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Skin Food Black Egg Pore Gel Base: The lingering scent puts me off but I like the velvety matte gel that minimize the appearance of large pores

The best thing about my job and the industry I’m in is that my client sometimes give me products to try. The very first time I met up with Skin Food a few months ago, I went to their office. The marketing girl and I had similar skin problems, except that her skin is better than mine by double. We spoke about oily skin, large pores and how foundation melts on our types of skin. Throughout the conversation, I was staring at her skin. She looks like she had foundation on but in fact she only apply makeup base. That’s right. Only makeup base. A makeup base that gives her a little bit of coverage, fills in the pores, smooths out uneven skin tone and controls sebum. At the end of the meeting, she gave me a tube of Skin Food Black Egg Pore Gel Base to try along with a few other goodies to take home.

Skin Food Black Egg Pore Gel Base
The Skin Food Black Egg Pore Gel Base is a pore-refining makeup primer that minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. Usually pore-refining product contain silicone in it but not this one. It’s comes in a gel-ish fluid that does not feel silicony at all. It has a tint of shade to it to smooth uneven skin and at the same time to brighten dull skin tones. It also claimed to control sebum, just like what Skin Food marketing girl told me.

To me, the scent is a bit too annoying. Don’t get me wrong. The scent is floral, which smells nice and it wasn’t very strong at all. It was the lingering scent that gets on my nerve.

Skin Food Black Egg Pore Gel Base Hand Swatch v3
I find that this primer works at it’s best on my skin when I don’t have any skin care on. The product seems to have a hard time blending in to my skin when there’s an oily layer of skin care on top. So no pores were covered. It dries down to velvety matte finishing within a few seconds when used on it’s own without any need to set with powder if you do plan to get it and use it on it’s own. The direction was to apply it in an outward motion, which does not work for my ginormous pores. I have to buff in small circular motion in order to get an even coverage on all the pores. Unlike the Skin Food marketing girl, I cannot use this on it’s own. It really is just a makeup base on me (I have lots to cover) so I’d apply foundation after the base. My foundation gets on more evenly with the base compares to without. Does it really control sebum? Well, not so much for me since I do have layers of skin care underneath and I wore makeup for 12 hours straight. On the bright side, it does help to keep the makeup fresh for the first few hours but after that, it’s the same 😀

Here is the Before and After. As much as I didn’t want to show you my hideous pores, which I didn’t even include at the beginning, but I thought what is a review if I don’t show you what I was talking about so here is my ginormous, absolutely the crappiest pore problem that you will see in your entire life lol.

Skin Food Black Egg Pore Gel Base Before and After
Well, the “After” seems like any other primer I have at the moment and to be frank, if I buff my foundation well enough, I could achieve the same effect. This product would be good for someone who has smaller pores and who doesn’t like to wear heavy base makeup out. Although it performs fairly good on my skin, I don’t find it to be a must product for me. I can live without it.

Have you try this Skin Food Black Egg Pore Gel Base? How do you like the lingering scent? I’m not someone who will complain about product that smells good but the lingering scent is so annoying after one minute.


Skin Food Black Egg Pore Gel Base is available at all Skin Food outlets nationwide.

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  • It looks quite good on you but I trust your review. It’s a bummer it’s not as long-lasting though. I think it will break down in my t-zone as well since I tend to get rather oily. I’ve been looking at Korean skincare and makeup lately but haven’t bought anything because the choices are so overwhelming. Do you have recommendations for a good primer? My skin is combination-oily and I have slight rosacea.

    • Hi Lyn, on me it wasn’t long lasting probably because my skin is dehydrated on the inside so my face can get pretty oily by mid day. This base sounds good for you! It has a tint to it which can reduce redness on the skin. I’ve seen your skin. Your T-zone will withstand this primer 😀 . Do you want to try? I can hand you this tube if you don’t mind it’s used 🙂

      • Aiyo, you’re too kind. Don’t have to give me the whole tube la. I still have a few primers to go through but I haven’t found one that can really withstand my t-zone too.

        • I have a few primers to go through too so I don’t really need this 🙂
          Have you try MUFE All Mat Primer? I was told it’s good for T-zone but it does nothing for me 🙁

  • Amazing before / after!^^ How much is it Fiona?

    • Oppsss I forgot to check on the price! Thanks for reminding me. Later if I’m out I’ll check the price ya.

  • Hi fiona, I’m having normal to combination skin type. Right now I’m having pore issues. I have small blackheads and whiteheads around my nose and cheek area. They are so annoying and I don’t know how to get rid of them without hurting my face. Looking through the comments from Google, it’s not encouraged to do self extraction. Then is it doable if I do exclofliate clay mask diligently to get rid of these tiny whiteheads?

    • Hello Grace 🙂
      Yes it is doable to exfoliate your face diligently. Not only it will prevent whiteheads etc, it will also remove all the dead skin from the skin surface. Because of that, skincare absorption will be so much better and more effective. Or you can go for facial that offers extraction 😀

  • Hi Fiona, thanks so much for your reply. Have a good weekend 🙂

    • Hi Grace, no problem at all. You have a great weekend too <3


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