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Garcinia Haul from iHerb + Shipping Option and Rate Update

I believe you have heard about Garcinia before as there was a point of time where lots of spam advertisement appeared on Facebook timeline. That was when I knew about Garcinia too. So sometime towards end of 2014, I saw this California Gold Nutrition Garcinia 30 caps on the Trial section for USD1 and I just had to try it to see what’s the hype. I did not try it until a few weeks ago, which explains this Garcinia haul.

iHerb Garcinia Haul 1
My parcel reached me on the same day as the estimated delivery date. Well, actually I went to DHL delivery facility to collect the parcel myself since my area is classified as non-delivery area and they will need to Poslaju to me.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract (RM34.29) is a dietary supplement to curb appetite and blocks your body’s ability to make fat. It is safe as it’s vegan. So far there has been a lot of positive reviews than the negative ones so please do your research before making any purchase or consuming ya. After my GM Diet, I wanted to maintain my new weight and maybe lose more. I only took Garcinia on the time where I knew I’d eat a proper meal, mostly during lunch time. Usually I have salad for dinner so I skip Garcinia. Even with just one capsule per day, I find that my weight dropped a bit the next day, say about 0.5kg? This 0.5kg doesn’t happen everyday. I notice that the weight will be stuck at where it is for a few days.

iHerb Garcinia Haul 2
Initially the plan was to get 2 bottles of the 90 caps. When I took a look at DHL Express shipping rate, I nearly fainted. It is now at RM59.85, but will be discounted to RM32.97 if the total purchase amount are RM170 and above. And there is a promo whereas if I buy 4 bottles and above, I’d get additional volume discount of 5%. What sweeten the deal is the VIP discount for the month of August – 5% on all order, 8% for order $40+, 9% for order $50+ and 10% for order $60+. So I took the risk and bought 6 bottles after browsing for a few days to see if there is anything else that I want from iHerb. Sadly no.

But, there is one makeup item that I’ve been wanting for quite some time. ELF High Definition Powder in Corrective Yellow (RM24.73). It’s a HD Powder similar to MAKE UP FOR EVER one and I got it in yellow to set my under eye concealer. Too much influence from Youtubers 😀 . I’ve used it yesterday and I was amazed! It fills in the fine lines and guess what, no creasing on the fine lines!! Let me try for a few more times and then I’ll give you a proper review. However do take note that the content is very little. The container is huge so don’t let the look deceive you. But for the price I pay, I’m not complaining.

iHerb Garcinia Haul 3
From the Trial section, I picked up a Arnicare Gel (RM1.03) for muscle pain. It’s all natural as well 🙂 . Thought I should give it a shot for all the pains on my legs from running. Free gift this time round is a nail file. Kinda hilarious as I’ve been getting stationaries all these while and I thought I could collect another stationaries again this time. As long as iHerb don’t give me one clothes peg hey I’m okay with nail file 😀

iHerb Garcinia Haul 4
Besides the bad news on the shipping rate increase for DHL Express, iHerb introduced a new shipping method. Airmail Premium offers tracking to most destinations and it’s RM12.76. Delivery time frame is around one to three weeks. Quite standard for airmail. Also, yesterday I notice that iHerb removed the normal Airmail shipping. I think they don’t see a point offering that since it doesn’t comes with tracking and it’s only slightly cheaper than Airmail Premium.

As for my haul this time, I was so worried that my parcel would be stuck in the custom as I bought not one, not two but six bottles of supplements. Another worry was DHL asking for custom tax. Usually the tax would be more than the haul amount so yes I was very worried. I was so relieved when the parcel was send to DHL delivery facility and I called up 9am the next morning requesting to collect the parcel personally on the same day. It’s all good now 🙂

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