean they’re not suppose to look the same but the shape is totally off LOL. When I bought this BareMinerals set, I’m on the foundation stage. All I could think off is foundation. I thought it’s a crappy product when I used the deluxe sample. Many people told me it’s sheer. I agree because no one knew how to use. It’s a bit tricky especially given a sample without any instruction. Funnily the scratchy brush is the same bristle as the full size. The full size brush is still scratchy but not as bad as the deluxe. Probably it’s longer and fluffier. Oh the holiday set is only available exclusively at Sephora Starhill and KLCC. Since Starhill is closed for renovation, KLCC is the only place that has it. IOI City Mall is the other part of the planet LOL. Now I can just pop in to see what’s on sale and pop out in no time 🙂

  • Hi I was interest on bare minerals starter kit and was trying to find more details about it then I came across ur post and I don’t understand that does the kit include foundation? or it’s only our own choice to get another foundation?? btw you look so beautiful 🙂

    • Yes, you can choose a foundation of your choice BUT you have to pay the foundation separately 🙁
      Thanks for the compliment 😀


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