CATRICE Cosmetics: My haul, review and overall thoughts on the brand

Who is as excited as me to find out that CATRICE Cosmetics is already here in Malaysia? Well, at Guardian to be exact 😀

As much as I love splurging once in a while on premium brands, that doesn’t stop me from lingering around local drugstore, figuring out what’s new and what’s hot. In fact drugstore window shopping is my favourite thing to do to kill some time. When I visited IOI City Mall several weeks ago, I decided to stroll into Guardian because I saw that the store is located at a secluded area of the mall, which is kinda odd for Guardian. As I was walking, I saw a huge CATRICE sign sitting on top of one of the shelf from far and I literally mini walk to the store! Sadly, I went home empty handed as the stock wasn’t complete and I needed time to digest what is the brand all about as well as what I really need.

Catrice Cosmetics
I thought I would return the next weekend and I did. This time I went to Guardian KLCC. Once again, the stock was even more incomplete with sold out items here and there and so I left. Just four days before Chinese New Year, I told mum I needed to check out Bourjois at Watsons so off we go to our local mall. I saw the newly renovated Guardian drugstore. I took a peek at the cosmetic shelves from ourside and saw CATRICE. Say what?? CATRICE in Kajang?? The excited feeling I had is just like when I discovered Bourjois shelf at Watsons haha! I went in and to my delight, the shelf is brand new with all the complete stocks and even the testers are untouched. And all are on 10% discount 😀 I returned just five days ago and bought more. Here’s what I think about CATRICE Cosmetics and things you should take note about.


All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder #015 Natural Beige (RM17.01, NP: RM18.90)

Catrice All Mat Plus Shine Control Powder
Mum was with me at that time so I cut the browsing time short. I still didn’t know what I want to get and I couldn’t make up my mind between this All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder and Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder. Both description are similar except for the colour correcting properties. So I bought both. It comes in three shades – Transparent, Sand Beige and Natural Beige. Natural Beige matches my skin tone perfectly. The powder itself is scentless, finely milled and I didn’t experience any fallout, which I appreciate very much. This is probably my favourite among the two compact I picked up.


Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder #010 Delicate Blossom (RM22.41, NP: RM24.90)

Catrice Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder
I was mainly attracted to this because of the beautiful colourful design of the powder. It reminds me of Guerlain, only cheaper. I’m also liking the clear, thick plastic packaging. The powder somehow standout from the inside. This one comes with two shades, 010 Delicate Blossom for the fair skin and a darker shade (can’t remember the name) for darker skin. I have to warn you that this one comes with colour correcting therefore it may look a tad bit too fair on the skin. The powder is finely milled and I didn’t experience dustiness or fallout from the powder.


Lash & Brow Designer – Shaping and Conditioning Mascara Gel (RM15.21, NP: RM16.90)

Catrice Lash & Brow Designer
I’m still very much into anything that relates to brow so it is only sensible for me to pick this clear brow gel. Once again, I was contemplating between this clear gel and Eyebrow Filler Perfecting & Shaping Gel that comes with a hint of tint. After considering the fact that I still have something similar at home i.e. Eyeko and ELF, I’ve decided to just get the clear gel instead. I’ve never seen such an unique brush applicator. It comes with two-faced brush – one side a mascara-alike brush and another side with long toothbrush-alike brush. So far the gel has been keeping my brow hair in place. It gives my brow hair some hair-like definition, keeps them in place and doesn’t clump during application. There are not many drugstore brand that carry a clear brow gel. I know Wet n’ Wild has one too 🙂

I have been thinking about going back to Guardian to pick up more CATRICE products but since it was Chinese New Year, my plan was put on hold. I went back on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year 10am in the morning and spent a good hour taking time to look through, swatching some of the products that I’m interested with. Before leaving the house, I did a quick Google search on CATRICE products in general to gauge what to pick and what not.


AllRound Concealer Palette (RM17.01, NP: RM18.90)

Catrice AllRound Concealer Palette
I have forgotten to pick up the concealer palette on my first trip so I make sure this is the first item I grab when I’m there. I have always wanted a concealer palette like this especially the MAKE UP FOR EVER one but since I don’t quite use all the shade often, it would be a waste for me to splurge on MUFE. I also know that Wet n’ Wild have a similar palette. I can’t remember why I didn’t pick that one up. I’m glad I didn’t because I love this one from CATRICE! First of all, the price. It’s super cheap. Then I realize this palette is made in PRC aka People’s Republic of China as to Italy, Germany and Poland that other CATRICE products are made from. Putting that aside, I find that this palette is quite good for a beginner user like myself. I had some breakout lately so I used the Green to neutralise all the redness, Salmon shade on my undereye to cancel out the dark circles and Beige to cover any imperfection. FYI, you can also substitute the salmon shade using cream blush. The product consistency is surprisingly creamy but not oily. It blends smoothly and dries down velvety matte. The coverage on the other hand is not on the high side. I think it’s because I didn’t dab on a lot each time. I like to build coverage bit by bit. It’s always better to do so than ended up with a green spots all over the face and red under eye 😛


Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat (RM14.31, NP: RM15.90)

Catrice Quick Dry High Shine Top Coat
I threw away my Seche Dry Fast Top Coat because it can cause birth defects and reproductive harm if used for long term. The decision came after I told my mum about the disclaimer and I bought a bottle of Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat as an alternative. For some reason, the Sally Hansen one keeps my nail polish mushy and it never seems to dry. I saw this top coat from Google so I grabbed a bottle. It works way better than Sally Hansen and as promised – speed dry, high shine. I still have it on my finger nails as I’m typing this. Today marks the 5th day with no chipping but the shine is not as intense as before.


Matt Mousse Make Up #011 Light Beige (RM24.21, NP: RM26.90)

Catrice Matt Mousse Make Up
I wanted to pick up a bottle of foundation and I remember reading that CATRICE had a matte foundation. Unfortunately that foundation wasn’t brought in. As I was glancing through, I saw the Matt word on this mousse foundation. I don’t quite like the mousse foundation from Maybelline so I didn’t pay attention to this. I took the tester up, swatch it and was surprised to find that it wasn’t as mushy or “moussey” as I thought it would be. It is actually quite solid in texture and when I swatched it on the back of my hand, the rest is history. The foundation turns to matte powder as I rub the product into my skin. I had to be sure so I tested on the back of my hand three times before deciding this is the real deal. There are only three shades to choose from. I chose the lightest of all – 011 Light Beige. It looks darker in the tub, goes on slightly yellow but as I work the product into my skin, it turns to powder and the shade turns lighter. No setting powder is required after using the foundation but since I’m going out house visiting during Chinese New Year, I top it up with All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder and my face stays oil-free throughout the whole day. However I find that this product is actually a discontinued product and was replaced with 12h Matt Mousse Make Up. How on earth are we still getting it and bearing a September 2014 manufacturing sticker?


Ultimate Colour #240 Hey Nude (RM19.71, NP: RM21.90)

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick
The lipstick collection doesn’t appeal much to me with the limited shades available. I had my eye on two shades and I picked up one of it. I’ve always wanted a nude pink to go with smokey eye look and 240 Hey Nude seems like a better choice than 010 Be Natural. On swatch, it contains more pinky shade than nude. I tried it without smokey eye and the shade wash me out a little. Just trying my luck lol. What I do to make it wearable is to apply a bright red MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Lip Liner in 25C and then apply this lipstick over it. The lipstick fruity scent and texture reminds me of Makeup Revolution lipstick. The casing on the other hand is super heavy and good quality. And this lipstick is made in Italy 😀


Defining Blush #080 Sunrose Avenue (RM17.01, NP: RM18.90)

Catrice Defining Blush
There are six blushes available. I had my eyes on Sunrose Avenue since day 1 but never pick it up because I don’t need anymore blush at home. This blush is more of a muted rose shade. It’s a satin blush, that gives the skin a little bit of highlight. Absolutely gorgeous on the cheek. The casing is really thick, clear and sturdy. I like the simplicity of the product. I didn’t know what else to pick to make my purchase to RM100 so I pick this. When I reach home only I realized the manufacturing date is December 2013??!! What the heck. For a brand new brand in the market, still displaying a 2013 product is unacceptable. I’m glad I didn’t pick up all six.


Is CATRICE a good brand?

I get this question very often. Like yourself, I’ve never tried CATRICE makeup before. However, I did spend close to RM200 in total and based on my first hand impression with the products, I find it to be quite good quality. In fact I like it more than Wet n’ Wild, which I bought just two items and never return for more. Should you give it a try? Why not? Most of their products are going for RM17, which I think is very very veryyyyy worth it. Even if it doesn’t work, you heart don’t ache and your wallet don’t cringe.

Take note of the manufacturing date

All CATRICE product comes with a clear seal on all the opening and a clear distributor sticker with manufacturing date on it. It is very easily to mislooked due to the clear sticker background. I check all mine and forgotten to check the blush. Damn impulsive buy!!

Made in countries

Oddly, all CATRICE products are made from different countries. Some are made in Italy, some Germany, some Poland and also China. Among the lot I have with me, I only have one item made in China and that is the AllRound Concealer Palette. If you are particular with where it is made from, don’t worry. It’s stated on the packaging 🙂

Good, thick, clear sturdy packaging

The packaging is one of the best for drugstore brand. Compared to Wet n’ Wild (which is similar to Cover Girl), CATRICE packaging may be plastic still but it is made from thick, heavy plastic. Not those that are easily shattered and broken. I actually like the packaging very much. The clear plastic reminds me of acrylic.

Edited: Reader Melissa requested for a full makeup using Catrice and although I didn’t thought of including one, I thought it was a brilliant idea from her so here you go! Sorry that the photo looked ‘blue’ because I changed the camera setting last week and I forgot to change it back to normal *facepalm*. I used all of the Catrice products that I hauled back except for a few items, which I’ll list down below. Would you want individual review? Let me know in the comment below 🙂

Catrice Cosmetics Full Makeup
Foundation: Catrice Matt Mouse Makeup Up #011 Light Beige.
Powder: Catrice Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder #010 Delicate Blossom.
Bronzer: Clarins Splendours Summer Bronzing Compact.
Brow: ZA Brow Liner#GY951 Natural Gray with Catrice Lash & Brow Designer.
Eyeshadow: Bourjois Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow Palette #06 Upside Brown.
Mascara: Lancome Hypnose Star Waterproof.
Bottom Lash Mascara: Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara.
Blush: Catrice Defining Blush #080 Sunrose Avenue.
Lipstick: Catrice Ultimate Colour #240 Hey Nude.


Hope you will find this all-in-one review useful to you and your decision whether to try CATRICE cosmetics or not. Overall this brand is as good as the rave from oversea and I can see why. Price point is the major contribution to my haul because it is really super cheap. The downside is the choices and product selection is not as many as I hope it will be. I’m not sure if the local distributor company will bring in all the limited edition release but I do hope they do because it sure do look promising. If you are interested to try CATRICE, do track them down at Guardian stores nationwide or their online store at


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  • Hi! Remember me? Don’t blaim you if you don’t! I’ve been away ages!

    I also saw a Catrice shelf at Guardian 1U,the week before CNY I think. I literally let out a squeal! Their nail polish are the best ever! The quality matches China Glaze, if not even OPI.

    I only have experience with their nail polish, haven’t tried anything else of theirs. I didn’t have much time the other day, so I didn’t get to look at the products in detail. Just saw the dozens of nail polish. Definitely have to go back and check them out!

    • OMG Ashley!! Of course I remember you! I remember every single reader of mine hehe 🙂

      I was eyeing on a peacock green nail polish as well. It’s quite cheap…RM14 after 10% discount but after considering that I only do pedicure and that I have tons at home, I put it back. I have a feeling I’d be back for that peacock shade and a nude shade lol. The price point is the main attraction. So cheap! Oh and I’m going back for the eyeliner. I heard it’s good 🙂

      Anyway I’m so happy to read your comment today 😀

  • Oh nice haul, Fiona!
    I have already spotted a couple items I would like to try – the concealer palette and the clear lash/ brow gel.
    Prices are good too. Won’t break the bank too much.

    • Imagine how much product I can get with spending near to RM160 as to luxury brand hehe 😀
      I’d definitely recommend the concealer palette to try. I really like the non-oily consistency. The product doesn’t sweat in my hot sauna room at all. Even if it doesn’t work, you can toss it away without feeling the pinch 😀 . Take a look at the blush as well but beware of the manufacturing date.

  • glad that the review is finally up as I’m (again) waiting for your say about Catrice ^_^ i’ll check them out this weekend, hopefully the guardian store i’m going to will have ample stocks. I’m interested to try the powders, eyebrow gel and the concealer palette.

    • Hehe luckily I post it up within a few days thanks to CNY break at home 🙂 Guardian store with a bit stock here and there are a turn off. Hope the one you going are well stock up 😀 The powder is definitely my favourite too.

  • Gong Xi Fa Cai and happy CNY, Fiona!

    Wishing you good health and good fortune always <3

    I read your review, and am instantly attracted to "Matte" & "Oil Free"
    Wahhh… and the price is soooooo attractive.
    Will definitely put this in my shopping list once I'm done with my Yadah Compact (i love the Yadah compact bcz it feels so light on my skin, but I don't really fancy the price tag… LOL… )

    BTW, happy birthday to you and all readers! Today is "Yann Yat" 😛

    • Gong Xi Fa Cai Carrie! Angpao lai lai haha 😀 jk jk . And Happy Birthday! I start work today. Everyone keep telling me 7th day of CNY is a bad day to start work. But then I always start on the 10th or 15th. 6th is too early (not ready yet), 8th is too long (unpaid leave omg). Luckily I work from home yesterday so I guess it’s alright 😛

      Me and you are the same – attracted to the word matte and oil-free hehe. Yeap! Gotta love the price. Makes me wanna go back for more. Yadah Compact is a powder foundation. The one I bought is more of a powder, without much coverage but good enough for decent coverage / use. Catrice actually have more products which is not available here. Hope they do better than Essence 😛

      • Hahaha… yes, coming yr way soon 😀

        Let’s not think about whether it’s a good or bad day, every day will be a good day for us all (I hope), enjoy yr work day and all good things will come your way!
        This will be a good year for everyone, I’m sure! #KeepingFingersCrossed

        I just hate oily / sticky skin esp after going out in the sun (even if it’s just a quick trip for lunch), so when I see “Matte” and “Oil Free”, I will be very, very tempted to try 😀

        • And the need to keep checking on the mirror or blot. Because the nature of my job is to meet people, I don’t like to look like an oil slick. When the face is an oil slick, foundation tend to slip and ‘float’ on top of the skin. So ugly 🙁

  • Omg I really want to pay a visit to Guardian now. Hehe!
    Have you try ’em out? How do you find the lasting power of the products? Seriously I need that clear brow gel. Gonna finish Rimmel’s brow gel very soon.
    Happy CNY btw. <3 <3

    • Hi Michelle, Happy CNY to you too! Yes of course. Otherwise I won’t be able to pen down my review 🙂 So far nothing melted on my oily face. The blush is still as intense as morning during the end of the day. My least favourite has got to be the lipstick. It’s weird. It’s too moisturizing that it separates.

  • looks so tempting! will def check them out when i pass by guardian hehe

    • Hope you will like what you see 🙂 Happy shopping!

  • I haven’t been out lately but today I happened to head to Guardian at Ikano to pick up some cough syrup (urgh) and saw they had a Catrice stand there! 😀 *joy* Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to get, since I haven’t really read up on which are their best items, but I did pick up one of the super pretty Crush Crystals polish, and it’s so pretty! I think I might need to hunt for the top coat now (it was sold out there) since I rely a lot on Seche Vite and trying to look for a cheaper and less harmful alternative. I wanted to buy the concealer palette too but it was OOS 🙁 Thanks for the quick review, will definitely be hunting around for them now, hehe

    • Hehe yeah. I was like you too when I first saw it. Excited and didn’t know what to get. Their nail polish are gorgeous. I have to admit that. They also put a note on the bottle to do 2 coats. That means it’s sheer. Not all, just some. The top coat is quite limited. I don’t know why. My side only 2 bottles. I saw one bottle at Guardian KLCC. They also don’t stock up a lot of concealer palette. Each store around 2? That’s based on a few store I went 😀

  • Thanks for the great review!! Didn’t manage to get to any Guardians recently, but am definitely gonna go for that concealer palette and eyebrow gel!! Oh and the powder too! Did they have any eyeliner range where you got it?

    • Yes they do have an array of eyeliner to choose from. If I remember correctly, two are liquid eyeliner and the rest are pencils 😀

  • Awesome posum. I love your haul and the brief review of everything. I read twice already. Once yesterday once today. I still don’t know what to get 🙁

    • Lol. Looks like I confuse you more. It’s overwhelming at the first time but do take time browsing and testing out. It took me 3 trips to finally buy something.

  • Can you post another one with full make up with Catrice? Cause all the products look so beautiful and seem it will be nice if put up on face! It doesn’t look like drugstore product. I think i like the design and I am totally attracted with the lipstick. Look so nice! Everything look so pastel.

    • Oppss! I didn’t plan to but I’ll take a photo when I’m free 🙂 . On the face it look just like my other high end products. No different at all. I think it just boils down to whether the product goes on well on your skin or not 😀 . Try the lipstick shade #370. It’s gorgeous. Initially wanted to get that lipstick. Then again, I have a lot similar at home so I got nude pink instead.

      • Oh, really valid point! Most of the time, people will not know that we have either Catrice or Chanel, for example, on our face. Yay, to lovely and affordable drugstore alternatives!

        • That’s right. It’s just the matter of feeling good because it’s high end 😀

  • Wow this is a Catrice award winning post! Thanks so much for doing this mega review. I thought it’s thorough as it covers most of the basic makeup items. I’m glad that you’ve mostly pleasant experience with the brand and outcome. Lol. So cute. You went shopping with your mum and she’s not going to ban your purchases. I’ve seen some eyeshadow palette at the Guardian near my place. I thought the swatches was so so. Admittedly their packaging looks clean and sturdy hence look like high end drug store product. Looking forward to your makeup of the day with these products! Whee!!!

    • Haha. No problemo. It’s too much to review individually so a short review of everything is what I can do for now. Plus brands told me that no one want to read long reviews and said to be concise. It’s hard. When I’m concise, people don’t get it. When I get in-dept, people want concise.
      Nah, mum didn’t ban because it’s like RM17 per piece average hehe. Their eyeshadow I say is a hit and miss. Some like the metal version are good, some singles are so-so. I wanted to buy the nude palette for keep sake (because I want one of everything?) but then again, I had too much brown / neutral at home so I didn’t get it in the end.

  • Super love the eyebrows as always! You’re at the top of your game! Thanks for the photo. It looked like a studio shot to me. Lol. I love your lips colour too. I thought the finishing was soft and leaving towards pastel. It makes you look very angelic and demure. Super super love! Definitely a girl next door poster girl winner! You enhanced your hair parting too right? In conclusion I love this face of the day shot. Thanks for obliging and sharing the photo!

    • I’m back to ZA Ever Brows hehe. I’m kicking myself for forgetting to put the warm tone back into the camera setting. Look so blueish and pale 🙁 . The lip color is nudey pink. I like the pink tone in it but still need a stronger eye look to pull it off otherwise it will wash me out. I’m still not used to seeing me in nude lol. Oh the hair. My hair was too straight, flat and plain. So I ran my fingers into my hair to puff it and mess it up hehe 😀 . Glad to hear you like the photo eventhough the color is so so off!

  • Eh this make up look should be your 2015 look!!

    • But but…this has been my normal look 😀 , except for the nude lip.

  • Hi Fiona,

    I just come across this CATRICE brand from Guardian online and wonder are the products nice to use. Thanks for your review and I think I have quite of confident to try this brand out ^_^

    • Hi Citrine! Oh yes, I notice CATRICE is online too but limited products. I’m glad the review helps. It’s a German brand so the quality is better than the rest 😉

  • Thanks a lot for the review.. I’ve been searching for a primer and most primers cost quite a lot for a little 20gms.. So when I found that Catrice have one, and at a cheap price.. I squeal a tons..HaHa.. But I’m not sure if their product is good enough coz there are lot of items I’m too attracted to buy. Thank you so much again..Nice makeup you did btw!!!

    • My pleasure Shanaz and thanks 🙂 . You will like Catrice because it’s affordable and even more affordable when it’s on sale.

  • Dang it, I left Malaysia and now Catrice is finally there. LOL! I know this is an old post but Catrice generally get a great review because it’s sister brand of Essence. I do notice that the quality somehow differs a little in Malaysia, Essence products here in Canada seems to be really good and is one of my favourite budget brands but the ones I tried back in Malaysia somehow not as impressive. I’ll have to do a haul when I go back next year. Thank you for such a detailed review. xx

    • Hi Shireen 🙂 . No post is too old for me 😉 . I absolutely love Catrice. I can’t stop staring at the shelf each time I stepped into Guardian pharmacy. IMHO they are way better than Essence in terms of the quality. Price wise are about the same but I still prefer Catrice haha! Yes, do come back and haul! 😀

      Thanks for dropping by. Is the beauty shopping in Canada more excited than Malaysia? 😉

      • Oh yes, it’s definitely much better because there’s a huge variety here and more brands too. I think I went absolutely nuts buying lots of makeup in the first month arriving here. LOL! I do find the price is also cheaper here so my wallet doesn’t hurt as bad. Haha!

        • I can totally imagine that haha! Companies are slowly bringing in international brands to Malaysia. Hope to see more and more brands in Malaysia soon. I’ve been wondering when Sephora will be bringing in Kat Von D, Anatasia Beverly Hills, Cover FX and Becca 😀

  • Hye, may i know which Guardian at Kajang have this Catrice? I’ve been to many Guardian but seems like Catrice only available at selected outlet only ):

    • Hi Diyana, Guardian at Plaza Metro Kajang. Others don’t have unless you go Guardian IOI City Mall.

  • hi! i was wondering where’d you get wet n wild here in malaysia? or did you order online? thanks

    • Hi Arina, you may find Wet n’ Wild at selected Sasa outlets

  • Hi! Im consume catrice mousse make up for 1 month already. But just now I just noticed that mfg date was in Dec 2014. Do you know if the mousse still can be used or not? Thank youu 🙂

    • Why not? Unopened products have shelf life of 3 years. Some even more aka powder products. So yours is just 1 year on the shelf when unopened. Mine is September 2014. Lagi worse than yours lol.

  • Oh yaa?? Haha pheww glad to hear. Thanks dear ???

    • You’re welcome 🙂

  • I have a good impression about this product when i bought my first catrice sunglow mineral bronzing powder and primer. Those product totally great. Love it

    • Oh high five! Sun Glow Mineral Bronzing Powder is my all time bronzer. The warmth suits my skin tone very much. Try exploring more products from Catrice. They are amazing and affordable too!

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