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Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 Report and Haul

One of the most anticipated yearly event has got to be the one and only Estée Lauder Staff Sale, which I like to call it as the mother of warehouse sale. It is beyond just the massive discount offerings at the sale. To me it is the girly get-together day for me and my friends. It was fun!

I didn’t thought of writing about this year’s sale due to various reasons but since I skipped last year, I thought I might as well note down what went down this year for reference purposes. This may also serve as a ‘guide’ for you if it’s your first time on what to expect and prepare for the sale as I do receive loads of emails, PMs on Facebook on what to expect at the sale. It’s tiring to repeat again and again as I’ve written about it at this link as well.

Without further ado, here’s Estée Lauder Staff Sale for 2015!

Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 Summary
Every year I managed to secure a few tickets. I do not ask for a lot, usually just 4 tickets to prevent wastage. I know there are tons of you wondering how to get the ticket and some of you have been bothering or rather stressing and harassing me over emails and PMs on Facebook in giving you tickets. Yes. Not asking IF I have extra BUT demanding for it. First of all, I DO NOT WORK for Estée Lauder Malaysia Sdn Bhd. I too have to ask for tickets myself and I suggest you try it too. How? If you are a regular customers of any brands under the company, I believe you will have one BA (beauty advisor) that is particularly close with you. Ask from him/her! If he/she have extra, he/she will give you. However, no promise. It’s totally up to him/her if they want to give you. I remember my first year tickets was from a BA working in MAC. Anything is impossible if you try to ask. So please stop harassing me 🙂

Last year I extended my ticket to ShopGirl who went over at 12am to queue and to queue for me as well. I live quite outskirt from the city so she kindly let me go slightly late. My usual time is always around 5-5.30am. This year, I was blessed with VIP tickets. Thank you to the wonderful person who make the impossible possible for me. You know who you are 😉 . Once again ShopGirl went early and queue for me. Thank you babe! I planned to go earlier this year, say around 4.30am but I only fell asleep at 3am and my alarm went off at 3.30am. Then I went to pick up Traclyn and we arrived around 5.40am. Thank goodness Traclyn Whatsapp me just before I was leaving my house lol 😀 . I was so happy that Traclyn was able to make it this year. I haven’t seen her for quite some time so it was good to go shopping together. Well, actually we had lunch last Friday 🙂

Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 VIP Queue Line
VIP queue line. Longer than previous years it seems
Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 Normal Ticket Queue Line
Regular ticket queue line at 6.55am. Not as massive as I expected

Last year and this year the sale was held at Berjaya Times Square Hotel. I understand that there was some issues with the guards not letting the early birds in to queue, which was the same case as last year. Last year also the guard didn’t even let my friend have a bite of a piece of bread. While the staff bagged our bags, I checked with him where are the exact location of all the brands. My main concern would be Estée Lauder. I needed to run to get ANR! Anyway, here’s my haul from Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015.

Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 Haul
Haul sums up to RM840

My main priority this year was Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair II and Micro Essence. As soon as we entered, the first thing we did was to make a beeline to the Estée Lauder section. Everything was properly boxed as usual so identifying ANR was tough. Luckily there wasn’t a lot people so we can still take some sweet time. ShopGirl spotted ANR and we both contemplating either to get the 50ml or the 30ml. In the end I settled with 50ml. I had totally forgotten about Micro Essence. ShopGirl pointed to me where Micro Essence was and I grabbed a bottle. Both ANR and Micro Essence was at a limited quantity.

Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 Micro Essence and ANR
Micro Essence (left) RM180 / 150ml (NP: RM320), ANR (right) RM250 / 50ml (NP: RM371)

I walked around for a bit. Went to Bobbi Brown, saw lots of makeup but nothing interest me except for Shimmer Brick. I was directed to the singles but I was looking for the set. It was at the other round of the table and I made a beeline there. Grabbed the set but kept thinking it seems similar to the one sold last year and the manufacturing date sticker was torn off. I kept the set in my bag and walk around. I went to MAC next, saw loads of eyeshadows, pencil liners, lip glosses, nail polishes and lipstick. There are around 10 sets of lipsticks (3 in a bag) and I grabbed the last set that comes with Toledo lipstick. There wasn’t any price tag on it and I ask the staff for the price. She took the set and the lipstick fell off from the plastic and then they refuse to sell me the set. I wasn’t willing to stand there waiting for them to sort it out so I left. Then I came across something familiar. MAC Toledo Blush Ombre! It was the blush that I wanted to get when the Toledo collection was out. Boy am I happy to see it at the sale. As it was still early with no crowd, the BA demonstrate on the back of my hand how to use it and the shade payoff. Kindergarten Red (left) offers better, beautiful peach shade but I had my eyes on the Azalea Blossom (right) from the beginning. I mean how often do you see a pink + purple blush pan? Hardly. It doesn’t goes on the skin purple just in case you’re wondering. It’s a pink blush by all mean. So I took Azalea Blossom.

Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 MAC Toledo Blush Ombre
MAC Toledo Blush Ombre Kindergarten Red and Azalea Blossom – RM70 each. NP: RM130 each

Estée Lauder cosmetics occupied a large section this time round with lots of product selection. I browsed around and saw a familiar item. That particular section was surrounded with people because everyone was curious. It was the highly raved blush/highlighter Estée Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée Blush! There was only one shade – 04 Crystal Baby. Good enough for me and it’s cheap. I nearly bought this off from an online seller for RM100.

Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee Blush
Estée Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée Blush! There was only one shade – 04 Crystal Baby – RM50 (NP: RM153)

ShopGirl excitedly call out to me while I was browsing at Clinique section with Jessying. She said Cheek Pop is available. What else? I quickly followed ShopGirl. I was kinda surprised that they have Cheek Pop there. There was 3 shades available – Ginger Pop, Peach Pop and Berry Pop. I wanted to buy all 3 but Jessying wanted the last Ginger Pop. It’s fine because I was blush-overloaded. I took both Peach Pop and Berry Pop as it was only RM50 each. Peach Pop was the shade that I wanted to get two weeks ago. This two blush was purely impulse purchase.

Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 Clinique Cheek Pop
Not long after I entered into the hall, I saw an auntie holding a cute perfume miniature set. I went over to Estée Lauder to take a look but wasn’t too impressed with the RM80 price tag. I bumped into ShopGirl half way after that and she commented how cute the miniatures are. I was more impressed that it came with a mirror plate stand for the miniatures and the fact that I wanted to get a baby for my Modern Muse at home. So I grabbed a set and that’s why you are seeing this now lol.

Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 Small Wonders
Estée Lauder Small Wonders – RM80

The Origins Grapefruit Duo is a last minute grab. The set contains 100ml each of Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Souffle and Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Wash and Bubble Wash. I thought RM40 was a good price and it makes a great gift pack. It might not end up as gift but in my bathroom 😀

Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015 Origins Grapefruit Duo
Origins Grapefruit Duo – RM40

I can’t help but to think the huge MAC Toledo Blush Ombre is only RM70 and Clinique Cheek Pop is RM50. MAC Toledo is more worth it. So just when I saw more and more people are coming in through the door, I make a quick dash to MAC again and grabbed Kindergarten Red. It’s too pretty to not grab the other shade. That’s how I ended up with two MAC Toledo Blush Ombre 😀

Overall, this year’s offerings are interesting and good in my opinion. The promotion varies every year. I thought last year was great but this year is even better. The prices are not as low as I expected especially Bobbi Brown. That is why I didn’t grab anything from Bobbi Brown. MAC too are slightly high priced. I didn’t take a look at other perfumes so no comment on that. Estée Lauder prices and promotions are the best of all for me. Their skincare are reasonably discounted and priced. Clinique skincare sets are not bad either.

GST 6% are all inclusive. I’ve been wondering about this for weeks. That might explain why the price are a bit higher than before. Oh and this year, the organizer arranged for a special parking validation for a fixed parking fee of RM11. I didn’t know this until we went back up to the sale floor as I parked my car at the other part of the building. Saw the counter and quickly gave my parking ticket for validation 🙂 . I thought this is such a good gesture from the organizer.

That’s all for Estée Lauder Staff Sale 2015. See you next year!


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  • Nice haul ah.. End up i put back the Ginger Pop because the manufacturing date is kinda old. Ah the Toledo blusher so pretty ah… glad I took both of the shade too!

    • Yea 2013 but still can use la 🙂 Luckily I never take your Ginger Pop. Too much blush. Toledo is a great purchase!

  • You mean it wasn’t all a dream?!
    Great recap, Fiona, I felt I was there with you all over again!
    Amazingly we kept bumping into each other on the shop floor despite the crazy crowd and ended up influencing each other’s purchases quite a bit lol
    I’m so grateful I did see you at all the strategic spots because you talked me into and out of several important items. No regrets and high fives, girl!! Love ya!

    I did feel the selection was better this year too especially in Estee and Clinique but not if one wanted lip product. I felt that was limited and I couldn’t find anything nice for lips in MAC or Bobbi Brown.

    I was really happy to get the ANR and Microessence and remember how we plotted at the front of the line to get it because boy, was it gone fast! I think it was the star of the circus, right?!
    All in all, super fun and hanging out with you and other like-minded beauty hoarders made the wait fly by.
    Shall we do it again?!

    • I wished it was a dream so my wallet wouldn’t be still crying lol. Anyway no regrets with the purchases this year 🙂
      It’s weird that the hall was so crowded but I can still bump into you several times especially before checkout. You influenced me into getting the perfume miniatures. Well, doesn’t need to take much convincing since I already wanted it haha. I just need someone to get the same thing in order for me to get it too. Weird, I know 😛
      We made a good decision with Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick set. I’m glad I put back the RM210 set otherwise my haul would shoot up to 1k! Phew!
      I have to agree on the lip product for Estee and Clinique. Same goes to Bobbi Brown and MAC as well. The selected was so limited. I really wanted the MAC lip set that I got on hold but sheez happened. Oh well. Saved some money from the incident.
      I hope you’ll like Micro Essence and ANR. I know it’s new to you. Get ready for that angelic glow! You already have a good skin to begin with 😀 . You have good eyes for everything. I was so blur this year that I can’t spot anything LOL!!!
      It was loads of fun. Oh yes we shall do it again next year and the year after and after until we are all old and cranky 😛

      • I’m already old and cranky but yes, I’m game to be there with you again in all that madness. It was a lot of fun and I loved the catch-up. I was pretty much gone for the remainder of the weekend.
        Serious stuff this!
        I really think it worked out better for me having a partner in crime and we did really well together.
        I’m so glad you talked me into the Toledo – so worth it – I mean, OMBRE blush! And, by MAC! Why did I even hesitate?!!
        I hope the ANR spins some magic for me too – everyone seems crazy mad about it, I’m so, so excited to try.
        The only problem is that if it does work wonders, scrambling for it will need to become an Olympic sport in my life…that or paying full price at the counters…uh-oh…but oh well, YOLO, right?!

        • No you’re not! I’m probably far more crankier than you haha! This type of sale must have the right partner in crime. Otherwise it wouldn’t be as fund. The tickets are well used this year 😀 . We all went home happy.
          Toledo is soooo worth it. So huge. So pretty. So ombre 😀 . And purple?? Ahhhh I just died!
          One thing about ANR is that some people said they don’t see result. It’s either (1) you applied not consistent, (2) applied too little or the main reason (3) your skin is already at the optimum level. I like to use this to “repair” my skin from within. Even pimple (which I bruised accidentally) heals faster. With Micro Essence, you see the glow 🙂
          Sephora 20% sale is the other best way to stock up. I usually wait for the 20% sale or the best GWP promo from Isetan hehe.

  • Lovely recap and I enjoyed every bit of the shopping experience and haul pictures! Enjoy your haul! Happy that you got the items you wanted. I love the Gelee and cheek pop. And double yay for ANR!

    • Thanks Jenn! Hope you enjoyed the report for this year. Most happy with EL skincare and MAC Toledo and Gelee powder yay! ANR is so worth it. If my budget allows that day, I’d have grab two bottles hehe. I like to buy everything in the quantity of two 😀

  • Hihi, long time no see, just drop by here, supported your post, wishing you a very nice day~

    • Hi Reload Food. Thanks for dropping by. Nice to see you here 🙂

  • Damn, I was in Korea and I totally missed it! >.<

    • It’s okay. There will be next year 🙂

  • Looking good Fiona <3 I'm glad to see that you are having fun. You should do that more. I mean have fun 🙂

    • Thanks dear. I’m trying lol. This is a yearly thing that I die die also must do 😛

  • Left out. I love your haul! The MAC Toledo blush is a steal!

    • Thanks 🙂 . I’m very happy with my MAC Toledo haul as well. I’ve yet to use it. Currently on too much blush 😛

  • Hey, do u know where I can get the VIP ticket this year? Would really love ur help!

    • HI Alina, you can try asking any of the brands from Estee Lauder companies.

  • Hi, may i know when is the coming sales? do u still remember roughly how much the ANR u bought last year? thanks a lot 🙂

    • Hi Stephanie, the coming sale is this Saturday. I’m replying you via mobile but if you read the haul, you will be able to find the prices for everything. I never do haul post without stating the price 😉

      • thanks Fiona! I missed out the price when i was reading, lol. yea i got it now. Where will be the coming sales? Can i go without any tickets? lol

        • Hi Stephanie, I’ve no idea of the venue this year as I did not ask. Not asking as I’m not going. I only ask for the date last week lol. No you can’t enter without any ticket though. You can go there and try your luck for those who have extra tickets to give you 🙂

  • Thanks for ur info Fiona! 🙂

    • Hope you managed to secure a ticket 😉


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