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SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence and Mid-Night Miracle Essence: Portable crystal clear skin booster for anytime and anywhere

Interestingly, when photos of the NEW SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence and Mid-Night Miracle Essence popped up on the internet, I was wondering what it was because of the description on the bottle and that it doesn’t looked like a mist at all. What’s even more interesting is that the word “Pitera” printed on the bottle. I read that this new duo are actually the on-the-go version of the famous Facial Treatment Essence.

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence and Mid-Night Miracle Essence Review
I found out that the inspiration behind this duo came from SK-II Global Brand Ambassador and Academy award-winning actress Cate Blanchett herself. When asked at the recent Google Hangout Live chat recently on how she keep her skin fresh all day while on-the-go, Cate said that she would decanted out a small amount of Facial Treatment Essence and put it into a small spray bottle. She would sit at the back of the car and mist all over her face. This small little trick helped to keep her skin moisturize from day to night even under the heavy makeup. Now that SK-II had came out with the mist version for the convenient of everyone who wish to bring their favourite Facial Treatment Essence out and about, let’s see how does it fare on our Malaysia hot humid weather and if it really does wonders for me as it does to Cate Blanchett 😀

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence and Mid-Night Miracle Essence both contain a specially-designed formula that combines a high level of Pitera™ with MoistureLock Complex in fine particles. These are what the skin needs to boost crystal clear skin anytime and anywhere instead of the usual morning and evening skincare regime. In the recent findings, SK-II found that the skin hydration level are significantly worsen towards the night. MoistureLock Complex contains Sodium PCA (Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid), which is a component of skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors, binds water together within the skin tissue to lock in moisture.


Mid-Day Miracle Essence (RM232 / 50ml)

Among the both miracle essence, I have to say my favourite would be the Mid-Day Miracle Essence. I brought this handy little bottle out with me everyday ever since I got it. The biggest test was when I brought it to Malacca. The blazing hot weather and over-crowded tourist at the state was perfect for me to give this new product a good trial.

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence
I like that the bottle are made from high quality frosted bottle. SK-II kept the ml at 50ml so that travellers could carry this bottle in their handbag onto the plane. That’s really a good thought. The bottle are slim and mini enough to fit into my small sling bag. So there is no reason for me NOT to bring it out with me all the time. My only wish was the top cap comes in a screwable version so that I can decant Facial Treatment Essence into the bottle when I ran out 🙁

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence Bag
At the beginning I was a little confuse with the usage of the product. I wasn’t sure if I needed to apply my usual Facial Treatment Essence before makeup still or I would just wait for the time to bath my face with the Mid-Day Miracle Essence. After I gather my blurry thoughts together, I have to kick myself because this is an on-the-go face mist. Duh! I like that the scent of the product is not as “Pitera” as the original Facial Treatment Essence. It actually smells quite good. Not floraly or fruity by all mean but still contain the usual Pitera™ scent. The easiest to describe the scent is that it is the toned down version of Facial Treatment Essence.

The mist particles on the hand is surprisingly airy and fine. I would usually bath my face with this mist a few times throughout the day and it doesn’t mess any of my makeup at all. It absorbed quickly into the skin without the need to pat with fingers. It is also not a bit sticky nor does it makes my skin oilier like other face mist would do so this is the winner 😀 . Another thing that I’m surprised with is how much product is left in the bottle even though I’ve been misting like crazy so many times in the day.

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence Mist


Mid-Night Miracle Essence (RM232 / 50ml)

You must be wondering why I said the Mid-Day Miracle Essence is my favourite and not the Mid-Night Miracle Essence, eh? The reason is actually very simple. I don’t go out at night lol. It took me quite some time to try this because I kept forgetting it when I’m at home. Yes, you can still mist these Mid-Day Miracle Essence and Mid-Night Miracle Essence even though you are at home and without makeup.

SK-II Mid-Night Miracle Essence
I still remember the first day I tried the Mid-Night Miracle Essence. I felt this cooling sensation on my face, which I thought it was from my mask prior before. Then the next day I felt the cooling sensation again and I immediately figured out that it is from the Mid-Night Miracle Essence. This sleek black bottle on the other hand is slightly different from the day version. It features a cooling agent to soothe the skin and senses after a long day of accumulation of damage. It contain a menthol derivative ingredients known as Menthoxypropanediol, which activates the “cooling sensory system” for a refreshing feeling at night. Now, isn’t that something new and refreshing (no pun intended) 😀

SK-II Mid-Night Miracle Essence Clutch
Comparing to the Mid-Day Miracle Essence, the Mid-Night Miracle Essence are slightly tackier on the skin and probably a teeny weeny heavier? I have tried it on a face full with makeup and there wasn’t any makeup meltdown or whatsoever. It could be because I have been misting this like mad at home throughout the night that I can feel it on my skin. But it’s okay because our skin need double of everything at night. That explains why I felt that it’s tackier. As long as it doesn’t melt the makeup (if I do use it on top of makeup), hey…I’m fine with it!

The mist are as fine and airy as the Mid-Day version. I like that once the mist hit the surface of my face, the cooling sensation kicks in almost immediately keeping my face cool and minty throughout the first few minutes. Sometimes when I’m feeling lazy before bed, I’d mist soak my face with this essence. Sometimes. Not all the time because afterall it’s suppose to be a mist from time to time to keep face hydrated 😀

SK-II Mid-Night Miracle Essence Mist
Mid-Day Miracle Essence and Mid-Night Miracle Essence provide long-lasting moisturization to the skin for up to 4 hours in a single application so you don’t really need to mist this every hour 🙂 . However a total of five times a day is recommended. Miracle Essences is said to maintain the fresh morning look even at night and it does wonders in reducing visible effects of oxidative stress. By 14 days of regular use of both essence, the skin becomes more hydrated and translucent with wrinkles visibly reduced. What happened when you used the essence with Facial Treatment Essence? Well, the skin hydration increased 1.8 times!

As for me, I’ve been using both Mid-Day Miracle Essence and Mid-Night Miracle Essence for about three weeks now. I have seen a more hydrated, smoother skin. Because my skin is hydrated, my huge gigantic pores are less visible. It may shrunk a tiny bit? What I know is that it’s not as visibly huge as before. For me the main plus point has got to be the hydrated skin. I do have dehydrated skin underneath so I tend to get very oily during the day. Recently I have seen some changes in that. I don’t blot at all now because my skin looked dewy instead of oily. I also notice that by misting the essence on top of my makeup, it somehow prolong the makeup wearing.

Do you have a favourite face mist that you used throughout the day and night? I know a lot people used Avene and I don’t. Avene tend to melt / break my makeup off, leaving ugly patches all over my face. And when the water starts to evaporate, it makes my skin drier than before. Eventually I learnt that a face mist that is slightly heavier is better for the skin.


SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence and Mid-Night Miracle Essence is available at all SK-II counters nationwide.

Price: RM232 for 50ml each

For more info, visit SK-II’s Official Facebook Page at
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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Nice review, i will definitely give this a try. I find SKII range is the best for my skin so far.

    • I find SK-II works even better if start young. SO regretted for starting so late otherwise I’d benefit even more 🙂

  • Haven’t tried it before…tempted but first, ANR!
    I’m so scatty with my skincare.

    • I was so tempted to take it out and mist everyone’s face that day hehe.

  • High tech photography shots of the mist in action! Kudos girl! I’m sold lol. Love the gold colour clutch too! Ok ok back to the review. FTE has been good to me. Though no obvious miracle overnight anything that helps to prevent further deterioration of my skin is a good product. Thanks for sharing this review. After seeing so many list products out there glad that SK-II is embarking on this line of product segregated into day and night. Love the bottle packaging as usual. You pay for what you get.

    • Hahahahaha. That’s the most fun part that day taking product photos. Too bad the gold clutch sort of brighten the background otherwise can see the mist better 😀
      FTE require consistent use. Otherwise you can’t see much. I think I start to feel the difference is when the makeup stays on better. Usually my foundation cakes up. And the face glows aka dewy. Slowly it starts to smoothen and refines. Should start early with SK-II. Kinda regretted for starting so late 🙂
      That’s right. You pay for what you get. Even a mist bottle are this nice hehe.

  • I say it’s quite costly however knowing from you that a bottle last for very long and it’s SK-II after all. It’s worth it I guess so^^ The night mist is in black bottle. Hard to see how much product left^^

    • Actually I notice that with SK-II products, you only need very little per use. So a tube/jar/bottle last longer. In the end the cost wasn’t that bad. Only one time off pain haha! I had the same thought with Mid-Night Miracle Essence bottle as well!! I go crazy not knowing how much product left.


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