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Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV SPF50+ PA++++: Smells like a skincare, works like a skincare plus sun protection

Sunplay, if you don’t know yet has the most extensive sun protection line at an affordable price. That doesn’t stop the brand from coming out with more sun protection product. In fact, recently Sunplay Skin Aqua came up with a new extension range, named as Sarafit UV.

Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV
Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV offers the highest UVA ray protection with its PA++++, which targets the main cause of premature aging. The range is formulated in Japan using Double Silky Powder Technology, a technology to give comfort to the skin and oil absorbent even after sweat. Therefore it is ultra-light and silky smooth matte to wear on the skin, under hot and humid weather. Besides that, it is also enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Super Hyaluronic Acid to deliver long lasting hydration throughout the day by targeting each layer of the skin. One ingredient I was surprised to know that is infused in the product is Collagen. Collagen in sun protection product? Say what? Yes girls. Collagen that is in the product help to improve skin elasticity and youthful, smooth look. Are you sure this is sun protection and not skin care? 😀

The new Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV comes in two form – Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Essence and Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Mist.


Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Essence (RM40 / 50g)

Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Essence
Sarafit UV Essence is the conventional lotion type of sun protection product. It is not as liquidy as I thought it would be so there are no product oozing out from the nozzle after vigorous shaking before removing the cap. It is in white colour that turns to clear after that, spreads effortlessly and due to the Double Silky Powder Technology in it, it absorbed immediately without the sticky residue left behind. And with the same technology, this product is also suitable to treated as a makeup base.

For me, I tried using it as sun protection + makeup base and as sun protection alone. When I skipped my usual makeup base, I find that my skin oils up pretty fast. I like this as sun protection but as makeup base? Sadly it doesn’t work for me. And because my skin oils up fast, my makeup sort of melted off a bit. The Floral scent on the other hand is my absolute favourite. I like that it doesn’t smells like sunblock but instead it smells like a skincare to me.

Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Essence Hand Swatch
Here are the ingredients list for Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Essence.

Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Essence Ingredients


Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Mist (RM42.30 / 50g)

Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Mist
If the conventional lotion sun protection product is not your favourite, just add RM2.30 and you could get the mist version instead! Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Mist, as the name suggest is a sun protection product that comes in a mist form. I like mist form for the convenient when applying all over the body but unfortunately it is not recommended to mist directly onto the face otherwise it would be PERFECT for me 😀 . Another wonderful thing about mist sun protection product is that it can be used on the hair and scalp as well. It doesn’t clog pores and can be easily washed off with normal shampoo product. Mist is far more lighter texture than essence and it’s more cooling as well. However, I find that using it for the face is too troublesome. I have to mist quite a bit onto my palm, spread with both palm before applying onto the face. And because the mist are so fine, there are not so much product on the palm no matter how long I mist it. The thing is, I can’t even mist onto my palm for too long otherwise I’d get frost bite 😀 . So all in one, I have to repeat the process a few times before feeling satisfied with the amount of sun protection on my face.

I find that the product is more heavier and harder to spread compared to the essence. It’s not greasy at all don’t get me wrong. Probably because of that it’s more matte thus harder to spread. At the beginning my skin doesn’t really like the mist form a lot that it starts to get oily even faster than when I’m using the essence. After a few usage I started to get the hang of it and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit especially for the body. I would say I prefer the mist for non-face and the essence for the face better 😉

Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Mist Hand Swatch
Here are the ingredients list for Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Mist.

Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Mist Ingredients
Overall, I like that the new range comes in two form – an essence and mist, I like that it contain Collagen to improve skin elasticity and Hyraluronic Acid / Super Hyalurinic Acid for hydrating purposes. I also like that it is formulated using Double Silky Powder Technology but I’m not so sure about this for my skin type. You see, I have a rather confusing skin type – dehydrated on the inside oily on the outside. As much as I like this range (and the nice floral scent), it confuses my skin and turns the skin slightly oily. I don’t mind dewy but not oily that it melts my makeup 🙁 . Sometimes a product doesn’t suit my skin doesn’t mean the product was badly done. It is simply just personal preference.

Should you try this? Why not! It’s made from Japan, it’s affordable and it’s easy to find.

Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Family


Sunplay Skin Aqua Sarafit UV SPF50+ PA++++ is now available at leading pharmacy and supermarket nationwide.

+ Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Essence – RM40 for 50g
+ Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Mist – RM42.30 for 50g

For more information on Sunplay, please visit or Sunplay Malaysia Facebook page at


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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    • Lol. It is sunscreen olympic season now 😛 . Mist one is not bad. I like to use it all over the hands and legs or any areas that I couldn’t reach.

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