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My Night Skincare Routine 2015: Slightly different from day routine but still focusing on brightening

Have you check out My Day Skincare Routine 2015 post up a few days ago? No? Okay, here’s the link 🙂 . You know what, thinking back at what a dear friend told me last Friday, seven products is still a lot. She’s right. Seven is a lot 😛 . But I do sneakily skip one or two sometimes so it wasn’t that bad for me. I plan to cut down more when I finish off a few more products. I don’t like to waste skincare. I usually finish everything before moving to another new product.

Enough of the babbling, here is My Night Skincare Routine 2015 as promised 😉

My Night Skincare Routine 2015
Night routine is one product lesser than my Day routine lol. What’s missing here is the weekly treatment products like scrubs, masks and so on. I also don’t include makeup remover in the night routine because I use them in the evening, not night before bed.

My Night Skincare Routine 2015 Products
Cleanser and toner was the same as Day routine, except that I switched the cleanser to a new cleanser bought from Luxasia warehouse sale a few weeks ago.

Cleanser – Talika Photo-Pure Foaming Cleanser

Talika is famously known for their Lipocils Expert eyelash growth treatment. That was until they launched two series of skincare and later on body care. Last year Talika Malaysia sneakily launched a range of basic skincare products as the existing skincare range only consists of serum and moisturizer. So the basic skincare products will complement to the existing serum and moisturizer. I bought this foaming cleanser on impulsive because it was on super bargain of RM60 for a retail size cleanser, facial scrub and a sheet mask. I have no regret over my impulsive purchase as I’m always into self-foaming cleanser and this does it’s job nicely. The only downside is that each pump only dispense a small amount of foam. I have to pump at least 5-6 times each usage.

Toner – Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Treatment Lotion

Ahhh this toner. I want to repeat on how much I like this toner but I’m gonna sound cheesy again heeee! You can refer to this post and this full review post on the toner 🙂 . In a nutshell, this toner miracle-ly maximizes the entire Crescent White range and other brand products that I decided to slap onto my face.

My Night Skincare Routine 2015 Cleanser and Toner

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Some call this toner, some call this pre-serum, some call this miracle water but actually it’s an essence. An essence that has the texture and consistency of a toner. I used to use this in replacement of toner and there was no different with my skin. Then I realized that a toner is suppose to be used before this FTE in order to ‘bring out the best’ of the product. In fact Facial Treatment Clear Lotion is highly recommended as this two product work so much better hand in hand. I used it after Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Treatment Lotion and it a good combination for me. Try it!


Eye Cream – SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream

Sometimes I amaze myself for the ability to make a dent into a product so fast. This STEMPOWER Eye Cream and Magnetic Wand is my current obsession. I really hate those fine lines on my under eye and I’m willing to try anything to reduce the appearance. The fact that the magnetic strip on the Magnetic Wand is able to deliver 3x more key ingredient in STEMPOWER Eye Cream is already enough to motivate me in using it diligently.

My Day Skincare Routine 2015 Eye Cream


Essence – Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum

I’m a firm believer in pushing all the good skincare in the night routine because our skin repairs itself when we sleep. I use a full dropper amount of Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum when I’m not using Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream. When I do intend to use Innisfree moisturizer, I would skip Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum altogether. Meaning, I would only use one anti-aging at one time as a part of my initiative to reduce the number of skincare products.


Moisturizer – Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Créme

My most favourite night moisturizer has got to be the Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Créme. This one I GO GENEROUS because I really do want to get rid of all the spot marks. So far it has been working well, slowly but gradually reducing the marks. This 50ml jar can last for a good few months on average use. I say it’s quite worth the money. Once or twice a week, I will switch to an anti-aging moisturizer – Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream.

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

As much as I love my Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Moisture Créme, I knew that I have neglected my anti-aging routine. I don’t really need it but I like to do prevention. This Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream is a cream-gel moisturizer that melts to essence-like consistency and it is able to moisture my skin at the same time. That is why you will notice that I don’t have any hydrating products for night routine. I have to be really careful with the amount of product for this moisturizer because if I go generous with it, it gave me a pimple or two the next morning. The intense version is even worse lol.

My Night Skincare Routine 2015 Serum and Moisturizer
That’s my Night Skincare Routine at the moment. Not as dramatic as what I posted in 2012 or what I’ve used in 2013 through 2014. The products are pretty similar for Day and Night routine, the only changes are the cleanser and moisturizer. If you notice, my main product range is brightening. It helps to brighten my complexion, which could go dull if left unattended and lighten all the unnecessary marks.

What’s next? My weekly treatment products update 🙂 . Have a great Monday ahead! I know mine is not going to be good.

I’m just curious. Are your Night routine the same as Day routine or totally different?


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  • I like your beauty routine. I’m a 3-step girl aka cleanse, tone and moisturise. I notice that your day time skincare consists of 7 products. Would it be oily for you towards mid day?

    • 3-step is fine if you have good skin condition. How I wish I can go 3-step 😀 . Once I added the sunblock, it will be eight hehe. Nope it’s not oily for me at all. I thank my sunblock and makeup primer for helping the skin to slow sebum.

  • What a huge bottle of FTE Fiona^^ I bought a set of Pitera starter kit a few months ago. It’s finishing soon and I had bought another set as backup^^

    • 215ml bottle, standard size 😉 Pitera set is very worthy to get and always out of stock. Glad to hear you like it and repurchased.


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