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Bdellium Pink Bambu Series: Dupe comparison with my other favourite brushes. The closest dupe I’ve found so far!

I’ve always known of Bdellium Tools in iHerb because I stumbled upon the brand when I was searching for blending brushes last year. Bdellium Tools Studio Line, if you know Bdellium well, is the most well-known brush line due to it’s striking and unique yellow handle. I’m not a fan of yellow. I cannot see myself using yellow brushes and I didn’t know what Bdellium Tools brand is all about. When I watched CoffeeBreakwithDani haul on Bdellium Tools, I WANT THEM. I do not care if it’s yellow. It was her repurchase as spare brushes so I knew these brushes must be good. I guess luck was on my side because iHerb had a weekly 20% special on Bdellium Tools! I hauled back six Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu Series last week and this is what I think about Bdellium Tools brushes so far.

Bdellium Pink Bambu Series
I have a lot of face brushes including a few new Zoeva brushes which are still sitting in the box comfortably so my purchase was mainly on the eye brushes. Having said that, I’m also on the lookout for a dupe of my most favourite powder brush of all – the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which is not available to purchase individually. I thought I’ve found the perfect dupe a few months ago with ELF Studio Powder Brush but it was not quite the same. Needless to say, that brush’s ferrule came off from the handle and I’ve repurchased a new one, which is still sitting in the drawer because I want to find one similar to Real Techniques Buffing Brush before breaking into the new ELF Studio Powder Brush.


Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu Series 957 Precision Cheek Brush ($15.30, approximately RM56.78)

Between 957 Precision Cheek Brush and 959 Powder Blending Brush, I settled with 957 because I would prefer a flat top. 957 Precision Cheek Brush description in iHerb is described as a brush that has extra soft and dense flat bristled head that picks up all types of formulas for a uniform application and buffing makeup to a flawless finish. So it wasn’t just a cheek brush after all. In fact I didn’t notice the name of the brush until I read it just now lol.

Bdellium Pink Bambu Series 957 Precision Cheek Brush
After using the brush everyday for the past one week, I must say this is the closest dupe to Real Techniques Buffing Brush that I’ve tried so far. The ultra-soft bristles pick up just the right amount of powder, without over stuffing the product into the bristles and the buffing did not move my foundation at all. Some brushes tend to cake up the face after a few usage but not this one. I repeatedly used the same brush to apply my finishing powder every single day and the result is as flawless and as smooth as the first day. In fact the Real Techniques one will cake up my face if I didn’t spot clean it after three usage. The finishing using Bdellium 957 is air-brush alike thanks to the soft bristles.

When I do a side by side comparison between Bdellium 957 Precision Cheek Brush with Real Techniques Buffing Brush, they sure do look similar.

Bdellium Pink Bambu Series 957 Comparison with Real Techniques Buffing Brush


Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu Series 785 Tapered Blending Brush ($9, approximately RM33.40)

I bought two Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu Series 785 Tapered Blending Brush because if I buy two, there is an additional discount. Now that I look back, iHerb had forgotten to deduct the additional 10% discount for two items *facepalm*

Bdellium Pink Bambu Series 785 Tapered Blending Brush
Zoeva 228 Crease Brush is my favourite brush to use to apply transition shade on the crease. I used an application technique learnt from Chrisspy and it works perfectly with this brush. I have since gotten a backup of the Zoeva 228, just in case it was discontinued. The Bdellium 785 looks very similar to the Zoeva 228 except that Bdellium bristles are stiffer and not as fluffy as the Zoeva. However I find that I can’t use Chrisspy’s technique with the Bdellium 785 because the stiffer bristles doesn’t allow me to. Lucky for me I don’t have to use the technique because this Bdellium 785 allows me to apply transition shade as it is.

Bdellium Pink Bambu Series 785 Comparison with Zoeva 228 Crease Brush


Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu Series 776 Blending Brush ($7.65, approximately RM28.39)

I bought two Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu Series 776 Blending Brush as well because I’ve been searching for the exact dupe for Sigma E25 Blending Blush as Sigma price now is ridiculously expensive. I stopped using Sigma E25 for quite some time because it was shedding badly and I don’t like the line it created on my crease. It makes blending extremely hard when it does leave a deep shadow line. I then went on Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer but it was so huge and fluffy for my tiny eye lid that the eye make up literally occupied the whole mobile lid, although the brush gave a soft blended look. So I went back to Sigma E25.

Bdellium Pink Bambu Series 776 Blending Brush
I’ve learnt how to use the Sigma E25 according to my eye shape and I absolutely love it. The brush was shedding so badly that I knew I have to find a backup. Bdellium 776 is the closest dupe so far. It does the job as good as the Sigma and better. It doesn’t leave a harsh line on my upper crease therefore lesser blending is required. However, I find that the brush doesn’t pick up a lot of product so I have to layer my eyeshadow to achieve the payoff that I want. I have no problem with that as I always build the shadow intensity anyway. If it wasn’t because of the shedding, both brushes would have the same amount of hair lol.

Bdellium Pink Bambu Series 776 Comparison with Sigma E25 Blending Brush
I was happy when I found out that Bdellium Tools actually has Pink brushes, eventhough I was so ready to grab the yellow Studio Line. The Bambu Series comes with four different colours – Green Bambu, Yellow Bambu, Pink Bambu and Purple Bambu. This series features eco-friendly makeup brushes with sustainable bamboo handles and all vegan soft synthetic bristles and an anodized aluminum ferrule. The bristles are in dual-tone shade and some are in full pink. I’m so glad the pink is at the tip as I don’t fancy white bristles because some stronger shadow tend to discolour the bristles.

What is missing from this review is the 781 Crease Brush. I’ve yet to use the brush so I can’t review the brush here. Initially I bought it because I needed to refine the inner crease line because 776 tend to give me a huge splash of shade on the inner corner. I was also hoping that it’s a dupe for ELF Blending Eye Brush but it wasn’t. I think it will work great for the crease 🙂

Bdellium Pink Bambu Series Closeup v2



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • They are so pretty! Thank you for the comparison against other brushes. I missed the sale 🙁

    • They are but I saw Bdellium posted Purple Bambu Series on the Instagram and I want them! Too bad iHerb doesn’t carry the Purple Bambu Series 🙁
      You can still get the brushes at further discount with 2 and above. The brushes are not too expensive actually 😀

  • Holy moly! Pink brushes!!! Lol, this is really up your alley and deserve to have a place on your dresser. Thanks for the great review and comparison with the other brushes that you have. I love to read the analysis which you provided. They are detailed, honest and without frills 🙂 I shall keep an eye on iHerb then. I have not quite recovered from the EcoTools defect the last round, but then again, the iHerb folks were responsive and prompt to provide some credit as token of appreciation for my support. Better luck next time and I know these brushes will definitely make their way into my cart 🙂

    • Lol. Yeap, pink brushes…that’s me 😛 I totally understand your situation with iHerb on Ecotools. I would too if it was me. When I bought these brushes, I saw the additional 10% discount in the cart but when I paid, the discount was removed and I didn’t realized it (too messy). It wasn’t until I was composing for this review that I realized that the extra 10% discount was not applied. So I contacted iHerb and they refund it to me. I chose to have the refund via store credit instead of crediting it into my credit card. Let’s wait for the purple brushes lol


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