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Estée Lauder 3 Minute Beauty with Bobby Wang: Kendall Jenner Inspired Ultra-Chic Look

Estée Lauder’s 3 Minute Beauty Technique was created by Mrs. Estée Lauder herself as she once said “Three minutes is all beauty should ever take”. With the principle that every women can be beautiful in mind, this instantly refreshed, quick and easy beauty routine is a complimentary service that are currently being offered to everyone over the counter.

3 Minute Beauty techniques focuses on three parts of the face; brows, eyes and lips to define as well as accentuating these features. The best thing about these techniques is that it can be used on its own or you can even combined it, bringing it to a whole new level of glamorous look. Bobby Wang; Estée Lauder Asia Pacific Regional Make-Up Artist was in town last week to show and share with us his tips and tricks of combining the 3 Minute Beauty Techniques with Kendall Jenner inspired ultra-chic look makeup and the latest technique in achieving sky high cheekbone.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 1
Kendall Jenner is the current IT girl and one of the highly sought model at the moment. She represent modern beauty and that is one of the criteria that Estée Lauder are looking for as the brand signed Kendall as the latest face of Estée Lauder. Kendall’s makeup always look effortlessly flawless and every girl want to replicate her makeup at home. So, who else better to do “steal her look” other than Kendall Jenner eh?

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 2

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 3


Perfect Brows

Skipping the basic base makeup, we are heading straight to the brows. Recently there has been a brow trend named as the ‘Instagram Brow’. This new eyebrow trend is a perfectly drawn, clean and sharp brow. We are not going to do that with this look 🙂

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 4
Start by applying three dots above the brow and a thin line below the brow using Estée Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter. Blend it away using a foundation brush. This will help to define the brow.

Next is to shape and fill in the brows. First thing first, brow mapping. I have done a tutorial on how to determine the beginning, arch and ending of the brow at this link. The same applies to this as well.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 5
Using Double Wear Stay in Place Brow Lift Duo in Black Brown, start by drawing a bottom line from below brow head all the way to the arch. Repeat the same on the top line, horizontally to the bottom line drawn earlier. Once you are done with the inner half of the brow, draw a tail line from the arch peak down to the tail end. The last thing to do is to fill in the entire shape using small feathery strokes.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 6
Here’s an extra tip. It is a tip that didn’t cross my mind but it was brilliant! I have had Little Black Primer for a good few months now and I’ve always been using it for my eyelashes. Bobby took out Little Black Primer and comb the product all over the brow hair to keep the hair neatly in place and it gave each brow hair definition. From no brow to hero brows 😀 . Now why haven’t I thought of that!

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 7


Simple Smokey Eye

Estée Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter is not only a product that act as a concealer and a highlighter, you can also use it to prime the eye lid prior before any eye makeup application.

For this look, Bobby opt for Pure Color Envy Eye Shadow Palette in Infamous Sky. I reviewed Fierce Safari back in December 2014 from the same line 🙂 . Sweep the lightest shade (Bone shade as I like to call it) on the brow bone.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 8
(1) Take a black eyeliner kohl pencil and draw a thick eyeliner along the upper lash line. Bobby uses Double Wear Stay in Place Eye Pencil in Onyx. The line doesn’t need to be perfect because we will use the smudge tip to smudge the line out.

(2) Slowly blend the liner all the way up towards the crease line using the smudge tip from the end of the same eye pencil or if you prefer, just use your finger.

(3) Dust the darkest eyeshadow shade from the palette over the liner, blending away any harsh line towards the crease line, follow by a lighter shade on top of the darker eyeshadow.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 9
(4) Take the same eye pencil and draw 1/4 line on the outer lid, connecting the top line with the bottom line.

(5) Use the smudge tip and blend away!

(6) Take the same dark eyeshadow shade and blend the line, follow by a lighter shade to neutral the smokiness out.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 11
To complete the smokey look, apply lots of Little Black Primer and mascara on the top and bottom lashes. My favourite mascara is of course the Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara. Seal everything with another coat (or more) of Little Black Primer.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 10


Conceal, highlight & brighten

When I had Estée Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter, I play around with it for a bit before penning down my review. I used it as concealer by applying a triangle shape on my under eye. One thing I like to do with this product is to use it to clean up excess eyeshadow. Works like a charm. Not only it conceal my dark circles, it also brightens the area subtly. Bobby said that for this look, it is not so much on highlighting although it seems like it due to the triangle shape but it’s more on how the product changes the skin texture. I have to agree with Bobby as I saw how much smoother the model’s skin after blending. This product is quite unique in the sense that no setting powder are required. If you have a good skin canvas, you can blend slowly from the center of the face and that can act as your foundation 🙂

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 12
As for the blush, Bobby uses two blushes on the model. One is more brownish and another one leans more towards pink. The brown blush gives the cheekbone a subtle definition, while the pink blush blended on top gives the complexion a healthy colour to it.



Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 13
When you have a smokey eye look on, always remember to tone down the lip colour. Bobby choses all-new Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Impulsive. Estée Lauder brought in Asia-exclusive range of Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick exactly one year ago and Pure Color Envy (without Shine) is ‘fresh from oven’ all-new lipstick range. The shade Impulsive is a nude shade with pink tone to it. Perfect nude shade for the look.

Firstly, use Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter to neutralize the entire lips. This way, the lipstick will adhere better to the lips and the lipstick shade will stand out more.

And, here is the Before and After 🙂 . Isn’t the lipstick shade gorgeous? It’s not too nude on the model and for the smokey eye look. I like that it has a little pink tone to it so the model looks more fresh and lively.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 14


Sky High Cheekbones

The highlight of the workshop I say is this new trick I learnt from Bobby on contouring. You know I love to learn new makeup application technique and this is definitely something new.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 15
It’s very simple. Take a darker concealer than your skin tone, apply a line on the outer heel of each palm and press both palm together to even out the product. Here comes the fun part! Place your palm onto your cheekbone. To find your cheekbone, just do the fish face. Then, swipe your palm down from the top to the inner 1/4 of the face, just like the photo above. Blend away with fingers or a brush.

To achieve the sky high cheekbones, take Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter and apply a line on the top and bottom of the contour line as highlighter. Tap with fingers to blend.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 16
Lastly, apply a blush on top of the contour shade and blend in together with the contour. Recently I’m back to the whole cheekbone contouring and this is the same exact trick I’m practising myself. When you blend the blush onto/together with the contour, it will look more natural, defined and sculpted without the muddy contour line.

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 17
Hope you enjoyed the above step-by-step Kendall Jenner inspired ultra-chick look using Estée Lauder signature Beauty Techniques. Thank you to the wonderful team of Estée Lauder Malaysia for organizing and giving the opportunity to meet and learn lots of tips and tricks from Bobby Wang, Estée lauder Asia Pacific Regional Make-Up Artist. Last but not least, photo op with the master himself 😀

Estée Lauder Steal Kendall Jenner Look 18

Estée Lauder offers a variety of complimentary 3 Minute Beauty services at all counters nationwide. Simply call your preferred counters to make appointment today! For the full list of Estée Lauder counters, please click on this link.


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  • I like this post very much! You get so excited when it comes to contouring^^ :). I never seen the palm technique before. It is certainly refreshing to learn something new.

    To be honest I never knew about this complimentary 3 Minute Beauty service. I always buy EL products and I’m not even aware. If it wasn’t for you I’m still not aware. Never the less a big kudos to EL for coming up with new refreshing beauty techniques and services for their customers.

    • Thanks! Glad you like it babe. Oh yes. You know I like contouring so I get really excited to learn a new method of applying contouring especially cream. Cream contouring is something I never tried before. This technique is good because lesser blending required.
      Same here! I’m not aware of the complimentary 3 Minute Beauty service until I attended this workshop. Awesome service!


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