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3 Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Steps That You Should Do

There are so many ways to deep cleanse dirty makeup brushes. I’ve tried various types of washing methods, cleanser, scrubbing medium i.e. rubber mat, brush egg and so on. However a few months ago I stumbled upon a video from a well-known YouTuber in the UK on how she wash her makeup brushes. There is one particular tip I picked up from her and I’ve been practising since then. Alongside with that, I tweaked a little bit of the way I wash all makeup brushes and it gets the job done in a much faster rate. Here are my 3 makeup brush deep cleansing steps you should do to get rid of dirts and grimes easily. Do take note that these steps are not rocket science. It’s just something that some of us tend to avoid doing for various reasons 🙂

Three Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Steps


1. Wet the brush bristles completely, from outside to inside

I don’t know about you but previously I was skeptical in wetting the bristles all the way in. Like completely getting it wet. I was scared that too much water in the brush will means more water will sneak into the ferrule and thus damaging the glue. So I tend to simply wet the brush outer and wash. Let’s just say washing with less wetter bristles can be a pain 😀

Three Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Steps Dirty Brush


2. Wash throughly, deeply with cleanser

Have you notice that no matter how many times you wash the brush, the inside are still dirty? Similar to #1, I tend to cleanse my brushes lightly, swirling the brush head on my palm slowly and oh-so gently. The reason was also because I fear that the cleanser would sneak into the ferrule damaging the glue inside. That method will work on smaller brush but not bigger, fluffier brushes. One day I couldn’t be bothered anymore (thanks to backache from standing at the sink for too long) and I just smashed the brush onto my palm, working the cleanser deep into the inside of the brush. No more dirt and grimes inside the bristles 🙂

Three Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Steps Wash


3. Squeeze the foams out

This is the tip I picked up from famous UK YouTuber Anna Saccone. This tip changed my brush washing game completely. I was really skeptical at first because squeezing all the foams out hard like that will damage the brush IMHO. Anna said this trick gets all the dirt and grimes out so easily. I tried it the next day and wow. Just wow. All the dirt came off, rinsing is so easily and I didn’t even need to wash for the second time to get rid of all the foundation stuck on the inside. However I have to warn you to be extra careful with the squeezing though. You wouldn’t want to pull out some bristles accidentally 😀 . The trick here is to do it facing downwards before rinsing with running water and repeat under running water. Photo shows that I’m doing it upward because I needed to show you how to do it. You will notice that the foams are all brownish. Therapeutic!

Three Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Steps Squeeze
Voilà! Big, fluffy kabuki brush cleaned within a minute (or less) 😀

Three Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Steps Clean Brush
Here’s an extra tip. If you like to use a bar of soap as your brush cleanser and you find it hard to clean bigger brush, just ditch it and use Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge. Not only it gets all the makeup product residue out from the brush in a jiffy, it also get rid of the brown stain from the white bristles. Or if you still prefer a bar of soap or any other cleanser as your brush cleanser, just use a little bit of this to get rid of the brown stain. It still works in that way 😉

Three Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Steps Daiso Detergent
Like I said, the above are not rocket science. It’s just some steps that some of us avoid doing to protect our beloved makeup brushes. Hope you enjoyed this tip especially tip #3. Try it and let me know if it works for you! 😀


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  • I already do 1 & 2! Eep at 3 though! I find 1 & 2 to be enough even for my kabuki brush already. I think I’m too rough for tip 3. 😀

    I recently bought a bottle of Daiso brush cleaner but I haven’t used it yet. Was wondering if I should get the sponge cleaner as well but I really rarely ever use sponges anymore since I started using brushes so I didn’t get it. I’m still using Johnson’s & Johnson’s baby shampoo. Do you know of any cleaner’s that also sterilise? Some people use dish washing liquid but that sounds so harsh.

    • That’s good! I too paranoid so I don’t hehe. My plan was to prevent as little water as I can haha. Obviously I failed. Tip 3 is still doable provided you be wary when doing it.

      I have the Daiso brush cleaner. It was bad. Didn’t managed to get anything off the brush. Some people have better luck than me. I don’t lol. The sponge cleanser is way better than that. You can use it for brushes as well. But a little bit smelly (for me) so you can quick wash again with Johnson’s & Johnson’s baby shampoo. I know Luxola sells some makeup sanitizer but it’s a mist/wipes. Here’s the link http://www.luxola.com/my/categories/tools/makeup-tools/makeup-sanitizer. Currently sold out.

  • Thanks for the tips^^ I tried it last week. Works like you said. I have to remember not to squeeze too hard for step 3 😀

    • You’re welcome. Hope it helps. Be gentle anyhow. Not just with step 3 😉


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