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GLAMGLOW® SUPERCLEANSE™: Fantastic treatment cleanser and a perfect complement to SUPERMUD

Last year, I had the honour to attend the launch of GLAMGLOW and this year, I was once again given the honour to attend the GLAMGLOW GLAMTASTIC Party in celebration of GLAMGLOW’s 1st Anniversary in Malaysia and also for the launch of the World’s First Mud-to-Foam Cleansers, which was held end of April last month. I could not believe that GLAMGLOW has been in Malaysia for a year now. How time flies and it has been fantastic!

GLAMGLOW launched the World’s First Mud-to-Foam Cleanser range, which consists of four cleansers namely YOUTHCLEANSE, SUPERCLEANSE, THIRSTYCLEANSE and POWERCLEANSE just this January 2015 and two out of the four cleansers hit our local Sephora stores in April 2015. The two cleansers that are now available are SUPERCLEANSE and THIRSTYCLEANSE. I like all four of them but there are two that stands out to me the most. I finally bought SUPERCLEANSE at the recent Sephora Private Sale. The additional 20% discount makes it even more affordable 🙂

GlamGlow SuperCleanse
SUPERCLEANSE is a mud-to-foam cleanser for problem skin, just like the mud mask version – SUPERMUD. If you know how SUPERMUD works, this cleanser is supposed to be the cleanser version of it. Same in everything except that this is the cleanser version. It contain the same mud from SUPERMUD, which transforms into a gentle foaming lather when in contact with water to dissolve oil and makeup, getting rid of pore-clogging debris, impurities, excess oil, absorb excess sebum oils and create a mattifying layer on top of the skin for clearer complexion.

This baby is HUGE. I found out the ml content of the cleanser before the price. It comes in 150g bottle (except for POWERCLEANSER, which is 75g) for the price of RM149. That’s more or less about the same price I paid for counter brand cleanser. The overall packaging from the outer box to the bottle is absolutely top notch. Some say their excessive box material for all their mud mask is unnecessary but I’ve been a fan of their packaging. This time round, GLAMGLOW kept the packaging simple for their mud-to-foam cleansers. Probably because the bottle is tall so the outer box is made just as a cover up for the bottle. A ridiculously thick cardboard replica of the bottle cover up 😀 . Unnecessary? Maybe. Maybe not. The pump mechanic on the other hand doesn’t create any issue for me. It work just like how it was suppose to be and dispenses out sufficient amount per use.

GlamGlow SuperCleanse Nozzle
The direction from GLAMGLOW is to pump 2 to 3 pumps of product per use. That’s too much. But it’s also a little bit confusing with the amount to use. Here’s why. I find that one full pump (as below photo) dispenses out A LOT of product. The thing about this cleanser is that you need to apply with dry fingers onto dry face, massage all over the face, wet the fingers and massage with circular motions to create foaming lather. One full pump amount makes it a bit tough to massage and smooth all over the face. However, when in contact with water, it creates a whole lots of foam and suddenly it’s more than enough product to massage all over the face.

GlamGlow SuperCleanse One Full Pump Product Amount
This is how much two full pumps of product the bottle dispenses out. For the purpose of this review, I’ve decided to use two pumps just so you can see how the coverage of the product looks like on my face. Now, that’s a lot of cleanser even for a huge face like mine.

GlamGlow SuperCleanse Two Pumps Amount
All GLAMGLOW Mud-to-Foam Cleansers are to be used with dry fingers and on dry face. I only required one full pump for the whole face. Yes it may be a little bit tough to spread and massage all over the face at the beginning but I’m used to it and I don’t find it to be an issue anymore. I love the scent of it. It is the exact same scent as SUPERMUD. It contain the following ingredients with a purpose of their own.

  • K17 and Mediterranean Clays – to detoxify, refine skin texture as well as to balance skin.
  • Bamboo Charcoal™ – to provide balanced detoxification and replenishment to the skin.
  • Licorice Root Extract – to improve skin tone and calm irritated skin.
  • Black Cumin Seed Extract – as an antimicrobial and antioxidant for the skin.
  • TEAOXI® Eucalyptus Leaf Powder – delivering natural eucalyptus, natural linalook oil and powerful flavonoids to the skin through GLAMGLOW patented technology.

GlamGlow SuperCleanse Applied On Dry Face
Next is to wet the fingers and massage in circular motion all over the face to turn the mud into foaming lather. As you can see, two full pumps are way too much. It lathers more than the photo below but because I did the demo in my room with limited access to flowing water, and the fact that I left it too long on the face to take a few shots so it kinda dries up a bit LOL. It doesn’t help when the courier guy called up and arrived at my front door at the same time. So yeah. I was in a mess when all this happened. Trust me, the foaming lather is way better on normal days, that is if the courier guy doesn’t knock on the door haha!

GlamGlow SuperCleanse Add Water For Foam
I would suggest using the cleanser in the shower. It makes adding water to the cleanser to create more foaming action to remove all the impurities from the face so much easier. As for the rinsing, I find that it works better when rinsed with warm water. Normal or cold water are OK but for me it doesn’t clean that well. Warm water melts everything away so much easier.

This cleanser suits all skin type, even if you don’t have problem skin. It helped to clean away impurities and dirt. Although you can use this SUPERCLEANSE to remove makeup AND cleanse at the same time, I wouldn’t recommend it with SUPERCLEANSE because it does comes with a hint of minty, tingling sensation to the skin. It may sting the eyes a bit.

Considering the fact that this bottle cost RM149 for a 150g bottle, I don’t find it to be very expensive as I only used a pump and I don’t use it everyday. I’m using this as treatment cleanser 2-3 times a week. So I get to stretch the usage longer and that makes it more affordable in the long run. What makes it even more worthy was that I only paid RM119.20 after Sephora Private Sale 20% discount 🙂 . GLAMGLOW SUPERCLEANSE is my 2nd favourite cleanser among the four. I’ll talk about my #1 favourite from the lot next week 🙂 . Just so you might be interested, YOUTHCLEANSE and POWERCLEANSE will be available in June 2015!

Did you bought any of the GLAMGLOW Mud-to-Foam Cleanser using the recent Sephora Private Sale 20% discount? How do you like it?

GLAMGLOW Mud-to-Foam Cleanser is available at all Sephora stores nationwide.
SUPERCLEANSE and THIRSTYCLEANSE is available from April 2015, YOUTHCLEANSE and POWERCLEANSE will be available from June 2015 onwards.

Price: RM149 for 150g, except for POWERCLEANSE 75g

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • Looks promising^^ I have bought and tried SuperMud before and I can roughly know how this would be. Do Sephora provide sample for this? I would want to try it before purchasing the full size. It’s not super expensive however it’s best if we can try before buying just in case it doesn’t suit the skin 😀

    • Hmmm I’m not sure but you can try to ask the cashier counter for sample. Try different store until someone give you a sample. I totally understand trying before buying philosophy. Try to ask and let me know? 😀


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