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NEW! Chu Lip Lip Balm, a fun way to lip care

Frequent visitors of our local drugstores will notice the new addition to the lip balm section. The all-NEW Chu Lip Lip Balm is a fun, unique and uber cute way of applying lip balm. I squealed in excitement when I saw this cute pink peach shape-alike lip balm.

Chu Lip Pink Paris Perfect Memories
The word ‘Chu’ comes from Japanese, which means kiss. Chu Lip lip balm is available in four colours – Pink, Red, Purple and Green. Each of it is infused with different unique secret blend of fragrance. However, all of them bears the same formulation for moisturizing ingredients of Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rose Hip Oil.

  • Pink color – Paris, Perfect Memories > feel the eternal love with sweet berry scent. Comes with unique mix of raspberry and peach flavour
  • Red color – NY, Brilliant My Way > be dazzled with fruity scent of apple, ginger and tea rose.
  • Purple color – Arabian, Floral Shower > experience the magic spell of elegant flower scent of Rose, Germanium and Clove.
  • Green color – Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia > enter the world of fairytale surrounded with refreshing scent of orange, lime and mango.

The selling point of Chu Lip for me is definitely the packaging. I know it resembles a famous brand currently only available online. I don’t know why I never pick that up. I was told that it leaves a white line on the inner rim of the lips so when I heard that I was glad that I didn’t pick it up. Chu Lip is imported by Rohto-Mentholatum, a company that I work closely with. Having to try all sorts of product from Rohto-Mentholatum, it is quite safe for me say that all their products works well for me, my family as well as most people I know.

Chu Lip Pink Paris Perfect Memories Packaging
Having said that, I do have high hopes on this Chu Lip. The balm itself is quite huge if I were to compare with normal twist lip balm. I like the dome-shape balm on the inside but I can’t stop thinking what will happen when I’ve used up till the packaging neck. Would I need to use my finger then? We shall see about that 😀

The one that I have is the Pink color, which is aptly named as Paris, Perfect Memories. I like the whole concept of naming each color but I doubt I will remember the name or anyone would know which lip balm I’m talking about so I’m just going to call this ‘the pink one’ lol.

Chu Lip Pink Paris Perfect Memories Balm
Chu Lip Paris, Perfect Memories is a lip blam with a hint of berry scent. As someone who is not fond of sweet fruity scent on the lips, I find this to be tolerable. It is really just mildly scented. I was telling my mum how much I like the strawberry scent yesterday morning but in fact this one is with raspberry and peach flavour haha! Application is a breeze. I get it done in 2 seconds. The balm goes on smooth and slippery but not oily on the lips.

Chu Lip Pink Paris Perfect Memories Application
I had it on the minute I finish my morning coffee, went for a quick stroll at Mid Valley and the balm still is intact on my lips even after all the water sipping in the car. Not bad. I’m happy to report that there is no ugly white line on the inner rim of the lips. I didn’t put on any lipstick on top of the balm because I wanted to test of the lip balm on it’s own. I like that it doesn’t dry my lips when the balm slowly wears out through food and drinks. I was so curious on how it will ‘make or break’ my lipstick if I were to use it as a base so as I was composing this review, I put on a lipstick. Coincidently, I had dry and chappy lips no thanks to the weather. My lipstick is able to glides on top of the lip blam opaquely and the lipstick didn’t accentuate the flaky lips further. In a nutshell, I like it! I do hope the hot weather doesn’t melt my lip balm because I do notice the balm being on the soft side.

Chu Lip Pink Paris Perfect Memories Result


Chu Lip is available in 4 variants – Paris, Perfect Memories (Pink), NY, Brilliant My Way (Red), Arabian, Floral Shower (Purple) and Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia (Green). It is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide.
Price: RM25.90 for 7g. Imported from Japan.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


Comments (7)

  • I saw this when I was browsing Guardian some time ago. Yes, definitely reminded me of the other lip balm product due to the unique dome shape. As I still have some other lip balms, I did not get this. So imagine my surprise when I saw your review in my mailbox this morning 🙂 As though you knew some of us might have spotted this product but not sure if it works 🙂 Thank you for being a dear and shared your review. So far, I agree with you that most of the Mentholatum products have worked well and by far, affordable and reliable for drug store products. I like the details they put in this product, namely the lip shape where both cover and the bottom meets 🙂 Looks like a win for drug store product!

    • Yes! The cutest part is where the lip shape for both cover and bottom meets. Mum caught me applying mid evening and I told her it’s too cute. She said no wonder I keep applying haha.

  • OMG^^ This is so cute^^ The price is not cute haha 😀
    Other than pink which is your recommendation Fiona? I don’t like anything berry 🙁

    • Ish! Go around Guardian and Watsons. See who is cheaper LOL. Oppsss. I kinda like the description for the Red one. Purple also not bad. I’m not into the Green one.

      • Thanks Fiona^^

  • Hi Fiona
    Thanks for the review.
    I saw this at Guardian, but didnt give it much thought till I read your review.
    Now, I wanna try it cz Im so sick of my dry, chapped, flaky and sore lips 🙁
    every time I start a new lip balm regardless of whatever brand, it’ll work nicely for the first few days up to a week, then I’m back to square one 🙁
    Adoi… causes a big dent to the purse as well as self-confidence!
    Let’s hope this works for me 😀 *keeping fingers crossed*

    • No problem dear 🙂
      Aiks? Why is lip balm doing such to you? Hmmm. So far I didn’t experience all that. I even skip my beloved Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm for night and use this instead. So much easier lol. Try searching for the best deal for Chu Lip. The price for Watsons and Guardian might be slightly different due to in-store promo 😀


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