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GLAMGLOW® THIRSTYCLEANSE™: My least favourite but it’s not all bad for me

Okay. I lied. I promised to talk about my #1 favourite GLAMGLOW mud-to-foam cleanser from the lot last week but I didn’t. Being as random as I can be at times, I decided to talk about the GLAMGLOW® THIRSTYCLEANSE™ first instead.

THIRSTYCLEANSE is a revolutionary cleanser, created with only one purpose in mind – to hydrate, restore moisture, replenish and calm skin. To me, this hydrating mud-to-foam cleanser is the express on-the-go version of ThirstyMud, my least favourite mud mask from GLAMGLOW. So by default this THIRSTYCLEANSE is also my least favourite cleanser among the four.

GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse
Whether this is my favourite or not, I must say I like how the pump system dispense out the right amount of product per pump. The pump is not those shallow type of pump where you don’t get the satisfaction of pressing the pump down but instead it goes down quite deep.

GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse Pump
The scent of THIRSTYCLEANSE is definitely same as ThirstyMud. Colour wise, it is quite similar to ThirstyMud. I notice that the cleanser contain tiny brown dots which I also find from ThirstyMud. The texture somehow is not as liquidy as SUPERCLEANSE, which is odd because I would expect this hydrating cleanser made with coconut as one of it’s ingredient to be more liquidy. But it’s not.

THIRSTYCLEANSE are powered by the following amazing ingredients. It’s no wonder dry skin users love this so much! 😀

  • Rare Brazilian Yellow Clay – helps to remineralize skin and rinse away impurities.
  • Pure Green Coconut Water – to boost and replenishes the skin for intense hydration immediately.
  • Olive Milk – to replenish skin for smooth texture.
  • South Pacific Plumeria Blossom Extract – to restore skin’s barrier function.
  • Indian Gooseberry – to revitalize and restore skin’s natural clarity and translucency.
  • TEAOXI®’s Olive Tea Powder – micronized to deliver natural linoleic acid to maintain moisture.

GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse Hand Swatch
What I like about THIRSTYCLEANSE is that I only need one full pump each use. And the amount of a pump is enough for me to massage throughout the whole face without any tugging around. The cleanser melts a little bit as I massage into the skin, which is very soothing and relaxing. The fact that the cleanser is heavily scented with coconut scent gave a ‘tropical’ feel to it. I almost thought I’m relaxing somewhere at a beach or something 😀 . Scent wise, I would prefer the cleanser more than the mud mask. Probably because I don’t need to leave it on the face for too long thus I don’t feel nauseas.

GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse Amount to Use
The instruction from GLAMGLOW is to pump 2 to 3 pumps onto dry palm and massage over dry face. I personally don’t use 2 to 3 pumps as I do have oily skin on the surface therefore I find that one pump is already more than enough for me. Even with that, I have to be careful with it because it can be really hydrating that my skin could get too moisturize and become oily in no time. ThirstyMud gave me a stingy sensation on the face but THIRSTYCLEANSE don’t. There you go. Another plus point added in 😉

THIRSTYCLEANSE as you can see from below photo, goes on transparent on the skin. It doesn’t look like I have anything on my face at all. I said earlier that this cleanser melts a little as I massage it into the skin but if you left it for even a few seconds, the cleanser could harden a bit. Usually this doesn’t happen when you are using it in the bathroom so I wouldn’t be worry about it. Just thought I could make a note on it since it happened to me when I was taking a few photos 🙂

GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse Application
Here comes the fun part. My favourite has got to be the moment when I add some water onto my hand, working out some foam and add a bit water onto my face and massage in circular motion to create foaming from the cleanser. Like magic, the cleanser which was dry earlier turned into this creamy, foamy consistency. It is definitely not as dry as SUPERCLEANSE and much more easier to lather as well.

I get it when people come to me and ask me which part I don’t like about this cleanser. Before I get into that, let’s talk about what I like. This cleanser are not all bad for me, don’t get me wrong. I surely enjoyed the soft, bouncy, smooth skin after using. The skin feel like baby skin and it’s great to feel that way especially when this comes from just a cleanser. For dry or very dry skin user, this cleanser would be perfect. It has everything your skin needs and provide all the hydrating and moisture replenishing that the skin needs as well. As my skin is dehydrated on the inside oily on the outside, I have to be extra careful with any type of hydrating product I put on my face. Anything that is too hydrating could give me an oil slick face or even breakout. As for the part where I don’t like about the cleanser is also because it’s too hydrating for me. My face become oily within 30 minutes after using the cleanser. It’s not necessary a bad thing though. I just happen to hate having an oily face 😛

GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse Add Water to Foam
Now, I thought I’ll show you the difference between THIRSTYCLEANSE and THIRSTYMUD. Although THIRSTYCLEANSE is inspired from the mud mask, it smells the same, do the same but look and work differently. Colour and texture wise are also different. I would say THIRSTYCLEANSE is the best complement to the mud mask in every way. You can also choose to mix and match your cleanser with different mask to target different skin needs 🙂

GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse and ThirstyMud Hand Swatch


GLAMGLOW Mud-to-Foam Cleanser is available at all Sephora stores nationwide.
SUPERCLEANSE and THIRSTYCLEANSE is available from April 2015, YOUTHCLEANSE and POWERCLEANSE will be available from June 2015 onwards.

Price: RM149 for 150g, except for POWERCLEANSE 75g

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Disclaimer: Press sample. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I have a different experience from yours. I like this very much! As you said your skin is oily on the outside where mine is very dry. I suppose that explain why it works differently for you and me :). Nonetheless it’s a great review from you coming from a different skin type and perspective. At least we get to see how other skin type aka combi/oily reacts to it

    • I’m not surprised dear! 99% people I spoke to love this ;). It’s not all bad for me like I said. Just too moisturizing for me as I don’t have dry skin like everyone does but I do like how soft and bouncy my skin is after that 😀

  • I like ThirstyCleanse. I bought it during 20% VIP sale thanks to you. I would not know about the sale if it’s not because of your Instagram

    • Yay you bought! I was lucky to receive the email newsletter. Some I heard didn’t get the email. Always love email/sms from Sephora 😀
      Thanks for following my Instagram!


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