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Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter: Not really magic but it wasn’t bad either

Two months ago, I randomly stroll at the nail polish section at Sephora KLCC and stumbled upon this beautiful glitter nail polish by Nails Inc. I was contemplating if I should get it because glitter nail polish can be so gorgeous on the nails but it is an absolute pain to remove. I bite the bullet and got it, happily applied it on my nails and a week later, I needed to remove it as it was chipped all over. I cried. I regretted. I couldn’t understand why I bought the nail polish. I wished I didn’t bought it. I wished I didn’t applied it. Yeap. I went all emotional while doing the difficult task of removing.

Then, I went back to Sephora because I knew Sephora has a remover just for glitter nail polish. Well, the demo video looks promising. I’ve only used it a few days ago and I’m going to tell you if you should run like I do to Sephora for this Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter.

Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter
What I like about Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter is that each bottle is sticker-ed with the brand label all around, from top to bottom. This assures me that no curious shopper dipping their fingers into the bottle, mistaking the retail bottle as tester bottle. Yes, that too happened all the time so check your item before check out. You can peel the sticker off but I like to keep the label off so I used a knife and trace-cutting all around the cap edge in order to open the cap.

Honestly, I never tested out the efficacy of the product nor peep into the tester bottle before purchasing so I have no idea how does it work or how does it looks like. This is what it looks like on the inside. There’s a piece of scrubbing sponge in the middle of the foam surrounding the inner bottle.

Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter Inside Bottle
At first I dipped my fingers in like the photo below, which is wrong because the foam surrounding the inner of the bottle are soft and mushy. The correct way (I think) is to face the nail polish surface to the scrubbing sponge. I was kinda worried at the beginning that it will ruin my nail because my nails are thin and brittle and the sponge is quite rough. It turns out fine 🙂

The scent of the remover however is quite nose clogging if you were to sniff directly from the bottle. It will numb your nose for 5 minutes if you do it lol. It actually smells floral-y on the nails after that, which I like.

Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter How to Use
As shopgirlxox feedback over Instagram, it takes more than a little wiggle to remove glitter nail polish still. I know she wasn’t kidding and she was right. It is definitely not as easy as dip the fingers in, wiggle a little and voila. It’s really not. I was literally wrestling with the bottle of remover with a killer look on the face. So much so that mum asked what the heck I was up to LOL. It takes a lot of finger action #nothingporny with a lot of wiggling and scrubbing. IT.WAS.TIRING. My hand was numb from keeping the finger(s) in the same pointy shape! Again, #nothingporny.

The result? Well, I managed to get most of the glitter nail polish out except for some glitter piece that still want to stay on for a little while longer 🙂 . I didn’t bother to stuck my fingers into the remover for any longer so I just scrap off the leftover.

Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter Result
The claims. Magic? Not quite.

Just dip your finger into the foam and bye bye sparkles in a snap? I wish 🙁

Overall it wasn’t that bad. It will work so much better for those that do not apply double layer of glitter nail polish. But hey, what’s the fun with a thin layer of glitter right? I go all out!

Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter Claims


Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter is available at all Sephora stores nationwide.

Price: RM42 for 85ml

For more information, please visit or Sephora Malaysia Facebook page at


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • This have been my HG nail polish remover for years. I love wearing glitter nail polish but hate removing it. With this, i no longer have to do the foil method.

    • I have no problem removing it normally with normal nail polish remover for a single thin layer but when I go thick, that’s where the problem is lol. Oooo I’ve never tried the foil method for glitter nails. Only tried it once with gel nail polish 🙂

  • I now only use Etude House’s extra-strong nail polish remover, haha~ Normal creme polish just 2-3 seconds, glitter polish I cut up pieces of cotton and stick them over my nails until most of it comes off. Best part is it’s cheap and Etude usually has B1F1 promo. 😀

    • The nail art has spoken! Hehe. Noted on Etude House extra-strong nail polish remover and the tips on removing glitter polish. I’m gonna stalk their B1F1 promo 😉

  • I agree, not really magic but still does the job better than anything else I have. It has a lot to do with that scrubby thing. I wish the container were not so tall because I have trouble putting my fingers in and it hurts when I try to shove them down further. Must be that I have short fingers though.
    Glitter is my fave nail polish type but I really hate the removal of it! Why is life always like this – bittersweet?!!

    • Agreed. It does the job, not as magical as what it claimed. The scrubbing sponge helped to get rid of the polish. I too wished the container wasn’t that tall. I have short fingers so my palm would be numb by the time I finish. It does hurts. Like you said, it’s love and hate relationship with glitter polish 😀

  • I also use Etude House’s extra strong nail polish remover. It used to be RM12.90 for a 120ml bottle but it’s recently increased to RM16.00. I only get it when there is Buy 1 Free 1 so it’s still ‘ok-larrr.’ Last time I stocked up on like 8 bottles and I’m down to my last bottle so I’ll have to stock up again. Wish I’d bought more last time!

    This Sephora one never really interested me. I guess my thinking was that if you keep sticking your fingers in that tiny bottle, eventually whatever nail polish and glitter, etc will clog up the sponge inside. And then it would get gross.

    Anyway, I’ve seen some bloggers fashion their own with a small jar and sponge. That would be A LOT cheaper than this!

    • I agree. Buy 1 Free 1 makes the price justifiable 😀 . I am so going to buy it. I’ve been doing my nails more often now that I have time. 8 bottles? And you’re out? That’s pretty fast dear!
      I had the same exact thinking as you on the Sephora remover. But it’s the only glitter polish remover around and I was desperate haha. It’s okay but not superb. Does the job but takes a lot of effort.
      DIY eh? For remover I think I better buy since I don’t use a lot hehe 🙂

  • The bottle is too tall 🙁 I like the part where you said you struggled with the bottle and your mum was wondering what is wrong with you^^ The sense of humour you insert in your review are *thumbs up*

    • It is too tall. Unless I have long slim fingers but I don’t 🙁
      Humour is a must in my review. You know me 🙂


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