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Lifestyle Sunday: Spotlight open its largest store at The Mines Shopping Mall + Virtual store tour

No, it’s not Sunday yet but I had to post this up ASAP.

Shorty after opening their 2nd store at IPC Shopping Centre a month ago, Spotlight is set to open its largest store exactly TODAY 11th April 2015.

Having a great start at their 1st store at Ampang Point, Spotlight is showing no signs of slowing down especially after the successful launch of their flagship store in IPC. This new store at The Mines Shopping Mall is going to be Spotlight’s largest store.

Spotlight The Mines 1
This picture doesn’t justify what I’m going to say. To date, Spotlight The Mines is the biggest Spotlight store as of today, occupying 31,000 sq ft retail space at Level 4 of the mall. Even with the two other stores at Ampang Point and IPC, shoppers are already spoilt for choice with over 100,000 vast selections of delights in six categories namely Home Furnishings, Manchester (bedding), Home Decor, Dress and Fashion Fabrics, Craft, Hobby and Party Essentials. So can you imagine stepping into this 31,000 sq ft store? Umm hmm. You’ll even be more spoilt. Trust me. I know because I was ‘lost’ 😀

Spotlight The Mines 2
What Spotlight has to offer is basically everything and every need. It is a store for people who are passionate about home furnishings, handicrafts and fabrics. Planning a party has never been this easy. There is a large section in the store dedicated to any party planners. One would not need to make a few pit stop searching for a single item because you can find all you need under one roof. Same goes to new home owner and home-bound hobbies pursuer!

Spotlight The Mines 3
My morning at the event yesterday was kick-started with a welcome address by Eva Daly, Communications Manager of the Spotlight Retail Group (3rd from right) followed by a store tour by Jacqui (center). Jacqui is not a stranger here at Street Love because I posted up a few InstaVideo yesterday following the store tour 😀

Spotlight The Mines 4
I love this photo of Jacqui and Eva happily laughing


Opening Specials

I found out yesterday that Spotlight VIP members are in for a whole lots of bargain galore and special discount on selected store favourites in conjunction with the grand opening. How to be a Spotlight VIP card member you asked? Simple. You can sign up FOR FREE during your store visit or you can sign up online at https://www.spotlightstores.com/my/login

During the official opening on 11th April, shoppers will be treated with magic, funny clown gags and face painting for the kids. You will also get to try your luck at the lucky spin.

Spotlight The Mines 5
As a tradition here at Street Love, a virtual store tour is a must for me to do for you. Enjoy! More opening specials at the end of the tour 🙂

Spotlight The Mines 6

Spotlight The Mines 7

Spotlight The Mines 8

Spotlight The Mines 9

Spotlight The Mines 10

Spotlight The Mines 11

Spotlight The Mines 12

Spotlight The Mines 13

Spotlight The Mines 14

Spotlight The Mines 15

Spotlight The Mines 16

Spotlight The Mines 17

Spotlight The Mines 18

Spotlight The Mines 19

Spotlight The Mines 20

Spotlight The Mines 21

Spotlight The Mines 22

Spotlight The Mines 23

Spotlight The Mines 24

Spotlight The Mines 25

Spotlight The Mines 26

Spotlight The Mines 27

Spotlight The Mines 28
Something weird happened while I was walking around the store. For some reason, I find this entertainers set…exciting! Maybe because I’m OCD with neat placement so automatically I find this set interesting. And cheap too.

Spotlight The Mines 29

Spotlight The Mines 30

Spotlight The Mines 31
I’m not sure if you have ever watch Cake Boss before on Astro TLC but I was obsessed with the show. Spotlight carries a wide array of Cake Boss merchandize at the store too 😀

Spotlight The Mines 32

Spotlight The Mines 33

Spotlight The Mines 34

Spotlight The Mines 35

Spotlight The Mines 36
Well, hello…hello! Remember these from my Instagram?

Spotlight The Mines 37
Here’s the exit!

Spotlight The Mines 38
Grand Opening Sale will take place at The Mines Shopping Fair from 11th April 2015 until 21st April2015. Sign up as VIP member from the website to receive exclusive offers. Here’s what to expect:

  • 50% off entire range of ready to hang venetian blinds
  • 30% off all costumes and wigs
  • 30% off all yarn
  • 30% off all fabrics
  • 30% off all sheets (excludes red hot prices)
  • 40% off all towels (excludes red hot prices)
  • And lots more!

View the full Grand Opening Sale catalogue at this link http://www.spotlight.com.my/catalogues/the-mines-grand-opening-catalogue


Spotlight 3rd store is located at Level 4 The Mines Shopping Mall.

Visit Spotlight Malaysia official website at http://www.spotlight.com.my/ or Spotlight Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Spotlightstores for more info, what’s in store and crafty inspiration.


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  • I already know where to “attack” wen i am there… thank u so much for these pics. luv LUV what i see here. But hate them as well … coz i always end up with more-than-i-need “cute organisers, boxes or things” which eats up my space. i cant help buying cute things!

    • You’re welcome Janey 🙂 I love your attack mode haha. Just like Daiso and Ikea, we always ended up with more than planned 😉 Take your time browsing and slowly decide from there.

    • Oh actually I bought 2 boxes to keep my craps too lol

  • I like this kind of store so much! Where I can be creative and did my own DIY things. Why it doesn’t come to Melaka? 🙁

    • They are expanding at the moment 🙂 Hope it reaches to Melaka. Or you have a reason to come up KL to see me 🙂

  • Too far for me so I settle with IPC store 🙂

    • Hehe it’s the same 🙂

  • JB please!!

    • Hang on! 😀

  • I saw on their site that they sell candles. Do you know what brand they carry?


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