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Go Green the Trendy Way with Innisfree Eco-Handkerchief Campaign and Limited Edition Green Tea Product

I’m not a hankie person. The men in my house yes but not me. I did not know what I can do with the handkerchief since I have makeup on all the time lol. However, I do like to use handkerchief for other purposes such as bag decoration (my fav!), to wrap my lunch bento or over hair tie (another fav).

The Innisfree “Eco-Handkerchief Campaign” was first introduced five years ago in 2010 in conjunction with World Environment Day in June as an inspiration and encouragement to global customers to replace tissues with handkerchief. Due to this, Innisfree has been constantly reinventing and rediscovering various usage methods of the handkerchief with chic, trendy designs.

Innisfree Eco Handkerchief Campaign
These limited edition eco-handkerchiefs comes in four designs. Each and every hankie is represented by a particular seasonal plant such as:

  • Spring – bright yellow canola flowers
  • Summer – refreshing green tea flowers
  • Fall – vivid hue of maples
  • Winter – the beauty queen

Each and every hankie delivers a “Use a hankie, save the earth” message printed on the hankie itself.

Innisfree Eco Handkerchief Campaign and Limited Edition Green Tea Product

Innisfree Eco Handkerchief Design
Want one? You can! For free as well 😀

From 1st June until 30th June 2015, spend RM50 and above at Innisfree’s store and you will receive one limited edition eco-handkerchief. Bear in mind these are extremely limited. It will be available based on first-come-first served basis and while stocks last only.

Innisfree Eco Handkerchief Design 2
Each of the hankie is measuring at 47cm X 47cm. It’s quite a big piece of cloth for a hankie therefore it is quite useful accessory to have it around at all times. Not only it looks good, it makes you feel extremely good too as it plays a part in building a greener future by using a hankie instead of the conventional tissue papers.

Let’s take a closer look at all four designs. It’s absolutely beautiful <3

Innisfree Eco Handkerchief Design 3

Innisfree Eco Handkerchief Design 4

Innisfree Eco Handkerchief Design 5

Innisfree Eco Handkerchief Design 6


Limited Edition Green Tea Products

To add cherry on the cake, Innisfree took the Jeju’s season concept to the next level by coming out with an array of its limited edition sized-up and specially designed products to complement to the eco-handkerchiefs. The Green Tea Seed Serum and The Green Tea Seed Cream will be available in jumbo size, together with a beautiful packaging collection of Spring, Summer and Winter, just like the designs on eco-handkerchiefs. Two of Innisfree makeup products (not in picture) also gets a touch of makeover too. The Water Glow Cushion has Spring canola flowers on it, while Long Wear Cushion has the symbolic summer’s flower green tea pattern on.

Innisfree Limited Edition Green Tea Seed Serum
I have yet to talk about Innisfree’s Green Tea Line so I’m going to briefly tell you about it 🙂

If you didn’t know, Green Tea Line is one of the best-selling series within Innisfree. The line is a fully moisturizing skincare line that nourishes the skin from deep within by harvesting concentrated moisturizing energy of green tea seed. It contain 100% fresh green tea (not water), which was purely harvested from fresh Jeju green tea leaves that are rich in amino acids and minerals. Not only that. It is also infused with green tea seed oil so that the product doubled up its moisturizing effect. This is called the Dual Moisture-Rising Technology™.

The Green Tea Seed Serum on the other hand has a water-like texture that is able to boast five-times better moisturizing power after use, and then increases moisture content level inside the skin up to a whopping 66%, while decreasing the amount of dead skin cells by 76%. It’s that sounds so good and makes you wanna get a bottle asap? 😛

Innisfree Limited Edition Green Tea Seed Serum Jumbo Size
Okay, remember girls. Head down to Innisfree store located at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall from 1st June to 30th June 2015, spend a min of RM50 at the store and get rewarded with a limited edition Eco-Handkerchief. Come celebrate World Environmental Day this June with Innisfree 😀

Innisfree Eco Handkerchief Campaign and Limited Edition Green Tea Product 2


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  • Amboiiii….. Cantiknya!!!
    So pretty!

    • When I spread all hankie open yesterday, I was wow-ed too 😀

  • So beautiful! Too bad there’s no Innisfree in JB 🙁

    • Hope Innisfree open a store in JB for you 😛 . Shop till ya drop 😉


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